Tuesday, June 26, 2007

sweet Caroline...

The younguns spend the week at the beach and I wanted to post some pictures. Above of course is Steph and Caroline. They had a real good time and when they got home Steph bought Caroline a little kitchen set with the sink, stove, mircowave, etc. and she said Caroline was beside herself, she was so excited. When Steph called her down from the playroom, she tried to bring it with her, but it was too heavy :) I would have given anything to have seen that child's eyes when she got it . :)
Caroline is taking a little break under the unbrella. She is so tanned but Steph keeps enough whatever you call it on her to keep her from blistering! She looks like she is too pooped to poop!
Moobear loves her little outfit too.

This is a picture of the 'kool dudes' in their sunglasses. "Like father, like daughter". Not exactly like the saying goes tho. Can you tell he is just a bit proud of his little daughter here? I can!

This is the happy, precious little girl that she always is. She loves everything and everyone. Her love shines right here. I wish I could squeeze her this very minute!!! Hey Caroline, Grandma Claudia loves you and talk mommy into coming to the hood this week ! That's my girl!

This is proud dad, David, with his precious one, Caroline. I imagine David is explaining just what the ocean is in great detail in story form and Caroline is absorbing every word dada is saying, as they both look into the beyond. They are inserting teaching in everyday life with explaining things as they happen or objects that attract Caroline's attention. Wonderful parents they are!

This looks like Caroline is beaming in on something with her something, that Moobear has no idea what it is, but intends to ask when I see them, which, (cross my fingers) might be this week. Stephanie likes to come to come to the "hood" as she calls it as often as she can as her mom and dad live here. Although her mom and dad and sisters were all at the beach for her mom's 70th birthday last week, Steph still likes to drive over and check on them often. Happy Birthday Alice! God Bless you and may you have many, many more!
Along with happiness sometimes there too is sadness. Jerrell's mom had a really bad day yesterday. I got a call from the doctor's office where she goes and they said she had made numerous calls to the pharmacy that she gets her medicine; telling them she was dizzy and needed to see the doctor. After so many calls the pharmacy became concerned and called her doctor and then a nurse called me telling me to get in touch with Jerrell at work and have him come ASAP to the doctor's office. The doctor's office had called her after the pharmacy called then and told her to come up there, but in no uncertain terms, she was NOT to drive. As I was on the phone with the nurse, she walked in and yes, she had driven to the office. A little later, they called to see if Jerrell was coming. I told them he has enroute and that it takes him almost 30 minutes to get there.
In the meantime, my nerves were shot, as I had offered to go up there and they already had her sister enroute, I called my neighbor, Pearlie, just to have someone to talk to. Later she called me back and said we needed to go down there because someone would have to drive Mrs. Bunting's car back home, so off we go to the doctor's office.
The doctor tried his best to convince Mrs. Bunting to go ahead to Jerrells and stay and she flat out told him NO, she was staying at home. He told her that not all old folks had people that loved them enough to want to care for them and should she fall and break a hip that she would go to a nursing home. After repeated tries she was determined to stay at home, so the doctor put her on two weeks probabtion, under the conditions that she not drive for two weeks and also told her that the dizziness went with the age.. I think not, but what do I know. After two weeks he told her that Jerrell will then have to decide what is to be done. She said firmly that she would do her very best to do everything right for the next two weeks, she promised. LOL, like she can make her mind get better. It is truly sad, but honest to goodness it can be funny at times. Please all my praying readers, we ALL need prayers at this time. I just pray nothing happens to her or someone else until some finality occurs with this sad situation.
Ok, enough of you good folks time. May you have a good and a blessed day!
God Bless!

PS Please lemme know, do you all have problems with paragraphs? I have them there and once I publish, the suckers are gone. Any suggestions if you all have the same problem. No need to ask Blogger for help. Been there, done that.

Friday, June 22, 2007

guess what....

As behind as I am I made it here today and have very little to report on. Jerrell's mom is continually getting a little better. She is not as dizzy or as nauseous as she had been, but still complains of being weak. We know that is true as she has not been out of the house all week and has not been to her hairdresser for three weeks, which is just unheard of with her.

She says she does not want to burden us and prefers to go to a rest home, so that is all still up in the air and certainly between she and Jerrell. I would rather she be here, but her wishes surpass mine as they should.

We had a chatter in our chatroom to have her little 12 year old daughter to go missing yesterday. We all were certainly concerend and many of us prayed and had her name put on prayer chains. The police had been with her most all of the night and about an hour or so ago, she came into the chat and her daughter was found and was unharmed. I took a sigh of relief. We just hear so many bad stories that when one turns out good, we are truly thankful and blessed.

I am just in awe with the 24/7 space shuttle live footage and I have enjoyed watching them hook up with the International Space Station and exchange a crew member to return her to Planet Earth. If any of you folks want to watch the landing which was postponed yesterday due to rain and heavy cloud coverage in Florida, it is on go again for Florida today with an alternate landing at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Of course this is all subject to change. I pray the Space Shuttle landing will be a safe one, as we all remember the Columbia in 2003 on re-entry. Let's all pray for a safe landing for our astronauts . It is due to land at 3:18 Central Time and 2:18 Eastern Time. They are saying now it is raining there and will come back to the astronauts with a decision on whether to land at Kennedy Space Center or not.

Although I have not weighed Roxy recently, I can still tell that she has lost even more weight. I can stand and hold her now and not feel like my back is breaking. She is actually getting used to us eating and her not. She also seems to like her dog food a lots better than she used to. :)

I hope you all have a good weekend and I hope for those that are in need of rain, that you soon will get some.

God Bless!

Monday, June 18, 2007

a hot day is coming...

I am here and pretty much down to the hubs. Hope you all had a good Father's Day. We had a good day, had our youngest son, Jeff , home and got to talk with our oldest son. Jerrell had a restful day and that is really what he needs lately.

I had to post my most recent picture of Caroline, she has grown in just the last few weeks since I have seen her. This is Caroline and her little friend who found her daddies poker chips. They are going to be at the beach this week, so I expect her to be even tanner than she is now. She and Steph spend a lot of time working in the yard and also in their pool. Steph always liked to swim so I am sure that had a lot to play in them deciding to have a pool put in.

Jerrell's mom is very dizzy now. She called him at work on Friday morning early so he got off work to take her to the doctor and when they got there, they found he is closed until the 25th. She has some medicine she has taken before for this problem so she is taking that until she can get to the doctor. She has really kept us hopping for the last couple weeks. We are more and more thinking seriously our options as to what should be done and when it should be done. Whatever Jerrell decides, we do know that his mom will not agree to, so that is always in the back of our minds. Sometimes in life, we get tween a rock and a hard place and that is exactly where we are now.

I can already see it taking a toll on Jerrell and myself. He is worrying too much and I guess I am to cause the angina. I think once he makes a decision, he will feel better or at least I am hoping he will. She does not realize what worries she is causing nor would she ever want that if she remotely realized what she was doing.

It is suppose to be 94 here today, so I am pretty much prepared to stay inside in the a/c. I hope you all are getting enough rain where you are. We have finally got enough to tide us over for a while. We had a bad electrical storm the other night and Roxy is terrified of storms, unlike our other dogs, so I had to get up and stay up with her until the storm was over. Wow, what we do for our pets, but she is totally worth missing sleep over.

Have a good day folks. I will make this one short, I got some things I have to get done. Until...

God Bless!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

roxy has lost five lbs...

It has been so hard but we have stuck with the diet for Roxy for over three weeks, so I decided I would weigh her this morning as the curosity was just about to kill the cat? So I put my big self onto the scales, noted the weight (with a gasp) and then went over and picked up Roxy and I held her on the scales and I was just plain delighted! We have noticed her having more energy and doing more running around through the house like she used to. We still would like for her to lose maybe two more pounds which she will probably do real soon. It has been so hard on us and her, but overall we think it will be best for her and we are quite surprised that we are indeed sticking to it as hard as it gets at times.
I do wonder what goes through her little mind when she is so accustomed to her little bowl of rice and stewbeef or her pintos like she used to have and no longer has anything. I do not dwell on it while we are eating or I will cry and there is no need for me and Roxy crying cause she will sorta whine at us begging for some of the good stuff. So my advice to anyone is to never start something that is so hard and hurtful to stop. She does not go hungry, usually either in the early morning or late evening, she will attack her dog food bowls and have a chow down and eats it like it is good anyways. She will not eat the dog food when it is first set out. We use dry food, but she wants it to harden so it crunches, which I find strange cause it is kinda crunchy to begin with, but she won't touch it til it set out and dries out some.
We had a good day after all with Jerrell's mom yesterday. Jerrell went down there after supper to check on her and she did not mention the refrigerator. We are just hoping she will forget about it and hope she does not jump onto something else.
Last night was quiet around here, our cable went out around 3:30 which meant we had no television or computer to use. At first it upset me, but then after a while I got to thinking it was a good thing. I did things that I would never have done with the tv and computer in service. So what times I was not literally twindling my thumbs, I cleaned out my computer table drawer and organized some cds and did some general pc house cleaning. I also piddled around the house and saw some things that needed attention that I had totally missed and neglected before. Jerrell and I also had time to talk, which is a good thing, we have so little time for that anymore or maybe I should say we do not take the time. I didn't realize he shaved every night in the basement. There is a double sink and mirror down there as it was used as a living area by the prior owners many years ago now. I thought he shaved in the bathroom some, so after he told me he shaved in the basement all the time; see I learned something I didn't know.
I also found that I can do some reading which I rarely do, but only small things, nothing in depth and I did a little of that. Right after the second call from a neighbor asking if our cable had come back on, right around 9 p.m. the cable was back on. That is usually about my shutdown time, so I came and checked my email and shut it down for the night, so maybe it was a good thing indeed.
I am thinking about doing one of those Did You Know post like Connie did on her blog. You list 9 things about yourself and one of them is false. The trick is to try and guess which of the nine things is the FALSE one. I found it to be so much fun that I really don't think she would mind if I borrowed her idea. :) Of course I picked the wrong one, lol, but it sure was fun seeing which one all the other folks picked.
Ok, I am through, I have run outta noise so I will hush for now. Have a wonderful blessed day.
God Bless!
PS--I cannot like Blogger NOT letting me do my paragraphs, when they are plainly there! OK, I vented. Bye

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

mamaw justa few weeks ago...

is this the end of my rope?...

I feel like I need to be here and put something on my blog to help me keep my sanity- And I ain't found one thing to laugh about at all so far today, but my intent is to find something to force a chuckle outta me and I am assuring myself that will happen.

Sometimes life can just drag you down to the hubs, specially when bad seems to go to worse and everything jumps on you at one time. I also remember that the Lord did not always promise us a rose garden, but He did say that He would not put more on us than we could bear and I believe that with all my heart. Yes.

Other than my more than usual angina I am doing ok, but we are really concerned about Jerrell's mom. So I am once again here asking for some help in praying for her. Cause I do know that many of my readers are prayer warriors and we need help. She mentally is going down so fast and it has us worried and decisions that are made are totally up to Jerrell and he of course always has her best interest in mind as we discuss her daily demise. Physically, she is doing so good, but for about two weeks she has been obsessed with her refrigerator running all the time. It only ran like it should. But she would not sleep a wink and would get up and unplug it. After doing that for two weeks, Jerrell cleaned it out, went to the store and bought her a brand new one and specifically asked for a quiet running refrigerator. He took off work on Friday for the purpose of getting her a new one so she could sleep and we could not have constant phone calls.

The phone started ringing Saturday morning before 6 a.m. and it was her calling us to tell us that the new refrigerator was not right, cause it too ran all the time. Oh me oh my. There we were both up bright and early and nothing and I mean nothing we said would satisfy her. Jerrell did fix it where she couldn't unplug it, but she used the temp control and shut it down. SOOO we thought for sure all was well as she did not mention it yesterday. This morning it is all starting over again. She is back on the fridge again. She refuses to turn on her tv, radio or anything that might entertain her or make her not sit in a quiet house and listen to things run. All she does is sit in her recliner and listen to that oh so annoying police scanner and take naps. After each nap, then she is totally lost in time, thinks it is another day. That is another thing, she never ever knows what day it is. Ever. She has a 9:15 standing hair do appointment every Thursday morning. She calls me last Thursday at 8:40 and says she went and they had a CLOSED sign and they must have closed and moved and didn't tell her. After she told me she was there at 8:30, I told her that they had not opened yet and for her to go back over there. Later that afternoon when Jerrell went to check on her as he has to do daily now, she had done just that and guess what, they were open and they did her hair. Whewwwww

The doctor told Jerrell last week that she does not need to be driving and I agree, but that means I would have to go every day and take her to Harris Teeter and The Medicine Shop and I am not able to do that. Bringing her up here is not something she is wanting to do nor does Jerrell think he can take both of us at the same time. He is hoping to make it til February when he will be fully retired but we both know that she is not going to be able to stay alone for much longer. A nursing home was not in our plans, although Jerrell has mentioned now that as being an option. I do not want that, nor does he, but if she kills us both , then she will be there anyways. So Jerrell, me and Mamaw really do need you alls prayers right now. Pray for Jerrell to make the right decisions as I do not advise him when it comes to her. Also prays for her, that she will be safe and not hurt herself or someone else until Jerrell finally gets her off the highway.

It ain't that none of you folks want to hear all this, but it is just a fact that I need to get it off my chest and that was the purpose of my blog in the beginning. I am holding up much better than Jerrell cause it ain't my mama, but it hurts and scares me to see him all upset with her as he has been "Mr. Calm" ever since his heart attack and I am afraid it is going to hurt his health worrying and dealing with her. If she were in her right mind, she was not the kind of lady that would ever for a second want to worry Jerrell or be a bother, but now it goes in one ear and out the other, ain't one bit of reasoning left in the lady. I love her, but she drives me nuts and I know that is why Jerrell won't go ahead and bring her up here. Fraid I'll go off the deep end and can you imagine that poor fellow having to live with two nuts? Poor man.

I am not taking this lightly but both Jerrell and I have laughed at a lot of her stuff cause if we didn't, he just might crack under the pressure too. Even Roxy goes and gets under a table when she comes up here cause she says the same thing to her over and over and over and Roxy senses something ain't right with her I guess so she just moses under the nearest table. Please remember us and all thoughts and prayers will be so much appreciated. I am praying for patience cause with her I ain't never really had a whole lots, but I gotta remember she is 91 and her mind is going or gone and I must be stronger and more patient with understanding her.

OK, I have made you folks miserable, but I declare I believe I feel better. Not cause I made you miserable, but cause I got it off my chest. I love you all and hope you understand where I am coming from. Have a wonderful day and if one of you gotta a funny you wanna share with me how bout emailing me at chbunting at carolina dot rr dot com .. :P~
Thanking you!!!

God Bless!

Monday, June 11, 2007

happy birthday son...

You may or may not see this, as you are busy and are a hit and miss reader, but you were the first of two wonderful sons that Dad and I were blessed with. Being the first child is good. Yes. Because we got to practice with you so when little brother came along, we were pros or so we thought, as you took us around all the scales of parenthood. :P

Just as you came into this world crying, you continued to exercise and make your lungs healthy. Yes. We always commented- that as we looked down into the crib with you on your stomach as you were waking up , that you looked like a little drawn up frog and screaming like a hienie. We learned to love that sound and actually thought it was quite normal until your brother came along cooing and gooing when he awoke. :)

As a kid you made us laugh so many times and as you grew you began to take on a style of your own. You were always respectful to us, not once did I ever hear you sass us or have I ever heard a curse word come out of your mouth in 38 years. Although you had a little mischief in you for sure! We had to tell you that you just don't go into the neighbor's house and rearrange her furniture when she wasn't home nor should you shove your brother literally through the wall. Oh don't worry, he will be having a birthday soon! :) I also wonder just how many times that I wasn't here that you threw a Magic Marker at Polly the parrot when you were studying and she was screeching !

As you grew into a young man and began excelling in sports and in academics, you made us proud. It was a joy to see you on the baseball field on first base, stretching that 6'4" frame and scooping'em outta the dirt. Although I was in the bed with a bad time with my back when I got the call for us to be at the school at a certain time that week and Moo hobbled along with Dad to the school to see you tapped into the National Honor Society. We were there for you. You made us proud. We were also honored to have you named as a North Carolina Scholar. After high school you continued on to college, to graduate summa cum laude with making all A's and that one B for all four years.

After college it was your goal to continue on for four more years at Wake Forest, Bowman Gray School of Medicine. We were proud of your accomplishments there and then you decided to continue your studies for a post doc. You chose St. Jude Children's Hospital Research Center to pursue your field of research in gene therapy and stem cell research. Oh how we loved going to Memphis and you taking Moo more than once to Graceland and Beale Street. You excelled there and left Brian with a lot to work with as you moved on to a job!

In 1999 you married and brought to us an entire package, a wonderful wife Silvia and a precious 4 year old Cynthia to love. You and Silvia have worked together in your careers and you just fell right into being a wonderful Dad. I cannot see that you have changed very much, as you are the still the same Kooner now when you are home, as you were back then; it is almost da ja vu all over again. You have the same work ethics, same morals and same kooky sense of humor that make us all still laugh at times. So, all in all you are the same fellow you have always been, just a bit older, a bit wiser and we are glad you are our son. Have a great birthday today son and know you are loved. And btw folks, he favors his Moo and the younger favors his dad :)

God Bless!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

who woulda thought it...


One year ago today I clicked on the start blog button never giving a thought to what I was actually doing. I have shared some of my life with you folks and many of my boo boos.

Along the way I began to meet each one of you folks sorta one by one. As I began to read your blogs and email with many I became friends with you all. So much in fact, that when you hurt or are sick, that bothers me and all I can do and will do is to pray for those of you when that happens. I truly believe that the Lord led me to blogging as I have only had the best of readers and rarely have I had anyone pester or spam me. He has sent folks my way that has affected me positively and I need that as I do enough of the joking around in real life and in my chat with friends in the courttv chatroom. I have been spiritually fed from your blogs and I have laughed myself silly at some of your blogs too.

The Lord knew I had nothing but time as I cannot do the things that normal folks do so he allowed me to use this blog as an outlet which helps me personally, but most of all he led to so many of you good down to earth folks. Most I might add are Christians or of faiths that lean towards love and peace towards one another. This is very important to me. To love one another and try to have peace with everyone as we should want to do and as our Lord requires us to do.

I have also met some really fun people, blogs that makes me laugh out loud and some that make me ponder over and touch the strings of my heart. It all makes a circle, surrounds me with all kinds of folks and a complete circle of friends from which I learn something from each one of you, all in different ways at times. One of us often are troubled or extremely happy over an event in your life and we are ALL here to support you in sorrow and glow with joy for you in your happiness. * I have also been known to repeat myself ever now and then.*

Just outta curosity I checked to see just how many times I have posted in my year and the count says 213. Thankfully this will make it 214. I like even numbers btw.

I have all my life tried not to do anything constructive for long periods of time just because that would not be Moobear. Therefore, I am a bit surprised I am still around and blogging. As you all know I fly by the seat of my pants. I used to plan ahead a little, but now it is entirely on a day to day basis. I do what I want or what I feel like doing and all of that amounts to very little. I probably over share my family and my precious Roxy with you, but that is all I have at times to tell you about. I cannot ever tell you how much I have appreciated each of you and how much you have all become special folks to me. I love each one of you individually and I appreciate every visit, every encouraging comment and every laugh you have tossed my way.

Who knows, maybe next year I will still be here blogging my nonsense and sharing my life with you. In the meantime, I'll continue to take a day at a time and be very thankful for it. You have All touched my life in some way. Thanks for the wonderful year, without you folks it would have all been in vain.

God Bless!

Saturday, June 09, 2007


I thought this should be enjoyed by all! Enjoy and be thankful for our great AMERICA!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Roxy gotta haircut...

I have gotten myself all behind in so many things and my blog in particular. Other than not feeling too good for the past week or so, I still have had things to do whether I felt like it or not. As you can see here, Roxy got a much needed haircut on Monday. She has been on her diet a little over two weeks and we can already see a difference.

Not only us, but Roxy seems to be more energetic and she will now jump on or off things that she would or could not do before. It is so hard, but we are determined and Roxy seems to be adjusting well to it. She has learned that there is no need in begging, although she will sit and stare you down; she just don't grunt like she first did.

I was suppose to have gone to the dentist today to get my permanent crown put on, but after calling yesterday morning to remind me, they called me later in the afternoon and said it had not come in. That was just fine with me as I do not feel like going today anyways. After that I will have the impression made for a partial. I am a bit leary of having one, because I have heard that some folks just gag and just cannot wear them. Mark said he would make the mouth part very little and fit right behind my front teeth so I should be able to handle that with no problem.

Also I am allergic to stainless steel so he is going to have to talk with the lab to see about using titanium or a type of plastic. Really does not matter to me. It is all just such a hassle, but a necessary one!

I found the best recipe for pimento cheese that I wanted to try, so early this morning I went to the grocery store to get some of the ingredients that I did not have and made a big bowl of it this morning. I also made some homemade chili so we could have some chili dogs for supper. Jerrell had rather have them if the chili is homemade than to have a hotdog. The standing at the cabinet and stove just tires me out, but the chili is simmering now, so I can cruise the rest of the evening.

We finally got some much needed rain here over the weekend and it has really helped folks gardens around here. Our tomato plants have taken off and we have some blooms now, so they are looking just great right now. A neighbor of Jerrell's mom gave us some fresh cucumbes and they sure are good. He has plenty of okra, corn, you name it and he said he would make sure we had our share. We really do appreciate that. They are so good to look after Mrs. Bunting and many evenings they take her a good warm supper as her neighbor is a born cook and cooks everyday anyways.

Our oldest son and his wife are looking for a house closer to her new job, so he sent some links today. I will post the link when they finally do buy one. I know the one I want, but they don't listen to Moo when it comes to picking out houses.. :) errr to be honest, they do not listen to Moo period. :P

Ok, I am still behind so I will make this one short. I hope all of you have a good day and are enjoying this beautiful weather. Good day all my friends!

God Bless!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

on my mind right now...

Since I have gotten a camera, I was able to take a picture of the pin I mentioned in this previous post on my blog. Also, the locket was given to me by a neighbor in 1956. It too, is very special to me. It has a place for four pictures, which I have one of me, my brother and mama and Dad. I wish I could have had the camera then, so I just decided to rerun this post as some of my readers were not reading then.
(Repeated post from September 23, 2006)

I do like to write and let you folks know just what goes in my life and oft' times what goes in my mind which sometimes would have been wise not to have shared just now, just yet. But this is classified so I feel very content in telling you all about it. Just whether it is of interest to anyone other than me is just beside the point at this particular moment as I am back in time a bit, as I was last night bout midnight sitting in the dark on my thinking stool.

My lovely husband was sent on a mission about 30 minutes ago and I might add that he is the best finder of all things I bout ever met. Anyhow, from remembering from my thoughts last night, I hollered at him down in the basement if he would please bring up mama's suit from down there as I am forbidden to up or down the steps. Of course the room it was in is now full of wood. So I told him I thought it was in the cedar chest over there in the room with the washer and dryer. Welp sure nuf up he comes with mama's suit. Now, it is the same suit as in the picture. Soooo although it will never be worn, I am going to have it cleaned and stored.

Since the picture was made in 1951 as other pictures made the same day, same place ; one picture was made of me, my brother and my cousin in front of a car with the cartag showing as 1951, so that makes the suit 55 years old at least and in better shape than I am. Also you may note the pin worn on the suit. This was given to mama for dad's service served and death while enlisted . He had been in for 7 years and was a Staff Sgt. at the time of his death. When Congress started the Veterans Benefits in 1947 to take care of the widows and children of deceased service men, they sent mama this pin. I wear it proudly now. My brother had it for many years and gave it to me about 2 years ago. It is a gold star inlaid on a purple background with a gold leaved border. On the back is engraved. Since it is round:
At the top says:
Act of Congress
RWH (my mama's initials)

At the bottom says:
United States of America
August 1, 1947

The pin is still in the original box and though the sponge has yellowed, it is still intact. So I know mama got the pin after 1947, as dad was killed in 1943 and Congress passed on the benefits in 1947. To make a long story short I am very proud of these items of my mamas and I wish I had more things of hers. In all the pictures made prior to my birth mama wore suits and even back then wore pants suits but more classy looking than the ole polyester ones I usta wear. I think I took her style as I like the tailored look and casual vs all them jim dandy frills. No, ain't gonna happen. I am not a ruffle sort of person.

Oh and btw that picture is of me, my brother Ron and mama made in 1951 which woulda made me 7 fingernail biting years old. I do not ever remember ever biting my nails. Musta just been way back then.

well I gotta go, the smoke alarm went off, smoke everywhere and a mad hubby. I burnt the beans and we airing out the house. Have a good evening and I have no idea what we gonna have for supper now. This is really the closest to crying I been in a long, long time...

God Bless!