Saturday, September 30, 2006

needed some heat this morn...

That crisp air somehow turned cold overnight. But I did have the extra blanket on my feet, so no cramps in the toes last night! In fact, Jerrell had to turn the furnace on this morning and it sure felt good. Looks like another beautiful day that the good Lord made and allowed me to have. I am looking forward to it. Today my brother, Ron and his wife, Michelle are coming up from Greenville, SC. They are going to the high school class reunion for the graduating class of '61 of which Jerrell was also invited. We have never attended a class reunion for either he nor I and we certainly are not going to be suckered into one at this stage of our life.

I always enjoy time with my brother as we are indeed making up for lost time in being together.If you good folks think I am nuts, you outta see my brother. Now it ain't easy being a Jerrell or a Michelle when me and the Big Guy get together. Big Guy is what my sons call him, as he is a little taller than me. About 6'5". There are many things he did to me as a child that I wish I could do back to him now, but getting him in a corner and throwing bricks up against his back sounds like work to me now. Also, I don't think I could chase him down the road and drag his scrony butt back to the house for one of mama's spankings like he useta do me. Oh was she ever a good spanker! Nor would I drag him down the road, with him hanging onto the car by only one hand on the cardoor handle. No, we have grown up, but we still have a sense of humor and love to laugh and have fun. Not sure whether we suffered damage back then or not, but if so, we are so much enjoying whatever it did to us.

He has always been the older brother to look after sister. Yet, before mama died, she told me to look after and take care of Ron when she died, as he had a heart murmur and was puney. Oh goodness, if she only knew all his problems now! So, with that thought in mind, I let him do as he pleased, as I did and figured it would all come out in the wash anyways. Of course he remembers more things that happened in our childhood than I do, although some things he says I know ain't xactly right, but no, no I never argue with him as he is like most men, knows it all and a sheer waste of good time telling them they are wrong! I do love my brother with all my heart!

As I was making my way through my blogs this morning I was moved by one of my daily readings. I have always enjoyed the writings of Ordinary Janet and did not know until a couple weeks ago that Janet is deaf. Today her writing totally touched my heart and today I found that she is not just ordinary Janet, but she is extra ordinary Janet, a lovely lady, a happy lady and enjoys her life to the fullest. She may lack what I and many others take for granted, but she adapted and is like her blog title, she is just like the rest of us, just she happens to be in my eyes, extra ordinary Janet. God Bless you my friend!

Believe it or not, I do actually have some things to do before Ron and Michelle get here. I must clear an entrance from the front door to the den so as they can sit and have some coffee and chat with us a bit fore the big shindig tonight. They will be here overnight as they usually do. So I'll get started with that and leave you folks with a smile on my face and happiness in my heart for this wonderful day...

God Bless!

Friday, September 29, 2006

such a beautiful fall day here...

Fall is finally here. The air is cool and has the crispness that only fall can have. I have learned to appreciate even the smallest of blessings that I used to never know they were even there. So aging does have its benefits. I love to be out and walk when you don't have sweat bullets all over your face, hair and neck. That is usually the only place heat gets to me. Like last night my toes got so cold I had the cramp in one big toe, then bout the time I conquered that one, it got in my other big toe. You can bet your sweet bippy tonight I will have an extra blankie on just my feet!

As I normally do with my blog, I post just what is happening at the time, just happened or just before happening. That is what my blog is, my life on whatever day I am blogging. Today happens to be a day of little action and I am actually enjoying it. Although I missed some action by changing answering machine a few weeks back, just cause I had an extra and had nothing better to do at the time. It has no light that blinks like I am used too and I just happened to see a 2 on there, meaning I had missed two calls and I been home all day. I click on play and one was my neighbor (who btw called yesterday) and the other that oxygen outfit from Charlotte wanting me to callem. I first call my neighbor, priorites take precedence in my life. Well having my friend P's # etched into my brain, I inadverently called P instead of my neighbor and we talked for bout an hour.

After a lull, I called the oxygen folks and found out that their little tricks were not gonna be of no benefit to me and bid them a good day. Then on to calling my neighbor who is also upset at my doctor for not having called me yet. Her rage made my rage greater. After all, he is her doctor too!

I believe in fair play, so I giving him til Tuesday. A week is ample time to call me concerning something as serious as my heart! I will talk to the nurse and I will tell her that I want to talk to him or he best be calling me back or I will be up there. And she knows me well enough to know that I will do what I say I will do. If his excuse is not satisfactory to me, then yes, I will be making my own appointment with the cardiologist like I shoulda done in the first place. This my folks is called righteous anger and only used in extreme cases of my being excessively upset.

Well folks since it was cool today, I broke out my new LLBeaner boots in hopes of wearing them and breaking them in a bit for the long haul of winter. I declare if I didn't get them on w/o the aid of pliers. However, I did find out that you cannot wear a thick sock and gettem on, but you can wear a thin, slicky sock or stocking like sock, glided right on. Now I am looking forward to breaking out my windbreaker jacket I also ordered when I ordered the boots. I do like LLBean and their quality stuff. I can clearly remember the time me and Sally from My Thoughts were emailing and just before raising a holy terror with SmartPost, the sorry US mail system of mailing for LLBean at that time. Thankfully, for myself and Sally, they quickly changed to Fed Ex and saved me and Sally gaining many more gray hairs.
I love fall and winter. I can get warm in the winter with the old wood stove running ya outta the house, but I have a hard time coolin down from the heat of a stovetop burner and an oven and me in a frying frenzy.

My dog is asleep, my husband is in his safe haven, his workshop in the basement and I think it is about time I stop right here and begin to think about what we might be eating tonight as Jerrell and I just got back from the grocery store a bit ago and put a few things in our cupboard and our a.m. biscuit is just about run out. I hope you good folks are enjoying your day and hope it is as wonderful and nice as mine has been so far. I am gonna rest up over the weekend because I do not know what I may meet come the first of the week. A few things are set, a hairdo day for Roxy on Tuesday, a dental appointment for me on Thursday and a moved up hairdressing day on Friday. Until...

God Bless!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

can't beatem, join'em or give up?...

My gut feeling is telling me that I just might need to find me a real doctor and possibly spank the dentist I have or find another one. I ask for no sympathy from them or anyone else, but just a bit of mercy on fools like me!

Here I sit, not knowing any more than I did before I went to my doc. I do know a little more than I really wanted to know instead from my dentist, whose scroney little butt has meandered in and outta my house too many times to do me like that!

And yes they, the doctor and his incompetent staff dropped the ball on my now over two months ago begging for an oxygen level check. Apparently shame jumped on them a tad as the nurse has already called me twice to tell me that a special unit from Charlotte will hafta come as this honkie town do not have no body no where that is under the saintly plan of Cigna Insurance. What a crock! Not only do they think they are going to drive over here and charge me a potload of money they think they gonna hookey me up to some stupid machine to sleep with when I cannot sleep no how. Ain't gonna happen. Soooooo I call this honkie town's health department this morning, to the home health part of it and just ask them how do they check folks oxygen. Just as I thought, they use the finger thingy for $179 and have the results in seconds or at times they use the Oxy Pro for $499. So she tells me to hold on and she will lemme talk to a nurse. A bell did ring, but not too loud cause I had not been up too long. A nurse named Debbie answered the phone and I asked her Debbie how much? When she said her name, I tolder that the good Lord still works miracles as it was Jerrell's first cousin Debbie, a RN with them. Bless Pat, she said she would be delighted to come by my house on her dinner break and check my oxygen level for me and she is the one that told me the reason that the Charlotte joint wanted to do all that stuffssss was to see if I had sleep apnea. I do not. But my now depressed brother do.
That problem is now solved. Her late father had emphysema so I know Debbie will know if my level is good or bad, cause I bet she checked her dads at least 999 times or more. So when them Charlotte Oxy folks call, I will tellem I dunning done it. God is good.

Since it has been 4 years since my last catherization, doc sorta thinks I just might outta have another, so he was going to chat with the cardiologist yesterday afternoon and call me. I am still waiting on that call.
This honkie town do not have no cardiologist of their own, we use the services of Charlotte Cardiology who offer their services a couple days a week for fools like us that have docs like I do in this honkie town. The last catherization I had done here at the one and only now newly named, Stanly Regional Memorial Hospital. Whoopppeeeee. BUT the thought hit me just a bit ago that they had a falling out with our hospital and tho they still come see us fools over here, we now hafta go to Charlotte for a catherization, so looks like Moo's big butt will be a going to Charlotte, should I just happen to get that phone call that doc told me he would make to me.

Then I make my merry way to the already made ahead of time appointment with the dentist. More happy hours in yesterday! I guess I shoulda kept them check up appointments that I didn't for the last two years, as I got more tooth problems than I do teeth. Most are crowned without root canals and some root canaled and not crowned. I got a swifty five on the bottom that are perfect. What a fine place for them to be. So that little scroney butt is working on a plan for my mouth and so is Moo and I don't think our plans are gonna match. Although he told me he was going to give me a little slack as he is a good friend of my oldest son and not charge me but for two of them about 10 x-rays, well whooppeeee I left $85 behind and drove home.

Give up has never been in my vocabulary, but I am taking a liking to that twirpy little phase more and more each day. My day ain't over yet. I still wanna know bout the oxygen and keep giving the doc the benefit of the doubt, still thinking surely he will call me about the heart catherization as it is a tad more delicate procedure than the EKG I had done in his office yesterday and maybe too the cyst he said most likely was the cause of the swollen, fluid filled sac section over my back- top of my ribs, bout the size of my hand. Oh well, how am I spose to know?

So I did check in to let you good folks, I hadn't checked out just yet. Gee, how would you know if I did. Oh well, got a lot on a little mind... until

God Bless!

Friday, September 22, 2006

except for a boo boo, this would be My Day...

I played hookey yesterday. I know Dell is so sad. He was totally neglected yesterday, tho never abused. But Moo thinks a dozen red roses sent to me would have been real nice yesterday, cause I shore felt I like was close to pushing up daises, although we all will one day. I accidently started this blog and had to come up with a really good title fast as I was on a lucky roll as far as getting started up accidently is not easy. I thought I had named it My Day but after production was finished I had not. If I can figure out how to change it, I just might one day as all my writing are usually about my day of life, usually in the confines of my OWN home.

As in a journal or diary we kept as younguns, you could cram it full of stuffssss; course back then, it was full of many secrets, but as did many of yours, mine had a little key and only I had access to its content. Oh what a ride, even back then. Also since I have GAD and also STML I can handle only one day at a time for more than just those two reasons . Remember too, I am now living the simple life and it just keeps getting better. Jerrell cannot like me getting rid of everything and is worried I will have nothing on his first ever made lovely bench that he made many years ago and many others that he so freely gave away to whoever seemed to like one. He is handy with wood and loves to mess with it, smell it and even breathe that gosh awful dust. From quilt racks, of which we still have oodles of, that are slick and finally shined with whatever he makes shine out of, to shadow boxes of the 80's, which we still have some of as well. He is afraid of a bare bench with no do- dads won't look nice in our house, so I assured him I would leave something on the bench. Like just maybe a very old photo of me left there will make him once again the happy camper and unfretted husband I am accustomed to. I try hard to keep him happy since I have kinda took a liking to him in these 39 years of marriage. He is a good friend, wise decision maker- who comes in real handy as you folks know I do not like to make decisions, no , not at all. He often even helps with the female decisions, like "it's your hair, do with it what you want to and quit worrying about it" Well... You know- real helpful stuff like that.

This is now several hours later and I found where there is a will, there is a way. Not wanting to, but I did go to the grocery store and managed to get all I thought I had to have and when I drive in the drive way of my OWN home and there stands Jerrell with Roxy. There again is that luck that I have and often tell you folks about. Now believe it or not, but I had a sneeking suspicion he would get off early today, but apparently not keen enough to wait a bit longer so he coulda went with me to that grocery store that I do hate with the most purplish of passion. Although handy he was in bringing them groceries in the house and helping me to put them up, then fixing us some lunch. I left the dishes as I got another feeling that if he sees them there in the sink long enough, he will wash them. That is my kinda thinking, positive as it is and all!

Welp, gonna be a short one, got things to do , husband to see and a dog to pet. Have a great at you later...until...

God Bless!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the crossroads of me little mind this morning...

Life is and can be wonderful, but one has to want it that way. Lately I have been hurt by some reactions of a few, hurt- knowing that some folks just do not know how to love and enjoy life, but far more--appreciate life for just what it is. No one should ever tell a lie upon another, so I began wondering why does that happen? In my case, when the truth is good, the only way to retaliate in their minds is to lie. A lie will suffice when the truth is only good. In reality they are only hurting themselves so very, very much. The hurting is to me is for those type people, they must be lonely, have nothing in life worth their time and choose to meddle into things of negative materials and of no benefit to them or anyone else really. They cast their stones towards me and I am not swift of foot no more, nor is my heart void of caring and forgiving anymore. Therefore, I think, do they not have perhaps a dog like I have little Roxy, or a Jerrell in their life to sit at the bar with for a good supper and laugh and talk at the events of the day and a will to chose to enjoy the sorrows of the many medical problems that I or they have. I have too much to take care of in my life, I just will not stop my happy life to dodge a stone. I feel sorry for them, I wish they could enjoy even the pain I have each day I open my eyes to the great big day that God gave me. I don't want them to limp in my shoes or pray for any pain to stop in their lives. I choose to thank God for all I have to endure otherwise I just might not be happy with my life, pain, deformities and all, if I was like them. I also have peace within my heart toward all folks and I only dislike many folks ways, but not my place to judge them unfairly. I only know them from the fruits they bear or from the stones they throw.
I am happy, my goal is to continue with the grace of God to be all I can be for the good of what life I may have left. I chose happiness. I hurt only for those that cannot or will not let go and enjoy the little things of life and learn that love is much more fun than hate. I cannot like that word. Much, much too strong even for the vilest among us.

LOL teresa, if I can fetch it outta my memory bank, I will post the lost post. But first an update on Noname, the Boston Terrier lost and found by my neighbor Harriet. I was re reading the local newspaper late last evening and the phone rang. I answered it and it was Harriet and she proceeded to tell me that Noname, while she had run to the store, had gotten tangled up in her many flower pots again and she was not there to rescue him, so he overpowered all, even his collar and the lost dog is lost again. By know, here it had began raining with light thundering and lightning. I told Jerrell as I was on the phone to get his shoes on and hurry outside that Noname was gone. We ended on the phone and I proceeded outside in my jammers and umbrella walking the nearby area, as did Jerrell and Harriet. I told Harriet to get in my SUV and we would search this side of the Highway and Jerrell the other. So here we go, me in my jammies and Harriet visibly upset and doom on her face and sadness in her heart. We did our best, as did Jerrell. Noname was no where to be found.

I was on my thinking stool again last night and by now I do have a cushion, I heard a deep barking from over Harriet's way. It was a deep bark, so not of those awful little yakers that she has. I could not go outside and look cause I would awake little Roxy and then I just might be up all night, stead of half the night. The dog barked for a good 5 minutes and then it stopped. I of course only had good thoughts of just perhaps Noname was back and Harriet had rehooked him in his now familiar basement. But no, this morning there is Noname. Only hope is that he does not get run over and does find a safe, loving haven somewhere as he did with Harriet and Charlie. Always hope for the best is the way I look at it.

I was going to post on the many, many differences the content of different blogs have. Some of them are so interesting to read. Many like mine, just of their everyday effort with life. Some though are down right depressing. Some with severe disorders mentally, as I unlearned as I am, put them in the classification of being in left field. Yet, some can write almost poetic post sorta like Malinda Duckett who recenlty died and her son still missing. She was by nature a gifted writer and from a site that had aquired some of her writings I was amazed at the talent and potential of this young lady. This is only but a tip of the iceburg as to all I really wanted to get into, but I have spent much too much of you good folks time for one day, therefore I will shut my big mouth and leave you with this. I have found regardless of what folks circumstances of life shall bring, I cling to the firm belief that " if God brings it to me, God will help me through it" ! With that I say...

God Bless!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

i do, i do love my dog...

It is now 8:30 a.m. I am in awe of life. Just sharing a tid of a bit of my life today. My day usually does not start at 5:30 a.m. running into Jerrell at the bathroom door. Fortunately, Roxy has a built in alarm clock for when Jerrell forgets to set his. I awoke to Roxy breathing in my face and licking me chin and I just wanted to squeeze her, cause I was panting and so glad to wake up after having two back to back nightmares and was I ever so happy she woke me up, at least this morning.

The only thing norm around my house is getting up at 5:00 a.m. for Jerrell and Roxy. Jerrell with the aid of his alarm clock and me with Roxy crying to get put down to get to her daddy. Since she will not or cannot jump off the bed, I hafta put her down on the floor. But what I still yet to understand is why she wants to run around the bed and not let me pick her up to put her down. So since I was wanting not to go back to sleep after the nightmares, I thought I would stand up, just thinking she wants me up too is why she runs around the bed. I stand up and she still runs, but as I reach to fetch her, I just hafta hit my numb foot on the bed railing somehow, as so far they ain't nutin hid under it -yet so it gotta be the railing.
How a numb foot and leg can hurt when hit- I do not know, but hurt, it did. So with both me and Roxy now up, I head for the bathroom.

That is where me and Jerrell hit. Of course he goes first as he is already 30 minutes behind so I head for the already made coffee, pour a cup and sit on my thinking stool, which I told Jerrell this morning is going to hafta have a cushion today. Anything used that much lately is going to hafta be more comfy for Moo's rear. I also told Jerrell how much I appreciated him this morning. I get that urge ever once in a while.

Right up front, I feel ruff. No two ways about it. I am at this time usually just getting up to the new day. After reading the newspaper I meandered to my pc to check my email, etc and Roxy breaks loose barking like a crazy dog. So I finally mosey and do my morning ritual of the opening the verticals on the french doors and open the front door so Roxy can see the real world through the fullview and run her little self back and forth from the french doors in the den to the fullview in the where you come in at. Welp she keeps barking and then there I see two dogs and two peoples, dressed, outside, in the real world and here I am still draggin butt and still in my jammers.

Then the volunteer fire department siren goes off with it's ever so loud siren, as it is located ever so close to our house. I have needed them once, no fire, but Jerrell in the bathtub with a blown out blood vessel once again, that this one I could not stop the bleeding. The tub is the best place to go, so you can wash the blood out easier than from carpet, so forth. And btw Vein Clinics of America $4,500 per leg tricks just do not work. The volunteer fire department for our district do have good first responders. But since my 3rd son no longer is a volunteer it sirens a whole lot longer, they lost a good one when they lost Bo. Welp the siren scares Roxy so she comes a hunting Moo and since my colitis is no longer in remission I was tending to business and with all the barking inside, outside and that dad blame siren, I thought I would surely die today. later......

Welp it is now 1:38 p.m. Things had to calm down a bit or I would not be finishing this post today. I have already gone too far to write about what I had intended to write about today. That is just the way it is. Maybe tomorrow. After dressing I go over and talk with neighbor Jim and look at his new Jeep Cherokee that he and Moe just got yesterday and Harriet the keeper of the Noname lost dog that we all are trying to find the owner of Noname. Jim and Moe have Traveler, a beautiful white lab. I learned all about Sirrus Satellite Radio and E-bay while we talked. Now I gotta have one of them radios so I can hear Vinnie Politan in the mornings. I just gotta. Also found that other than my bit of passing the word around the circle at the bottom of the hill about the Noname dog, Harriet had made flyers, posted them all in the northside as we all concluded it came from this neck of the woods. She had contacted Animal Control and the newspaper will have a FOUND DOG ad in the newspaper today. Welp in the meantime since she and Charlie are lovers of dogs they dunning got attached to Noname pooch. Soooo if no luck with finding the owners of Noname, then it could not have a better home. A quite different dog as they are accustomed to, they adore them never, ever ending, barking, chihuahua dogs that they are notorious as having, tho they are down now to only having 4 of them kind of yaking dogs. FYI yes I did hafta google to get correct spelling of chihuahua. I have no shame.

It is now almost 2:00 and I declare it has been such a long, long, day for me and I am only halfway. I am so glad Gaynelle gave me some homemade veggie soup yesterday and that is one more good cooking woman, so we will have some good soup come supper time. To the suggestion of Jerrell, I think I am gonna hafta move my usual 3 month checkup with Doc now set for October 23 to asap. I am zappin much too fast and more frequent and it cramps my style quite a bit. I tend to override the meds and also my bodies capabilites. I might need a tune up, so we shall see.

If I don't forget til tomorrow I will share with ya'll what I was going to share today. So much can happen without me even moving my SUV. I think Roxy is what gives me the will to walk and do all I manage to do, which ain't a whole lots. I have had a dog for 25+ years except for two breaks when we lost Cindy and Scooter and they are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Oh and we got Roxy a year ago last Saturday and we loved all our dogs, but Roxy is the most loving back dog we have ever had and also the only dog Moo has had the pleasure to have as her bed partner for the past year. They good back warmers and I am a big security blankie for Roxy. Yeah I love her and No, I never thought I would sleep with no dog...If my post appears somewhat rambly today, it's ok, cause I am rambly today too, sooooo...

God Bless!

Monday, September 18, 2006

ain't blogging fun and funnier?...

I spent the entire afternoon on Saturday doing what I do best, which is nothing that nears being constructive. Soooo I sit at this box and from my regular blogs I so much like to read, I mosey on to some of their favorites and then on to some of those folks favorites, more favorites and you find there is no end to the internet or to blogs. Although I have gotten "the end of the internet" email before.
In reading a variety and I do mean a variety of blogs, I came to the conclusion that all bloggers are as different as snowflakes. Tho some may be similiar, there just ain't no two just alike that I have found. Some I would find in the oddest and least expected places and of material my know better eyes dare not read and of course I left so fast that I seriously doubt the hit counter even registered a hit.

All of them leave the heartprints of the person behind their blogs; now that fascinates me, what makes some folks tick. Some blogs are purely picture happy and then I hafta decide, do they just like them pictures they posted, all pictures, or just something in those that jumped on their blog. Now I want to be the first to tell you that I can't like the youtubers's music videos or at least 99 1/2% ofem. I hafta try my hardest to findem and cuttem off. Now the quiet, can't find, relaxing music I can like. Yes, there are those that justify existance.

I took a taxi ride several weeks ago in a city that I have no idea where it was, but boy was it a ride. After wondering for those weeks, just where had I been, I went to the source, the bloggee herself and by crackie my taxi ride was in the Phillipines. Does that count towards my ever so small number of places that I have visited in my life? I think not.
I have helped folks move from one city to another so its just too bad I ain't planning on moving cause I have the mover's plan science down to the nitty gritty. We all finally got Owen here and I promise you folks I just might hafta ride that road getting me a grandbaby and best you folks know you have been forewarned and you must, gotta ride that roller coaster with me too or I just might completely lose it and check out fore that youngun ever gets to cry- at it's first sight of Moo!

The really, really great program that many of you good folks have just tickles my fancy. Nothing is more fun than the Google searches that brings some folks to this blog. I gotta list of my top 5 if I can find them here that I want to tell ya'll about.
It is found: Now to figure out how to list them. No particular order, these are just my top 5 that I jotted down. Here be the search words of the most high, Google Search. Oh and for those that did not know, there is now also a For real. I shall not lie.
1. make ahead horderves
football horderves

2. Cane Or hobble Or limp Or stairs Or chair "weak

3. looking for women's rubber overshoes in 50's and

4. married to an only child

5. don't take life for serious
Welp dunno about you, but I am married to any only child and it do have its downs and downs, and I tried the cane deal, but spent entirely too much time a hunting it, but other than that, I can only laugh as they ain't nowhere near being close to being the Moo. I do admit when I go check this program I am on the hunt for them google goodies cause they most always are sooooo funny and laughter is my life now.

Jumping topics is something I always do, so here I jump to a little bit ago. I had walked Roxy and enjoyed it so much and the first thing I happened to see when I walked in the house was some disgusting what nots that I am swearing off- of to complete the mastering of the new and improved simple life.

Right there on my pretty wormy wood mountain made hutch sat them stupid ducks. The big daddy duck, midlle sized mama duck and the little baby duckie. Now all ya'll know them duckies went out of style and production and quacking at least 20 or 25 years ago. Sooo Moo gets them ducks and puts them underneath that now handy little doors on the bottom of that pretty wormy wood mountain made hutch to hide such stuffsssss as that!

It also rang the bell that I had told P about. I was a wanting to find my oh so pretty jar of colorful coral, seashells and other oceans beholders of, which I have no idea what they be, so I could enjoy them as they never go out of style. Welp my first "luckie" in well over a good two months was in my eyesights as I peered upon them throught the probable years of dust gathering thru the crack of them doors. I puller out, head for 409 and washer good and now P can see all my jar of wonderful things that only the ocean could produce and keep for some ole Moo in North Carolina to enjoy. It almost prompted me into a clean up mode, but I over ruled... Just not gonna happen today...
Roxy has eaten, I ain' until........

God Bless!

Friday, September 15, 2006

a day do make a difference...

I have had to take a brief Moobatical, tho much needed. The weather is cooling off some and I can finally feel the fall in the air in the wee morning hours. It is wonderful, makes you want to raise your windows and let the good things in and air out all the bad things. Just refresh the house and ourselves.

Today is a beautiful sunny day but still has the same amount of hours the rainy days we have had this week did. Each day is a gift to me and I am so blessed. God is good.

Amongst the bad news I have had this week, there too has been some good news. My wonderful friend in South Carolina got to go see Nancy Grace speak and talk with her in person afterwards. Now this lady is not well, but was driven by her brother the 250 miles one way to Pembroke, NC. Although she had to do alot of lying down in the big back seat of the Deville, she was living her dream. She shared with me the happiness and sheer joy that she had and will always have from having met Nancy. She told it in such a way I could even feel her excitement flowing in the email. If there is one, true dedicated and devoted Nancy fan, it is this sweet lady. I am so happy for her.

I do finally have a Justice Magazine update. I received an email from the circulation manager telling me that the magazine was no longer in publication and my record had been reviewed and my refund was being processed and I should get my check in the next few weeks. I have no idea of the ins and outs of any business, but certainly I was surprised and wondered if they had any bad luck Buntings working there. Or was it cause I jinxed them, just having subscribed. Some things will remain unknown. That is one of them.

I have mentioned both my sons in many of my post. Even with all the things I have going on this week, I did get some humor and from the oddest and least expected source. I was delighted to find that Kevin still has not changed much from the way he was at home, just more proof that he do indeed have some Moo genes in him.
Enjoy yourself and see this happy scientist in rare form and not only does he look like me; here, he is acting like me. Poor youngun.
Click Here and see the happy scientist. I did- I did hafta laugh as it was funny and still the Kooner we all love and cause he can still enjoy the simple things in life, like a freebie he didn't know he was gonna get. A-webcam-. Well nothing is free, let's just say he gotta "I didn't know" something on their new pc. They are now living in a cramped up apartment until they find the right house. When we visited them, Jerrell had to sleep in a single bed in the dining nook -right side the piano. One wall in the dining room is almost to the ceiling with boxes. The make-do life is rough on them. Kevin had a hard time adjusting to sitting down to the dinner table to a good meal, pleasant to see Silvia across from him and Cynthia on the end, but he said he got so tard of sitting beside a lawnmower. So I keep hoping the situation will be changing soon. Too, apartments are not well built, as I just about took one down when I fell heading to the toilet one night on our one and only visit to that apartment in Ohio!

I, along with many, many others wonder why I stay confused so much. It is things like this:

Cheney in 2006: "We must complete the mission".
Bush in 2003: "Mission accomplished!"

Duh, excuse me, now that is just what I am talking about. I do not like confusilation.
My husband is home today so all three of us dogs is gonna have a great day, I wanted to let ya'll know I am still a kicking, tho low as it may be.

God Bless!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

a day of sadness and reflection...

I do not know how any of you folks do your blogs, but as I have said before, I write mine up in the confines of my comfortable email page and then copy and paste to Blogger to publish. More times than not I copy and paste to Drafts because it is either unfinished, needing an ending or for me to try to correct any errors prior to publishing.

Yesterday's post was actually done Monday afternoon and put into my Drafts until I finished it and published it yesterday. Otherwise with my memory I just might not remember all of the things that happened yesterday. Better known as "short term memory loss".

Shortly after creating a post and placing it in my Drafts, I received the awaited and anticipated email from a precious young lady, Malinda. She and her husband, Todd, are young enough to be my children, but age just didn't seem to make any difference at all in our friendship, which I so much treasure.
Malinda had emailed me earlier, actually early September that Todd's dad was in the hospital with serious heart problems again. Then on September 6, I again received an email telling me that Todd's dad had taken a turn for the worse.
On the afternoon of Monday, September 11, 2006 I got an email from Malinda telling me that Todd's dad, Coleman Edward "Booger" Lee, had passed away that morning at 8:12 in our local hospital.

Yesterday I posted the already prepared post to my blog, but today I am addressing the sadness and grief I have and feel for Todd as he and his dad were so close. He does have siblings, which I do not know. I met Todd and Malinda over 13 years ago and we have a great friendship. They are one of the closest and devoted to each other couple that I have ever met at such a young age. Relationships like theirs, tells me alot about them -the persons they really are.

Physically I can go tonight as they receive friends and an evening funeral will follow at 7 p.m. Emotionally I cannot go. Over a year ago, I had to leave an out of town funeral that I had attended and had gone alone to, for a dear aunt of mine. It took a toll on me for reasons that I cannot control; is not good for my overall health and well being. I talked to the doctor about what happened and he told me for the betterment of my health I should avoid anything upsetting as seeing one grieving or hurting breaks my heart. I have not always been that way. I could handle it then. I cannot now.

So this morning I called Todd. He and I had our own little special talk and he certainly understands. Although I will not be there in body, I will be there tonight in my thoughts and prayers.

Today, also is the day that Susan Godfrey will deliver a living baby into this world with only a few hours of life to live. The baby has Potter's Syndrome which means the baby has no kidneys. Yet another sad part of my day. I know that Susan and all the family with God's graces will make it through this. I cannot imagine how being in that situation must be, but to bear it all hasta be done with help and Susan has God right there with her and the family and baby today. God Bless you Susan. Susan chose to have God in her life. I heard of Susan's plight through my good blogging friend, Kristi (happymama).

I am glad it is a gloomy, dreary day here where my home is, cause today, had the sun been shining, I would still have this still, quiet, subdued sadness inside me. There is a time for fun and laughter, but also for tears and thinking. Today I am doing the latter.

God Bless!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

i think i need just a couple days of the blahs...

I can clearly remember the day a year or so after I could no longer work and I was sitting in the doctor's office talking with Doc. I was not adjusting real well to being in Alphi oh Disability sorority of which I didn't ask to join. I remember telling the doc that I was doing ok cept for feeling like I had the blahs." Oh Claudia he said, that is depression, tho mild". I couldn't like that neither, although mild as it was.

With another magic pill on my list, I still had the blahs, I just didn't know it cause of the little pill. I have quit the little pill totally and I am the same as I was taking them, happier than I was when I was taking them and so much so that being happy is killing me. My body is in bad shape but my mind ain't and I just cannot keep up with all this happiness, fun, simple lifeing and laughing. It t-totally wears me out as it did yesterday with my visit with my friend Paulette as I will call P here today. Less at times is best ya know.

P arrived all pert and pretty and to my surprise she and Jerrell being the two I knowed would not like my new hair doo with curls all over my head. No kinks, just little pretty 'Shirley Temple" curls. Well believe it or not they both like my hair doo, or I ain't sitting here. I was actually dreading come home last Thursday with all my curls and permanent stuck grin on my face -to face Jerrell, thinking all the time, we might not go out to eat today.

We headed out to the pizza joint way over yonder and we had to take that connector and with P as my witness there was another dump truck that I had again had to suck up. Some serious dumping is being done on the connector for all the locals reading this.

All was going fine, I was behaving at the time and we were enjoying a wonderful lunch. But P will get some of the funkiest looking pizza pieces I ever seen. I did recognize some piece as having a known on it, a Jalapeno peppers. I did consider a piece but never could think of me having a spinach sliced like P do. Yuk. As not to look piggish, we took turns going back to the all you can eat bar. She asked me to getter another piece with the peppers, soooooo I did as well as got one little piece with two peppers and P forked one of them off mine. That one pepper burned so bad, I no longer could taste nor feel or hardly breathe and I drank and drank and I never hafta refill but I did yesterday.

We had no plans for shopping cause P promised me that on Saturday, until looking out the window toward the old Walmart building I saw the outlet store my wonderful, sweet neighbor Pearlie had told me about. I told P about it having name brand stuffsssss in there for good prices and I did it, I asked if she would like to just check it out and believe me, check it out WE did.

Already having a full bladder, but reaffirming myself that I'd just wait til I got home. We drive to the new Burkes Outlet, parked and entered. From that point on it was happy days for me and P and the little checker outter girl that knew us up close and personal fore we left her nice little store.

I know your bladder is what holds your water, but regardless -since I had a renal scan in '96 and saw on that screen my kidney just like it shows in my encyclopedia I knowed a kidney when I saw one. But I asked the nurse, what is that black dot, cause something didn't look just right. She then said oh, that is your right kidney. Hmmmm.
Yep, I had a good pretty left kidney, but my right one had shrunk up and was not functioning so in '98 for my one night stay back surgery, my terms or I would not have it, only stay one night. Welp me and that pole I had to drag went to the pottie every 15 minutes the entire night. When first shift came on and I was rip raring to go home, I told her I ain't slept a wink for having to tinkle every 15 minutes. Welp she slowed the dripper down and it was heaven. Now why didn't I could have thought of that the day before and then I mighta slept well. But that's ok, I went home that day.

Entering that store I had to use the bathroom and still was having too even more when we left. We stayed over one hour in that store! Asking the nice checker outter girl, where the bathroom was, she pointed to the Girls department and said up on the wall. Well I told P, I knew I was real tall, but I was not tall enough to go to that toliet up on the wall. We laughed alot cause everything in that store was funny yesterday.

We separate for a bit and P always finds something she likes and just has to have, but it is never in her size! Why is it some folks like P, don't go to the "for me" size rack to hunt something she might like, but hasta always find something in a different size rack. I am still pondering on that and probably will forever. After finally calming her down and I was slap wore out we went separate ways and I found me a little bamboo dinette suit on display and it invited my full belly, full bladder and now larger posterior to have a seat. Dropping into the bamboo chair I did hear a crack, but forgot to check if a bamboo cracked when I sat or not. By this time, I had my arms full of right sizes of P's as she came running to me, throwed me the clothes and all I heard was "hurry, take these....#2... and toilet on the wall". That'll teach her to eat such as she did on her pizza slices at that pizza joint.

Welp, she got her second wind, but I didnt. P says, but there is more back there. Now you folks knows how deep, back there is -in a former Walmart store. I look at my watch and it is 10 til 2 and I told P, if I didn't get home and use my bath room and finish cooking them pintos I won't gonna have a husband no more so we headed to check out.

With P as my witness I have never done this before, but I was so tired I literally hopped on and sat on the check out counter place and the checker outter girl asked me if I had a Monday or a Friday card. ♂"DUH"♂... I know I don't get out much but do ANY of you folks have a Monday or a Friday card? I would just love to know. I got to know.- I thought. Yep I gotta Monday card. So I whupped out a card and our little friend said this ain't no Monday card, I told her I knowed that, was just trying to get by with my Meddycare card. So here she goes with trying to talk me into getting a Monday or Friday card and I told her again I had to tinkle and I could not today. I just told her I wanted the additional 15% off and the senior discount. She then hands me a Monday and Friday card. Now why didn't she do that to start with cause my bladder is a busting. Not only did she gimme that card she gave me a puncher card so when you buy x number of dollars of merchandise you can get a punch on yo card. And by crackie she dunning punched my card one time. So I am already ahead of the game.

Oh there is so much more I could tell you folks, but the most important thing in it all, is that I got home and headed and turned them pinto beans on and had a happy Pinto eatin hubby and my bladder got one of the best reliefs she has seen in a long , long time.

I was slap worn out, my legs and back ached terrible as did other things. The "I just know I will go to sleep tonight" evening thoughts did not work, but that little pepper did as I started my second try at sleep at 12 mid-night EST. This will be one of those...(some really, really good stuff) be continued

God Bless!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

words of one with absolutely no wisdom...

I really don't think that it is just me, but do you all finger all around for the little pig ears or the crispier cheese doodles or the curliest tater chip? Well I do and I was doing that just before I came to blog. I thought I will end up going right back at some point and having to eat those biggens anyhow. Makes no sense at all.

We enjoyed so much having our son, Jeff, home today. He comes early I reckon so he can leave early. I dunno, but he sure put away some spaghetti today. The last time we had spaghetti I noticed that the parmesan cheese was harder than usual to get out. I curiously looked at the can and it had been born in 1999, so I purchased a nice new fancy opening shaker bottle kind with life til 2007. I purposely waited to christen it so Jeff could be a part of the affair. Besides 1999 was not a good year for us. That was the year Jerrell had his heart attack. So after I counted 00 -01-02-03-04-05-06 and saw it was 6 years old I thought I should get some new. For what it is worth, the only thing I could tell different was in the smell, it did have a bit of a fouler of an odor than the other, but tasted no different.

Today was not one of Jerrell's favorite meals but he never argues over food. I was kinda excited about today as he and oft' times Jeff will drop some sketti on their shirts and I was ready. I had watched the TIDE magic stick commercial enough that I knew what first responders are for. As sure as I am sitting here, Jeff dropped on his bachelor- freshly- laundered- designer- dress shirt some sketti; rather than holler OH BOY, I jumped up slowly and got my TIDE magic marker and poked it right on his sketti spot right on his tit.
You hafta push on the TIDE magic marker and out comes the magic. Well for those that don't know, like me. It does not do like it does on tv, like it didn't never happen. It do leave a spot, tho it by now a TIDE magic marker spot. I admit it disappointed me terribly. But I just cannot continue to let it concern me, I just can't.

We enjoy our bi weekly visits with Jeff and our once weekly hourly call with Kevin at 8 p.m. EST til 9 p.m. EST. The first 30 minutes are generally updates on their homefront and workplaces. The rest about Moo and blogging. Not meaning to excite no one, even myself, there is this possibility of. But first a little background, Kevin is a scientist by profession and very up and into genes and genetics of which I know nothing of other than we all havem. Already at the tender age of 37 Kevin thinks that his gum on his lower toofy and his bad back he got from a bad Moo gene, therefore they are going to have a genetic test done before the possibility of. Then yet another test AND if there is not an unknown gene located that traced and leads them to believe it is a Moo gene, then they may be all for that IVF'ing thing that is out there which could create Moo and Jerrell a grandbaby. I am so excited! But I have to remain calm until all these test are completed and I am cleared of all evidence before the start gun is shot! In the event this happens, you can rest assured that you good folks right here in this box WILL be the first to know. Well maybe second, Paulette I will just hafta call her or she might kill me.

Speaking of Paulette, my dear friend, she is a coming to town tomorrow for a visit and we are going out to eat so if there ain't no blog tomorrow, you folks will see just where my priorities really are. And in case she happens to read this today, I will be wearing the JUSTICE t-shirt til I get an email reply so be sure and dress down dear. Not only is she a good friend, but she is the cleanest friend I have ever had. Her house is spotless, she even folds little points on her toliet paper after she finishes and it irritates me to no end. The men say she has the softest skin of any woman in the world. I do not know. But I do know her heels do cause I gave her a bottle of that feet stuff that she talked me into buying that she uses everyday where takes the dead and dry skin offen the heels. I do not nor have the desire to want to take the time to do such things to my body. God Bless those that do.
Anyway if we don't have a good time, it will be a first. But yesterday I got an assurance that we would not go to any stores. There is something about her that makes me spend money and I ain't go no more money. I am just hankering a pizza or that Japanese joint. I may just let her decide where we eat this time.

Bout time I took some medicine and rest the piles. Hope you all have a good day like I plan on a havin...

God Bless!

Friday, September 08, 2006

my morning, my new friend and the grocery store...

As is with all of us, we have friends and as all of us do, some we just like better or at least in a different light than others, but still they be friends. I am thankful for my friends, don't get me wrong, but I don't like one that tries to force themselves on me. Lately I have this shadow like friend that appears whether the sun is shining or in the midst of night. Since she has become a regular I figured I just as well name her cause lots of my friends have nicknames that I gavem. I call this a friend only because we spend so much time together.
And because of her I feel I am justified in saying that she is becoming the most annoying friend who has by now just flat out worn her welcome out. I no longer want her in my house or on or near me no more. Her name as of today is officially Angie. I named her that, short for Angina.

Now I like to sleep a little in -in the mornings, well like til maybe 8 a.m. Well about 7:10 Angie shows up and I tried ignoring her and she wouldn't leave, so me and Angie hit the floor and headed for the coffee pot.
I was mad, I was determined I was not gonna give her the fix she seems to like. I won that time. BUT at about 8 a.m. Angie struck with a vengence and I gladly and hurriedly gave her the little nitroglycerin and I was so thankful that she liked it and went away. Now an angina attack leaves you weak as water and I forget which it is that I ain't gettin enuf of, either blood or oxygen, but have forgotten. At any rate, with little pill under tongue and me reclining in recliner and praying, my pain eased off. After the headache eased off that the little pills give ya, I thought I gotta go on to the grocery store today!

Since Anita had gotten me up so early, I thought I would go early; first cause they won't be many folks there that early and I would be amongst friends and benches should Angie appear. So after dressing I strut my proud getting much smaller posterior( woooohoooo) to the SUV and head out.

As I go in I see Erica, the head cashier and speak and then she pages Shawn, the worthless bagboy that he is and I head towards the onions as I run flat out and then proceeded on my merry way for my gotta have now in my life, Hot Pocket's Pepperoni pizzas. On my way I met Shawn , the worthless bagboy that he is just a gettin it and since he knows me from my "every chance I get" times of telling him to please quit smoking while he is young and the consequences of smoking and your health. He is really a precious, sweet, always grinning little feller. He was just a grinnin and I told him, "She is mad, really mad" and I headed on down to the aisle to my Hot Pockets.

Of course I made it a quickie today hoping to outrun Angie and not hafta make no scene in the grocery store of all places. I grabbed here and there and finished fast and headed for the always only one lane open cept for the Express lane. With luck still on my side, there is that precious Erica running the register. She rings me up, bags me up and I puttem in the buggy as that worthless bag boy is no where in sight. I told Erica I thought Shawn was a dodging me and she assured me not, that most likely he was a smoking and he didn't like working up front no how. I did grab an empty buggy that some dumb dumb left parked right in the middle of me getting out. With my buggy in tow and dumb dumb's buggy I parked where it shoulda been parked by a prior dumb dumb grocery shopper. I push to my SUV in the handicapped spot that I now call mine at that store, unloaded the bags, got in the car, turned on my gospel cd and my a/c and just sat there for a bit til I got my wits and head back home.

I was greeted as usual by Roxy acting like I had been gone forever. I just know dogs can't know time as we do. After unloading again, I was pretty much whupped to say the least.

I got lots I wanna do today, like make some potato salad that I didn't have no onions to put in, but now I do. So I will depart with you good folks, but I do remember that I have friends in this little box too...

God Bless!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Please note the addition on my sidebar of sites. Well worth viewing. Thanks...

feeling just a bit ashamed, but I did IT...

As anybody that knows me in real life and many of you who only know Moo from here, have already learned that Moo does not lead a normal life. I am always prepared for the unexpected, as it will happen, I just never know when. Everything I do ends up turning out to have been an adventure and that might just be the reason I do not get out cept for the mere necessities. Now Paulette you can just quit gigglin...

I was mentally prepared to take on the task of going to a store that I really did not want to go to start with, but I just had to have a shower curtain with the whole world on it, as I have told ya'll about before. I also had on my list an eyebrow brush of all things. I have no idea why but my hairdresser told me I just had to have one. Just more to brush?

Knowing I would need all the help I could get and mustering the strength to endure the sheer turmoil of even going to the eastern part of town I got into my SUV. Although I had no idea how, while sitting in the garage, I learned how to find which cd is where and after fiddling I found the right button and found my gospel cd that I love to listen to, all tracks 1 thru 11. Hafta admit "Learning to lean on Jesus" is about one of my favorite hymns. I found and started with #1 as they all inspire me and keep me boggled mind in the correct gear.

As fate would have it, just after turning onto our wonderful connector, which connects us northern city folks to the eastern town of stores and eating joints like all the other big places have. I saw ahead a dump truck with a dump load full of dump, so I thought I would suck him up while the road was two lanes, looking in my mirror I was free to lane change and bout that time come around me in the other way lane a "high school Harry boy" flying from back of me, like I won't going fast enuf. Right then, the devil yanked out the way I used to be thoughts, so I bit my tongue and balled my fist and concentrated heavily on the gospel cd.

I quickly unbit my tongue and shook my fingers and all was well. I got to the turning off place right before getting to my destination and I noticed high school Harry was right in front of me, taking an earlier turn. Surprisingly they had more handicapped parking spots than the old store. I parked without incident and meandered into the store. Well being my first time in the new store, the horror I had heard about was now before my eyes. I found the department I needed to find the eyebrow brush, but of course I couldn't find one, until Kim came up. I only know her name cause I asked her. I asked Kim since she had lots of makeup on just where them eye brow brushes was and there they was, right under our noses. I thanked her and then asked if she knowed where the shower curtains were and that nice lady walked me right to the general area and pointed them out to me. Thanking her again, I told her I was gonna put her in my blog today. I hope she didn't feel threatened.

I went and the shower curtain just jumped out at me and so did the price, but I figured the world was worth it, picked one up and headed for the check out.
Talked a bit with the really nice check outter girl and walked out to my closely parked SUV. I hafta admit I felt just a little gay as I came outta the store as the clerk and I discussed the debatical (Moo's definition for debating upon) amongst the store and the Christians and she summed it up ok, "to each his own". I felt satisfied with that. I quickly felt normal when I got in my SUV, but did have a thought. I forgot to get any of them shower curtain hanging thingies, just knowing my rose colored ones won't gonna look good with my world shower curtain, but I dared not go back in that store, so I stopped at the Dollar General and picked me up some clear ones, that will go with anything. Not really, was cause it was all that was left for $1.25. $5 for metal ones, no no no, not me and besides I had never seen metal ones before.

I used what energy I had- to do that wanted but much dreaded trip- so if I get a second wind today, I just might get the old ones down and the new one up. Jerrell asked this morning when he called to please take down the accessorized outside curtain swaggy thing with all the dust on them and not to put them back up. Of course I will, they won't match my world shower curtain and would block my view. That might not sound like a job to you, but in my eyes right now, it seems like a job that would need a crew to do.

Welp, I done it, a tad ashamed but happy as this little Moo knows how to be. Gotta go, fix me and little Roxy some lunch. Now ain't ya'll glad you went with me to that store today?...

God Bless!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

at times Moo wishes sons had growed up to be cowboys...

I am a worrier. I was born worried. I also do not know how to relax, just maybe that is in part why I am a total wreck in my body, but it won't like I could help it. Ya'll all know the ole saying where it says, "when the children are young, they pull on yore apron strings and when they get old they pull on yore heart strings", welp I am here to say that is so true. Being a mom is so much fun, but it is hard too! I don't have to worry about them as they do lead lives good enuf to make any Moo proud.

I got my usual hour long weekly call last night from Kevin since he couldn't call on Sunday night cause of that orchestra thing, which they so much enjoyed. Also, our little 10 year old granddaughter Cynthia plays the violin and piano, plus she is into that kinda stuff as is her mom and Kev. Moo is happy if they are happy, cause I didn't hafta go!

I never really worried when Kevin was single and had to fly to so many places for meetings or give a seminar and such. He flew to France during the week of the Cannes Film Festival, which was purely coincidental. On to London. Many, many trips to California, Florida, Washington State, etc. None of them bothered me at all. He always liked to fly as he had to. But then again- maybe the time I paid him $5 to fly in our Uncle Kent's plane years ago did help him get over his fear of flying. Boy I really, really worried when my baby son Jeff and Steph flew to Texas one year as Steph was on a business trip. Cause that was the first time Jeff had flown other than with Uncle Kent.

Needless to say after September 11, 2001, all minds changed a bit I feel sure about flying. Ever since then I have always worried when Kevin or Kevin and family were in the air somewhere.

I can't not worry, trying with all my might. Maybe it is only deep concern as I don't carry unnecessary baggage when the good Lord glady helps me with those burdens. Still I hafta admit I get all keyed up til I know they there and til I know they back.
Relax is just not something ALL folks can do. I for one have to be very sick to relax and rest, otherwise I am scattered brained and tho' slow I am on the move most all the time. Very hard to sit here long enuf to get a post to my blog.

Last night we had a good talk a going and he reminded me of Silvia having to go to Florida on the 26th and 27th for a test and of course that will take a flight to do that. Then on October 5, Silvia has a meeting in Vienna, Austria and Kevin is planning to go along with her. Then if as planned Silvia will be going to her homeland, China, for two weeks in December which would be missing Christmas at home and New Year's this year. That is in limbo because she does not want to be away from her family for the holidays, but no definite decision yet. Soooooo that leaves Moo for some more times to hafta hear that they hopefully arrive safe and slide in home and gimme a call. Only the air time worries me, not while they are grounded on foreign soil.

I guess I figure that God didn't just givem to us to worry about them only while raising them, but let us continue concerning ourselves and throwing in a little worry along the way too. Maybe I am just overdoing it to make up for the lack of all that when I left the nest. Don't think so, think I am no different than any other mother out there, like the good folks here that read my blog, they know where I am coming from and some have young ones and know just what they got to look forward to.

God never puts on us more than we can bear. So not blocking out September 11, 2001, Moo hasta go on and do her best not to worry too much and just be thankful they are healthy, happy and have the chance to go to places I never want to go. I like home pretty much bettern any place I know of.

So I will leave it to the young and to the old that likes things like that. Simple people tend to do simple things and Moo can like that...

I just did something I ain't done before. The dad blame phone rang and I do, I really do, hate to hafta get up and walk to the kitchen to get the phone so having never done this before I said HELL- pause- O. The other end said, "you ain't got a lick of sense". Hehe, well I already knowed that! I tolder I took a chance it won't nobody important. :) It was just my beach house buddy bum saying she was a bringing me another mess of okra. Thank God it won't no more beans to shell...
Ok, bye...

God Bless!

Monday, September 04, 2006

just tying up some loose ends...

Yesterday's post brings today's thoughts. As I reminisce & look back to "what could have been", I so often think of the many, many bumps I had in getting to where I am now. I was one that always seemed to turn on the side streets and always wanted to ride down the "dead end" streets or roads. Why did the road just stop?

Quite ironic, as my husband lived on a dead end street and his mother still lives there now. Also, when we moved to our first home this street was also a dead end road. We married on Christmas Eve of '67 as I had to move from Charlotte and Jerrell had two weeks off from school as he taught then and had Christmas break and it was a convenient time. There was no hurry as we had just started dating the prior February of that year. Jerrell rented us a house in October and we had bought all new furniture and were all set for the wedding in December. I worked on in Charlotte until the first of December and moved back with my aunt and uncle til the 24th . We rented a house for four years before we bought the house we are in now. I have so many fond memories of the old house as we call it now. Both of our sons were born while we lived there. Kevin first in '69 and Jeff in '71. J was seven weeks old when we moved here-- HOME.

Without having taken the path I took, I do not think I would be the person I am today, nor have the wonderful family I have now. I do admit I would make a few minor small changes, but living a different life could in no way have allowed me to have all the blessings I had and continue to have each day I draw a breath. I could not have had better friends and lasting friendships that continue yet today. All in all, I had happy trails as I did prior to the death of my mother. See, she had already shared with me the hard times, the suffering of the world, the cruelty of cancer, the struggle of raising two children alone, so she had me prepared for whatever became of me; I would be able to endure as she thought it just couldn't be no worse than it was when she was living.

I married and was blessed with a patient husband. Putting up with me, patience not only was a virtue, but a requirement or we would not have these almost 39 years of marriage under our belt. God allowed us to have the joy of having and raising two fine sons and giving us the health and the ability to enjoy ALL things they did while they were still home and allows us to muster the strength to still enjoy them as they are now adults and now have lives of their own.

Therefore I am happy with the outcome. I have never been without, certainly have always had love, food and good graces and blessings of the good Lord. I am nothing as far as status goes, but I have an abundance & wealth of love, humbleness, the ability to feel when other's hurt and yet still foolish and silly in other ways, but that makes a person. I am a content, happy, unhealthy but grateful old woman.

I am proud to be Moo to both my sons and 'tho I am not educated as my sons are, I can talk about anything they want to and often they are surprised that Moo does know a little about most anything , but a lot more about the fun in life and I find that they too enjoy hearing it from me, as it takes their minds off all that serious stuff their poor minds are boggled with 24/7. I lived in the right times I suppose, as I truley would have been a "fart in a whirlwind" if I were trying to start out my life in these days called NOW.

So I shall continue on my merry way and take a day at the time and make the very most of each of them. Now with cell phones, the internet, keeping in touch with my sons is easy, sometimes they may think it is just too easy, but we have always been close and don't plan on nutin changing in the future. They love coming home and just unwinding and going through boxed up stuff in the basement with I guess almost all their stuff from birth on up. I just cannot get rid of the little outfits, baby shoes and even blankets. The best of things I have kept in a cedar chest and they are pretty much in mint condition. So many special things in there to me anyways. No two are alike, I don't think! My husband now sleeps in Jeffs old bedroom, known then only as the Bat Cave as it was a room I only entered to change bedding and make him get the drink cans out from under the bed (my highest count was 80). I honestly cannot remember if there was a trash can in his room or not, but I do believe there was. Oh it was so neat and tidy cause he was a hider and just across the hall was Kevin's room, it was perfect, always the same, every book lined up even, everything had a place and believe me, everything better be back in its place. His eternal wooden calendar with the always correct date on it as he did change it daily and I would change the bedding, smile and leave. To this day, he still has that eternal calandar on top of his fridge as he did in his bedroom while at home and atop every fridge he had on his moves from school to school. He finally went to real work after 24 years of educating. Maybe he needed to know the date at all times...

I am blessed and I am tired now, so until, have a good, but safe Labor Day...

God Bless!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

I sorta feel like blogging today just might hafta be of slim pickings. I am outta control. To that later, first off I want to congratulate grammie on finally getting the word that Buddah IS here. I first read it in her blog, then later I checked the only used for blog email and she had also emailed to tell me about Owen having arrived. You can enjoy the excitement of her grandson linked on my side bar or here My Grandson is born!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . You would never know she is excited, would ya? Grammie you are in my thoughts.

I checked in on Sally and she had a safe and uneventful trip back to Beaumont TX. She know is dealing with the last trek of her journey to move into her new home in Frisco, a retirement community in TX. She is the most organized person I know. I have a friend running a close second, but not as thorough as Sally. She too has a good blog, I also have it linked. I might also add that her blog was the first and only blog I had read when I started this stuff myself. My Thoughts is another place you just might wanna check out.

As is becoming a nightly occurance around my house, I am still having problems getting to sleep at night. Don't make no difference if I get up with the chickens or sleep in til 8:00, I just ain't gonna go to sleep. I ease outta the bed and once again I am on my thinking stool and btw I have lost enough weight that the stool does not feel good to my tailbone again! Last night I had decided earlier in the day that I was going to watch a 911 special, On Native Soil which aired on Court TV at 9:00 and it was of course going to have stuff that had never been told before. :) So I prepared Jerrell to know that he might as well not wanna watch wrasslin last night or any other of his oft' times nigh of nothing that he does watch. I do let him control the remote only when he is home of course.

Welp I watched an hour of the program which I assumed to last two hours. At any rate, it was 10 pm when we all three hit the sack. Roxy of course was already in one of her three beds, BUT at the click of the remote, she is out like a bullet to go get in da big bed! For some reason she hasta be right up against me so I have learned to put my pillow in the middle of the bed so I can have an
escape route when I want to turn over. Last night it was cool even without the air conditioning coming on, so cool in fact that I needed to pull up some cover so I pull and Roxy is interferring as she is laying on my covers. I pulled and she came along with the covers. I go to pick her up and move'r and she is limp as a baby. So I just gave a gentle Moobear shove and she didn't miss a zzzzzz. I ain't never seen a dog that didn't wake up or jump or twitch when you touch them in their sleep, but I can rub little Roxy and pat her during the night and it makes her no difference. She continues to sleep. I guess just cause she can and I can't I shouldn't begrudge it, but I kinda do.

Of course all I had on my mind was that dad blame 911 program and wondering now just who is the Allah that makes these folks want to do such things to us and why do they wanna go to the extreme of killing themselves in the mix?I thought about it til I got on my own nerve and finally gave up and went to bed.
I told Jerrell this morning that I shouldn't be sitting on my stool trying to solve the worlds's problem and thought that Bush outta hafta sit on my stool just one night!

On arising it was still on my mind. I needed to know who Allah was and found out he is God to Islams and other ams and isims.. BUT 'tho they consider him God, not as a Trinity as our GOD is. Only Allah God. ok, half way there; I proceeded to find out why when it plainly states that 'tho they use the excuse of suicide as being said in the Koran, it ain't in the Koran. Nor is there 70 or 71 virgins awaitin their arrival. This tid bit here splains enough to satisfy all further desires I hope to never have of wanting to know anymore.

"But a genetically suicidal Islamic male can enacthis suicide as martyrdom for Islam and thusascend to the Paradise of super-earthly wealthand other super-earthly splendors, and first andforemost, of beautiful virgins to be deflowered inan eternal bridal night.
But owing to the inability of the Islamicpoor to have a wife, the sexually starving section of the Moslem population have sexual-hungervisions close to maniacal mental states."

Having read that, I saw that they chose their maniacal mental states to allow them to kill themselves for Allah for of all things, a woman, but better yet, they were told it was to be a new virgin every night. As many of the 911 hijackers were quite educated, they were educated in the all the wrong courses. I know now why I dunno want to know no more. I was working at the time this happened and only heard the news on a radio. I am now thankful I was not home and certainly not sick in body as now for I am not sure I could have handled it. I will not forget that tragic day but I will use my time to pray for those affected and pray we never have to endure the rath of those maniacal mental stated folks again.

Off to puddle jump and make my dog happy....Until....

God Bless!