Monday, June 16, 2008

some great news!...

Things are going pretty well around here. We are trying to stay cool as are many others. The temperatures here have been really high and along with the humidity, it has kept me in the house.

I had a tooth to abscess a couple weeks ago and of course had to take antibiotics to clear the infection up. I got really upset with my dentist because he did not do the root canal on my next visit, instead I was scheduled for Friday the 13th and of course it abscessed again before I finally got the root canal done this past Friday.

Jerrell and his mother are both doing well. Things are going smoothly around here. Just not lots going on to blog about lately. Until.....

A couple months ago Steph told me that she and David had decided to make an addition to their family, so the IVF process began. She has been at the beach with families for two of the last three weeks and the week she was home which was week before last, she and Caroline came over and visited us for the day. She had hoped to have a songram picture for me, but the doctor changed plans to do it on Friday instead of the previous Monday. Since boys were inserted, we knew it would be a boy this time!

She was leaving the day after seeing the doctor for the beach for the week so she said it would be a late email but she would email and let me know what the doctor said. It was the first day of my second week of the throbbing tooth, so I shut down the computer early that night. The next morning I checked my email and got the news, I immediately tried calling Steph but could not reach her at home or on her cell. Later in the morning she called me from the beach. She was still thrilled and shocked as the sonogram picture that she sent to me and explained was a picture of TWO little boys!!!! So Caroline will be having two little brothers and I am very happy for Steph and David and like David, I had felt like it would be two this time! Steph is of course having lots of morning sickness and already getting a little tummy, but just thrilled and thankful.

I talked to her briefly on the phone yesterday as they had just gotten back from the beach earlier yesterday. She sent me some pictures of Caroline and I will share this one with you.

Caroline goes around saying "two boys, two boys". She is tickled about these little chaps as her Dad calls them. We are very happy for them and of course are looking forward to the arrival of the little chaps!

While I was having the tooth problems, of all things I had to fall. I fell about 5:00 one morning and hit my head so hard that for the first time in my life everything went black and I saw white dots and shooting white lines for what seemed like minutes. I hollered so loud as it hurt so bad and I had a terrible headache all day. Also my neck hurt for days I guess cause my head bopped up and down on the floor. I went to sit down down on the bed and I guess the bed moved and the next thing I knew I was on the floor. :) Getting older is not fun yet. I am still waiting for things with my health to get better but I have not gotten there yet. With all things considered I am blessed and I know I am a failure at blogging, but as I have mentioned before, most days I just do not feel like it and rarely getting out, I really do not have much to share with you folks. I am still reading blogs as I can never forget any of you and I will pop a post here as I can. I hope you all have a great day and I shall return...

God Bless!