Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween...

The buggers will be out today and that will include me shortly. Who, but my husband, would make us a dentist appointment on Halloween Day. It just seems a bit weird to me, as it goes against my grain anyways and specially on Halloween. The appointments are at the same time, so you know who will have to sit and wait. Me. But that's ok, cause I love to play with my little pocket pilot in every office I getta chance to.

Of course Blogger ain't gonna cooperate as I am trying to load a picture and typing my post in my email as I always do. I would hate to think the Beta Blogger can possibly be any worse than THIS. Strike 2 on my picture as we speak. Lemme starter for the third go round. I have heard of bugs and heard of tweaking in the pc lingo, but I declare I dunno that Blogger ever tweaks anything. It is just the luck of the draw I am beginning to believe. One day all is fine and the next thing you know....strike 3!

I will perservere cause I intend to get my punkin picture on my blog because it won't be worth a toot tomorrow. I ain't believing this; I changed sides and the picture loaded. Boooooooo -must be a Blogger twick for us for Halloween! I just told Jerrell about my punkin and he said awww it must just be a right handed punkin. Good point there hubby of mine. Oh yeah I got the pleasure of him getting off early today since we got 3:30 appointments. He came in commenting about just feeling sure I would have him something good and hot for lunch today. Yeah, I laughed on my way to my recliner. Me and Roxy had already eaten and we have what we call around here a "make do". That is -you make do- the best way you can. The boys always hated to hear we was having them kinda meals when they got older. Me and Jeff often laugh about ole Kevin, swinging on the cabinet doors, back and forth and saying this: "I am Hung Gary" over and over and over. He would drive you nuts back then, but now all those Kooner tales are so funny to tell and hear. He even laughs at them now, cept they weren't all that funny to him when he was doing them. :) We always had nick names and Jeff still calls Kevin either The Kooner, Koonbug or Ken Ken Kennery. Well, so do I. Jeff is either JP, Jeffrey Paul, Young Jeffrey or just plain J.

There is alot of family funnies that could make for a good Halloween blog, but I am running short on time and don't wanna bore you good folks no more than I feel justified in doing. I ain't even made all my blog rounds yet. I got as far as Janet's place and left there slap worn out just reading about all the work that woman done just yesterday. I never done work like that when I was able so it was sorta like a double dose of labor to Moo. I ain't never worked in the yard. I did mow the backyard a few times years ago on the first few riding mowers we had, but only cause it was so long I didn't hafta dodge nothing and I still stayed all tensed up, just like I did when I tried to play Pacman with the Atari years ago too. That game would tear my nerves up even when I was young. I guess it's good I didn't have no games like that when I was a kid. I was born at the right time , cause that tobacco stick horse is about all I could handle til I got my first bicycle and then I was all over that town. The tobacco stick and a towel made for a day of cowboys and indians and then I became Superman with the towel tried around my neck. How many of you folks rode a tobacco stick? I betcha I ain't the only one.

I am outta here. Please have a safe and happy goblin day and be good to all the younguns...

God Bless!

Monday, October 30, 2006

fall is in the air...

My mind is in several different directions today. Yesterday was a day off for me and I can truthfully say that I did not dart out the door the entire day. I am not saying that is good, but just had no need to go out. I miss the days now when I was able to go to church, but since I am not able, I just have to accept it. I am no longer able to go to funeral home visitations and that too bothers me. I am limited in many ways, but my mouth still works, although my mind ain't nearly as sharp as it once was nor as useful as I would like. I really do fly by the seat of my pants, but I generally land on a wing and a prayer.

I have spent much time doing something new for me and that is reading a book. Yeah me, actually reading a book! I am in awe too. Calm down. Not knowing the content of the book Marci, I found it quite ironic that although I do not have Crohns Disease, I do have UC which is next in line. After a time of remission, which is common, it is now back and the book is like a magnet, keeps drawing me back. It is amazing how what we put in our bodies affects every inch of us. I am learning more than I ever expected and a complete new insight into the disease and into my UC.

Since the weather has cooled off, especially at night, Roxy is beginning to hog the bed. Since I have never slept with a dog before, I have learned they are quite human like. She lately has been hogging the bed, has gotta be right up against me, whereas before she would at least not hafta touch me. She hasta be right up against me and sometimes with her nose right in my ear and once she is sound asleep you cannot push her over. She is just dead weight. I start out in the middle of the bed, but if I get up for something and come back, she has moved over to my warm place and my space is gone. About the only thing she don't do that humans do in a night's sleep is pull the covers. She sleeps the entire night in the same spot or over a bit. Just fascinates me. I love to lay there and listen to all them sounds she makes. Reminds me of a baby making cooing and gooing sounds, deep breaths, sighs and yes even snores. If I reach and rub her, she just blows and relaxes, you would think I had given her a massage.

There ain't no way nobody woulda told me that I would sleep with a dog in my life time. But with this sweet, precious creature that the good Lord allowed us to have, I do not think I could sleep a wink without her to snuggle up too. I was afraid if I had to have been hospitalized week before last just what would Roxy do. She loves Jerrell, but will not sleep with him. I guess if I were not here she would have no choice cause she ain't gonna sleep without me, she will lay there and cry til I get back if she catches me slipping outta the bed. Hope we don't have to test her, at least no time soon.

I did have to get up last night. I had gotten an upsetting email early in the night and it bothered me so much I could not get to sleep. Emails like this I prefer to not get, but when I do, I do wish it would be early morning so as I could get it off my mind well before bed time. But things don't always go like I would like them too. I had gotten into a go to sleep routine and last night throwed all that outta kilter, but I hope that was just a one night occurance.

It is a simply beautiful day here. Temperature is perfect, sun is shining and the leaves are a falling. I am so thankful to be here but I did get up a bit too early. I started hurting and got up at 5:30 so I am in for a long day. I am also getting hungry so think I'll go and fix me a Hot Pocket Pizza and get back to reading my book. I hope all you folks have a great day too!

God Bless!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

two uh oh's in one day...

I am really liking this feeling better! So much so that I even impressed myself with some fore thought which has been missing for a while. I used to always plan ahead sorta on my meals so I wouldn't draw a complete blank on any given day.

As I was still feeling pretty good yesterday til time for me and Jerrell to go to the grocery store, I had already conjured up in my mind several meals to carry us through the weekend and have happy leftovers on Monday. Now that I like!. Bring in- or go out- is our breakfast routine since I have been out of work, specially on Saturdays and now on Fridays too when Jerrell is home, which is becoming most every Friday now. Pickings of places is another story. We decided this morning to go back to an old joint we used to go to, drive all the way up there and they were standing in line. Nope, not today. We head back to town and hit a spot we ain't been in a while, find the one empty booth and down we sit. These booths are not for long legged folks like me. Welp the pedestal holding the table top you gotta straddle. Welp Jerrell dunning done that and there I am with no where to put my feet. I head to the right with one and kick Jerrell's left foot so I tuckem up under me, under my seat,but for restless legs that weren't gonna work. I kid you not, I got my foot hung tween the pedestal pole and the bench part and had to literally pull it out. We will not be going back there no more. We had ordered the special for today which was one scrambled egg, bacon and one cold pancake and a side order of toast cause Jerrell cannot or will not eat without bread.

All week, it is has been either cold, damp or rainy, so we love chili beans and according to what I thought- it was spose to be cool today and chili beans just sounded awful good to both of us. I get the necessary stuffsss for both chili beans or spaghetti as we was torn tween the two. Chili beans won out. Sooo we get up this morning, a simply beautiful day and here I sit in my t-shirt and shorts after just sheding my long pants and sweatshirt. We will eat the chili beans with some good ole garlic toast and most likely sweat a few bullets, but so be it. I also gotta pot of stew beef cooking for tomorrow, so we won't be lacking on no leftovers.

I just went to check my stew beef cause just about one more time of burning it would make for a really bad day. I noticed Jerrell is asleep in his recliner and his Saturday sidekick Roxy all laid out asleep too. Oh the good life, boy am I thankful for it. My brother called me a little bit ago and we got caught up on all the news and I feel better just hearing from him. I just might drag out my plastic punkin and put it on the porch so as folks won't know for a fact that I am a Halloween scrooge. One problem. I forget where it is. Oh well.
Enjoy your day folks and if its cold where you are, just think about us eating good ole chili beans.

God Bless!

Friday, October 27, 2006

sure I should...

I was hesitant to mention this, but after all that has happened, not only would it not be fair, it just wouldn't be right. I have always had a fear of saying some things as often times they come back to haunt me or I end up having to eat them.

This is different for me. I did not know just how bad I was feeling until now. I want you folks to know that yesterday and today I have literally felt the best that I have felt in months and I also want to say that I firmly believe it is because of all the prayers of my friends and family. I also think with the lead of the good Lord the doctor's have the right combination of my medications that are working together to help me. I understand that medicine takes a period of time to get into your system in order for it to really be effective. So a week ago today I started my new medicine and in addition to upping the milligrams of another and I want to thank the Lord for helping me because I am totally so much better that I would not be content nor happy with myself without giving credit to the Lord for his mercies and touching my body and giving me the help I so much needed.

I also feel like thanks are in order for you folks that read my blog. I know many of you folks have had me in your thoughts or prayers and all those and the encouraging comments and emails were more appreciated than you will ever know. I really have not felt like blogging for the past few months and I know I will still have bad days, but hopefully not terrible days like I have had lately. Thanks for your patience.

Jerrell and I just got back from the grocery store and there is a deal going on where if you spend $45 for 6 of 8 wks and keep the receipts you get a $20 gift certificate for Thanksgiving and then usually they do it again before Christmas. I told Jerrell I had always heard that you got better fore you died, so I toldem maybe that is what is happening. He said, well then maybe you better tell me how to cook a turkey, ya know, just in case. :) Ain't planning on one for Thanksgiving so I will just take the $20 off a week's grocery bill. Now Christmas, if Kevin and Silvia is in, yeah we just might have a turkey since they love it and can eat on it for days and that for sure I can like!

The plan this year is, should we have the entire family together is for Jerrell to assist me in cooking this year. Silvia is Chinese and she ain't a whole lot of help as she only cooks Chinese and I do try to have some American things that she likes and turkey is one thing she likes, specially the parts that when Jerrell carves the turkey, he puts in a pile to throw away. She says that is the best parts so there ain't no waste on our turkeys!

On our last visit to Ohio they cooked an outstanding meal. Cynthia, although she is only 10 is a big help, she knows how to wash, prepare and get the green vegetables ready to cook. Kevin does most of the cooking as he gets home much earlier than Silvia. I admit I was leary of them unknown green veggies, but the entire meal was outstanding. Authentic Chinese is quite different from Jin Jin's or some joint like that around our town. Course some things Kevin cannot eat and once there was something in a pot and he told us not to take the lid off the pot. Hey don't worry bout me. It musta been bad for Kev to not be able to look at it, but then we ain't Chinese.

Sides talking about all this food makes me think of these extra pounds I have put on in the last year. My normal weight for the past 25 years has been 145 lbs which is about norm for a 6 foot tall old lady. Welp when colitis struck, I lost down to 119 and that was a bit thin. So I knew I had room to eat and also bout the time my body started the sweet crave. Needless to say, I began to gain and I didn't give a thought to stopping until I got to 170 lbs and had no clothes to wear. I am now down to 163 and really want to get back to my norm of 145 so I can quit buying larger sizes and get back in the ones I miss wearing so bad.
I can do it, but without exercise, it ain't quite as easy.

It is still raining here and suppose to continue through the weekend. I prefer the sunshine, but I am just happy to be here and refuse to complain about the rain as I feel like I have come a long way baby.
Hope all you good folks have a good day. I'll leave you with a thanks, a bunch of hugs and more later...

God Bless!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

maybe I'm just different...

I dunno bout you folks but I will be so glad when Halloween is over. Seems like this year it is scary everywhere you go. Now don't get me wrong, I love a punkin as good as the next person. After all you can make some good ole punkin pies with all that stuffsss from that punkin and that is some good eating.

I guess I am a Halloween Scrooge, but I ain't never got too excited over it. Sure we took our sons trick a treating when they were small, back when you didn't have to feel like the candy needed to be scanned before you lettem eat their goodies. We all know that the parents always slipped into their goodie poke and ate what we wanted. Actually us old folks could go like the kids do and we wouldn't need no costumes, but then no money would be made and that would be banned quickly.

My sons were not overly thrilled at the idea, but oh did they like to go to the fair. Oh me, oh my, how I hated that. I got out of it as often as I could as usually Jerrell and their papaw had that pleasure. Not too many years of the fair, we found that our frugile sons had much rather have money than to go to the fair, so Jerrell just paid them not to go. That worked out fine for a long time. Kevin always hoarded his money and Jeff was like his mama, lived for the moment and spent it like there was no tomorrow.

I do like the concept of Christmas as it is a day set aside for the birth of Christ and when families get together and have a good meal and just chill out. Now the present buying and the cooking I do not like, never have and never will. Of course early on in our marriage, Jerrell's mom did lots of the meals, but as her health faltered it fell on Moo to do it all. Jerrell has already been primed to know that he will be in charge this Christmas.

Thanksgiving has never been that big a day for us as we are still geared up and worn out from the hassle of the upcoming Christmas to- do preparations. We ain't no great big turkey eaters no how, so it works out pretty good cause I ain't hankering no turkey for Thanksgiving and turn around and have it again at Christmas. Now I know we are not the norm. Not at all, I am just telling you how its done here at our joint. I can eat turkey the first meal that is eaten when it is right outta the oven and after that it takes on a gawd awful funky taste that I just cannot like.

Since Kevin has been away from home for so many years he misses the foods of Moos and some things he never gets anymore. He always has loved BBQ that the fire departments have in the fall every year, so it now as become a tradition that we buy extra barbeque and freeze it for the now routine Christmas Eve meal. We just pick up slaw, buns, hot sauce and sit down and see who can eat the most and Kev usually wins that contest as he dearly loves it.

Kevin has missed only two Christmases at home since he has been gone. Moo takes advantage of that only in the fact that I may or may not have a tree and decorate. It all depends on what I feel like doing at the time. We have even had a few Christmases where we did not exchange gifts except for little Cynthia, as in my opinion Christmas and Santa and all that is for the little ones. She gets way more things than she needs, but she is a kid and Grandma Claudia, Grandpa Jerrell and Uncle Jeff wants to get Cynthia something for Christmas.
I hafta admit I do enjoy these times much more than the hassled ones.

Young and in love took precedence over common sense when we got married. Never, ever get married on Christmas Eve! May as well forget getting acknowledged for surviving all the years and the pocketbooks are empty from Christmas so you ain't gonna get no anniversary gifts. But that's ok, cause I ain't big on gettin no how, had far rather give. But it is something I would have done differently.

Easter was another sorta take or leave event. Oh yeah they had their baskets and eggs. Oh Kevin loved to dye eggs, but Jeff could have cared less. After all he didn't see no need in prettying up something that he knowed he won't gonna eat. I of course, just went along for the ride. We did only what and only to the extent of what the boys wanted to do. As long as they were happy, we certainly were.

Dunno about where you folks are, but the rains are a coming our way. I ain't real excited and for sure Roxy ain't cause she is a lady that will not drop her little butt in no wet grass to pee pee. She is a lady after all. But don't think she goes forever without tinkling somewheres. I shudder to think.

Hope all you good folks have a great day...until...

God Bless!

Monday, October 23, 2006


Today is pretty much a typical fall day, right now it is 54° and the local forecast for tonight is 32°. It is also a little windy, which makes it feel quite chilly. I had planned on raking more leaves, but unless the wind dies down I don't think that will be possible.

Since I couldn't rake leaves this morning I decided to run errands. My church always does the Operation Christmas Child shoebox, so I needed to start getting that together; we need to have them at church no later than Nov 12th. I went to Dollar General, I always get more than I can put in a shoebox, but today I came up a little short. I still need a couple more items and my box will be finished. Hooray!!

I also had to go by the drugstore to pick up my blood pressure medicine, I went to the library (can't stand to be without anything to read) and then I decided to go ahead and vote early. That is now out of the way, and I will not have to be bothered with it in November. I love the early voting, I have done this for the past several elections and for me it works really well.

I have heard from Claudia, she had stomach and back pain last night. She thinks this may be related to gallbladder issues since she ate fried, fatty food yesterday. Both my sisters have had their gallbladders removed, and athey cannot tolerate fats, nor fried foods. I must have a stomach of iron, I love hot, spicy foods and have no trouble with them! Anyway, she took medicine and it helped with the pain. At least it was not an angina attack, hopefully the medicine will help with those.

I hope everyone has a blessed day!

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Not a lot going on in my world today. It was chilly and raining earlier, it rained all the way to church, but the sun is trying to break through now. Sometimes when it is a gloomy, rainy Sunday I really have to have a talk with myself to keep from staying home from church. That was the case this morning, the old devil had about convinced me to stay home, and then I made up my mind I was going. And I am so glad I did! John Starnes was there for our service today, and for anyone who has never heard him sing, you have really missed something. John Starnes has sang with The Gaithers, sang on TV on John Hagee show, been on TV on Dr. Charles Stanly show, etc. For some reason, I had never heard him until today. His song ministry is powerful, and I was blessed listening to him.

I have not talked with Claudia today, I know her son Jeff was planning to visit her today, and I didn't want to intrude on their time together. I am assuming she is doing okay, or I would have heard from her or Jerrell. I know she enjoys having Jeff "come home", but sometimes it leaves her feeling tired afterward, and I haven't wanted to bother her. I feel sure she will be back to blogging within the next few days.

So, I want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all of the folks who have asked about Claudia, and put up with my feeble efforts in her place. You all have been so kind, I just had to tell you how much I appreciate your patience with me. And I will continue for Claudia until she returns. It has been fun, and I am probably going to start my own blog within the next couple of weeks.

Everyone have a blessed Sunday, and I hope the coming week will be a good one for you.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


More good news, I talked to Claudia earlier and she feels much better than she did yesterday. Due to back problems, she had to have some pain medication at the hospital yesterday, and was drowsy and woozy all afternoon after she got home. She told me that maybe by the first of the week she would be back to blogging. Isn't that great news?!!

This is probably going to be short today, I just finished raking leaves and I am tired! Raked for more than an hour, then stopped for lunch, and went back and finished. That was about 1 1/2 hours, and due to my own health issues that is about all I can handle at one time. That is why I try to rake the leaves as they are coming down, rather than waiting until the trees are bare. Besides, I just can't stand looking out and seeing the lawn covered in leaves, it just looks so much tidier after the leaves are all raked away.

Claudia and I talked about me starting my own blog, she is willing to help me (and I will need all the help I can get). She is really encouraging me and I am seriously thinking about it. I told her I needed a couple of weeks to finish up some things I have going on because I know I will need some time to get a blog up and running. I really think once I got it set up I would have, or make time, to blog and I've found since I have been filling in for Claudia, that I really do enjoy it. Everyone has been so nice, and has made me feel so welcome.

I'm on my way to meet my friend Judy for our walk; I walk with her on Saturday (usually during the morning hours) and I walk with my friend Nancy during the week. Nancy is still working so we start our walk at 5:45 p.m. We walk downtown, even when it is dark it is a very safe place and we are comfortable with it. I try to walk 3 miles 5 or 6 days a week, and I have met some very nice people on my walks. We always meet our "regulars", and sometimes we have to stop and have a brief chat. In fact, I met Judy and Nancy walking about 7 years ago, and we became good friends. There are a lot of good, nice people in this world, and I try to stay focused on that, rather than dwelling on all the bad things that go on all around us.

I plan to blog tomorrow, it will be sometime later tomorrow afternoon as it is usually after 2:00 before I get home from church. My church is about 35 minutes away, one of my sister's and her husband attend the same church, so usually after service we go to lunch before I head back home. That is nice, because I usually don't see her during the week....she lives very close to Claudia. My other sister lives about an hour away, so we don't see each other as much as we would like, but of course we e-mail and phone each other. My brother passed away suddenly about 3 1/2 yrs ago, that was one of the most terrible and hurtful times of my life. In fact, I still have times when it just hits me hard all over again. The good thing is I know he is in Heaven, and that means everything to us. In case you haven't guessed by now, me and my siblings were and are very close. To me, family is everything. I cannot imagine how brothers and sisters fight and bicker among themselves. Of course, when we were growing up we fussed and fought all the time, probably tried Mom's patience more than once. But once we became adults, we have never had a really harsh word between us. That is not to say that we all have our opinions and thoughts and of course they differ. But we respect and love each other.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed week-end!

Friday, October 20, 2006


We have good news! Claudia 's cath went well, she does have some blockage in one artery, but not enough that her cardiologist thinks any kind of procedure is necessary. He plans to give her medication for the angina, and hopefully this will take care of the angina pain, etc. I do feel these angina attacks are at least partially responsible for her feeling so weak and washed out. I am so hoping the new medication will work for her, and she can begin to feel better.

This has been another busy day for me, my plans with my friend Denise didn't work out after all, due to some things that came up on her end, and also mine. We just postponed the plans, and will follow through with them at a later date....maybe Halloween. My niece, Leslie (that's more like my daughter) called last night, and told me she wanted to take me to lunch and spend part of the day with me today, since today is my birthday. Of course, I love spending time with her; we went to this huge outlet mall near my house and did some serious shopping. I bought a "hoodie" for myself, got a birthday present for a friend, and also got one more Christmas present out of the way. I am really making progress with my Christmas shopping, I think I am about two thirds of the way finshed. Thank goodness. I like to be about done by Thanksgiving, including have the gifts wrapped. I always finish up the day after Thanksgiving, because the sales then are incredible. I just hate having to fight the crowds, but I have found if I can be at the stores by 6:00 a.m. or shortly thereafter it is well worth my time.

I have tons to do this afternoon....I don't know how in the world I ever had time to work before I retired 2 1/2 yrs ago. One of my friend's told me recently that apparently working cramped my lifestyle because I have found since I retired that I never have enough time to go and to do all the things I want to. I believe in living life to the fullest each day that God gives me, and I have enjoyed my retirement so much. I have had people tell me they get bored, and wonder how in the world they have time to be bored!

Maybe you folks won't have to put up with me too much longer, I am not as entertaining as Claudia when it comes to blogging. And, when you are around her it is the same way, she is a hoot and we always have such good times together. I sometimes wonder how we can enjoy each other so much, since we are so totally different. We have had some good times, for sure. Until she returns I will keep you informed as to her health, etc.

Everyone have a blessed day!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

500 Miles Later

Well, I'm back, after spending all day in the mountains of North Carolina yesterday. We drove almost 500 miles yesterday, most of it on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Our group consisted of me, my friends Gloria, Judy & Joyce. The leaves were absolutely beautiful; golds, reds, oranges, yellow and burgundy! God created such a beautiful world for us, it just filled me with wonder to gaze out over the mountains and look at all of those incredible sights. I thank my Lord for such a wondrous gift and give Him praise and glory! It was a beautiful day, sunshine and mild temperatures. We all had a great time, and enjoyed a late lunch at the Pisgah Inn at Mt. Pisgah. I had grilled shrimp with sun-dried tomato sauce served with yellow rice, and candied carrots. Then, for dessert we all had Chocolate French Silk Pie all the way, meaning it was served with sliced almonds, sliced fresh strawberries & whipped cream and vanilla ice cream! Decadent, but I loved every bite (and will probably gain 5 lbs!). I do not usually eat dessert, but as tomorrow is my birthday, my friends convinced me that I really needed the dessert. Truthfully, it was not too hard to talk me into having it!

I am posting a bit early today, after being gone all day yesterday (we left at 8:00 a.m. and I got home at 10:00 p.m.) I have quite a few errands to do today, in addition to raking leaves. Oh yes, it is that time! I really rather enjoy it, I love being outside and I have found that if I rake them every few days it is much easier than waiting and having tons of them to rake.

I am also planning to leave this afternoon about 4:00 to visit and spend the night with my friend Denise. She has a cottage at the lake and we have decided it is time to un-wind and have some girl time!! We always have a great time and I am looking forward to it. She is actually my ex-sister-in-law, after she & my late brother divorced we remained friends. We have surely had some good times together, my entire family is close and she & her husband Tony seem like a part of our family due to Denise & my brother's only daughter. I know, this is complicated, but since I don't have children my niece has always seemed more like a daughter and I claim her children as my grandchildren. So, that means Denise & I share "our" grandchildren. Aren't you finding this boring? End of this conversation!

I want to thank everyone who has commented (and Janet, I am so sorry, but I deleted your comment by mistake...I apologize and promise I will not do that again) and I ask that you remember Claudia in your prayers tomorrow. She is hoping and trusting in God that whatever problem the doctor might find will be able to be corrected. She is such a fun person, and also a very spiritual person. I know that God has the power to make her well, and am praying that He will do so. Her husand Jerrell is supposed to let me know how everything goes sometime tomorrow. Therefore, I will probably wait until I hear from him before I post, it might be late tomorrow but I will let everyone know how she is doing as soon as I find out.

God is good....my pastor tells us that every Sunday, and it is so true!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Well, fellow bloggers I am here filling in for Claudia and I don't have a clue as to what I am doing, so I ask that all of you bear with me, and pray hard and sincerely for Claudia's return.
She and I are totally different, yet we are best friends and enjoy each other so much. She is such a funny person to be around, always has be laughing. I can tell you from personal experience that she really does have all those experiences she writes aboout! My life is quite dull compared to hers. I mean, a trip to the grocery store is just a trip to the grocery store, it never turns into the fun? time she has.

I do have one (probably just one of many) habits that irritate her to death. For some reason when I am giving directions I get my left and right backwards. Now, she knows this, and should know that when I tell her to turn right she better turn left! Shouldn't be a problem, but she just cannot understand to this day my rights and lefts. Of course, none of my other friends can either. A friend and I went yesterday to check out our new Super Target, Gloria was driving, and we came to an intersection and I told her I thought you were supposed to turn left. She gave me an incredulous look and said "I thought we were supposed to go to the right"! I replied that yes, we did go to the right, that I always said it backwards she just shook her head and mumbled something about me being a menace on the highways. I don't understand, it makes perfect sense to me that when I say right I actually mean left. Enough said.

If anyone is still reading this by now, let me say that I will not be posting tomorrow, I have a day trip to the mountains of North Carolina planned with several of my friends. We plan to leave at 8:00 a.m. and it will probably be 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. when we return. We are making a day of it. I saw on our local news last night that the leaves are at their peak this week, so we are all looking forward to it. Sorry I don't have a digital camera, so won't be able to post any pictures.
But I'm sure I will have something to tell about our trip when I post Thursday.

Everyone have a blessed day, and remember that God loves you!

Monday, October 16, 2006

All you folks have heard of me speak of my wonderful, dear friend P. Paulette is going to guest post to my blog until I am able to do it again. I am just unable to continue right at this time and Paulette can tell you lots. Specially good foods and recipes as she is one more good cook.

I am grateful for having her as a friend and feel happy to share her with all you good folks. I will be back as soon as I am able. Thanks for all you folks that visit my place. You are all so very special to me. Love you all!

God Bless!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

a peaceful Sunday...

So far today, it has certainly been a day of rest. I told Jerrell last night that we were going to rest today and do as little as possible. Other than fix us some lunch, we have done absolutely nothing just as planned. As he is asleep now in his recliner, I have been fighting off sleep all day. I awakened at 2:30 this morning with feeling nauesous which usually goes away within 5 minutes or so, but after it left, I was having so much pain under my ribs through to my back that I could not lay in the bed.

I got up and came into the kitchen, took a pain pill and within 30 minutes the pain had eased enough that I went back to bed. I snuggled up to Roxy and lay and listened to the sounds she makes while she sleeps. I still think they must dream because the first sounds were like she was excited over something and then the normal snoring like sounds. I rubbed her and onto her back she goes- still fully asleep. I guess she is a very content and happy dog. I lay for about an hour until I was pain free at last and pulled some cover up over Roxy and she gives the relaxed, thank you sound and I joined Roxy and finished out the night with sleep. I love Roxy. She woke me up before Jerrell was even up this morning, which is very unusual and much too early for me. I stood up and she came to the end of the bed for me to pick her up, instead of running from me if I remain in the bed and try to put her down.

We apparently woke Jerrell up with the running water in the bathroom so now we were all up for the morning. He was sitting at the bar reading the morning paper and I on my thinking stool when more pains began, this time being different, these being angina. Jerrell could not find my nitros as somehow I had knocked them off the bar and he got me one of his. I am so much looking forward to this heart cath on Friday, assuming I will have it. Since the Heart Group called me Friday saying they must have the blood work results by Wednesday or no cath can be done on Friday. It is really going to be pushing it as I go in the a.m. to get the bloodwork done and my doctor needs the results on Tuesday in order to get them to the cardiologist in time on Wednesday. I refuse to worry about it, as there is nothing that can speed it up, but I do not want to have it postponed as it is long overdue as Kevin has already told me. I am ready to get some relief.

I am really looking forward to Kevin calling tonight and hearing about his trip of course and he also has important company visiting the cancer center on the 24th and he is a bit stressed with that at the moment. I am glad to have our blogger friend Gattina back home and enjoying hearing about her wonderful trip to Turkey. There is more to come about her trip and I can hardly wait. Also, Clara is away until the 20th and of course we all miss her as well. I did receive a nice email from her yesterday and she is having a great time and looking forward to having some more barn quilt pictures to share with us. That is about one of the neatest ideas I have ever heard of and the quilts look so quilt like. Whoever does it, does it well. Too, I was sorry to hear that our blogger friend Ordinary Janet has the flu and will not be posting until she recovers. I wish her well and do hope she gets over it soon; as the flu will surely zap ya. Take good care Janet.

These nice fall temperatures here are very nice. I just love the cool nights and it just feels good to hear the furnace knock on at night as I lay in my already warm bed. I am enjoying this day. I am going to go back and finish watching the last 4 minutes of the Panthers and Baltimore game. Looks like the Panthers is gonna get a win today! I hope you good folks have a good afternoon and night as well...

God Bless!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

why me?...

I feel just like I am a toothpick in a jumbo box of toothpicks and only get picked to do things that nobody else wants to do. I am by choice a person that will put off today what I can do tomorrow or next week or whenever. I am a procrastanator which I happen to think also should be spelled procrastinator. That I just learned, looking up how in the world do I spell such a word.

I may be strange cause I just love to hear my clock chime on every hour, specially at night when I cannot sleep. Welp I had to steal a battery outta my clock cause I was one battery shy of the two AA's that I needed badly just a while ago.

About 5 years ago I bought my husband one of them indoor, outdoor thermometers where you can tell the time, the inside temp and the outside temp. Of course he got hooked on it and to be honest, I did too. For two weeks now he has mumbled about not having no outside temp no more. Of all the smart folks in my family, why do it hafta be me to be the one to set that awful, aggravating, complicated, loveable thing. Of all people on this planet, a haggered old woman with no nerves left and it takes some serious concentration I am here to tell ya. why me???

First you gotta make sure you got enuf batteries cause the inside thingy takes 2 AA's and the outside sensor takes 3 AAA's, of which I normally have a good supply of, as my clock, my mouse, keyboard and many other things hafta use batteries. Well not today. I was shy that one AA battery and there was no way I was going out to buy one today. So then is when I stole that one outta my clock.

For you folks that have one of these gizmos, you can t totally relate to setting one of those suckers. You gotta wait 10 minutes with no batteries in either the remote or the sensor, then you must put the batteries in the sensor first! That was my first mistake. I did it bassackwards. Then you puttem in the remote and let them sit and communicate for 10 minutes before you dare touch either. After the 10 minutes, you are then allowed to set the clock if you swift and lucky. Once you ever get that done, then you gotta punch this and that and make it for F or C and we like fahrenheit over celsius. But if you happen to get the C instead of the F, you gotta start all over. It takes a good hour if you good at it and pricks ever nerve you got in your body in that hour.

I have decided there must be a newer style or one that is easier than this The Weather Channel one that we have. I also know now why my son Jeff and my friend P ain't never used theirs and I do not blame them a bit. I gave them both one many Christmas' back and I will be honest, I love them both, but I am not, ain't gonna set theirs for them.

Since my hubby paid for my medicine I had called in and he had to mow his mama's yard today, I thought I could at least run and pick it up, which I just did. I also thought since he had cooked so much lately and took us out to eat so much that I have some flounder thawing and I am gonna fry his all time favorite for supper tonight. Gonna fry him some fish, make some homemade french fries and homemade slaw for supper tonight! I actually thinks he deserves it, but I only commited to do it with the condition, that he be a backup in case I tuckered out in the midst of frying as I dearly hate frying most anything and it do take some time to fry a platter of fish!

I am sure you good folks really wanted to hear about my problems with my husbands pride and joy of a thermometer, but I just had to get it off my chest and sides you folks might know exactly what I am talking about and if you do, please back me up on the hassle of just how hard setting one is. Enjoy this wonderful and chilly day that the good Lord gave us.

Oh and Kevin and Silvia got in late last night due to a 3+ hour layover at JFK. Guess it was cause of all the snow in Buffalo and rerouting flights as an airport was shut down. So so glad they are safely home. I thank you Lord for giving them traveling mercies...

God Bless!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Please visit Marci ....

Marci is a wonderful lady who has had a contest, but now has a "give away", so if you want to get your name in the pot, please visit Marci at Down On The Farm where you can read, rest, relax and enjoy some of the great things that Marci has to offer and I just know you will feel better for having gone there.

God Bless!

My today...

This has been a busy day for me and I am both grateful and thankful for this day. I am in awe of how good some folks in my life are to me. I have always heard it said, "to have a friend, you must be a friend", so I take that at face value. I have been blessed with many friends throughout my life and I consider friendships as priceless. I ain't that much, but my friends shore are!

I consider myself lucky to have true friends. Of course, I am no different than nobody else, as all of you good folks have friends. I have just recently stopped long enough to not take my friends lightly. Friendships are made, but it takes two to tango. I also have many acquaintances as you good folks do too. I do not mean that I have ever taken them for granted, but certainly have not always taken the time to tell them just how much I love and appreciate them like I maybe should have.

I have one of the best used to be daughter in laws in the whole world. I am getting to not like that ex word. You folks have heard me mention Stephanie, who was married to our youngest son Jeff and also the daughter that I never had. She emailed me and told me that she would be glad to take me for my heart cath or fix dinner one night for me and Jerrell. She was just wanting to do something. Can you imagine how good that made me feel? To know that youngun still loves me and that email meant more to me than she can ever know. Which reminds me, I gotta email her again since she was right on the lady teacher's name that I met yesterday. She can make an out of this world pineapple upside down cake and I told her when the dust settles, maybe she could just bring me a BIG slice of one of her cakes when she makes one again.
That sweet thing emailed and said she would see that I gotta cake. Yeah, she is my friend and my daughter I never had! I love you Steph.

I just gotta tell ya what my friend Paulette did. P knew I was on the hunt for a robe and she called me yesterday and told me that she had a brand new one that was just too warm for her as she is hot natured and I am very cold natured. Although she is getting a bit more normal in the last year or so. It was just so pretty and on sale, that she just bought it. She said I am gonna get a flu shot in the morning at 10 and then I will drive to Albemarle and bring you the robe, I feel sure you can wear it. Now she was gonna drive 30 minutes down and 30 minutes home just to bring me that robe. And believe me- P do have some nice duds. I just could hardly believe she would do that for me. So we were set for today.

She called a bit after 10 this morning to tell me she was on the road. It is bout the prettiest robe I ever seen, got colors of the rainbow, with white satin like stripes tween the colors and it is chinelle like I like with the big patch pockets. I got plum cited and cannot wait til tonight to put it on. Welp, in the meantime I had already inducted P into the LLBean Club as she liked the things I had ordered and she was now the proud owner of an LLBean credit card where you don't hafta pay no tax or shipping. So she had seen a robe on the LLBean website; so since I ain't got her no birthday present yet and it is the 20th, the day of my cath, I tolder I would order it for her for her birthday cause I had no idea what to get her, nor felt like going to no stores. So she is tickled and will get it mid week, just in time for her birthday.

We go out to eat lunch as we are short on time cause I hafta get my hair done at 2 on Thursday. Welp we went to the Japanese eating joint where we like to eat and had an outstanding meal, til I got choked on my steak! A first for me in my 62 years, wouldn't go up, wouldn't go down and I couldn't breathe and I didn't know that P did not know how to do the hemlich, until P stood up and asked if she needed to get some help and I shook head, YEAH. By that time and thank goodness I did not cause no uproar I sorta pulled a Ordinary Janet and gagged it into a napkin. Scuse the grossness, but this IS what happened. My only hope is that P remembers watching Jerrell show her how to do it after we got home. That is about a totally helpless feeling with no air going in or out. I shall chew morely and slowly next time!

So friends are great and I just wanted to share these two friends of mine with you and the kindness and love that some folks have and wonder why and how I deserve such wonderful people in my life. I guess the good Lord knows best and helps those that can't help themselves. Thanks P and you did say you were gonna make some tuna salad to take to Denise's tomorrow and maybe drop some off here... :):) She makes the best I ever ate, the next best is another friend of mine, the beach bum friend Love you P!

Yeah I am running late, Jerrell is mowing the yard and he already told me, just me and him was going out to eat tonight. We are beyond tired of eating at that place that his mama likes so good, so we gonna slip one on her tonight and eat somewhere and something that we like, just for a change, ya know. I am outta breath and outta words so I am shutting down for now, so all you good folks, if you haven't already, letchie friends know just how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them, cause when you get old like me, you don't have as much time as you used too and probably like me, don't wanna leave no stones unturned. Have a great day. I am, fore the cold weather gets here tomorrow night!...

God Bless!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A loss for words?...

Welp, just blow my candle out! I am bout as outta sorts as my ole body will allow me. I went to the hospital to get my bloodwork done for the upcoming cath. But no, oh no, there was a problem. And no, I did not get my bloodwork done today. I thought a year with Mamsi insurance was one more nightmare til today. BTW, Mamsi has been banned in the state of North Carolina.

The honkie insurance company we have now will approve our high and mighty Stanly Regional Memorial Hospital (joke) but not their bloodwork. Now if that ain't a crock, please please tell me what is. I have met so many crocks in my life and after Mamsi insurance I surely thought I could master Cigna Insurance. Not today.

So the hospital is good enough to do my cath, but ain't up to Cigna's snuff to take and check my blood. The nice check you in girl had bout lined me up, til her uh oh got my attention. She said Cigna won't pay for this bloodwork to be done here, it gotta be done by Labcorp. Oh well I tolder I ain't driving to no Labcorp joint outta town as bad as I feel. I tolder I would just go to my family doctor and get them to do it and she said they might not can do all the things they want done and I tolder they could make up something for that part then.

So I gun it over to the doc's office and just as luck is spose to be with us Buntings, they were not open. Sign read, closed October 9-16. Whoopee!!! I turn the doorknob and walk right in. There sits two nurses, both on phones and my precious nurse Vickie was there. Vickie told me besides what she thought of all insurance companies in general, that to be there at 8:30 Monday morning and Liz would fix me up. I did feel a tad better and thanked them and gunned it on home. But I was not finished yet.

I called my new horror of an insurance company, Cigna and went through the maze of questions, that you gotta answer to a robot and never can they understand what you say, especially my words. I finally got hold of a living,breathing, human being and I asked why they would approve a hospital for a heart cath but not their bloodwork and that I did not like it worth a flying flip like she did!
Of course she had an awful good reason for it, but was not acceptable to me. Therefore I am on their complaint list to be forgotten, although she said it would be addressed with the higher ups. Yeah right! I won't born yesterday.

Like I tolder, what if I was to have to have surgery and they needed to take some blood, or something else the insurance won't cover, what they gonna do.? Uh oh, what we gonna do with this sleeping huzzy now?? Now, hearts are serious and I want my insurance to be serious and I told her that. I am proud though, that I did not get upset, nor talk ugly to her like I did with roadrunner cause I was selfish, I didn't want the grim reaper to get me back like it does when I allow myself to get too upset. She got the message and now I am gonna get some questions asked and answered fore they cath me if I make it til the 20th.

I am ashamed that I worked for an insurance company for enough years to draw a retirement check from them. They are all bad! But I doubt seriously I will mind getting that check every month when I turn 65. But then again, much more of this crap and I ain't gonna see 65. I am calm now although it might not come across that way. If I was irate I would not be able to sit here long enough to write you good folks.

That was the best bologna sandwich I had in a long time. I was literally starved when I got in and so was Roxy. Roxy knows when it is eating time around here , specially when I am cooking supper cause she knows Jerrell will be coming home soon. She relates the two events. She was soooo glad to see me when I got home and before I did any damage, I took her for a good walk and got my wits so as I wouldn't say something stupid or embarass Jerrell, but like he told Jeff on Sunday, he is getting so used to it, it really don't bother him much no more.

I did get to see two of Jeff and Kev's teachers in the waiting room. One was Kev and Jeff's basketball and baseball coach. Al asked about the boys and about reading about Kev in the paper. Of course I had to show them their pictures in their older age now. Also, the lady teacher rememberd my ex daughter-in-law, Steph, and talked of how helpful and smart she was in her class. Yeah them two teachers had me primed for a good day; so maybe that helped- along with my prayer for patience on the way there, make it through this morning with no bodily harm done. Kevin and Silvia will be home Friday, so I checked their itinerary again for what time they be gettin to Ohio on Friday. Not only is it Friday the 13th, their flight from JFK to Cleveland they are on seats 13A and 13B. Now ain't that another crock. I can't win for losing. So I am gonna shut up for now... but I will enjoy the rest of the day...

God Bless!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I do!..I do!...

I spend most of my time either thinking about things that have happened or might happen and rarely on things that are of any benefit to anyone, least of all to me. No, I cannot remember, but I do have an excuse, or at least I like to think it is a reason for an excuse. I think as a kid I had ADD and when you get old, it is called Short Term Memory Loss. I can go along with that, because I most all the time, remember to do something only if I do it at the exact moment I think it, or say it when I think it . But being the nice person that I am, rather than interrupt a person while they are talking, I hold it, then yes I forget what I wanted to say when the person gives me a turn.

Living like that is frustrating for Jerrell specially. But ya know, he patiently endures it and most times, it really does go in one ear and out the other. We were watching something on tv and he said, yada yada yada and I said, "well I told YOU that the other night", so that was proof to me he does not listen, nor do I blame him a bit. He gotta have nerves of steel cause I do not think he is an uncaring person. Without him, me and his mama would be a total loss and we already got big plans for him when he is finished with us.

In our minds, we gotta a nice one picked out for him. We want him to have a pretty woman that is a lady of few words and just loves to cook beans and taters and hates pizza, as Jerrell is as quare an eater ever, ever created. Who to know better than me and his mama. Now the woman hasta be in good health but still just loves to stay at home and most of all, she gotta love dogs. Me and his mama brag on him ever chance we get, cause we both know he could pop our butts in a home somewhere fore we are ready to go. He is a good man to endure what he has to with us two women in his life. I have often wished we had a daughter to go along with our sons, specially at cooking time and I just bet he feels the same and more so now than ever. Our step granddaughter is 10 years old and we love her so much. Jerrell is great with kids and Cynthia really does love her Grandpa Jerrell. He has a way with kids, just like he did when he taught 8th grade all of the 14 years that he taught school. We run up on many of his former students and they still call'em Mr. Bunting and always have nice things to say about him and that makes Moo proud.

I used to substitute the first few years that we were married and I will tell you right up front, I hated it! Aggravating younguns know how to work a sub and I had more in the corner than at the desk til I decided if I couldn't beatem, I'd joinem and I think I had more fun than they did. Now that was in elementary school, I did not like my year at all at the high school, after all they were not but just a few years younger than me and they was a rowdy, raunchy bunch. I was so glad to get a real job and quit having to babysit younguns .

I guess you can tell by now that I had absolutely nothing to post about today. Maybe tomorrow something funny will happen at the hospital when I go to get my bloodwork done, cause I been a wondering what legally can they do if I walk outside, sit down in my SUV and fire up a cigarette on their property! Jerrell dunning told me he better not get no call to come get me outta jail, but I am so curious to see if they tell me that they own the air on their property. It all depends on how long I hafta wait and just how boring that waiting room is. We will just hafta wait and see. I wonder if other folks as old as me still has a mischievous mind...ok...

God Bless!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

our pets...

I have read a lot of blogs in my short time of blogging and it seems like most all of the blogs which I read regularly have a pet; either a dog or a cat and sometimes both! Also, not that a study has been done, that I know of, but think its a great idea if there was one done, but I am of the firm belief that pet owners are by far happier folks than those that choose for whatever reason not to have a pet. This is only my opinion. Having been a dog owner for the last 26 years, I am believing that pet owners as a whole are much more content and happy with their life and in their life. When I feel at my worst, my little Roxy can make me feel like I am the best and the only person in her life when I hold her and talk with her. She is used to just me and Jerrell being here and the quietness we too enjoy. She is not used to loud talking and least of all hollering. I am sorry I exposed that side to little Roxy and to Jerrell as I did, I did get angry, very angry yesterday after being on the phone with my cable server about this pc. I was fine with the first person, who turned me over to the most hateful person I have talked with in a long time. I have not had nor expressed such anger since way back in the 70's and tho I had calmed down til I got to the 5th person for Road Runner which was a supervisor. I was worn out til I got to him, so since my pc has not been working right for a week, yet another tech is coming out in the morning. AND if this one does not follow up on his fixings, then I was given a number to call and report him. I do not want to have to do this, so am hoping for some help instead.

Jerrell and Roxy stayed their distance and even took a long walk. After I had fizzled out, I felt better, but my pc still won't no better, I shortly took little Roxy and we all went to bed. Now that little precious thing knows when Moo doesn't feel good and she is even more loving if that is possible.

For some reason, unknown to me or Jerrell, Roxy just does not like Mrs. Bunting anymore. Now Mrs. Bunting would not hurt as much as a fly. hehe...did ya hear that Janet? :) So we have no idea why she tucks her tail and stares at her the entire time she is here. On the other hand with Jeff, she gets overly excited, meets him at the door like she do me and Jerrell when we coming home, she sugars him unlimited times and he pets and talks to her just like Mrs. B, Roxy will jump up on his lap and keep on sugaring. But Mrs. B, she jumps on either mine or Jerrell's lap. Not that we are worried about it, but wonder why the change. She is not loud, does repeat herself, but Roxy is very smart (dog smart).

So needless to say, she was one more happy dog today when they both left and here was the now appreciated quiet time for the rest of the day. It is now 3:00 and I told Jerrell about an hour ago that I didn't care what time it was, what day it was or if somebody did come, I felt like my britches and my other binding things that us women folks hasta wear hasta come off and my jammers are going on. So here I sit, in my jammers and robe so comfortable and enjoying only the klick of these keys.

Last look into the den, Jerrell was asleep in his recliner and Roxy was asleep in my recliner. I wish I could sleep during the day, but a napper I ain't never been. Too busy being anxious I reckon. I think I would enjoy reading now that I am older and I love to read blogs, BUT nothing fiction, so I thought yesterday about getting ole Nancy Grace's book out and read it, since I only read the first chapter last year when I bought it. I had put the book and the autographed picture away and now for the life of me cannot find that dang book. I am so bad to put something where I will be sure and know where it is and then forget where the place is that I wouldn't forget. Ain't no other books here, just some Beaner catalaogs and I shore don't need to order no more clothes, shoes or anything else for another 10 years.

Although they do have some awful pretty doggie sweaters that I would just love to get Roxy, cause she do wear a sweater thingy when it cold cold and she has had a haircut, cause she literally shivers out there. Other than that and a new robe, I do not need a thing. I wouldn't need a robe if I wasn't told to bring one along with my bedroom shoes when I go to the hospital for the cath and my robe is far from any braggin rights and I have seen street folks wear better than this robe. It has been a good one and I would love to have another one just like it. I like terry cloth ones with big patch pockets and they are not be found as I have looked. I will not buy anything that does not have pockets. No way at all. I hafta have pockets or they will not enter my house.

I am looking forward to the cath after yesterday morning and this morning. I thought the last 4 angina attacks that I had a few weeks back were bad, but the one yesterday and this morning made me wish I had taken up on the one for this coming Friday instead of the next, although I do really really like this doctor and feel like he will find my problem and get me some relief and get me out of my misery. At least Jerrell was home this morning, yesterday I just had Roxy, but she was such a comfort to me, dogs have a way of knowing when something is wrong and I am so thankful that I ran across her and now she is our dog. They are with ya through the good and the bad, would it not just be wonderful if real folks could be that faithful some times? Course most all my friends would be here in a NY minute if they knew I needed them, but I don't want to bother nobody. I got Roxy to calm me and the good Lord to help me deal with it, so .... so far, so good.

I completely jumped course today I think, but the point I was trying to make is, that folks like grammie, Ingrid, Janet to name a few of my bloggin friends all have pets and they are fun, happy folks and Sally, she got a robotic dog that she loves and makes her happy, so it must be good for your mental well being and outlook on life. I am not sure about clara, but I just about bet she do have a cat or a dog. I'll just hafta ask her. Cause if she has mentioned one, I musta missed it.

It is plum right cold to me here today. Next weekend we spose to have frost, so that means Jerrell will be toting flowers in at our house and it takes a good hour at Mrs. B's to get all of hers to her basement. I am responsible for two flowers and by crackie I gotta bloom one on my two peace lilies and I have been known to forget those two plants. Long story on one of them and the other was from when my uncle died in 1993 so I ain't done too bad. Cept the other one is twice as little as it was when I got it, but its leaves shine and it still pretty.

I don't count for much lately, but when the doc gets me fixed, I will be able to do more things and live a more normal life ...I hope... hope you good folks have a good evening... Enjoy your pets, cause they do love you unconditionally!

God Bless!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Jeff...

Today is a special day for me and Jerrell. Our youngest son, Jeff has his 35th birthday today and he will be home tomorrow for lunch and as always we look forward to his bi- weekly visits.

Jeff is usually always smiling so I found this picture to be a bit different. As babies, Kevin was the one that crinkled up like a frog laying on his tummy, screaming to the top of his lungs and Jeff would always be cooing and gooing, entertaining himself til we got there and always just a smiling. Even when he stood in his crib, he would rock it back and forth and when he would hear you coming, he would peek around the corner with the biggest ole smile. They were both good younguns, alike in many ways, but yet different.

I am having payback for the hectic pace that I had this week so I have avoided the kitchen since Thursday. Jerrell fixed our lunch today. Jerrell and I along with his mom are going out to eat tonight. Tomorrow Jerrell will be the chief chef of the day and he does know how to grill a steak and I will master the salad making and the taters and we shall call it a meal. I even bought ready to bake garlic toast. We will have Mrs. Bunting up for lunch since Jeff will be here and being fresh off a birthday.

Jerrell took me to pick up our prescriptions that we had called in and for some reason they always seem to wanna mess mine up. Last time was ok cause I got it free, but no freebie today, just a pure out aggravation. I end up having to go in and on my best behavior since I am one big noodle walking on two little noodles today. Welp I dunno why come I get 100 pills for a one a day prescription. It has been that way for the two years I been taking it and it still has refills til 12-26. Finally the little lady gets it figured out and assures me that it might not be this cheap next time. Welp when I get home, I keep all my little papers by the years and I conclude that all is well, so I call her and tell her that just FYI it will be the same price next month!

Duh, Mrs. Bunting has come up and I have been talking with her, so I will cut this one short. And I do have a blip for Janet. Hon, tis the 20th. Thanks so much.

I hope you all have a great evening. I am enjoying this cool weather. Until...

God Bless!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

oh well...

I am only a day behind which for those that do not know me personally, that is quite par for my course. More realistic is I am always behind if only for an hour. That is just me. Although with what I deal with I am mighty proud of me, especially today. I am having a week of appointments for different things and I intend to squeeze you folks a post in today whether I get any lunch or not.

Roxy is just absolutely adorable with her fresh haircut. After having her face clean shaved last time, we noticed her moustache was growing out stiff sorta like a man's beard do. So this time around, we said she needs to look like the Yorkie that is quite apparently overiding the Poo in her. Me and Jerrell are having to refrain from just sqeezing the life outta her as she is so very pretty. Janet, hon I will answer your comment here, believe me, if I had a camera I would post a picture of Roxy as she looks right now, but since I can't, then I won't. Consider yourselves lucky I reckon, cause I would have a picture blog no doubt! Maybe one day...

Welp I got a phone call yesterday morning of a cancellation at the dentist office, which btw yesterday was my only day off this week. So why not, I said yes I will take it and get that much taken care of. I like the dentist as I can just relax and let them do their thing. I told Mark I would resting and he best not hurt me cause I would holler. He did not have the allotted amount of time as my other appointment, so he changed the order of the plan. Not only did he fill the teeth I was most concerned about, but he asked me if I would like for him to bond the front tooth that had darkened due to the root canal way back when and I roused up and said yeah, so- on with the work he went. An emergency came up in the other room, so I had to get another keep from hurting shot and I once again go back to relaxing. After he finished, he handed me the mirror and I was shocked. Not only were all my teeth the same color, he had bonded part of the one side of that one and just for a brief moment, I actually felt like Marilyn Monroe. I bragged on him all the way to the payee place and already looking forward to going back. It is amazing how far all things have come in these days, but dental business is up to snuff on it all.

I finally found out that an appointment had been made the day I went to my family doctor last week. My doc thought the other doc would call me and vice versa, so if I had not called my doc on Monday, I woulda never knowed I had that appointment. Even my nurse said I do, I do understand why you ain't a happy camper right now and to be honest I would not be happy either.

So at 1:30 today I will consult Dr. Beard with the Heart Group of the Carolinas and see if and when I get the heart catherization. Although I have no control on nothing, one way or the other, I hafta admit I am and have been quite apprehensive and anxious and having GAD anyways I have been hyped to the hilt all week. I need a day off with just me and Roxy and hoping it will come sooner than later. Please remember me today in your thoughts and prayers so that I can and will accept whatever he decides and remember to take a day at a time and minute by minute, but still enjoy it, cause all those minutes are my life and I am so thankful for even having to be concerned about this, as that means I am still here and thinking rational. Not that Jerrell could totally agree with the thinking part. He does get asked a lot of questions that he thinks I should not have to ask. But that he listens and hears the questions is good...whether he replies or not.

Oh and it a beautiful fall day here today! Roxy and I just walked a good long walk for us and we saw the birds, the squirrels and all her other favorites of which I do not know what they could possibly be. She is so happy and so am I . Until later......

God Bless!

Monday, October 02, 2006

i do declare!...

People just amaze me. But it does take all kinds to make the world go round. I enjoy and appreciate all my visitors to my blog regardless of how they find their way here. 'Tho I only know a handful of them from reading their blogs, it has well been worth the ride. I do have just a few google searches that I have again chuckled over and wanted to share with you folks. It is amazing how what "they" choose to google gets them to my site. I have giggled as I put my list together so some programs are worth their weight in laughter.

1. llbean discontinue medium tall size ( And I hope not, cause I am tall and hafta order med tall)

2. paradise found roxy shower curtain

3. flat as a flitter

4. fixing the toilet no water getting to the hopper

5. tide magic stick

6. "biggest bladder"

7. does stomach problems cause a blotched tongue

8. "stringing a bean"

9. "i will email anybody"

10. homei remote hopper cars

11. spank or sp

Dunno about some of them, but never the less those google searches brought them here to my place. I do enjoy reading them as they always cheer me up.

Welp I had a wonderful, but tiring weekend. I am usually whupped on Monday and so is Roxy. Bless her heart, she had to go for her haircut today and I was thinking it was tomorrow. She usually sleeps most of the day on Mondays as she gets more walks than Moo ever gives her during the week. She and Jerrell will walk and run up with someone to talk to and be gone for long periods of time, so she sticks tight with Jerrell when he does not work. I actually told him yesterday that the next time she needed or wanted to go out to let me know cause I needed a walk and get out myself. I will use the inside bathroom of course.

My brother and his wife enjoyed the reunion and we did have a lot of fun talking and also had lots of serious talking. He was relating to me some of the problems his son was going through and the most touching story that brought tears to my eyes, but they were tears of joy, hearing how the Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways. We need only to listen. Sometimes we live too fast that we outrun ourselves and miss the boat entirely. I am so thankful that my wonderful nephew now has peace in his heart and in his new life. God is good.

Our oldest son called last night and was half excited about their upcoming trip to Austria. They will be leaving on the 5th, which will be Thursday. As the Bunting luck prevails, they will be returning on Friday, the 13th of October and will only miss one week in calling home, although he did say he might call from there once anyway. Also to my dear friend Ingrid, I did ask Kev on your behalf and yes hon, they will be touring and siteseeing as well. :) He and I talked our usual hour after me just finishing up with about an hour with my pc server Roadrunner trying to get this cockeyed pc to work right. As I speak. IT IS OK!

Our youngest son will be having a birthday coming up next Saturday the 7th of October and will be home on the 8th. Wow they grow up so fast, but that is what life is and I wouldn't want it any other way. I am more than blessed and more thankful every day for the wonderful, although small family that I have.

I have decided when I muster up the desire today, I am going to call my wonderful doctor's office today and reschedule my original appointment for the 23rd that I canceled when I went last Tuesday. I will just forget that I went last week, since the doc forgot that I came too. I will remind him on the next visit. So I am in the hole on that visit, but did get my oxygen checked, but then I coulda done that without going to the doctor. What a life!...until

God Bless!