Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh no....

This is exactly NOT the way it showed when I wrote this and added the pictures. I think you can figure it out. I guess it has been too long, I have forgotten what little I knew. :)

Happy Holidays..

I will by no means even attempt to try to catch up on all the news. So much has happened and is still happening that just does not allow me to to blog very much. It is the time of year that family and friends are on the minds of most, therefore I wanted to come here where so many of my friends that I care deeply for come by occasionally.

As for me and Jerrell, we are doing very well and we are quite blessed and thankful for everything ,even the worries over Mrs. B, the Lord has given us the strength to give her the attention she so desperately needs at this time in her life. She is still living alone and as of this moment Jerrell does not see the need for any changes to be made which would be totally against her will. We also recognize the fact that "soon" we have spoken of is becoming more of a reality than we like to think it is.

Our sons are both doing well. Kevin will not be in this year, but fortunately Jeff lives close enough that he will be home and he does come every two weeks as well. Kevin is faithful to call us on Sunday nights to check on us and will call again on Christmas Day. He recently had an International Meeting in China for two weeks and he called us 5 times from China. I picked two of the 300+ pics that he made.

Stephanie is doing ok right now. She has had such a rough pregnancy with the boys and so much pain in her rib area. As of her doctor's visit yesterday she is going to be home for Christmas, which she so wanted to be. The tentative due date for Luke and Nick is January 8, 2009 unless she should go into labor before, then the c section would be done at that time. Caroline is so excited about her brothers and I personally think she will be a mother hen to them. Stephanie has been very concerned about me since my colitis has come out of remission and the pain and weakness it creates just makes me pretty much useless, but I do appreciate her love and concern about me.

I will post a few pictures if I can remember how...

Kevin at Tiananman Square Kevin in front of the Bird Nest

Stephanie and Caroline David and Caroline

May you all have a wonderful Christmas and all a Happy New Year.

God Bless!