Thursday, November 30, 2006

just a little bit...

Many of you folks remember me talking about my precious neighbor, Pearlie, who was in the hospital a few weeks back. She had to get the infection cleared up before she could have her gallbladder removed. She went for her blood work on Monday and was scheduled for surgery yesterday morning at 8:30. I talked with her on Tuesday night on the phone to tell her I would be thinking about her the next morning. She was in high spirits and told me she would be home in no time as it was to be done on an out patient basis. They were to make three small bandaid incisions and literally suck the gallbladder out, which just blows my mind that things like that can be done.

Each time I walked Roxy yesterday I noticed she still wasn't home and on my last walk at a little after 3:00 I became concerned. It was shortly after 4:00 when her daughter called me to tell me that the surgeon had clipped a vessel about the size of your little finger on her pancreas, therefore had to open her up to stop the bleeding and to remove her gallbladder. I was not surprised, but I was very upset. A similar simple procedure was done by this same surgeon to an acquaintance of hers. The same thing happened cept it was a vessel in the intestines and that person died. I was also told that her husband and son was very upset and I can certainly understand why. Our hospital at best is a good First Aid Station. I had a choice with my heart cath, but I knew the same doctor would do the procedure, not none of the ding dongs from Albemarle or I would not have had it done here.

I ask that you folks remember Pearlie in your prayers. She was pretty much out of it with demerol as she was in a lot of pain yesterday. I have not heard anything today yet, but I do hope she is feeling some better. She will be in there for 2 or 3 days and I feel like it most likely will be 3.

I got an email from my youngest son Jeff this morning with a site showing where they had captured a sex offender in Charlotte and also are investigating him for a murder of a young girl in California. I read the article and saw the news video clip from the tv station in Charlotte that was on the news yesterday. The scary part about this is that this man worked at the desk beside Jeff for about a month at Hearst Publishing in Charlotte. He had only been in Charlotte for about two months. He lived in Center City, in the Marriot and that was his MO, he moved from city to city under aliases and lived only in nice hotels. I emailed Jeff back and he said that the guy did not show up for work about mid week last week and of course everyone was talking about it today and yes there was something strange about him, but Jeff said no one could put their finger on it. That is a bit too close to home.

I gotta run, have a few things to do before I head out to get my hair done. Hope all you folks have a great day!

God Bless!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

another day, but no nother dollar...

What a good morning so far. I programmed my little brain last night to do something different today. I decided to test my endurance. That folks means doing something more than just walking my dog and mustering up something for supper.

It is amazing at how good I feel around 11:00 or midnight, I feel my best and think of all these things that I am gonna do tomorrow. Most times it don't happen, but I am on schedule this morning and I am down right proud of myself. I dared not tell Jerrell of my intentions just in case they fell through or even yet fall through.

My first idea was to make some potato salad and of course some kind of dried beans for Jerrell to eat along with the pork chops I plan on frying for our supper tonight. Mid week cooking is not my usual, as we eat out on Thursday, buy groceries on Friday and usually have a make do on Fridays. But with this great idea of mine, I will have some leftovers for Friday! Good thinking Moo!

I have had to cut back my pc time and also cannot possibly read all the blogs that I would like too, but still have a gracious plenty. I also read an interesting article saying at this time the oldest known blogger is 92-year-old retired Tennessee poultry and egg farmer Ray White who started Dad's Tomato Garden Journal, the blog has been viewed more than 45,000 times. I found that to be awesome, so us folks have a long time to blog. His daughter said that it keep him interested in life. Along with that I found that 44% of Americans with Internet access between the ages of 18 to 29 read blogs regularly.
It did not mention the folks over 29, but I feel like there are at least as many if not more blog readers that are over 29.

That is about all the worthwhile information that I have to share with you folks today. I did email Kevin and found out that he is stressed and so busy with so much going on with work, working on getting grant money and his American Society of Hematology's Annual Meeting in Orlando. He ain't never missed one yet. Last year he drove on up and visited with us for several days. I do not know if that will be the case this year or not, will hafta wait til he calls on Sunday night. He will be in Orlando from the 9-12.

I did call yesterday and get Roxy an appointment for her Christmas haircut. We always try to get her one before Christmas as we want her real pretty so when folks come by she'll look pretty. At least I do keep her combed and not let her get matted. Our last two poodles was a pain to keep them from getting tangled, but I do have more time for such now that I didn't have or didn't take with the other precious ones. Cept Roxie is only half poodle and half Yorkie so she ain't quite as kinky curly as the poodles were.

Have ya'll put your Christmas trees up yet? If you have, sharing some pictures with us folks with be nice. I am about half way deciding to Unscrooge and put ours up. Over the years I have accumulated so many special ornaments- either from friends, family and I especially love the bells and such that the boys made when they were in grammar school. I have so many. I have carefully put them away each year as they just warm my heart when I see them hanging on the tree and as all the kids did, somewhere on that ornament will be their name or initials. Just like kids do.
It might make me feel better at least mentally to get my mind off of other things for a change.

I think I have yaked just about long enuf this morning, but wanted to post fore I get started at some of my big ideas of things I want to do today. Plus if I do something like work, just maybe I will be tard enough tonight to go to sleep when I go to bed. A good way to find out is my way of thinking...

God Bless!

Monday, November 27, 2006

lemme back up a minute...

Ok, I am not good at saying some things. It has been brought to my attention by Jana and btw I will try my best to remember your birthday on the 26th :), that my brother is mad at me. Nope he ain't. That is why I never was a good joke teller, cause I always messed the punch line up!

In reality his anger began over his cell phone server and his deceased wife which he did say if she were alive, he would kill her. Without going into great detail, he was mad at her for the way she set up the account and mad at the server Cingular/BellSouth for having him to physically bring her in to sign a consent form in order for him to make changes in their service after her death. He took her in on Friday and she died on Monday. I have no idea what transpired since that happened. All I know was he was irate with the the server enough that he cancelled it, which he called to tell me that I no longer had cell phone service and to just throw the phone away. I do not need a cell phone as I hate all phones in general! I hope this clears this up.

Also, gattina brought to my attention that possibly I could hurt my son or his wife's feelings as to my comments on my last post. Welp since he don't read my blog, he only comes prior to calling on Sunday night I guess to see if I lived another week. I noticed yesterday that he stayed 25 minutes at my blog, so I of course found that highly unusual. The thought did enter my mind, that he might take it wrong, although all I meant to say and did say was that so far I still do not know if they are coming home for Christmas or not. Also, that most likely they will go to Toronto to see her family as weeks ago when it was mentioned, she said in the background that William (her brother) was going to Toronto for a week, so I assumed that to mean that they would be going to. I also think that in most families what the wife says go as to such little things as this.

Normally if Kev is not going to call on Sunday nights, he will either tell me the Sunday prior while we are on the phone or if something comes up, he will email me and tell me they are doing this or that and will not be calling. Yesterday, I did not get any inkling that he was not going to call until 8:00 sharp came and went and no call. Welp needless to say, Kev did not call last night. I can worry that yes he is upset with me or I can think maybe something came up.
Either case, I don't know nor will I know until I do hear from him again, if and when I do.

I started this blogging for therapy and it has been such a life saver for me both mentally and physically. I have met so many wonderful folks. I only tell things as they happen. I just do not always get it all out in its entirety I suppose.

I also made my dear neighbor across the street mad to me about a post of mine way, way back and after a couple apologies she is still mad. It was all such a trival event which in the grand scheme it all started from an email from her hubby for a message to be sent to a co-worker of Jerrell's. I found humor in the whole thing, but she could not see it. I never mean to say things to hurt anyone, whether it is a friend, an unknown reader of mine, but for heaven's sake, least of all my son. So I just wanted to correct the intent of those statements which I feel stupooid doing as a blog is just a place I go to release my feelings and express my feelings on whatever happens to be on my mind.
This just happened to be on my mind most of the night. I tried to sleep in this morning, but I woke up with an angina attack at 8:00 this morning, so that shot my sleeping in. Right after getting up, Jerrell called to check in on me and I told him I was tired of living like this, to which he replied, "it is better than the alternative" and I said welp maybe to you, but I am tired of this undescribable pain and just as soon not go on like this. He does know how bad the pain is, as he has had a heart attack and they don't come pain free, I assure ya.

Life goes on. Would ya'll believe that I just turned off the burner on my collard greens. I had a huge mess of them to look, wash and para boil this morning and plan on frying out some fatback and make a cake of cornbread to go with the collards for supper tonight. That is one of Jerrell's favorite meals and I kinda love them too! Hope you all enjoy this pretty day, cause here in NC it spose to turn cold again by the weekend.
Take care and thanks for your visits and your comments.

God Bless!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

i will try again...

Just so as not be defeated, I tried and tried and tried and tried to get this picture on my post yesterday, but oh no, not to be! So beings I don't give up easily, here is a picture made of Tommy and I our senior year in high school when we were named Most Valuable Player. I wanted it with the memory post, but won't to be as hard as I tried. Yeppers, those were the good ole days.

As for an update on me, I guess you can say I am sitting on it. I cannot say that I feel a froghair better, but then I don't think I am no worse. I am due to see the heart doc on December 12, which ain't but a tad over two weeks. Not that I expect seeing him is gonna stop my angina, but I will certainly have a little heart to heart talk with him. My needle is pushing the E this morning. I managed to get to bed right at midnight and just think, I ain't never been up in my entire life to see a New Year come in, but I bout betcha I will this year! After finally getting to sleep, starting at 3 a.m. my colitis flared up and a total of 7 trips fore I finally got up a bit fore 8 a.m. Just tween the trips my body managed an angina attack at 4:08 a.m. Don'tcha just love digital clocks, where you know the exact time to the t. Well I do. As a matter of fact, when our 30 year old microwave bit the bullet I had to have a little cheapo to replace it, but it had to have a digital clock or how else could I time something when I am a cooking. I would dare to say I used my microwave more for a timer than for anything else. I don't cook nutin in there now cept for my Hotpocket Pizzas, the rest is just for warm ups, which I love the hound out of.

I just looked on the calendar and see that Christmas is 4 weeks from this coming Monday. As of today I still do not know if my oldest son, Kev and his family are coming or not. I kinda think they will be going to Toronto to her parents. If so, that will make two years in a row and also the first Christmases that Kev ain't been home. I know them wives make the decisions and it is either do or die, so mouth shut at all times is my advice. But should they come, everyone is gonna be in for a surprise, cause Moo ain't and can't do all she did the last time they were home. I can see each year that I go down a bit further and it ain't likely to get no better. I really ain't worrying much about it, not much about nutin. It ain't like if I knew they were coming that I would do any different. The cobwebs will stay and no decorations will be out. I am just wondering if a 10 year old needs a Christmas tree up, if I knowed for sure it mattered, I would have Jerrell drag the tree out, but the way I feel except for Cynthia, that tree can stay right where it is.

I do hope that P's church will have another Christmas Eve service this year and she invites me, as I did so much enjoy that. That was the most enjoyable Christmas Eve I have had in years. Also that is our 39th anniversary and it ain't that I am braggin by no means, but that is a long time to live with one person! It is a crock to be married then as nobody and I mean nobody remembers it, it is all about eating and presents.

Welp our cold spell here is NC is over and springtime temps are here. I like both, but wish it would stay one way or another. I just soon it get cold, stay cold and give us many snow days as I still have the youngun in me and Jerrell hates them like a boil. He don't get too cited over nothing, least of all snow. I been a hankering to use my 4 wheel drive and you know it ain't snowed deep enough that we even had to use it. What a crock!

Okies I failed to mention that we had a good Thanksgiving. Was nice to have Mrs. Bunting and Jeff home for lunch. Me and Roxy was singing "when the storm is over" fore they got outta the driveway. Now for the bad news, I ain't got no cell phone no more. My brother called and he gets mad easy, real easy and he did and cancelled our service. So Moo cannot call no more friends outta state no more, but that's ok, I know there is some happy folks out there.

I am outta here. I am finally on Empty. Hope you have a good day and have a good Lord's day tomorrow!

God Bless!

Friday, November 24, 2006

remembering a friend...


Yesterday was a day that all of us had something to be thankful for. Yesterday, was also a day for the last two years that I pause and remember my dear ole high school buddy, Tommy Mauldin. Tommy and I had many good times together in high school and I was honored to be his friend. It was his mom and dad that took me out of town when I made the East - West Allstar Basketball Team and his parents were the only folks to be there for the game and I also remember the return trip home as his parents were the ones that I rode home with. Through the years I always ran into his Dad, as his mom passed away many years later. Tommy left us two years ago at the age of 60 and he also died on my 60th birthday, April 17, 2004. I can never let November 23 go by again without thinking of his wife Linda, his two daughters and his son, as well as his grandchildren.

So Tommy to me was also the most valuable player in life and in death. He so much loved his family, especially his grandchildren he so hated to leave. The top picture was made just before cancer wrecked his body. I am too familiar with cancer, as not just my mama, but my uncle that was also my guardian at my mama's death, but a sister in law as well just 3 years ago. I am thankful I have such fond memories of Tommy. The last times I saw Tommy, since he lived out of town, was at the hospital when his Dad and my Uncle were both patients and we ran into each other and made a point to go to the coffee shop, chat of old times and did so each time we were both there visiting. He later retired from the US Postal Service and his wife Linda is still teaching school. He left behind a wonderful family and so many friends. I have had him on my mind and wanted to share him with you briefly.

Here is a picture of Tommy and his grandson made a few weeks prior to his death. A picture does say a thousand words!
God Bless!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends...


God Bless!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

squeaky clean day...

What a busy day around here and I ain't doing nothing to amount to anything. I have watched Jerrell vacuum the house and wash windows this morning and normally it don't bother me, but today it's down right depressing. So much in fact, I felt like I had to get out of here- so I did. I had two scripts I needed to pick up at the pharmacy so I went and done that. As I pondered on the way, I wondered if I could get those curtains down and let Jerrell get them washed and he could wash them windows while he was in a window washing mood.

Thankfully and fortunately, one of the last things I did do before I had to quit work was since we sold replacement windows ,we had all new windows put in the house and it was well worth the money. We replaced the old wooden windows that had been in the house since it was built in '53. We got the tilt in kind which is effortless as far as washing, cept for the strength and energy it takes to do the actual washing. I did at least help Jerrell as to how to get them to tilt. I had showed enough of them to customers that it was sorta etched in my memory bank, not cause I could remember. I just reacted and it worked. My good deed for the day.

Clean floors and windows are nice, but it sure is hard to sit and watch someone else do it when I want to be able to. I guess I shouldn't feel that way, but lately being sick is getting hard to swallow. I am out of sorts with that new sleep aid that I got. I was up sitting on my stool again last night so I ain't taking another one of them pills since apparently they are not Moo proof. I sure ain't gonna miss a good night's sleep and a daily constitution over taking one little yellow pill! Nope, not gonna happen.

I pedaddled around yesterday and til I got time to post to my blog it was dunning 4:00 and that late to me means it is just to late. I think I was still in shock from going to the grocery store. I spent the most yesterday I have ever spent in my entire life and I about choked at the checkout. That too depressed me. I can say we do have plenty to eat if I can muster up the energy to cook it. Beings Thursday is Thanksgiving, Jeff won't be coming home tomorrow as is his usual 2 week visit time, but will wait til Thursday. That's ok, we will have Mrs. Bunting up here for lunch and J and me and Jerrell. We of course wish the ole Koon Bug could be here with us, but he is too far away and quite busy for the remainder of the year. Still unclear whether he will make it in for Christmas or not. We shall see.

Does any of you folks know when Blogger is gonna force us hold outs to switch over to Beta? I have not heard and really don't know that they will let us know. Most likely one day I will come here to post and my blog will just be unaccessible. If anyone knows, I sure would appreciate hearing from ya. I know a few of us ain't took the challenge yet. It is just hard for me to trust that all my stuffsssss will carry over to the other blog, I kinda think we will hafta pretty much do it all over again and to be perfectly honest with ya, I ain't in for that, neither mentally nor physically. If all else fails, I can either start a new blog or I can retire, just whatever suits my fancy at the time is apt what I will do when the time comes.

I got some cooking to do and I cannot start while I blog as I am a now "known to let something burn person", so wanted to post a blog then do my cooking, so I am a heading for the kitchen and debating on whether to try to take on those two windows in the dining room while the curtains are down or let Jerrell rest his legs a bit more and let him do it. I just think I will give it a shot myself. So I'll run now. You good folks have a good day and wonderful Lord's day tomorrow.

God Bless!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

here today, gone tomorrow...

I am probably no different from you folks when it comes to reading blogs. I read many different blogs as far as number of blogs I read and they are all miscellaneous in subjects. I find it amazing to read how so many people live and react to given situations and circumstances. That is life though, no two lives are the same and as with blogs, they show that person's personality, some impressive and some just down right depressing, yet they are real people with real problems and real needs. I read many blogs that personally I would not ever let such personal or a lack of common sense be put into print.

Nonetheless, I meander around the blogs and see just how complicated some folks are and most of the times, they are the way they want their lives to be or just too sorry to make changes or have just lost their way through life and have absolutely nothing to offer to the human race and bloggers in particular. It is for those I have much sympathy.

I feel blessed to have my small group of blogging friends who I know to be real, honest and good to the bone folks. I never gave a thought to who if any would read my blog as like I have told you, I only read one blog for over a year before ever thinking about clicking on that create your blog link. I still do not know what I was thinking that morning, if at all!

My writing takes no talent as it is just whatever happens to be happening in my life on a particular day. I do not have a talent for anything, therefore I am delighted to have one reader a day. As with all bloggers I do have my days that I draw a blank, usually on days that I just do not feel like doing anything around the house and do not feel like trying to think as I hafta do when I post to my blog. My life is not filled with adventure as I mostly stay right here in this house cept for walking Roxy and have some friends drop by. But that's ok, cause frankly I kinda got used to it. Wish I could do physical things, but since I can't, I really see no need in worrying about something I cannot do nutin about.

I just gotta phone call from a friend I used to work with so I will be having company in a little while. Always nice to sit and chat with friends, now I need to put on another pot of coffee as that is a must for me and most all my friends likes a good cup too as we chat. My neighbor Pearlie will find out today when she will be having her gallbladder surgery as she gets the bloodwork done today. Please keep remembering Pearlie in your prayers. I am so glad to have her home and see her outside when I am walking Roxy and get to chit chat with her often. I love all my friends and never like for the them to be sick, but life ain't a bowl of cherries neither.

I did not post yesterday. It just was not a good day, as I had to call the doctor and get some additional medicine for my ulcer and something to help me sleep. Lack of sleep has gotten to the point that my body is just not up to snuff without enough sleep, so good folks if one day I don't post, most likely I am just not feeling well, not to say that I am bad sick. I am amazed as some of my blogs on my list of readings are really sick, sick folks and they like me are not able to post everyday due to their health, therefore I can relate to those folks and look forward to getting a fresh post from them. I do spend a lot of time reading others blogs as many are like a soap opera and I hafta keep up so I can fill P in so as she don't get in a dither . :) I sure did miss her while she was at the beach. I called her on her cell phone and she couldn't get to it fast enough so I had to leave her a message. She got about 3 upcoming trips, but I think they are only day trips. Right now she is busy fighting her leaves on a daily basis. She must get them blown daily! She is one more working woman. It is always busy for her during the holidays as she likes to bake and fix all kinda goodies for her family and even shares with her old friend Moo and many others. P don't miss nutin! Friends are wonderful!

Gotta run, hope ya'll have a great day!

God Bless!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday already...

Give me a day off and I am likely to take another. That is just the way I am. I do not blog now on Sundays and don't think the thought didn't enter my mind again today. Sundays around here are made up of naps for Jerrell, always a good lunch and now always a few football games to watch. Not that I particularly care for any one team no more, but I always end up liking Green Bay and the Steelers.

Course now I hafta pull for the Panthers as bad as they are doing this year, cept they gotta bye last week and ain't playing til tonight and I won't get to watch all that. Jerrell hasta get up at 5 a.m. for work so we kinda hit the sack early around here, usually tween 9:30 or 10:00 so Jerrell can get some much needed rest. Now for me, I ain't gonna sleep but I go through the motions and get little Roxy to sleep and ease on out and head for the kitchen.

I really do wish I could move about or turn on the tv, but she would hear me and start crying and there I would be -her up, Jerrell woke up and that wouldn't make for good relations for the human resources of marriage and work the next day. The den is far enough away that Roxy might not hear, but if I cut on the tv, then I couldn't hear her til she barked, then the damage will already been done.

I am not a baker, but would you believe me of all folks baked two, not just one, but two cakes today! Yeppers, I been a hankering a pineapple cake ever since Steph brought me some on Halloween Day. So I got all the goodies for it Friday at the grocery store. Welp Jerrell don't like it, but he do like devils food cake so I gotta mix for him and even got him his own private tin foil, throw away cake pan so I whupped him up one of those. I was like a maniac, always dropping something and scaring Roxy. As a matter of fact, if I stand up and she is laying near me, she will move cause I am also known to stumble or flop around and she stays clear. Something about my bread pan, dunno what but she scatters when I go to put it up cause for some unknown reason I always seem to be dropping it.

Jerrell gonna be surprised when he gets home cause I got some great northern beans (white soup beans) cooked and I am gonna fry some pork chops and fix one other something to go with it and call it supper tonight. Cause when he called this morning to check on me, I was not in a very good way and decided later in the morning that I won't gonna feel no worse, there was no way, so I'd just do at least one thing constructive just for the heck of it, so I will at least have him a good meal and have him his very own cake too!

I didn't do too bad neither, I ate a piece of that pineapple cake and it was down right tasty. The hardest part of the whole deal was finding my mixer. Years of stuffsssss had gotten in front of it, but with the flashlight I found it way back there in the cabinet. I had the beater thingies in my drawer and already eyed them earlier. It was right much fun, so much so, that I just might hafta make another one, but only do one at a time from now on, but I like to look after Jerrell cause he do hafta put up with alot with me. I toldem I wished I won't sick and could do more. He ain't all that well himself. I am so looking forward to him retiring fully in about a year or little more.

Welp my youngest son, Jeff, emailed me mid afternoon yesterday to let me know that he had gotten home safely from his little vacation to Florida. I was glad to hear he was home and home safely. Also as usual I talked to Kevin last night. He calls every Sunday night at 8:00 EST sharp as NG would say and you know- I didn't even mention the camera. I just gonna behave myself and right now they gotta worry bout Silvia getting her a permanent job as she will be finishing up her fellowship in July. He don't need no more pressures on him right now. Specially from Moo! I am here to tell ya, I love the simple life more than ever after I talk with him. He worries about getting grant money and I worry about finding my mixer. What a life!

God Bless!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

bout says it all for me...


I used to eat a lot of natural foods until I learned that most people die of natural causes.

Gardening Rule: When weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it. If it comes out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant.

The easiest way to find something lost around the house is to buy a replacement.

Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

There are two kinds of pedestrians: the quick and the dead.

Healthy is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing.

Have you noticed since everyone has a camcorder these days no one talks about seeing UFOs like they used to?

Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.

In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal.

How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?

Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here, and drink whatever comes out?"

Why is there a light in the fridge and not in the freezer?

If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a song about him?

If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests?

Do illiterate people get the full effect of Alphabet Soup?

Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog's face, he gets mad at you, but when you take him on a car ride, he sticks his head out the window?

Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?

These are things like I so often wonder about. Seems fitting for me to share with you folks. Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend!

God Bless!

Friday, November 10, 2006

back in time...

My mind is still on sports as I begin my post. I guess that is not uncommon as one sport or another has been a part of my life since I was big enough to know that competition is fun. I got an email this morning from my buddy Bob Harris who I mentioned in my post yesterday and he sent me the link for Ernie Harwell's Audio Scrapbook. Ernie was the Hall of Fame baseball announcer for the Detroit Tigers so any of you baseball fans out there I am sure remember hearing him in the days of radio and when baseball was the American way of chilling out.

Bob had a part in this as he did the interviewing and asked Ernie the questions. At the site there are three different audios from the Scrapbook and although I have only had time to listen to one, it does have many interesting things in it for us baseball fans. Jerrell and Bob played Little League together and they still jaw about whose team was the best. Those days was before I moved to Albemarle. My youth was spent in a little town this side of Rockingham, but the little town of Ellerbe sure holds all my childhood memories.

Back then most folks loved the World Series about as good as getting together and having an Oyster Stew. I can remember when I was staying with my aunt and uncle during the World Series one year when mama was in the hospital and we were in the basement listening to it on the radio. Ever once in a while someone would come from the barn to check on the score. They wouldn't let me work in the tobacco you know, although I was old enough. Go figger.
I much preferred shooting marbles and was known to be the best. I was the best tomboy in Ellerbe and all the boys wanted me on their teams. Even then I was taller than most all the boys, cept my brother. We had our own basketball goal and our very own cave. I never had no treehouse, but my brother did and of course that was off limits to me, but I did slip up there a time or two and found a secret hiding place where he hid his cigarettes so I used that for some leverage on him when necessary.

I followed up with sports when mama died and I got moved to Albemarle, then on to college. I even played city league til I was 33. After that I played with my sons until 1998 when the old back said, no more. I can truthfully say I loved baseball, basketball and tennis and played every chance I got. I never got into golf, it was just not for me, not enough movement or action to keep my attention. Now my brother took to that and still plays in a senior deal at a golf course in SC. Jerrell was a baseball, basketball and softball player and finally gave it up at 41 and now we know why his knees and legs are worn out.

I am multi tasking and wanting a verdict to come in on this Cape Cod case on Court TV, also watching Jami Floyd chat on mirc on their Court TV chat and doing my blog at the same time. I always like to watch Jami chat on Fridays cause she always makes somebody mad and before she gets through, she has made then even madder. I just sit and chuckle. Oh well.

Oh yeah folks, I gotta PS from Santa and it can happen and Dad will get something else, but after all is said and done, I really don't needa camera all that bad. So I retracted my request cause I was still sitting on my stool at midnight last night worrying about it. I ain't been worth a toot today. I gotta start sleeping again and not get things on my mind, like sitting on that stool in the dark is gonna make no difference, although after a couple hours I do get sleepy. :)

It is absolutely another beautiful and warm day here in North Carolina. I dunno about winter here. We shall see. Enjoy your day, wherever you are!

God Bless!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Santa Claus, Duke and all...

Tense Exchange as Nifong Campaigns

I just got in from getting out. I have been in this house for the past few days and watched rain! We did however venture out in the rain on Tueday and voted. My vote does count, for we gotta new sheriff!

Some of you folks I am sure have heard of Mike Nifong the DA in Durham that brought charges against three of the Duke LaCrosse team. Welp we grow'em tough on Depot Street as I have told ya'll about in earlier blogs. My good friend and one of the gang is as I have told you folks, the "Voice of the Duke Blue Devils" and has been for over 30 years. Now anybody with any sense knows that my friend ain't a hankering to shake hands with Mike Nifong. So what does the dumbo Nifong feller do but approach Bob in the parking lot where Bob had gone to vote and that fool tried to get Bob to shake his hand. If you go right here and click on the video arrows to where you see the above pic, it will show ya the video of the "Tense Exchange as Nifong Campaigns.

I get the GretaWire in my emails as I do not watch Great Van Sustern on Fox often, but I do like her and like her wire. In fact, I was reading her wire when I happened upon an email from a viewer that was talking about the confrontation. So I go and look at the video. I emailed the wire to Bob and told him how proud I was of him. He emailed back and said he had many emails and phone calls and all was well with him. Personally, I cannot like Nifong and he certainly is crazy to think that Bob could hardly want to be in his presence, less shake his hand. Of course different folks have different opinions on this Duke scandal, but I for one think it is a total fluke. After all, Nifong admits to only having talked with the so called victim for only about 15 seconds. Well how in the world can you tell of being raped, etc in 15 seconds that would warrant and justify charges brought against three fine young men on the lacrosse team. Oh well, it will all come out when it gets to court, but in the meantime, I for one will back up my buddy Bob and Duke University on this one.

Welp folks, I wrote to Santa Claus and Santa dunning wrote me back saying he did not see that I had a need for no camera, sooooo all I can figure is like I said, I just ain't been good this year is the way I am figuring it. But that's ok, I will be gooder and just maybe next year Santa will once again come back down my chimney.

If I hadda had one a while ago, you folks would have a picture cause I had Roxy outside and looked and once again, the sky was so Carolina blue with no clouds and I looked at my neighbors huge oak tree with all the pretty colors of leaves and just above the tip of those tree limbs was the blue sky and there was the white moon. The moon was about 3/4 visible and it was about the prettiest thing I have seen in a long, long time. I just stood there in awe at what a pretty picture that was. Maybe it's my age, I dunno, but I see and appreciate things I used to never even pay any attention. If age or bad health caused it, then I am so thankful I am old and sick cause I been a missing out on lots of pretty things in my life I bet.

Welp I got me and Roxy a little lunch and now I am wrestling with the idea of whether to continue to get my hair done every Thursday or not. OOOpppps the Fed Ex man just brought me my way overdue package from LLBeaner. But don't need no coat today.
Anyhow I plan on going on today to get my hair done, although I did shampoo it good yesterday. I tell ya, for what I hafta pay I want a good shampoo and it just ain't happening. So I have a decision to make and as you folks know I do not like to hafta make decisions, but I am tard of my head itching. We shall see.
Hope all you folks enjoy your day! I am so glad to see the sunshine and the 70 temps that I am gonna stay outside as much as possible today.

God Bless!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Xplorer 7

I do not know why, nor do I care why my blog is two toned! I had been told it was that way, but it wasn't to me til I downloaded and installed that new Xplorer, that I hoped I might like . It's gonna take more than that to disappoint me. So unless a miracle happens, I will be a two toned blogger I reckon cause I ain't too much worried about it right now. As a matter of fact, I am not worried in the least. I went over to Sallys, who has the same template as me and hers is allright so I guess it is that Bunting luck at play again.

I think as you other folks switch over you will see that mine is a tad diffy than most folks, but then so is my blog and I just cannot help it. I like the new update so far, I can still do the same things I done before, just hafta hunt and find where everything is at, but that is the story of my life, ain't it?

Jerrell has gone to the dentist and I told him to be sure and pay his bill today! I called that office and found out that they run our bills together as we are family and that $85 was his bill so he promised to pay every time so as not to confuse my little pea brain no more. I also told the dentist office woman it's hard enough to keep up with my bills without having to worry with keeping his separate from mine. I love life, but it shore gets complicated for me when it comes to numbers now .

I just got off the phone with P and she can talk my phone dead every time. We have talked both my cordless ones dead and we hafta go to the landline sometimes. Oh we laffed and had a big time. I would love to be a fly on the wall at the beach with her and Denise Thurs.-Sunday, I betcha my ears would be a burning. :) I tolder to have a good time and get back home safely. She will have the blog withdrawls I just know she will. She loves reading blogs bettern anybody I know of, but like me she shore do get upset with some folks we have run upon. Ya know how you go somewhere and a comment will lead you to a post and that post will lead to another. That happens to all of us I am sure. Welp me and P got a soap opery one going on and we are amazed at how mean and evil some folks are. Makes me so proud and happy with my wonderful, happy, loving blogging family.
About all we can do is pray for them folks, cause they are really bitter and hurtful folks and are missing out on all the good things of life. It is also sad that them folks don't know how to appreciate kindness and love and most likely ain't never been around it and we just feel sorry for them. I am thankful I am who I am and the good Lord gave me a tender, loving and forgiving heart. I may be sick in body and in mind at times, but I am so happy that I am who I am and that the Lord is a big part of my life, therefore regardless of my age, my health and things that worry the puddin outta me, I am still a winner cause folks with faith and trust in Him don't always have it easy, but they don't hafta fight the battle of life alone. I am thankful today for family and friends and I just couldn't be much happier. Welp maybe if I had me a camera, but I just know one day I will, just not right now.

Today is Tuesday and with Jerrell getting off early, I am totally out of kilter once again. I happend to hear that precious little Nancy Grace and it shocked me back into reality as I was in a Saturday mood. I am anxious to hear the verdict on this case on Court TV, but they ain't deliberated long enough for a verdict. This is a tricky case and I personally see alot of reasonable doubt, so am anxious to hear the verdict. I am a big CTV watching fan. I sorta got hooked on it back during the Scott Peterson case and so I generally watch it or at least have it on during the day.

Welp I gotta run and see if I can figure all these new thingys on this update and if I remember correctly, It can be uninstalled and if I cannot get my blog back to normal, I just might hafta go back to the 6.0 version. It's just right now, it just don't make me no difference. Can't get outside and walk Roxy no where cause it is raining. Oh yeah and gotta go vote when Jerrell gets back from the dentist. Thank goodness, no more political phone calls for a while. Have a wonderful day wherever you are and take good care.

God Bless!

Monday, November 06, 2006

i found more pictures...

I was going through my pictures and found this one I had failed to open. Since I speak of Steph so much this is one of she and Caroline. They been a riding I see! Steph is quite a tennis and basketball player too and yep Moo has played many games with Steph, back when I could and yep I got the video to prove it too! :):)

Folks I am going to have to make it short today. Just to keep from down right complaining, I will just say that shortly after getting up this morning I had a really bad angina attack that I did not think was going to go away. Tomorrow would have been three weeks since I have had one. I knew I did not feel well yesterday, but am concerned after this morning. As I have mentioned, they leave you with a racing heart and weak as a sketti noodle. But the pain is so intense I'll take the weakness all day.

I had hardly gotten over the attack when the phone rang and the dentist office was calling, wanting me to come in earlier so since I can't rush no more I throwed on something and out the door I went and actually was glad I had a 20 minute drive to get there so I could rest and get my wits together.

Also yesterday my wonderful neighbor, Pearlie, that I speak of often in here, had to be put in the hospital yesterday morning about 4:30. I just had to go see her today so I thought I would go when I got back to town from the dentist which is what I did. I went to my usual parking lot the closest to the front door and of course there were no parking places, even a handicapped that was not taken cept for several clergy ones. I circled a time or two and decided I was not gonna walk no country mile and try to walk up them steps back to the hospital with my bad leg, so I immediately became a Handicapped, smoking Clergywoman. I hung my little sign on my mirror and pulled right into the Clergy spot, right up to the sidewalk , out I got and in I went.
I go into a room full of folks. Won't real surprised as my neighbor has not only a loving family but bunches of friends. Welp she introduced me first thing to a preacher who had come to see her. I toldem I hoped I didn't get his parking space. :) and I let him talk a bit, then he prayed and left. I had a nice little visit, but there won't but two chairs in there and me and another disableee had them. I love that woman, she has been the best neighbor and friend a body could have. They gotta clear up the infection in her pancreas and then they gonna take her gallbladder out and should come home the day of the surgery. We are hoping the surgery will be tomorrow cause she is already wanting to come home. Please remember Pearlie in your prayers. I worried cause she had 14 years perfect attendance at church and she was in the hospital yesterday at 4:30a.m., but they did the Sunday School lesson on the phone so it counted and it won't hurt her perfect attendance and I was so happy for her, cause that was the first thing me and Jerrell thought of. Her husband called me first to tell me, then Pearlie called me herself and then her sweet daughter called me and I so much appreciated them letting me know.

Reminds me I gotta call my Aunt and Uncle that she has been tending to for the last year and tell them. They are elderly and I just now thought I spose to call them. And I gotta call the dentist again cause they still ain't credited me with the $85 I paid for one of my visits which they told me on the phone last week that they would correct. Why come I couldn't have looked at that paper before I walked outta that office, seen the error and not wait til I get all the way home and then hafta call back. That is why I don't get out much. I am gonna go rest. I do hope all you folks are well and enjoy this beautiful day.

God Bless!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

a peek back in time...

OK folks, let me take care of some business here first. All you good folks most likley know that our sweet Ordinary Janet has changed over to Wordpress bloggin and is going to stop using Blogger. Since I ain't got it changed yet on my sidebar, just stop by and see Janet at Janet's Ordinary Life who by now has become part of our blogging family. I will indeed try to get the sidebar address changed today! I have been busier than a one armed gnat this morning.

There is the smell of garlic in the air as I got my homemade spaghetti sauce mixed up and it on the stove a simmering. I dunno why but I like to let it simmer a couple hours. Steph always wondered why and of course I have no reason at all.

I was reading over at that funny Sassy Sistahs place this morning and it got me to thinking about my working days. I still marvel that I worked dealing with the public almost at all my jobs and more so that I was allowed to do it. I have had some doozies in my life I am here to tell ya. But the best one I had and also the most stressful was with an insurance company that my friend P worked for too. The head honchos was in Cincinnati, Ohio and there were hundreds of district and detached offices over the US. Every detached office worked directly from a district office. Also all detached offices were one girl offices. All the same duties as the cashiers in the other offices, cept they had some help, we had to do or die.
As times changed about latter '85 I was told we were going on computer and I frowned upon it highly, but none the less, it was gonna happen. They sent people outta the home office in Ohio to literally install the computers and teach all us cashiers how to operate them.( I must tell ya folks later about my 5 week tenure at what I called The Hair Institute (Ageless Products) where you grow hair on bald heads, but that will be for another day and another blog.)

I remember well on a Sunday night me and an agent in the office going to the airport in Charlotte to pick up the lady from the home office and transport her butt to little honkie town and putting her in our then finest motel. Now first off, I did not sell insurance, we did not have to be licensed. Thank the good Lord, cause I hated hearing that insurance lingo that I knew nothing of , nor did I want to know anymore than I had to. All I did was handle the monies and make sure the books and the bank statements balanced and tried to remind folks to pay so their insurance wouldn't collapse as they would say! We picked that nice lady up and she was going to be there with me for one week and then I was on my own.

Welp by Tuesday I was a crying. I had hit the top of the stress level and my anxiety too and I said I just cannot do this. Oh, but she encouraged me through my crying spell and I musta got the hang of it cause I never cried another time the entire week. Well I took it upon myself to entertain this nice lady named Ann and we sorta clicked and to be down right honest, we had a heck of a good time even while we was working.
At nights I would take her home with me and the boys were still playing baseball so I would drag her to the ballfield with us. She really liked sports so we got along dandy. I would then drop her off at the motel and then pick her up in the mornings to go to work.

First this, I just now getta phone call to vote for Bill Purcells and I ask the girl if he is a democrat or republican and she don't know! I lecture her abit and then ask her if he running against the Kissell fellow and I heard her a asking some others like she did on the my first question. I said hon, I will vote Tuesday, but best you find who your man is fore you call anymore peons like me, ya hear and she said yes mam. Now that takes the cake. Some dummie calling for us to vote for someone she don't know a thing about cept his name. Is it me, or is that just dumb? Oh well.

Anyhow, that girl got me all upset... Our week went well and I learned to do what I hadda do on that computer and also you could email, but only to company folks. So Ann and I emailed and she introduced me via computer to a friend in Indiana and we all three emailed. To make a long story short, it was about two months away til Thanksgiving and Jo, the friend in Indiana invited me up to visit with her family and Ann for Thanksgiving so I got my tickets to go to Chicago, leaving on Wednesday and coming back on Sunday night. I was so cited as I had never flown in nothing but little puddle jumpers over here at the airport.

It got here fast and on that plane I was headed for Chicago. Now it was 70 degrees here when I left so I took a blazer and wore one. If I didn't get to Chicago and it was -9 degrees and snowing, I ain't sitting here. Well nothing was gonna spoil my trip, we were walking the streets of Chicago window shopping in the snow and me freezing my fanny off with just my blazer. Although I did buy a pair of boots while I was there. They treated me to the best time of my life. I got to go to the top of the Sears Towers and that elevator went so fast it made your ears fly shut. From the viewing place, you could see three states, Wisconsin, Indiana and Illinois.

Of course on Thanksgiving Day the families were over and I was treated so nice and had a lovely meal. Welp on Friday night they wouldn't tell me where they were gonna take me, but they had "tickets" for it. Sooooo we load up and head for Chicago and of course I have no idea where I am, but I was a Chicago Bulls fan enough to know Chicago Stadium when I saw it and I thought OH BOY, I am gonna see Michael Jordan play some basketball tonight!!! As we walked towards that stadium and I saw the lights I gotta selfishly say I was so disappointed, no ballgame, but Walt Disney's Holiday on Ice. Welp Jo had two little younguns and they were tickled pink and of course I got tickled a little, but not a whole lots. It was beautiful, I admit, but cold, oh me and oh my. I never let on that I had round ball on my mind, but I did know that Jordan had been in that place. I hated to hear when they tore it down.

Welp on Saturday night they took me out to a Japanese joint where they cook in front of you and throw the knives up in the air. Now you gotta remember I am a country girl and ain't never flown and shore ain't been to no big city. I was in a daze, but that was some more tasty food. I think they said it was Russian dressing on the salad, but that was without a doubt the best dressing I have ever eaten.
I got snow stuck in the airport and my flight was delayed but I finally rolled into Charlotte at 2 a.m. I was ever so glad to see Jerrell and be home. We had to hurry cause I had to be at work at 8 a.m.
That folks was akin to the saying of "when the country comes to town". There was so much more I could tell ya that happened but have kept you folks too long as it is.

Oh and btw, what started it all with the politic girl was I tolder that Laura Bush had just called fore her and I had hung up on her cause it was a recording and that is when I started questioning her about ole Purcells. I could have scared the poor girl, but I still think its a shame to be polling for somebody you know nothing about. I can't like politics no how, I just like to vote cause I can and I spose to!

God Bless!

Friday, November 03, 2006

a cold snap is here...

I wanted to post this picture of Caroline in Maggie's crate that I had mentioned to you folks about. She slipped in there when Steph wasn't looking. :) You can see why she has no fear of our little Roxy as she has two big sisters! And yes I had to change it from the left to the right side in order for it to post. Oh Blogger!

I just got back from the grocery store and did the chore without Jerrell today. Jerrell is at work and I really miss him being here on Fridays. No breakfast and no help with the groceries, but that's ok.
I had read a few blogs this morning before going to the store and read some of the neatest items on Teresa's site oldageisnotforwussies and I read about the Magic Eraser and I had no idea what it was, but was anxious to check it out when I got to the grocery store. Her entire post was good reading with her list of favorite gadgets, etc.

I was slowly making my rounds and had made a few stops to chat but finally got to the right aisle to find that Magic Eraser. Well as Jerrell says if it don't jump out at me, I hafta look forever and a day, which I did for that Magic Eraser, up and down the aisle until I foundem. Welp they had two different kinds. Decisions ya know is something I don't like to make. They had the 2 packers on sale so I thought welp I will get them two and tryem and if I likem, I will get a 4 pack the next time for Jerrell. I am planning on opening them and trying them as soon as I finish my posting here. After all I must post first cause I played hookey yesterday and didn't ever get a chance to post to my blog. We all have them kinda days. Just to be honest, there is no good time for me to sit down here and write a post, I just do it when the mood hits and most important when I actually have a constructive thought which are becoming less and less lately. I am thankful I have such helpful and understanding readers that can tolerate my way of doing things.

It got down to 34 here last night but tonight it is spose to get down to around 29. I like cold weather. I can sleep better and longer. It is awful hard to get outta a warm bed in the mornings when you ain't got nothing pressing to do. Ever once in a while I have a must do, but I try not to have anything scheduled early in the morning as I ain't no morning person. I do have a dental appointment on Monday morning and I don't like Monday appointments either, why then do I lettem makem on them days. If Jerrell hadn't been with me, I had it already down for the exact time I get my hair done and Jerrell caught it. This is the first day his mother has not called me to see which day it is. I told her the other day to take a piece of paper and write in big letters what day it was, set it on the kitchen table and look at it every time she walked by the table. I hafta make notes of what to do every day and at times I do hafta think to know what day it is. I blame it on Jerrell for not working M-F, 40 hrs a week like normal folks do. It do make a difference when you don't have a job to go to. Now Mrs. B says it is cause she is 90. Welp she done the same thing when she was 89 and never once blamed it on her being 89, but just as sure as she is caught in a boo boo she says well I guess you do that when you get 90. Oh brother, Jerrell do have his hands full. Mrs. B is a good woman, but will drive you stark raving crazy at times. Kinda gets me addled and all.

Okies, I gonna see if Blogger will post my picture and then throw this post from here to there. I know it is probably getting cooler where you folks are too, so stay warm, snuggle up with a book or click that remote. Just stay safe and take care. :)

God Bless!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

now, this is LOVE...

Caroline with Maggie and Gracie

while I'm at it...

Here is Roxy from yesterday. Now ain't she a baby doll? That is part of Jerrell holding her. Thanks Steph for the pictures!

ha ha and a ha...

This ain't the way it showed in preview! Best I stick to posting one atta time!

a glimpse of yesterday...

I am totally new at posting more than one picture and also I am using a new site, so please hang on, it won't get much worse!

We arrived home from the dentist yesterday to find a little punkin on our porch and pineapple upside down cake, so I knew immediately that Stephanie had stopped by. Doggone it, we had missed her. I was disappointed as Jerrell has not yet seen Caroline. I noticed two calls on the answering machine and one was Steph. I immediately called her and apparently we hadda bad connection, but I heard her say I am at your driveway now. I looked and she was turning in.

I go outside and reach for Caroline and she actually came to Moo without much hesitation. I hurried into the house with this armful to show her off to Jerrell. Poor fellow was frying himself some sausage cause I was still all numbed up from the dentist and he was starving. He finally got to see Caroline who was a little tiger yesterday. Of course only in her little suit. Steph also had her face with whiskers all over it and she was sweeter than that pineapple upside down cake. We enjoyed so much our always too brief visits, but Jerrell did get to hold her and like me just thought she was the prettiest thing he had ever seen too! Later we talked and he could now relate to what I would tell him about how sweet and pretty she was. Also the fact that she just loves Roxy and Roxy cannot give her enough sugar. It hadn't changed a bit from last time. All Roxy and Caroline were interested in- was each other. Forget mommie, me and Jerrell, she was on the hunt for Roxy.

Stephanie went to her car and got her camera so she could take a few pictures. She made one of Roxy just so Janet could see what Roxy looks like now :) and I will post it later. Today I share these two pictures, the top one of course is Moo and Caroline while I was trying to hoist that youngun up on my hip when Steph snapped and the bottom one is her Grandma Alice and Grandpa Walt. They are such wonderful folks and as you can see they just adore little Caroline. I have a special picture of Caroline and her dogs that I will share later. It is one of my favorites and happened to be one of Steph's too, so she had a 11 x 14 made of it and Caroline is fascinated with it sitting on the sofa so Steph has not been able to hang it yet.

Needless to say we so much enjoyed the visit with both of them. As I always say, I am looking forward to the next visit already!

Just as I said would happen, Jerrell was called back first at the dentist and then shortly I was called. My dentist had finally completed the plan he had been talking to me about as far as my teeth makeover goes. Welp you know how it goes, he starts with the Lexus, then the Chevy and down to the Focus. Welp, I felt like with the cost that I might as well be purchasing a vehicle. I was reclined in that chair in mid shock. I much rather call them Plan A, B and C. Moo chose the C plan which ain't exactly no bargain but covers all the bases as far as my teeth goes. I ain't needing to have movie star teeth, just maintain the ones I have. He proceeded to reconstruct three on the left side like he did the three on the right side last time. Poor ole Jerrell didn't get nothing done as Mark ran outta time and Jerrell just made another appointment.
Normally the feeling is back by the time we make the 20 minute drive home, but yesterday that didn't happen. At 9 pm last night the numbness was completely gone and then I had a piece of that there oh delicious pineapple upside cake that Steph had for me. It was well worth the wait. Thank you Steph, I forgot to tell you how good it was in our morning emails.

I definitely see a need for a camera and Steph has me convinced that I should ask Santa Claus for one and do it now! I just might give it a shot. To be continued...

Hope all you folks had a good and safe Halloween. It is simply beautiful today but by weekend here in my part of NC, it gonna be buggary cold come the weekend so I hope my LLBeaner coat comes in fore Friday. Brrrrr

God Bless!