Saturday, December 30, 2006

i did it...

Just on a whim, I decided to make the move. I never ever go to my dashboard, but just now I went and saw where it said I could switch over and everything would be the same with some goodies thrown in. :)
Welp, since I already had a google address that saved me from having to do that. All I needed was my sign in for the blog which I used. At some point it will ask for your google email address, but if you did not have one, then you used the other side where one would be assigned to you.

Thanks to Sally I already had a gmail email address as she invited me back in June when I started my blog, so I could use gmail to type my post and send it directly to my blog, which I never did do. I do my post in my home spun address that my cable provider let me choose. I then copy and paste them to my blog. Now why I do it that way, I do not know, other than I just feel in more familiar territory I reckon.

Also I felt like it couldn't be no worse than a hanging and I could quit fretting with it. So for those of you that have not switched, I can tell you that my address did not change, now whether I can get this to my blog is yet to be seen. I had bookmarked my site to post, therefore I never went to the dashboard, but that may very well be my new point of entry.

I also understand that sometimes folks cannot comment without a gmail account, but I have found that you can bypass that by signing in as anonymous and it will accept it and then I just leave my name. Not that I read all that many blogs, but just some of them that have switched I have noticed I could not comment as before once they had changed over.

Enough about that, I did not realize it had been so long since I had posted. It has been a great week and with having Jerrell home, naturally I spent less time on my computer and I have also gotten hooked on a mIRC court tv chat channel where you do not have to talk, you can just lurk and your name does not show up as being there. On good days I might jump in and chat a bit, but as a rule I love to go there and get my entertainment and my laughs. It is amazing at the humor of some folks and they are just being themselves. No airs, no put ons and I can just sit here and laugh myself silly. So I hafta admit I been doing alot of that this week. Just sit and laugh, now how much lazier can one get? :)

I started back to the hairdressers on Thursday after a two or three week hiatus and my sweet hairdresser said no one had my regular appointment time and was delighted to have me coming back regular. She said she would have bumped the person if she had booked them at my time! :P Of course I told her NO you wouldn't! So instead of a haircut this week, I can wait til next week when I get it highlited again and a free haircut goes with that, so-- sure I can wait a week!

To all my friends here, I wish to you all a very safe, happy and joyous New Year! It has been my pleasure to have met each one of you and we have shared our good times and even our bad times with each other. May God richly bless you ALL. You mean so much to me...

God Bless!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

i'm gonna be a pushover...

For all of you that have not made the move to Beta Blogger, I can only tell you what I am gonna do. First, I went to Blogger Help (which btw their name needs changing badly too) where I learned only that the new Blogger is no longer called Beta Blogger. After reading and learning absolutely nothing, which is what I expected, I thought I'd just do a Google Alert and see what is going to happen to us do or die holdouts.

The google alert that I got this morning told me that for folks that have gotten an invite can go ahead and make the leap and for those that haven't gotten an invite will at some point in time be pushed over by Blogger and our belongings along with us. Welp, since I have no invite, I kinda like the sound of being pushed! What is better than just sitting here and waiting to be pushed, oh BUT, the alert reminded me that Blogger does not have or know when the deadline is, so therefore I just sit where I am and one day I will find myself over there in the new not Beta Blocker. Sounds like fun to me. Should you folks not find me one day, then you know Blogger pushed me to oblivion which of course will be all Blogger's fault and I just will hafta start all over. Oh well.....

Today is no longer Christams holidays, it is Happy New Years now. What a transition in just a few days, sorta like I dream the Blogger move will be. I halfway feel normal although Jerrell is off work until Tuesday. He is spending the biggest part of today in Charlotte working on our son's leaves. He ain't able to climb no ladder with a bad back, so Jerrell is going over to pull a few trees outta the gutters and maybe blow a few leaves as he took ALL needed equipment with him.

As for me, I am in la la land. Regular tv shows ain't on, cannot handle cartoons and cable news is the same over and over and over so that just gets me all outta sorts and dithered up. So I thought I would take the most important thing in my life and work on it and that is where I found out that little dab of blogging news to pass on to you folks.

Going for a haircut tomorrow and beg my hairdresser to take me back again on Thursday or Wednesday or whatever day she can because I had rather cut back on groceries and get my hair done than have the tangled up mess I have had the last two weeks. And folks don't ever call your husbands to get a tangled up hairbrush outta your hair like I did. They know not pain unless it is them doing the hollering. That is a fact.

Welp I just got back from running an errand and walking Roxy and with the breeze, it is another chilly day here in NC. I see where Jana's neck of the woods is getting a good dumping of snow, so is Colorado, specially Denver. I feel for those stranded in airports, I also feel for folks in airports when it ain't snowing. Sure hope Grammie gets home soon and has a good, safe trip. And Sandy took off to the beach. Lucky gurl!

I am outta here. Gotta get a pot of coffee going and get ready to watch some tv in about 5 hours. Ya'll have a great day and although I still ain't got no camera, I'll still throw a picture here every now and then...

God Bless!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Anniversary Jerrell...

I know I was't going to post no more til after Christmas, but I just wanted to wish Jerrell a Happy 39th Wedding Anniversary and also wanted to use the awesome snowman I stole from Sandy, a great blogger friend and I just couldn't wait til next year. That is just the way I am...

God Bless!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas...

Since this will be my last post until after Christmas, I want to thank all of you for making my blogging time worthwhile. I have met so many wonderful folks and though we all come from different walks of life and possibly different religions and faith, we united as one in love and friendship to one another. So on this special time of year for me, as I celebrate the birth of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I thank Him for giving me the opportunity to have life and to have you good folks be a part of it.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you ALL!

God Bless!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

justa few more days...

This week has really gotten away from me and today has too. I looked at the clock and thought me oh my I have not posted to my blog yet. I have come to the conclusion that it is easier to start a new fire in the woodstove for me than it is to keep one going. I just cannot remember to put any wood in it and of course it goes out! Then I put an egg knot on my shin from running into the handle to the stove. I am seriously thinking about retiring from the woodstove business. At least Jerrell will be off until January 2 and I won't have to deal with it, of course by then, I will have forgotten how to start one . :) Oh well...

I am looking forward to Christmas Day so we can all be together, cept for Kev and have our lunch together and then it will be over and things can get back to normal. Next year Kev will be home for Christmas and it will make it just complete. He will be calling us on Christmas Day from Toronto and I know they will have a great time with Silvia's family.

I have a friend who is very sick that lives in Virginia. I have not talked with her on the phone for a while as the last two times that I called I got the answering machine. She is very sick and Hospice has been helping with her for a while. I did leave messages when I called. Today when I got in from running an errand, I had a message from her asking me to call her or she would call me back. I was thrilled, so I picked up the phone and called the number that she had left and it said it could not take anonymous calls and for me to stop the block. I have no idea what that means. All it means to me is that I cannot call and talk to my very sick friend! I quickly emailed her and told her the circumstances and I just pray that I will hear from her soon. She is very dear to me and just hearing her voice made me feel good. I do hope we talk soon, she is a wonderful friend to me.

I have already decided that I do not like doing my own hair. It looks terrible and feels terrible so when I got next Thursday for a haircut, I gonna beg her to let me start back again on Thursdays. lol. Not only does it look terrible, it bout kills me bending over to shampoo it and stand and dry it as I do have a thick head of hair. I also think I am going to get it highlighed again if it hairlips China. It's just something about a woman's hair that we just gotta be happy with it, whether anybody is or not.

Welp I gotta cut this one short as I got some things to do fore Jerrell gets home and we have plans to go out to eat and Mrs. B will go too, if she don't forget. Bless her heart. Have a good day everyone!...

God Bless!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

from shorts to sweatpants...

Yeah, OK, I just couldn't resist it and besides it is Christmas time and a time for children. Caroline loves her Christmas tree! To me, it is also time to reflect on family, those here and those already passed on. I am glad I still have my early childhood memories of my mama and learned much from her on how to live on little and struggle and suffer from cancer and still continue to make sure us children had all that we needed, but most of all I remember her love for us.

It is also a jolly time as I do not dwell on sad things too long at a time as it is not good to do. Today is very important to me, as I may not have a tomorrow, so I must make the most of each day and that I truly do try to do.

I really like the blogs that have Christmas pictures of their children or just their trees as this is a special time of the year for everyone. At the same time, I will be glad when it is over and things get back to normal, specially at the stores and even the grocery store. I think they really outdone themselves this year at our local Food Lion. One convenience store did have the prettiest little Christmas bear and I do love bears, always have. When I took a tole painting class years ago, I did a big ole bear and made many other bears if I could get a pattern for it. Well Jerrell would cut them out and I would paint them. I ain't gifty with cutting with no scroll saw or such. Hafta admit, they are just old dust collectors now. But in their heyday I thought they were the stuff!

Yes Gattina, I have gone from wearing shorts yesterday to sweats today. It took a turn for the cold during the night and it ain't none to warm today. Hasn't been long since I walked Roxy down the road and that wind was down right nippy, although I did have a coat on top of my sweatshirt. Also Janet, the slaw was outstanding and was totally different than any slaw that I have ever eaten. I do not know what was used to make it so tangy and spicey, but when I talk to Moe, I will hafta see if she'll give me the *secret* ingredient. :) And yes I am getting behind in my comments as well as my emails. I suppose I am doing more around the house now since thankfully I am feeling some better and trying to take advantage of that while it last.

Let's all remember each other during the holidays as many are traveling, have sickness in the family or not feeling well themselves. I am thankful for all you folks and hope everyone is well for the holidays. Have a wonderful day today.. Until tomorrow...

God Bless!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Roxy!!!

I had a wonderful surprise when I got in from an errand yesterday. Stephanie called and was going to stop by with Caroline. It was so warm that we sat outside and Caroline crawled all over the driveway, the porch and got just downright nasty. But Steph says she does that at home, she crawled up under the car one day Steph said. And these pictures just in! Steph says when she gets close to it, she gets ahold of it . Ain't that just like a kid?

Two years ago today this little precious dog of ours came into this world never knowing the love she would bring to some old man and woman! She had to be weaned away from her mother and stay in a temporary home until we got her when she was 9 months old. It has been nothing but joy in having her since I made the drive to Charlotte to pick her up.

I never really knew what we were getting, but I did know once Jerrell saw her that we in deed had a new member in the family. Yep it's true, when you get old, dogs become more than pets in lots of ways. All three of our dogs of course had different personalities and all were loved. As Jerrell says, Roxy loves back the most of any of the other two dogs. She also is more dependent on us and in a dog way she pretty much calls bedtime, calls lunch time and we just follow suit. We did train her to go outside as the young lady that owned her prior to us getting Roxy, had worked and did not have the time or take the time to train her properly. Poop pads don't get it round this house. Roxy knows what pee pee and poop outside means .

I cannot believe what I have done today. First off I had two bundle of collards that I had to wash and look to prepare to cook and I thought I just might need some more- so I ran to Food Lion and picked up another bundle. Hurried home, gottem all looked and washed and my water boiling in my new stock pot and lots of folks don't like to smell collards cooking, but I love it! Brings back memories of my childhood when mama would cook them, cept she liked cracklin cornbread and I always had to pick them little buggers outta my piece of cornbread.

After I got them para boiled, I gotta second wind and swept and mopped the kitchen and the bathroom, washed Roxy's day time bedding and just finished shampooing and drying my hair since I dunning quit going to get it fixed. I will go the week of Christmas and get it cut and it just about wears me out, so I just might start back again. It plum tuckers me out to do that bending and all that standing. I am not spose to go down them basement steps, but I did hold tight to that bannister as I have been known to fall on level ground. In a store, outside, inside, I ain't choosy. I usually have Jerrell bring things up for me or wash Roxy's bedding, but I never know what I might be doing the next day as my days are not all good ones. I go with the flo, today I am thankful I seem to have some energy and better yet a little desire to do something!!!

I gotta fry me out some fatback in just a bit to season the collards with and whup up a cake of cornbread and we shall be eating good tonight! I got my kitchen and bathroom good and clean, so I feel like I did get something constructive done today, which is becoming milestones now a days. OK, gotta run, hope all you folks out there have a wonderful day. So warm here, I am sitting here in shorts and a tee shirt!

God Bless!

Monday, December 18, 2006

at the end of the day, all is well...

I do declare, I had my post finished and if I didn't delete it, I ain't sitting here. I guess that is par for the course for me. :) Anyhow I will just write about something else.

We did not make it to the party Saturday night as I was just not feeling good at all on Saturday. Jim was kind enough to bring us over some BBQ and some spicey slaw last night. Jerrell loves BBQ pork,much better than I. I do like slaw and when Jim told me it was spicey and also had his own secret bit of heat in it, I am looking forward to having some for lunch today.

I know for many this is such an exciting time of the year for you, especially if little ones are around. I read where grammie is packing *again* :) to go visit with her son. She has to do lots of traveling in order to see her sons and family. I wish we were still able to make the trip to Ohio, but just ain't feasible for either of us right now. For those that have lost loved ones and holiday happiness is hard to come by, I certainly will remember you in my prayers and may you be soothed with the love of remaining family and friends.

I got hurt deeply by a relative yesterday, but I was taught to respect my elders so I bit my tongue and was as nice as possible in expressing my opinion. I am sure someone's conscious was bothering them later, but with the Lord's help, and the thoughts instilled in me from my grandmother, it wasn't mine.

Oh what would I do without my friends? Sometimes I just stop and think how really blessed I am. Yeah I am sick in body, but my heart is full of love for so many friends and even more now from having met them from this blog. Blogging is the best thing to happen to me and possibly for many of you other folks out there and for that, I say - I love you all. I have read many comments that have lifted my spirits when they were a tad low, but never have read one that made me feel bad. God is good. It may not always look bright, but that fog in life will lift and to our surprise that brightness returns. I am blessed. I love you all. So if you ain't got all your shopping done, get with it! If you have, sit back and wait, ain't much longer...

God Bless!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

yep, it is getting closer...

It was a good morning to sleep and that is just what me and Roxy did. But, this was the first morning that Roxy has not gotten up with Jerrell at 5:00. Later in the morning when he called, he was worried that she was sick. Nope, not at all, apparently she and I both were whupped last night as we both went right off to sleep. I think going and getting her haircut yesterday just about did her in and as usual after so long with not enough sleep, even I konk out.

I am hoping to hear today that Bill gets to come home. The email from Clara last night said he was up and walking and if the night went well, he should be able to come home today. She also said she had slept the entire night before as is not the norm with Clara either. Please keep she and Bill in your prayers.

When I got up this morning, it was the thickest and heaviest fog I think I have ever seen. Just a couple hours ago did the fog lift completely and it is now an absolutely beautiful day! I go at 4:00 to have the heart monitor put on and purposely have not asked any questions about it cause I really do not want to know. My best friend P told me that I would be sure glad to get it off, so that was about all I thought I wanted to know about it. She has worn one before and told me about a question that the doctor had asked her about one of its recordings. He asked her "what was you doing at 7:30 a.m.?" lol... she said, "Oh, I was putting on my pantyhose!" I sure gotta good laugh right there. I told P, he may think I have flatlined cept when I walk Roxy. Oh well, we shall see.

Things are beginning to look like Christmas everywhere! Even the groomer had a tree up along with about 8 barking and whining dogs and two little squealing younguns. I do not know how someone works and tends to younguns too. Of course her husband has now become fulltime at the shop, but I guess it beats paying childcare. But then again for what they charge, I hardly think they couldn't go the childcare route. But then that ain't my business, but I shore was glad to get outta there yesterday.

Progress is being made. After the newbies moved in the house next door two weeks ago, there is finally blinds up on two windows. I like an airy house and my doors and curtains open, but I ain't wanting to sleep in no room with no curtains or at least a sheet or something over my windows for two weeks. Oh but-- there has been a wreath, bells and candles in them windows! Just another thing I think about on my thinking stool, just what do make some folks tick?

I did not put my tree up, but did manage to get Jerrell to bring up the wreath from the basement and I got my little gold ribboned and balled little table top tree with that angel on the top and sat it out along with some candles here and there. I got soooo much Christmas stuff that I hope one Christmas to feel like getting it ALL out and see if makes me all cheery and bright!

Hoping a good day for all you folks and got my fingers crossed that Bill will get home today. Enjoy your day wherever you are.

God Bless!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Now I love this barn. Look at it closely for just a few seconds and see what is there...

Oh yeah I am running late today. I had to get up before 6 to be able to get Roxy to get her hair appointment at 9:00; so since I felt a little good, I got some things done around the house. I just picked her up and sure do wish I had a camera cause she shore does look pretty and I would love to have a picture of her.

I made out ok at the doctor yesterday I guess. My blood pressure was up quite a bit and it wasn't from being there, as I am quite used to doctors and never get upcited about nutin no more. Anyhow I didn't see Dr. Beard but saw his right arm instead. She was extra nice and very thorough, wish all doctors were like that. Pretty much the way it stands right now, she showed me a diagram of the blockage in my arteries and the bypasses that had been made. Also one other is 50% blocked, but they do not do stents with that amount of blockage.

After hearing me describe the way I was feeling and how and when the angina occurs, she changed my angina medicine to a different med as well as increased the milligrams per day. Also, she changed one of my blood pressure pills and gave me another which is a combo of cholesterol and blood pressure.
I also have to take that one at night rather than the mornings and two of the angina, one at 8:00 am. and another at 2:00 pm. I can tell from taking what little I have that my heart is beating better and not racing.

As for the fluid, it is from my lung. She insist that my family doctor do lung studies on me, first a chest x-ray and then possibly a ct scan. She said I had a strong heart and the fluid over my lung was not heart failure as only weak hearts have that. I go tomorrow to have a heart monitor put on for 24 hours and go back on Friday to get it removed. She just wants to make sure that my heart ain't outta rymthm.

For the good and happy news, I got the most beautiful handmade Christmas card from England! A fellow blogger friend, Helen sent it to me and it is the prettiest card I have ever gotten in my life. It just lifted my spirits and made me thankful for all these friends that I have made through my short time of blogging. I say thank you Helen and may you have a blessed and wonderful Christmas. Just click on her name above and you too can enjoy her wonderful website.

Let us all remember Clara and Bill today. Bill went for his heart cath yesterday and had so many attacks and such bad ones during the procedure that he had to be hospitalized and is in CICU at the hospital. Clara emailed when she got home and I hope to hear from her today when she gets back home. Please keep Bill and Clara in your thoughts and prayers. We, as a blogging family have come to learn and love our friends and we are quite concerned when one of them or their loved ones are sick. God is so good to us for allowing such wonderful folks to happen up on blogs. I thank and appreciate each one of you all.

I am a tad tuckered right now, but wanted to get something to you good folks, so you all have a good rest of the day and I will catch ya later.

God Bless!

Monday, December 11, 2006

oh where are the birds?...

Welp this is the third day that my bird feeder has been up and I still ain't seen a bird on it. I think I am going to get Jerrell to put up another pole and hang it where the other one was by the sidewalk cause they swamped that one, course the squirrels did too!

I saw my neighbor Pearlie walking down the street so I been out there talking with her and she said my feeder might be too close to the house so we moved it to the awning where Jerrell has his hanging baskets in the summer. I will try it there for a while and see if I have any luck. She said she had seen the feeders too and thought she might just have to get her one too. She has an ideal place for one. Just hang it on one of them limbs on that dead cedar tree I was telling you folks about. She has several other bird feeders on it and the birds was everywhere the day I was there.

LOL, I been looking at this tree I put on here and you know it took me a while to figure it out, so if you folks hafta ponder a bit, it is kinda cute. :)

Not much goings on here or around here. I am looking forward to going to the heart doctor tomorrow. I am not usually one to get cited over going to the doctor, but I got some things I need to get off my chest and see if he has any solutions. So this may well be my shortest ever post, but that sun got so hot on my back standing out there talking, that I am plum weak, so I gonna cut it short today. I do hope all you folks have a good day and feel as blessed as I do.

God Bless!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

oh yes!!...

Well folks I am here to tell you that I am one more happy camper with the purchase of my bird feeder. I tried to keep it in the direct sun yesterday so it would fully charge, but times it would get in the shade fore I could move it, but it needed 8 hours of sun to fully charge the batteries.

It was not totally dark yet yesterday when I happened to look out the window when I was walking through the kitchen and there was three of the brightest little amber lights that lite up the inside of the feeder and even the rim that the little birds sit on. This was maybe 5:30 or so yesterday afternoon.

It has become now an every night occurance of not being able to sleep as was the case last night. I finally went to bed at midnight and the lights were still glowing yet a bit dimmer than before. Today I have it where it will get more direct sun light all day. It was so peaceful to look at it. As I told grammie, it looked like a little biddy UFO as the solar lights are on the rim of the feeder which is UFO shaped. :) After today and getting fully charged, I can just leave it be- hanging on the porch beside my wind chimes and make them little birds happy!

I have already been for a walk with Roxy this morning and it is cold outside, but the cold air felt so good. It is nice to get away from Woody once in a while. We now have a new neighbor in the house beside us. She has been here a week . It has been empty for a good while. I have spoken to this lady on several occasions and of course I have no trouble talking to nobody nowhere, but getting her to talk back is bout like pulling teeth. I dunno if she is as sad as she appears to be, or don't like me. Anyway, we have lived here for 35 years and only 3 different families have lived in that house during that time. All three families were special. We loved them all. Many of my neighbors have been here longer than we have. Some only 10 to 15 years, but we are one big family on this street. We have been blessed with good neighbors.

I gotta few things I gotta do today, but I wanted to check in and wish all of you good folks a good weekend and try to stay warm unless you lucky enough to live where it is warm. Take good care and stay safe...

God Bless!

Friday, December 08, 2006

bird feeder and warmth...

Yep, this is the exact bird feeder that I now have sitting in the sun charging. I saw an ad for a solar bird feeder and I just love to watch the birds in the bird bath in the summer and eat from the the many wooden bird feeders that Jerrell has made. For many years, we had one on a pole in the turn at the sidewalk where I could see the birds when I was sitting at the bar. It has been down for a few years now. So when I saw this bird feeder I thought it would be great -right on the porch by the windchimes and I could sit and watch the birds.

The way the solar feeders works, the sun charges the batteries during the day light and then there are three amber lights that will glow at night. So I am just sitting it in the sun now, will fill it with seed after it has charged and then hang it. I just know I am gonna enjoy this!

I tell ya what, I forget to put wood in the stove. I did a practice run yesterday and did get Woody going real good and as long as there are some red coals that you poke up, you can put some more wood and it will take off.

When Jerrell called to check on me this morning, he told me that he had gotten up at 2:30 and started a fire in Woody, so when he got up all he had to do was add some wood. By the time I got up I could hear it crackling, but I knew if I went right then to add wood, I was already verging on an angina so I had to wait til it was safe, but after I poked them coals a bit and put two pieces of wood in it, it took right off.

It is so easy for me to forget to put more wood in it, maybe I will get better. I got ready to go to the hardware store and boy have they got lots of goodies. Mark said if we ain't got it, we will get it for you and I had to believe him. Even clothes, nice ones too. Anyhow fore I left, I forgot to put any wood in the stove so when I got back there weren't enough coals to start back up after I put more wood in it. I am sure I didn't do it like Jerrell would have, but I got more kindling, some more newspapers and got it back to going real good now.

I did that after walking Roxy and it is so cold out, I had to put the hood on my coat over my head. Some say it got down to 18 last night, others say 20, but tonight they say just might be a record breaker low. We shall see. As with real cold weather and snow, we love to have chili beans so I got all my stuff at the grocery store yesterday and am just before starting to cook them.

I gotta email from Kevin yesterday with his iteniary and he is leaving all the snow behind in Cleveland Ohio and flying out today to Orlando Florida for his meeting. I know he will enjoy the warmth of the Florida sun and then freeze to death when he gets back home! He is like Moo in that he likes snow, but Cleveland tends to overdo it in his opinion.

Welp I gotta git and start doing some things. Hope you folks are all warm and safe today.

God Bless!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

here I go...

I dunno if the Moobear in this sled is feeling like she is heading for Christmas or running from it. I am sorta straddlin the fence this year too. On my good days I love to hear the carols and get a bit cheered, but other days I bout soon watch the cartoon channel.

Since it is gonna be down right cold here tomorrow and specially Saturday morning, I thought while it was still in the 50's I best get myself to the grocery store today instead of getting out in the cold tomorrow. For those that do not know, they ain't got no bread much on Thursdays and there ain't no breadman there to fuss at like there is on Fridays. So I just took it in stride, stayed calm as we do have enough for Jerrell to pack his lunch again tomorrow. No need in fretting; in fact I have reached a point where I really don't fret over anything that I know of. Now deep down in my little brain I may be, just ain't got the wits to know the difference.

Which reminds me, I walked Roxy before I went and I won't out their over 10 minutes , come in and see a message on the answering machine. I play it and it is Jerrell's mama, Mrs. B wanting to ask me what time it is. Then she went on to tell me to also call her and tell her which day it is. Welp folks as you know we go out to eat on Thursdays and generally the same place and Mrs. B meets us there. Yesterday she called Jerrell at work and wanted to take us out to eat today. Duh! He said ok. So about 4:30 yesterday evening she called and said she just didn't think she wanted to go cause it would be dark fore she got home. I don't blame her a bit for that. But she isn't thinking that it is gonna be that way all winter! When I called her back to tell her what time it was, she said she was afraid she had missed church and I assured her that she didn't and that it was Thursday. I think the time is nigh that Jerrell makes the decision and Mrs. B will be staying with us. Now talkin bout the blind leading the blind... But with the good Lord's help I will do all that I possibly can to keep her here at home with us and not a nursing home. So if you folks think I am flaky now, just wait!

Okey dokey I got my root canal done last week and my last filling done yesterday, so right now I am cavity free and deep in debt. I am in a holding pattern for getting my partials. If all works as I have planned, I will use the insurance money to pay the nice, good looking heart doctor and the dentist and owe the hospital, cause I cannot think of anyone I could owe money and not worry a frog hair over than our awful hospital! We got weird insurance. We have a 2,500 deductible that another insurance company pays that. Now why didn't they just get a no deductible policy with Cigna and get it over with. Things like that I think about at night on my stool.

Also, since it is gonna be cold tomorrow, Moo will hafta build her first fire in the woodstove and there ain't no way I am leaving this house with no Moo fire in Woody. I know I will walk myself to death checking it. I got a note made on how to make sure that draft thingy is spose to be when burning and when poking and how far to leave that little knob open, so I feel assured I can handle it. We do live near the firestation tho.

Thank all you folks for coming by and I do hope you all have a great day.

God Bless!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Oh if I could if...

Yep if I could , I would like, if at all possible, have a heavy layer of snow on the ground when I wake up on Christmas morning. Now that certainly would throw Jerrell into a kilter, but he would surely get over it come dinner time! I have too much kid in me I reckon cause I do love the snow. I well remember when this little town had three huge snows three Wednesdays in a row and the best I remember it was either 1960 or 1961. It was a record breaker for the amount of the snow and the oddity of three consecutive weeks in a row was just unheard of here. I wore myself out taking them boots, coats, boggans and gloves on and off and drying them on the old heater door, puttem back on and out again to meet up with the rest of the Depot Street Gang.

If a good size snow ever came to town, the city always shut off Montgomery Avenue for the whole place to come and sled down the hill on that street. My uncle would always take me out to the old home place in the country and was there ever a hill and dips and hill and dips. Cept one problem, nobody had a sled, so we used an old chicken coup. Oh was that a ride of your life. But the funniest thing I remember which I guess I ought not to have laughed was when my around 250 lb. uncle went down that long, long hill on the chicken coup and got up so much speed he hit dead head into the bank at the bottom of the hill. I reckon he had more momentum going down than us young folks did. Oh he took a good jar, but it tickled me bout as good as anything I had ever seen on that hill as many times as I got to go. This same uncle would always take me riding in the snow as he was like me, we were dare devils and even then lived on the edge. He would gun that ole station wagon and around we would go. Now my aunt never knowed a thing about this as we were not stupid- as she would spoil our fun- just as sure if she had knowed. He'd always ask me if I was ready to go see how the streets were, that was his way of getting us headed out to have some fun. We would also go up to the mall parking lot and slide every which a way and even around and around. Again, those were the good old days.

I was late getting my license. I didn't get mine when I was 16 like most folks cause I knowed I wouldn't get no car to drive so finally after I had been working in Charlotte for a couple years and got tired of riding the city bus to work and the Greyhound bus home on the weekends, when I was 23 this lady at work offered to take me to get my license. I had to take the road test and had never driven her car, a little Rambler, but it was straight drive and I had drove mama's back and forth in the drive way and out on the road back then, so I figured I could handle it. Welp here we are out on a four laner with an island in the middle when we pulled outta the DMV place in Charlotte. Welp the patrolman wanted me to go to the left instead of the easy right, so I ease out and he hollers STOP which I did and he told me I couldn't go through that opening in the island so I began to back up-into oncoming traffic and he hollers STOP again. Welp I knowed I had shot my getting my license that day. He said go back to the station and I did. For reasons unknown to me I got my driving license that day. It happened to be on a Friday and I caught the bus home that evening. Early on Saturday morning me and my uncle go to buy me a car, as I was working then and thought I had lots of money. I bought me a 62 Chevy Impala and I thought I was the stuff, which I was by my standards. :)

It was summer time when I got that car and I drove it to work on Monday and heading home that evening, I wasn't used to them stop lights yet, knowed green meant go, and I was sitting at a red light to make a left turn, welp the light changed and I went and all the horns on all them cars started tooting. As we do now, they had little green arrows to indicate turn only, cept this one was all green and I was not spose to turn left before yielding those cars coming at me. I learned real fast about stop lights as that scared the living daylights outta me.
Welp, it come a big snow that winter, I lived in South Charlotte and worked in North Charlotte and there was hills tween home and work, but you know I got in that car and drove all the way to work in that snow. I still remember it as good as if it was yesterday. Everybody that made it in to work that day was so proud of me and well I was sorta proud too.

So in having said all this of absolutely no value just to say how much I love snow I guess it will count anyways. I am liking the cooler weather overall as it is much easier to breathe in cooler air and also Jerrell is going to teach me after supper tonight how to start a fire in the woodstove and work that damper thing so I can do it while he's at work when it gets real cold. Many, many years ago when he was with the police department and of course I was younger I kept it going, but never did have to start it cause even if he worked the night shift, he would stop and keep the fire going for me and the boys. It just saves so much on fuel oil. He does let it go out at night now and lets the furnace run then, but during the day if he is home and its cold, he keeps a fire going. Back fore I went back on my hot flash pills, ole Woody would absolutely burn me up, specially if I was cooking. I would strip down, just shy of buck naked and sweat like a horse. I often times would take myself outside and sit on the doorstep til I got cooled down, but since I am back on them heavenly harmones the heat don't bother me from ole Woody.

Welp, I gotta go. I just gonna cross my fingers that if I don't get no snow for Christmas, maybe I'll get a good one or two fore the winters over. Hope you folks stay warm today and enjoy your

God Bless!

Monday, December 04, 2006


Christmas is fast approaching and we finally know that Kevin and his family will not be able to make the trip home for the holidays this year. We do have a small family, so as with Thanksgiving it will just be the four of us. My brother and his wife may be up sometime near or after Christmas. They too are realizing the hassle of the holidays and trimming back on decorations and entertaining. I think people of age do less than the younger folks.

Kevin and Silvia do have Cythina and having children makes such a difference. Tho Cynthia is perfectly happy just giving her friends gifts, she will have a Christmas. As most children, she has far more during the year than she needs and far more than lots of children have.

I just got back from walking Roxy and cold temps are here for sure today. The days are getting much cooler and the nights are getting cold. Of course it is getting time for such, although winter is not officially here.
Yesterday afternoon, although it was cooler than I thought it was, I got out and walked down to visit my neighbor Pearlie. She was doing fine. She hopes to get the staples out on Thursday and I know that in itself will make her feel so much better. I so much enjoyed the visit. As we were sitting there I was looking out her patio doors and there was a dead looking tree with birdhouses she had hung on them. The birds were coming and eating and there was even a water bowl and the birds would drink. Pearlie's husband said it was a dead cedar tree that they had gotten in another county and they dug a hole, sit the tree in it and put honeysuckle vines on it- which had purple blooms when in bloom this summer. I also learned something. Back in our grandma's day a tree like that was used to hang canning jars on the limbs to sterilize them. How I asked, as I had never heard of such? She said the sunshine shining on them sterilized them. I absolutely found that stunning and thought of the cedar tree we had to have cut down and how much I wish I had known this then and could have kept a portion with branches so I could have hung the many birdhouses that Jerrell has built on them. Have any of you folks ever heard of that?

I think it must have been great to have lived in the older days. I can remember cooking being done on a woodstove and I don't remember ever being cold in the winter or all that hot in the summer with just a window fan or my grandma fanning me with a newspaper. Oh what memories those are. I truly think those were the good ole days and for no other reason this age has well had its benefits.

I had a sensible thought this morning as I was sitting at the bar reading the morning newspaper as I usually do when I first get up. Years ago when I started one of my meds I had these same heart racing and skips and my doctor at that time had me to cut that pill in two and take half in the morning and the other at bedtime. It corrected the problem. Since the angina, I was increased to an extra half of this med at lunch time and I am thinking maybe that extra half med could possibly be the cause of my heart acting up. I am not going to take it at lunch no more and see if it stops. I know it won't stop the angina as the purpose of the increase was to prevent the angina. It is worth a try, as I am having the angina anyways. I will be able to tell by the time I go back to the heart doctor next week.

I gotta fix me and Roxy some lunch now, so I am outta here for the day. I just hope all you folks have a good day. Hope it is pretty and sunny where you are today. But if you happen to have snow, enjoy it! I love it and do hope we get one good snow this year.

God Bless!