Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Does Grandma Claudia know when to shut up and when to speak up...

This is hard to do. I keep hearing and reading of freedom of speech and I thought that meant me too. I am quite the opposite now than when I was young and needed and should have been more assertive.

I do find that it is wise to shut up only when the conversation is headed in a direction of which I have no knowledge of. I do not pretend to have all the answers for all the situations and problems in this old world. Otherwise, I pretty much tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may. I know the truth hurts cause I have heard it before.

It is not my nature to hurt anyone along life's way via a remark from my much used mouth and tact is used only when necessary. I used to be so shy I absolutely could not talk to known people well and not at all around strangers and I was one more miserable person. I have found that for the most part, people need and enjoy a little cheer and need fools like me to come in contact with as there are some real sourpussed people out there. I ain't wanting to be one of'm therefore I have turned into a very content, uncaring of what anybody thinks of me, yet sane enough to control myself... most of the time... person.

If something is one way, then it should be told or accepted as that way. No sugar coating, no dodging, cause if it is a fact, it remains a fact. I see blogging as pretty much talking to myself cause I am only repeating something I already know and telling something that has already happened and so I consider it talking to myself online-- just as I so often do offline! Like yesterday, a day could not have started out much worse, nor ended much better than it did. I had the sheer pleasure of a visit from my ex-daughter- in- law and her precious little 6 month old daughter, Caroline. Although she and my son have been divorced 8+ years, she is still, in my heart, the daughter I never had. She came only a few short hours after I had mentally already programmed myself to go to the ER, but by the Grace of God and a little nitro pill, the worst so far of whatever it is accepted all the help it could get. Going on little to no sleep, after getting the call that Steph was crossing the county line and would soon be here, I had forgotten the pain, but not the Lord that had taken me through a rough morning.

Little Caroline is beginning to look like the little girl that she is. Her baby, baby look is waning and her little girl stuff is beginning to show and of course I just cannot hardly keep my hands off of her. I was overpowered of less grinning time with Grandma Claudia since she and Roxy have this thing going. They both quickly fell in love with each other on their last visit. I was slap pushed aside and it was just Roxy and Caroline playing. All four of us was on the floor. Although with me holding Roxy and mom holding little Caroline back a ways, she let Caroline go and I got to see her crawl as she just had to get to Roxy, which she did. She crawled close enough that they started that now notorious art of sharing kisses! It got so bad, I finally told Steph. "Please stop them, they are making me sick". Caroline has two BIG dogs at home so their tongues are in no way compared to a swipe by Roxy's little tongue. If she is sitting on the floor at home, they can lick her over, but she just bounces back for more.

Nothing could have made me feel better than seeing both of them yesterday. And yes Steph, hon I will get to the doctor. Thank you for loving me. We have a bond put there only by the good Lord as she and I are natured just alike, tho' she admitted has mellowed as well. We always clicked and divorce did not change any of the families attitude towards the other. I am very happy to have a little part in Caroline's life. She is not scared of me as I am so tall, as her mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunts, all are tall folks! Steph is the youngest of 6 girls. There were two sets of twins in the family. Steph is a twin, the only son, Stephen, died at the age of two, due to a heart condition. :(

As they were loading to leave, Caroline was no longer clean, she had a cute little dress with a white color, which now had a rim of carrots trimmed neatly around the collar, but mama did wash her face and all other remaining parts with carrots on them. Roxy and I were standing there with both our tongues hanging out, Caroline was crying at the entry into her carseat. She just did not like it. Steph as usual was the happy, proud mom. Got our hugs and as they drove away, me and Roxy was already looking forward to their next visit.

Tho' a bad morning, a great day, a good night's sleep and a day in my memory bank! Full of others, that I refer back to often and YES at times I just have to share them with you good until...

God Bless!

Monday, August 28, 2006

many Mondays...

BS...I cannot display the page that I would like to say about Blogger and its lack of picture upload and all the other annoying thingies I so often occur here!

Well I ain't taking it back, just cause the picture finally loaded as I was typing the above. Don't change my feelings a nary bit. Now my blog! IF it will publish...Hoping no edits necessary...

Seems to me like Mondays somehow always turn out to be days that I hafta run some kinda errand. Of course today was no different, off I go on one of them and I happen to notice two things, one was SUV was nearing the Empty place as it always does before I muster up the idea of knowing that I gotta get gas! Good day for it, as gas has dropped to $2.62 a gallon here today. Sounded like a good day to filler up. The one track mind that I have, I figured I would just kill two birds with one stone and get me some gas on the way back from erranding. The second thing I noticed again is that this is the only vehicle I have ever owned with no ashtray!

Also, noting on the way down the highway that the gas station wasn't busy today either. I finished my errand & headed on back, noticed they still won't busy and pulled right in. Dumb kicked in and I noticed a little white bag on all the pumps. Dumb then proceeded on up the road, thinking that Stacey mighta got ticked off as she does sometimes and just put them bags on there for meanness. Hafta ask her next time I drop in.

On the way I listen to my gospel CD or whichever one it is playing at the time. Today it was my favorite gospel CD. I have had this SUV for 2 1/2 years and I have not found no ashtray as of yet, but I found myself today still looking for it. It was well blessed with drink holders and even a cigarette lighter. That is strange. So long time ago I had to convert a drink holder to a neat ashtray. I hate to hafta improvise, but sometimes in life, it kicks you in the butt and you just don't have a choice. In looking again for the ashtray I found two places that you can connect earphones to- located underneath a thingy and since Jerrell will not have sounds during a short trip or long trip, I found a way I can listen to my music next time we go somewhere. :)

I stop at the next gas station to filler up. I just throw a wave so I won't hafta go in and pay and then pump, just too much wasted walking for me. While I was in there paying, they had the neatest lighters, shaped like lighthouses and I just love lighthouses. Really, really neat. I got my gas, drove off and tried to fire up one and my lighter wouldn't work. A coincidence it was, but rather than back up and go in and get the lighter like a lighthouse that I really now need, I just used the one on the SUV. I sorta know now how Jerrell feels with me doing such stoopid things. I used to be bad at NOT buying something that is a good buy on a good sale and describing it in great detail to Jerrell about it and him saying, "well go back and get it"! I most always did go back to get it and it then of course would be gone! That is just me...So when I send him after me one of them lighthouse lighters, I betcha they too will be all gone. We shall see...

I hurried in, Roxy gets so excited if I am gone 10 minutes or 3 hours, makes her no difference. She jumps, sugars me good and makes me feel for the moment like a "Queen for the Moment". She did all her usuals so I rewarded her with a walk. We hardly walk, we kinda stroll and take it all in.

I came on here to check in with you good folks and now I gotta take some medicine and rest up from running the errands. Life is still fun, if I felt any better, I would be so happy!..

God Bless!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

a good day...

Today has started off really good. I have already taken Roxy for her long walk and it was so nice and cool, although it is suppose to get to 90 today. But it ain't there yet! Our walk was pretty much usual, the cat was not sitting on the side of the grill as is generally his/her napping place.

As a matter of fact, I just put on a mess of crowder peas to cook that my dear neighbor picked and shelled for me this week! It is actually her cat. I forgot to tell her about her cat and my dog. This is a neighbor with a heart of gold. Who would pick you some beans, least of all shell them for ya? I dunno of but two folks like her. The other friend gives me already shucked corn as she says they generally shuck it as they pick it. Ain't a bad idea and let the stuffsssss off'm fall where they might.

This same friend was a life saver for me while I was tending to my elderly aunt and uncle. For over a year I went daily to change bandages, fix remotes, take them to doctor's appointments, hospital test etc. til last summer when we had to be out of state to visit our oldest son, so my friend was the first I asked if she could fill in for me for a few days. Gladly she did!.... as it was getting to the point that I could not do all that they needed done. I was also shampooing and fixing my aunt's hair and I was unable to do that for myself so finally had to just give it all up and my good neighbor is now working on her year with helping them. Course her health is good, but still it does tie you down as she is a very active person.

A while back a lady moved back to NC after retiring from her government job in DC. She was an old-maid childhood friend of my mothers and she was wanting to meet me as I was just a little girl the last time she had seen me. She is also friends with my neighbor. Soooo we planned to go over, visit and chat a bit. Wow, I never saw bookcases from floor to ceiling filled with books, hundreds of them too. A bunch of antique furniture. She done well. BUT she had bigger plans, she insisted and nothing would do but that she take us out for lunch. Against our wants we obliged and me and my neighbor both being the laughing, joke telling folks that we are let a joke out as we were eating. OK it was me that told the joke about the newlyweds. My neighbor will laugh at anything, then I get tickled at her and if I get soooo tickled I will get to snortin. After I told the joke, a real good one at that, the old maid looked up and said, "that is the first newlywed joke I have ever heard". Welp we being on the opposite side of the booth, the bench started jumping and I got to snortin and we just couldn't quit. I guess maybe I shouldn't of told it, but it weren't a bad one. So we hurried and got her home. Now I ain't been back, but my neighbor goes regularly and helps her open mail that she has kept for as many as five years. Don't throw nutin away kind of lady. She does ask about me once in a while, but ain't exactly wants to see me again. I do hope I didn't embarrass my mama. Tho' most likely mama woulda told one a whole lots worse than mine.

Just smelling them beans cooking makes me think of my neighbor and how special she is to me. She is also a good woman, cause year before last she had 9 years perfect attendance at church, reckon now she has 11. She is always near when I need her. I had to go to the ER from work once. Two men from work brought me home, throwed me on the couch and all I could do was holler I was a hurtin so. I toldem to call my neighbor and they did. She came and went with me and the men to the hospital. I had pleursy and it hurt like the dickens. She stayed until my husband got there from work as it takes him about 30 minutes to and fro work. I am just thankful for all my friends and this one in particular. I just wish I could be more like her. Always wanting to do for others and does far more than she should, but that is what makes her so special!

I hope you all have a special day too cause you all are my friends too! Until...

God Bless!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Me and my place...

UPDATE... while I can... I should have read Blogger Status before I started my blog today. They do got problems today...

So far I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging, tho' some days of course it is harder to blog as some days you just have " it" and other days you couldn't pull a blog outta your bloomers. 'Cause my blog is BS (Buncha-Stuff) In my case, a lot of days I can honestly say I just don't feel worth a whole lot, but that's ok. Also, as you folks know you don't get on disability in 3 short months for nothing. Particually in North Carolina as I understand is one of the many states that drag their feet. The process in itself would make for a good blog. I know I used to see people that look healthy as a horse, but yet their bodies were frail. By choice I try hard to overpower my limits and keep my life as normal and happy and fun as I possibly can. You hafta conquer it or you are a goner. Therefore, I force myself to do a lot of things I just soon not do, at least-- always at the time it needs to be done. I wasn't born that way, I became that way to make my life better than my health.

I have to admit I have trimmed back on some of the blogs I read. I still have my friend's blogs that I faithfully read and you all know who you are. What joy they give me too! But some of the blogs I went to from link to link I have found is not worth my time. I enjoy the family blogs, the pet blogs, real life stuff. Can't like technical, political or just plain off the wall with wild music, weird, scary logo filled sites. Just ain't gonna happen. They are wasting their time, so they sho' ain't gonna waste mine.

I will make this one a bit short. As you know I always make up for it too much in a later blog. :)

This is what I want my blogs to be...

1) Say what I want with attitude (attitude is unsophisticated character)
2) Not afraid to admit my own weaknesses and mistakes (my grammar is lousy and I am even proud of it
3) Learn from senior bloggers without littering their comments board with dumb words
4) Blog things that leave an impact on others, regardless of age/background
5) Please myself or I cannot please others
6) Be a witch at times, but always with a heart
7) Make sure the art of fun and love shines and shows
8) See only the good side or just stay away
9) Encourage newcomers by showing genuine interest
10) Humor, humor, humor

Until I get back...

God Bless!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

After is today...

I think after two days of having this flat panel, I can give ya a fair Moobear assessment of it or at least mine. Since my pc is a Dell I chose to buy a Dell when I saw that the computer hospital had a Dell franchise and sells and services them for Dell. The one on display got my attention. Days later of course they were sold out as is so common in my life. Always a day late and a dollar short. Rose said they were selling faster than they could get them in, but they had ordered 4 of them that did not go with the systems.
Oh my opinion of it... I find it has amazing clarity, much better than I had anticipated and I can stay on it for my usual hour or two playing solitaire at pogo and my eyes are not blurry when I get off. Now that I really like. Guess cause it ain't got no glare. And of course the size, unreal how little space it requires vs the bulk of my previous monitor. So, I highly recommend them for anyone with the need or desire of one.

Jerrell and I are finding it hard to believe that it is already time for another round of American Idol. That is not normally something either he nor I would normally invest our much valued time on. Tryouts are to be in Charlotte this Saturday. Last year they were held in Greensboro. Also, they are limiting tryouts to only 22 counties and no outsiders as they had to turn away so many folks last year.

We rode the American Idol rollercoaster from start til finish last year, looking forward to each week's show. I sat with my cell phone on hand for the second I could call in and vote.
We would wonder why we watched it ourselves, if we had not had an "investment" in it.
The plain ole country girl, Kellie Pickler, was raised just two miles from our house. So naturally the city and county went ALL Kellie Pickler to a much deserving little country girl. She represented us well and we are quite proud of'er. So we played our part in it too.

It remains to be seen whether we choose to ride that roller coaster again this year. After each show my anxiety level was maxed out and I could not stop idling long enough to get to sleep. Do I really want to torture myself again this year, I really, really think not.
As grammie is waiting for Buddah, she too had an investment in Taylor Hicks. He is from her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Now I liked Taylor too, so grammie beat me out there with Taylor getting the home run. I hafta admit, I too was a pulling for Taylor after Kellie got poofed out.

As I have mentioned before my little Roxy is overly amazed with anything in the air, she loves birds, butterflies and even airplanes. On her first trip out this morning, she did something totally different. She stopped and looked at the large tree in the yard next door, her little head up high and just scanning around, checking "up there" out and I thought of so much I have learned from her, to appreciate the wind, the critters she likes, the birds and even the annoying planes flying over from the nearby National Gurard Unit. She was 9 months old when we got her and she was housed with a cat. So, yesterday she got all excited when she saw our neighbor's cat, always the same, trying her best to get to it with her tail in full wiggle. So I had a thought, I picked her up and carried her up closer to the cat and that cat was pretty. ALL black cept for little white feets and the prettiest green eyes and a hot pink collar. I knew Roxy wouldn't hurt the cat, but won't sure the cat wouldn't hurt Roxy so a safe distance I stayed. I never been around cats so don't know how to take them. I do remember fore my mama died, mama and my brother were heading home one night and we was little fellers and there in the road was two little black kitties and mama stopped that ole 52 Ford and got them kittens. We named them Pete and Repeat. To my knowledge that is the only cats that have been in my life.

I gotta get so I can get pretty to go to the beauty shop. I told Jerrell I would be pretty when he got home today. And I shall not tell a lie....Until.....

God Bless!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

For those like me, that have often wondered just what good are those little thingies on bloggers sidebars. IMO, they are not worth a toot! I do it cause everybody else did, but I am gradually gettin rid of some of'm. The counter will give you a general idea of how many folks click quickly thru your blog. The little Zapper will often send one that is only spinning and grinning. Now the little map, it is pretty neat. I kinda took a liking to him. The others I just liked the colors. I was sure you folks wanted my opinion on this. So for it's worth, here it is! Have a great day too!

God Bless!

Why I am here blogging...

After reading the blog of my friend Ingrid, it made me think of how I came about blogging. I had been a faithful reader of MyThoughts for well over a year and that was the only blog I had ever read or bothered to read at that time. One day I had clicked on her profile to get her email address as she and I had emailed from time to time. I needed to ask her something about LL Bean as she orders from there too. I saw the create blog thingy and I clicked on it, simply followed the instructions out of curosity and the further I went along the more I noticed I had to make some choices and then I began to actually think, "do I really want to have a blog" wondering what could I possibly write about that anybody could possibly care to hear. I thought I would do it for myself. I have anxiety which creates stress and I actually thought it might be theraputic for me.

So I continued and chose a template which happened to be like Sallys, the lady whose blog I read. First, I love blue, second, I like something simple, not with do dads all around it. Plain, just like me suited my fancy to the tee. I was
amazed that I had no problem getting a picture on my page, knew enough about html from many years of mIRC and I had my blog set up.

That is when it hit me, now I gotta write something. The idea was for it to be called My Day, but apparently I put Claudia's Place somewhere that I should have put My Day, but for me I wouldn't turn my hand for the difference.
I was a bit cited over the fact that I had a blog site set up and was even more cited when I sat down to do my very first post. I found it was so easy as I never know when to shut up when talking and blogging ain't a whole lot different.
I wondered if it mattered if it interested folks or not, but not really caring, just was going to be myself in blogging as I am in life. I had to think, what do I have to offer? Being totally new to blogs, having only Sallys as an example, I dithered with should I keep it short or make it as lengthy as I wanted it. I decided I would go with whatever was leading me at the time, therefore some of my blogs are short ones and some are long ones. The "I gotta be me" post is just the way I feel about my blog.

It is so important I think that any blogger be themselves. Don't try to write like Tom, DIck or Harry. That makes the wonder of it all, the aspects and views of each individual and makes us wonder what makes them tick. If you get away from yourself, it will show in your blog. This I might add, I have noted in my many blog readings from here to yonder. Sorta like Dragnet, "Stick to the facts ma'm". I also found that if it took much sense, a gift of writing or a hidden talent, then I was flat left out! So starting out being myself and sharing mostly with things that happen in my life is what I did. It is either the company I keep or me, but weird and strange things always seem to find me and happen to me. So, when it does, then I can write about it, or that is the way I see it.

Granted on those more frequent than not bad days, I either blog and would have been better off not to have or I choose to just not blog at all. It does show in my blogs when I should have stayed in the bed or at least not touched the computer that day.

I am thankful that I needed to email Sally on that particular day and that I noticed the create blog link because as I had thought, it is theraputic and as I have said, "I get far more out of it, than I ever put into it". That makes blogging one of the best choices I have made in a long while.. .And I cannot forget the friends I have made in Blogsville. One cannot ever have too many friends and I am thankful for all my computer friends as I share a bit of my life with them and in return they do the same. I am sure there are blogs that are not family oriented, as the use and endless possibilities that the internet has to offer has been severely abused by many. I chose to be here and I choose to be myself. Having said that. I am outta here for the day for my little Roxy just had her lunch and is napping and soon her long walk is coming up. So until.......

God Bless!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Just a wonderful day...

Although the grass is wet, the sun is not shining, it is still a wonderful day. Seems like there is also less humidity with the lower temperatures as well. Now that I can like. Was a sheer joy to take little Roxy on what we call her "long walk". The shorter walk is determined by me and if my weak legs will hold up to make it all the way around my house on our return route.

It is so quiet now with my computer problem solved and fixed. I do know that I have many local readers of my blog and being the lady I am, I asked Jeff Pressly, owner of the computer place if he minded if I plugged his place on my family readable blog about an old disabled woman. He gave me the go ahead and asked that I email him the link to my blog. Jeff is owner of
Computer Visions here in Albemarle. Locally owned and operated with a superb staff of friendly and highly efficient professional folks. As I often do I shared a few yarns of mine with Rose the very helpful lady that waited on me and she in turn shared some of hers with me. The lady in the office chipped in too, so needless to say I had fun there as I do anywhere I go. Actually am looking forward to going back to pick up my flat panel monitor (spose to be today Jeff) .. :) I would highly recommend any local or nearby area folks with computer needs, they have it ALL at Computer Visions on 150 S. First St. right here in Albemarle. Very friendly, speedy and professional. What more can one ask for.

I hafta admit I overdid it yesterday. Yes alternati I did! :) I was pleased at my accomplishments, but was a tad leary when Jerrell found out what can be accomplished when there is no computer in the house. He did comment on the improvement in the cleaned areas and appreciated it as he does all the laundry and 90% of the housework. I cannot vacuum or go down to the basement where the washer and dryer is, so he does the laundry, vacuuming and the big time house cleaning.

I am subject to fall at any minute so after many falls, he preferred I didn't go down the basement steps. Would be a big pile to have to pick up on the landing down there. I didn't argue, if I need something from down there, I just ask him to retrieve it when I see him making a trip down.

Just took Roxy out in the front yard to pee pee and my ex-dog groomer stopped in the road and we chatted a bit. She thought little Roxy was precious, which she is. It is nice when folks don't get mad just cause you change groomers for one reason or another. She was on her way to pick up her sister and my neighbor to go pick beans. Roxy is slow so we were still there when they came back up the road and stopped and chatted again. I forgot to call my neighbor and wish her a happy birthday yesterday so I just sang Happy Birthday to her in the front yard. I think that tickled her more than if I had called yesterday, so that is a little worry I can now forget about. I always have good intentions, but most times I fail to follow through. Do ya'll do that?

It is so nice out, I think in a bit I will take Roxy on yet another long walk. I tend to take her more of course when it ain't so hot. This heat wave break has certainly been a blessing to me. Cept the dampness and "arthur" in my back and hips don't get along too well. I think I might need to go and play a bit with Roxy while I wait on the news conference in CA for John Karr. Dunno bout him, I am leaning toward he didn't commit this crime on little Jon Beney.
I think that he thinks that, he thinks he did it...

Until tomorrow......hopefully....

God Bless!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Yeppers, I am back already...

Had to rest up some! I tell ya, I found out today that a day without a computer can create a day full of work. I took my computer to the hospital a little after 9:00 this morning. I came home and found I had nothing to do. Well nothing that I am accustomed to doing.

So I decided first I would clean off this computer desk and got the BIG rag cause it was not just dusty, but when I pulled the monitor out, it had years of I have no idea what under and around it. Shamefully I say, it was just plain nasty!! Since I had an under the monitor surge protector, as well as a strip one on the floor under the desk, I am dog gone well protected! I decided to move it over to a table side my desk and tidy up a bit. Welp that turned into a job of which turned into plain ole work. Well I worked on and around the computer room all morning. With a red face and sweaty head. I seem to only sweat there, no idea why, hot brain, maybe?

Anyway, I made certain I stopped at 11:30 so I could cool of for 30 minutes fore I fixed me and Roxy some lunch. I did that, chugging on a Seven Up that I had been craving as it has been years since I have had one, so Jerrell had picked me up a Seven Up and a Dr. Pepper, of which I had not had in years either. Since my stomach is messed up, I am watching what I put in it, even losing some weight. Thank you Lord. So along with the Seven Up, I popped me a Goody powder and that helps my aches and aided in my cooling off too.

I fixed me and little Roxy some lunch. I fixed me a Hot Pocket pepperoni pizza.(I have gotten hooked on them, tryem)
and I fixed little Roxy a dinner for a dog to die for. We are cutting her back as she is fat too. I only gave her a half slice of luncheon meat, sprinkled some shredded cheese over it, cause she loves cheese and put her some lettuce bits all around the plate. She likes it a tad better with a some salt. She had a good looking plate and the little sugarbugger ate every bite and pushed that paper plate all over the kitchen floor til she had it ALL gone.

Well I got my second wind and started cleaning the bathroom and remembered I hadn't called my beach bum friend yet that I promised I would, so I did. While talking to her my cell phone rang and I put'er on hold and got the cell call.
It was the computer place telling me that noise was coming from that floppy disk thingy and he asked if I used it. I have never and do not intend to, so he said, he had checked it all out, the Anti-Virus was up to date and he had cleaned the remainder of the dust bunnies out and it was ready to pick up and it was only 2:00. BUT.... the UPS truck with the Dell flat panels wouldn't be in til round 3:00 so I said I welp I'll just wait til bout 3 to go get it.

In that hour, I got the bathroom cleaned. I hafta mop sitting down so I scrubbed and crawled and got that done. Had some time to tidy the rest of the bathroom fore I lit out to the hospital.

Get up there, computer is brought out and they want me to see how quiet it is and all and bless pat Rose, the lady working there, said "whoa did you see that"? -Nope. -Well it was a look like brown recluse spider cause she had been bitten with one before so she goes and gets a man and a can! She ain't got a good aim on it, so I tolder to gimme the can. I shot that spider slap off the cord, down to the carpet and puddled him good again. The guy said I think you got him!

So I paid them up, they loaded it up and I got home, hurried in the house to get supper started for the hubby. Thank goodness again for leftovers... We ate, I cleaned the kitchen and here I am. I was to say the least thrilled it was not the hard drive and of course it didn't hurt the pocketbook nearly as bad. Well, cept for the flat panel --I went ahead and paid for it and will pick it up tomorrow.

Not sure if I could have survived two or three days more without it, cause a lot of other areas in my house needs some attention to and I just might have overdone it and that would just never do. I got more, but I will halt for now.
So I am glad I really wasn't gone long at all..... until.....

God Bless!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

WHAT a day...

What a busy day! I am so glad that tomorrow is Sunday and hopefully a day of rest for me. I cannot figure how I manage to be busy all the time, yet no visible changes can be seen. Nor have I stepped a foot out of the house today. Not even to walk Roxy. Jerrell usually over walks her on the weekends. I did cook some things for lunch tomorrow, but til I finished I was too tired to cook again so we just ate what we spose to have tomorrow.

I had an important email to write, which needed to be well thought out and sensitive in nature, so since that is not my area of expertise, I had to really struggle. I was bout half through and that dad jim telephone rang and nobody here to answer it, so I went to get it, thinking...this shore better be important...and it was. It was my son and he is very important. By the time I finished talking with him, my mind was on a whole different matter of course than the email I had to go back and finish up.

Proceed I did do and carefully I might add. This was not a normal email, but a necessary one under the cirucumstance. I did finish the email and felt like I was honest and caring in my delivery of the intent of the email.

I thought I had my mind made up on my computer until I got a phone call from my brother today. His wife was on her girl's day out and he was off the golf course since he is a senior citizen and can only play during the week on the course and we just had plenty of time to talk and neither of us are shy with our tongues. I hope he enjoyed shooting the bull as much as I did.

He knows the programming, programs, software part of a computer, BUT don't know pee doodley about the guts of one. He was awful amazed that I knew quite a bit about the guts. Goes to show you that I listened to his late wife when she would be telling us things, whereas he musta didn't.

To make a long story short, if I go on now and get the h/d, they can transfer all my valuables off thisen onto the new one. Vs- if I wait til it crashes, then "I" will have to download some programs that I have that of course do not come with XP Pro. Knowing me and always looking for the easiest way out of everything and after talking to my brother, I think I will just take it in the first of the week, that is if it is still running by then. I should be down for a couple days as they got a staff that gets them in and out in a speedy and professional manner.
Unless of course I change my mind before then.

This just happened 5 minutes ago, the phone rang again and it was my poor mother in law. First thing she ask is, what day is today? Not the first time this has happened. Welp, I told her it was Saturday. She thought it was Sunday and she had missed church. She had also bought something today, which has been a no-no for her all the 39 years I have been married to her son. She will NOT buy on Sunday. And that is why I have to cook on Mother's Day!! I assured her that it was Saturday-- she even caught me on a good day, so she is also lucky! I reminded her about her getting Sunday in the wrong place a while back and she bought that day and I told her she would just hafta pray a little harder, I thought the Lord surely would understand. To soften the blow, I told her that happens to me too, must be our age. I am 62 and she is 90. :) Now I am gonna jump back up to where I was.....

I have jumped and I am finishing up. Thanks for bearing with me... Until.....

God Bless!

Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm still a hummin.......

I guess this computer is killing my curosity. It has me wondering just how long it can keep on keeping on. Anytime now and a year is a large time span. I have no clue what makes the determination as to when it is time for the h/d to pass on. It has become quite an annoying, yet fascinating hum to me now. You will get used to most anything if you are around it long enough.

No point in taking it in today, as it is Friday, well knowing they ain't gonna touch it fore Monday, if then. It isn't that I cannot live without it. It has been hospitalized before.

It reminds me of life, we could go anytime or it could be a year. We have no guarantees on this at all, so I try to keep all my little duckies in a row and live life accordingly.

In case I do go down for a while (computer wise), I just want you good folks to know that I will be back and in the meantime, I want ya'll to know I appreciate your visits and your comments. Behind each viewer or commenter, there is a life, of which I take none lightly. I thank you for bearing with me as I go hilter skilter at times.

I was talking to a dear friend late last night for over an hour and a half, finally got to bed around 12:30 and was up early so I kinda started the day already tuckered out, but will get my second wind back I am sure...

Until then......

God Bless!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I am in a holding pattern for a computer crash...

The problem that I thought I had with my computer was verified just a little while ago. I went by the computer repair place of my choice and I was told the loud humming noise indeed was my hard drives way of warning me of impending danger. It could go at any minute or it could go a year. Therefore, I have one of those dreaded decisions to make. I did learn money wise how much the damage will be, not as bad as I anticipated. If I can stand the noise, since I have backed up everything, I can either repair it now or wait until it crashes, which will not hurt the computer in any way other than the hard drive. Since I live on the edge, you may kinda think you know just what I am going to do.

If you do, let me know, cause I am not sure quite yet. I also decided when I replace the hard drive that I am going to go ahead and get me a flat panel or whatever they call them. I now have a 19" monitor and I would go with the 17" flat panel as they pretty much have as much viewing area as my current monitor. The only drawback that I can see is you can't put ya fingers on the screen and hafta be extremely careful in cleaning with a special cloth and cleaning solution.

While I didn't think I would muster a blog today, I do have this I would like to share with you; as Audrey Hepburn was a favorite of mine and what she had to say certainly has much meaning in it. So here it be folks....

.... and all she wants to do is dance, dance........
It's BEAUTIFUL Women Month, do you qualify?

Did you know that it's Beautiful Women Month? Well, it is and that means you and me !!!
Yeah I laughed when I read this too! I'm supposed to send this to FIVE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, and I have wracked my brain and I just do not know five, my gosh that's a lot !!! Below is a wonderful poem Audrey Hepburn wrote when asked to share her "beauty tips." It was read at her funeral years later. Guess anything goes at funerals, but even I must admit this does have lots of meaning built into it. That is why I am choosing to insert this into my blog today. I don' t mind sharing anything worthwhile with my fellow bloggers.

Maybe we should use these useful things now, rather than later like Audrey Hepburn suggested...

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness...

For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people...

For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry...

For beautiful hair , let a child run his/her fingers through it once a day...

For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone... People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone...

Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms.
As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands; one for helping yourself and the other for helping others...

(Written by the late Audrey Hepburn)

God Bless!

Monday, August 14, 2006

I do take life very serious...

but I fail to take myself serious enough. I do most things in life right or the very best I know how. I try hard to live like the good Lord wants me too and always have been concerned about and for others. I never would have intentionally hurt anyone and try hard not to by accident. Although as we all know, the truth hurts sometime.

As for myself, I had a long talk with me last night as I sat once again in the dark on my "thinking stool". I can be serious, but only if I have to. Some things require it in life, but as I have gotten older, it usually involves sadness in one way or another. I handle whatever it is as it should be when these events occur. But I still should make some changes for myself -to myself. I had far rather have fun and make fun out of situations than stick with the intent of the situation. I just find it so hard to be a serious person and I need to change that.

For some reason our health insurance company coverage is a free perk from my husband's place of employment and for back to back years they have actually stayed with the same insurance company. When we first enrolled a nurse would call me every week, then they cut back to two weeks and now I am on a monthly call basis. Why, I have no idea, but I always enjoy talking with them and oft times they are male nurses. But that's ok. Anyhow, after thinking about the change I need to make in me today, a nurse happened to call while I was busy having an angina attack. I told her I didn't feel good, so wouldn't shoot no bull and for her to go ahead and ask all them questions, but that NO my meds had not changed! Although I was hurting I still had to try extra hard to be serious, something about those folks infactuate me. They are So serious sounding all the time, specially today. Well I behaved pretty good for a while, asked her a few questions I had been wondering about and ended up covering my entire body. In the meantime my pain was increasing and I just told her that she would hafta scuse me while I took a nitro. She ask me had I taken any today and I said yeah, had to take one this morning. Nothing ever causes it, it just happens and it is no fun. So I was hoping she would hurry up and shut up, which she finally did.

I thought I made it through that conversation without straying totally off subject, so why couldn't I do that all the time, anywhere and at anytime. That is my goal, is to be more serious, not depressing serious, but enough to not act like a complete fool as I usually do. It will be harder I think than stopping smoking and I am thinking long and hard about quitting that too. Can I do either?...or both? I think I can....I think I can...

So taking only one thing at a time, I will try to be a more serious person at the grocery store, at the doctor's office, when we got out to eat and in general ALL public places and even at home. The telephone calls are the hardest, but that too, I will work on.

I get on my own nerves with my hyper happiness, so surely I must others, therefore, I shall try to be calmer and whole lots more serious. No guarantees, but like I say, I will try most anything once.

Til a better day...

God Bless!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I went and done it again......

I was ( am) notorious for embarassing my boys no matter how hard I try NOT to. Jerrell and I were blessed with two wonderful look alike sons, one looks like their pretty mama and the other looks more like his more pretty dad. They are as different as night and day, as most two sons are I reckon. Kev is the perfectionist in the family, which he got from neither me nor his dad. I found that out when he was around two years old and I served the little fellow a good breakfast of bacon, eggs and grits. I won't ever forget it. My second son was not born yet and the little one liked to sit on the floor in the den with his back to the wall and eat. Well this particular morning he starting having a screaming hissy fit. I had no idea what the trouble was, so I asked. Through all the sniffles and snorts and whines, he told me his bacon was broke. He had two slices and one was broke in two. Then that got me upset, wondering what kinda two year old youngun cares if his bacon is broke or not. I was later to find out why.

To reminsce just for a sec, two other times I embarrassed them that I am going to tell ya about. Oh there are hundreds but I dare not share them all. I would take the boys to school the back road. We lived in the county but paid "tuition", yeah paid so the boys could go to the city schools. At that time my husband taught school in the county system so now you know why he wanted them to go to city schools. Well on that backroad to school, all them younguns on that road rode the school bus to the county schools. There was this one little twit and I think a sister or two that was always a waitin on the bus when we went by. Well that little twit of a boy was bad to sit his little lunch bag, not no lunch box, right on the edge of the road and it seemed to me he would keep edging that little bag further out into the road. So I told the boys one morning that if that little twit had it in the road again, I was gonna run over it and shore nuf there it sat. We went right by that twit and his sisters and both my boys were looking over the back of the seat and Moo had made a hit. Needless to say, the boys were shocked, but as all stories go, it had a good ending. No more lunch bags were in the road no more. I will hold off on the second embarrassment cause I gotta get on with what I should have to started with.

Well today we were going to Charlotte to visit with Jeff, our youngest son, as planned. He is the one that looks like his dad, but is natured more like me. He and I like clothes whereas Kev and his dad could care whether they ever get anything new or not and if they do, either I had to buy it or now Kev's wife dresses him right fancy and all. I always buy Jerrell's clothes for what little good that does. He ain't like me, buddy I wear it as soon as I get the tags off, not Jerrell, they hang in the closet. As a matter of fact, we have found pants and shirts that I had even forgot buying. But that ain't the point today.

I hafta program myself to most anything that occurs outta my surroundings. So since we were going to Charlotte to visit and to go out to eat with Jeff, I was primed and ready to be nice, pretty and for heaven's sake on my good behavior! So I dressed pretty in my new white linen pants, my favorite top and my newest and best wearing llbeaner shoes that wear a heck of a site better than they look. With my leg and foot and age too, I intend to be comfortable whether I look just so so or not. I even put on make up, so I considered myself decked out, primed for nicety and we headed out. Enjoyed the ride over and Jeff was glad to see us.

Some things had changed since it had been a good year and a half since we had made that 30 mile trip. He had that shower curtain that Moo has just gotta have one like. The one I told ya about with the world on it. ALL the countries, Just a flat globe is what it is. So colorful, big letters , got the countries, capitals and oceans, the whole nine yards.
Also, he had a new big screener tv since he had let his girlfriend use his other one when hers went on the blink. We hung out a while and wanted to beat the church crowd, then we headed out to eat! The country comes to town, Jeff later said. :P~

Things that happen to me are NOT planned, they just seem to HAPPEN. We get to our destination and park.
We amble on in, Jeff was leading the pack and me and hubby stopped to look at the menu thingy and the brunch
sign thingy. Jeff was already at the register til I got there and I heard him order a cheeseburger, normally Jeff always gets a hamburger steak cause he just loves them! So in order to keep it simple and me not having a big appetite, I thought welp I will make it easy and just get me a hamburger. The little gal (dumb I find out later) asked me what would I like? I said a hamburger, all the way. She says to me, "what kind"? hmmm I said "what kind ya got?" She mumbled something not quite sure what, I saId," yeah, the round one". I thought that was dumb as all hamburgers are round. Welp then I heard Jeff sigh and blow and looked and he had his head hung. I done embarassed him, but she kindly confused me there by asking me what kind when I had just told her a hamburger all the way! So my husband ask if they are still serving breakfast and she said yeppers, so he orders hotcakes as they serve breakfast anytime. Hearing that, I told the dumb girl that I wanted to change my hamburger all the way to some bacon, eggs and grits. She dunning rung it up, so I asked her if she couldn't back it out, well that finished Jeff off, he hunched down on his elbows on the counter and I knowed I messed up yet again. BUT when we get to the table, Jeff told me when "she" asked him what he would like, he said a "plain cheeseburger" to which the dumb girl replies, what would you like on it. DUH.....Jeff says a hamburger patty and cheese! Also, Jeff told me he thought she said "regular" but it did sound like she said "round". Now how hard is it to take an order for a plain cheeseburger and a hamburger all the way. Now this won't Hamburger Joes or Sloopy John's Cafe. Jerrell told J, "son I am used to this, I just grin and bear it and be on my way".

We did get a good laugh out of it and you know the good part of the whole deal, was the food was outstanding. I told Jeff I wanted to go back there again, but we might hafta wait long enough and just maybe that dumb girl goes off to college or gets her a job at some other eating joint over there in Charlotte. He assured me he won't real embarrassed, but you know how them sons likes to please us mamas. His dad told him he was lucky, that if it had been Kev, his face woulda turned red and his neck splotched up with those red spots. He does that around me alot. Me and Kev have been known to lock horns, but J is too easy going and he is afterall, my baby.

So I gonna stay in all week and get over this trip. No wonder we didn't go back to Ohio this summer to see Kev and his family, he ain't got our visit from last year. Oh well, he will call tonight as is norm for every Sunday night at 8 pm and we always look forward to it. Cept last week, our little granddaughter called at 6 pm and said they were someone in PA on the way back to Ohio from Niagra Falls from picking up Grandpa....

So until I am able.........

God Bless!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Just me today...

If I went t- totally on feelings folks, I just would not be here today, but since I want to be here, I am. I was pretty much happy with this now here weekend cause we had made plans to go visit with our son in Charlotte this Sunday. As a rule, Jeff usually comes home every two weeks and we sorta fell into a rut. After his divorce he moved into an apartment so he would not have to make the drive to and from Charlotte every day from Albemarle. He later found a really nice house in Mint Hill; so he bought it and then he had a place of his own. It's ok to have two homes, I sure wouldn't want it to be any other way. He has lived in his new house for 4 years and shamefully I tell you this, but as we were in that rut of him coming home every two weeks, we have only visited his new home I think about 4 times in those 4 years. I do know that it was this past Christmas a year ago since we have been. Oh yeah, I am hanging my head in shame. BUT we sorta have a reason. Ya see, some young men don't cook meals, they just have "make do's" so we always took Jeff out to eat when we visited with him. Welp as luck would have it, the restaurant that we so much enjoyed just flat out closed! Now Burger King ain't exactly our idea of a Sunday go to dinner kinda place, not that there is anything wrong with it.

So since they closed, we just ain't been as much. We told J to ride around and scope out some surely to be found eating joints in his area. He reported in that he had found one that he thought Dad could find something he would like ( he is a very quare eater) on their menu. So happy days are here again, I don't hafta cook no Sunday dinner tomorrow. I just relish on the very thought of it. It has been a long, long time overdue for Moo to get any Sunday off from cooking a bigger than normal dinner.

To top it off, I had planned for me and the hubby to have them left over unknown beans and stuffssss for supper. Hubby was fixin to go check on his mama and said," why don't we just go to the fish house tonight?" Now ain't I one lucky woman!, at least this weekend. No cooking for two days and I feel sure them leftovers can be leftover one more day and I will throw them on the table come Monday evening. I am one lucky Moo today! The other thing is, I ain't sure what I want to get. Do I get a combo, shrimp, deviled crab, or what? Ya'll know I don't like to make decisions, big or small... I think I just might get a child's plate of shrimp cause I just cannot eat all that much stuff on an adult plate.

I also got sumpin on my mind about blogging. I am new at this and I thought I knowed what blog rolling was, but after studying it a bit in my mind, I moogled it and found it ain't what I thought it was. I make my morning rounds like the doctors do with their patients in the hospital, cept I go round to the blogs to see my "patience", cause some ofem takes patience to read and sometimes figure what the heck they are talking about. I am gonna hafta weed some of them nonsense to me ones-- and those blogs that are for folks blessed with a wealth of brilliance and knowledge of which I know nothing of, nor do I want to at this point in my life.

I do like most all the ones that I chose for my what I thought was a blog roll. I kinda figure there is a term for what I do, maybe blog hopping or blog roaming. If there is a name, ya'll ole timer bloggers know, would you kindly let me know exactly what I am doing when I go from one blog to another. All help will be appreciated and registered into my "thank you" memory.

Since I have the weekend off, I have more computer time so I may just roam around and find some new blogs. The best ones I have found are from links on my favorites as they are usually good ones or they wouldn't have them linked on their blog, right?

I guess I best shut up and get me on some going out to eat clothes on. Don't think the hubby will take me as until tomorrow... take care, stay safe ....and

God Bless!

Friday, August 11, 2006


I been told by a knowledgeable person (bean expert), unlike me, that those beans sounded like baby lima beans instead of butterbeans. I guess I really don't know, but I will let ya know this. I got them beans shelled, washed real, real good, put on to cook, done gottem cooked and they are GOOD!. Regardless of what I am eating, my okra and pork chop will go just fine with them beans and I thank you for your time.

God Bless!

I ain't as country as I thought...

If ya'll remember in my post yesterday, that my dear friend gave me a mess of butterbeans and some okra right outta her garden. Well I found out that all beans you don't string. You deserve ever little bean you can muster of the bag full . I know now why my mama didn't make her little girl shell no butterbeans. It ain't that I was spoiled or loved too much, she knew if I had to shellem, I would throw one of them Hall hissy fits and today I know how right she was. I was known to "run away", jump on my bicycle and stay gone til sundown or I heard her a calling me. It takes a lot of them beans to make a mess. Nooooo no, no, rarely is their ever morn three beans in that pod! But bless Pat, if there was, one of'm was a bad bean. There is a big difference tween stringing a bean and shelling a bean. Like I shelled a whole bunch fore I knowed that one side is the easiest to get them suckers out of. You gotta use some psychology on them beans. And oh how thrilled I was when I would see one of the yellow, dried looking ones, those little butterbeans just jumped outta that shell. Now if all them beans were like that, I could be in shelling heaven instead of mending my broken nail enough to continue to shell enough for a mess.

Actually right now I am on a bean break. I know for a fact that a nail biter cannot shell butterbeans. You gotta have a thumb nail to get the dang bean started. Or at least, that was my finger of choice. I was shellin along and I be danged if I didn't break my shelling thumb's nail and besides that-- it is in the QUICK!. So I ain't shelling no more til I get good and ready. I was a hoping to have them for supper. I may make it and I may not.

Mama would be proud of me though, I so far ain't said a curse word, but I admit I came awful close. Course I only got about a good cup full shelled. I noticed there was a whole lot of beans in that bag and now I know why. Brenda wanted me to have a good mess so I would have leftovers, which I do like. Best I remember them crowder peas ain't this hard and they got more beans per shell. Also, as luck would have it, my hubby loves to string and I think shell beans, but he is at work. He has been only working 3 to 4 days a week all year and just the week my sweet friend gives me these butterbeans, he hasta work 5 days. Now folks that is what kinda luck I been telling ya about.

Me nor my dog ain't had no lunch yet, I really did want to get them beans ready and a cookin fore we ate, but it's not looking good right now or working out as planned, not that I should be surprised. So I'm going to put a bandaid on my thumb right now and fix me and my little Roxy some lunch. Then I shall return to the beans. Reckon I will try a little paring knife to pull the string and hope for the best and of course will expect and most apt to get the worst!

Thank you tho' Brenda for the beans. I still love you too! Good day to all you folks. ... Until...

God Bless!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Two months...

MOOBEAR'S ANNIVERSARY FLOWERS Well don't seem that long ago, but time does fly when you are having fun. So today is my second month anniversary of blogging. I have yet to regret starting my blog as I have gained so much more out of it than I have ever put into it. I have made new friends who, otherwise, our paths would never have crossed. I may have lost one along the way but that was their choice, not mine. It is rare that I make decisions and even more rare to make a good one!
Thanks for all of you that have stopped by and for those that returned I send a special thank you.

Also, I have had many nice and kind comments and I have not taken them lightly. I appreciate anyone that takes the time to comment and most of all the thought behind the comment whether it big or small.

I topped my day off with a well deserved and much need haircut. As usual my Thursday trip to my hairdresser won't no different- in respect- as to having fun. They are all a wonderful bunch of folks, even some are witty and dang right funny, which fits me and my life to a "t". Before I left , my beach house friend dropped by and gave me a good mess of butterbeans and okra right fresh outta her garden. She knows how I love crowder peas, but she was fresh out of them, but reassured me that I would get a mess out of the next picking. I do dearly love crowder peas. I thank the Lord I was raised poor cause poor folks actually ate much better than the rich folks did, in my opinion. They can have their a la carts and them horderves and such. I will just be hunky dory with my fried chicken, fried taters and such.

Also ain't nothing better than cooking those things in the old cast iron frying pans handed down from generation to generation, you can't just wear them out. I have assembled a mass of them from my aunt and my mother in law. I like to keep mine treated so they be slick as a baby's butt and makes frying lots easier. I don't wanna fryer that my food is going to stick too. Now I won't say I ain't used a teflon pan once in a while; they good for grilling pimento cheese sandwiches or frying an egg in good hot bacon grease, but they ain't made for real cooks. I don't really like cooking actually, but getting a little nicer with it since I have more time. It was always hard to work and come in and jump right into cooking a meal. Now I can pace myself and cook ahead of time if necessary. I can also get the hubby to string the beans the night before, because I do not like to string no beans. He can sit still long enough to get the job done and I just can't. Guess that is why Roxy is his lap dog, not mine, cause I am up and down too much. I always did want a lap dog. Wasn't always that way, but now I just cannot sit still for long at a time, dunno why. Same way in them little rooms at the doctor's offices, pace and pace and always grab one of their kleenex and blow my nose, just a habit I reckon. Mine has windows now, that helps too. Docs just don't get in no hurry when I am in those little rooms.

Welp since I have congratulated myself and patted myself on the back for the anniversary and not to forget my flowers, I will just shut up. I just wanted to make sure you good folks know that I have been here that long. Many may be hoping I just go away and that too can happen. I do live day to day and with that way of life, bout anything can happen. Time will tell...until....
something does....outta here for the day...

God Bless!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I think I musta got Blogjacked

At least this type of ailment don't hurt me, it is just an inconvenience, sorta like the spammers that like to hit our blogs. But that's ok, I have been known through my walk through life to inconvenience, irritate and even annoy a few along the way. Duh..I am lying, shucks it was like a LOT of folks! If I was that smart, I think I could use the talent in a bit more of a constructive manner. Since I know the ins and outs of my viewers, it was exactly who I thought it was. I told him to read The Bible, but he musta misunderstood and read another book instead. Sorta like some form of junk I would enjoy reading. No substance, just junk. Since I have gotten started, I will just share with you my type of reading. I seem to be able to relate to junk better and there is usually a little laff or it certainly would have been a waste of my-- all I have -- TIME...

A cop stops a car for traveling faster than the posted speed limit.

He asks the man his name."Fred," he replies.

"Fred what?" the officer asks.

"Just Fred," the man responds.The officer is in a good mood, doesn't smell alcohol, and thinks he might just give the fellow a break and write him out a warning instead of a ticket. So the officer then presses him for the last name. The man tells him that he used to have a last name but lost it. The officer thinks that he has a nut case on his hands but plays along with it.

"Tell me, Fred, how did you lose your last name?

"The man replies, "It's a long story, so stay with me. "I was born Fred Dingaling I know -- a funny last name. The kids used to tease me all the time. So I stayed to myself, studied hard, and got good grades. When I got older I realized that I wanted to be a doctor. I went through college, medical school, internship, residency, and finally got my degree, so I was Fred Dingaling, MD."

After a while I got bored being a doctor, so I decided to go back to school. Dentistry was my dream! Got all the way through school, got my degree, so then I was Fred Dingaling, MD, DDS"
Got bored doing dentistry, so I started fooling around with my assistant and she gave me VD. So now I was Fred Dingaling, MD, DDS, with VD. Well, the ADA found out about the VD, so they took away my DDS. Then I was Fred Dingaling, MD with VD. Then the AMA found out about the ADA taking away my DDS because of the VD, so they took away my MD leaving! me as Fred Dingaling with VD. Then the VD took away my Dingaling, so now I am Just

"The officer walked away in tears, laughing.

Could Fred be my hijacker? Dunno, but he would make a lot better blogger than me. More power to him. Good day ya'll......until

God Bless!

Monday, August 07, 2006

It's either this or that...

Since I am already weak in mind, it certainly puts a strain on me when I am also weak in body; that is-- when they both occur at the same time... I just can't like angina. It is the exact same pain as with a heart attack, only the
nitroglycerin pills will stop the pain! Not only is it painful, it is for me a scary feeling. As told by the doc, you take one little pill and if it does not stop, then you take the second and if it does not stop, then you take the third. Only on 3 or 4 occasions have I ever had to take 3. On the third one and for me on the second one, I sorta start gettin edgy. Cause after the third and no relief, you are to call 911 or load up and get to the ER. Also, they leave you weak as water. So having another bout of angina for the last few days I have hardly done anything as my body is drained from lack of sleep and angina. And why in the world do they mostly happen during the night and wake you up.? My goodness, that is when your body is suppose to be at rest! I was not made to understand it nor can I like it.

With me tail draggin, it takes effort to type and more effort to think of what to type, so I just couldn't make it yesterday. I chose instead to read some blogs. I have my regular blogroll I think is the correct word for blog jumping. I have certain ones I read every day and some times I will read the comments. And as you folks know, before you know it you have jumped from one blog to another and for me I have no idea which blog started me on the roll. Some of the blogs make me laugh, some make me feel like I am not alot different from other folks, some make no sense at all to me and then there are some sad ones that just hurts almost to read, yet they are sharing something they or a loved one is living. I get so involved in the blogs, before you know it, hours can pass.
Since I am no reader of books. I do like my newspapers, I find myself really getting into blog reading. I will cross over some that I think just merits one of my comments so I will throw my two cents worth here and there and be on my way. I try to leave kind comments and use common courtesy and consideration whether I liked the blog or not.

I feel a rambling coming on and my mind might think I am up to it, but my body is saying no and by now you folks is to, so I will stop the humiliation for the day. May we all see others for who they are and what they are having to endure in their lives at the times that they are writing their blogs, to be careful not to judge a person solely on content of their blog, but more on the intention of their heart, mind and body. Until... I can.....

God Bless!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

one of them days.....

This is sorta one of them "don't get in my face" days, ain't feeling up to par and don't want nobody a messing with me. I am happy that the weather has cooled off a bit, but we just can't seem to get no rain to amount to nothing.
The ground so badly needs it.

Although it rained yesterday, the amount normally would have puddled in the spots that usually puddle, but the ground was so dry it didn't even dampen the ground good or come close to making a puddle.

This morning when I got up I felt like that either those hip and pelvis fractures were aggravated at me or else some more had developed- cause I could hardly turn over in the bed and even harder getting out of it. It is amazing what a difference a day can make when you are my age and have old folk's ailments. I ain't here to tell ya about them, just stuff like that does happen! Which reminds me, it is past time for my 4 hour relief pill the good Doc prescribed.
I often wonder how fast it would take me to meet my demise if I just quit all my 9 prescription meds. What would get me first; would the pain kill me, the angina turn out to be really a heart attack or the angina really be just angina and I called 911, or the high bp gimme a headache or stroke, or the hot flashes melt me before the good Lord and everybody.
I am just not up to trying least.....not today...

One of my favorite hymns is "When the Sun Comes Up In the Morning" and I sure hope when and if it does, it brings better than I got today, NOT that I ain't thankful for it! Before I say anymore, I will just share this with you cause it sure hits my spot today...

~~ A Senior Moment ~~

A very self-important college freshman attending a recent football game, took it upon himself to explain to a senior citizen sitting next to him why it was impossible for the older generation to understand his generation.

"You grew up in a different world, actually an almost primitive one," the student said, loud enough for many of those nearby to hear. "The young people of today grew up with television, jet planes, space travel, man walking on the moon, our spaceships have visited Mars. We have nuclear energy, electric and hydrogen cars, computers with light-speed processing ....and," pausing to take another drink of beer.

The Senior took advantage of the break in the student's litany and said, "You're right, son. We didn't have those things when we were we invented them. Now, you arrogant little fart, what are you doing for the next generation?"

I second that! Good day...until.......

God Bless!

Friday, August 04, 2006

I thought I enjoyed blogging until...

I found out that there is lots more to blogging than coming here each day and throwing out my ponderous thoughts and kinks for all the world to see! There is part of blogging even more fun than clicking these keys that I am doing right now.

Better yet is reading the other folks blogs! I have found I spend most of my time doing just that.
I returned to a blog last night and what made that more unusual, was it was way past my shut down time for the pc. I found myself once again at a blog that to me is my kinda blogging and my kinda bloggee. As you all know by now, I live to love and laugh to live. Welp last night I had a few too many laughs for the time of night. I cannot just jump in the bed and go to sleep anymore.
So with all the laughter, my anxiety kicks in and there I sit by myself as hubby has retired for the night. I am still giggling and trying to read, of all things- comments written in one of my old college annuals and calm down or at least alleviate some of the anxiety so I can prepare for my attempt of sleeping for the night. It just wasn't the night, so as is becoming a nightly occurance now, I lay in the bed a bit, ease out and hit the kitchen; grab my pepsi and cigarettes and sit on my "thinking stool". Now I ain't a blamin no one or anything for me not sleeping. I actually am convincing myself now, that it is just becoming a habit. A git up and think habit.

I wanna share a blog with ya'll good folks and let you see what a good blog looks like and better yet, what a good blog reads like. I found this blog in a "I have no idea way". But thank the good Lord I did find it. I checked in to see if
Sassy Sistah had posted her blog yet as I think she still works during the day. To my good luck, she had and so began my reading and my laughing. I am one of those laughers that when I get so tickled I get to snortin. Welp I ended up reading every post on the blog and I don't know a thing bout snortin coke but I had snorted enough laughs I was wired tight as Dick's hatband and I ain't never heard of coke a doing that. I even had to take a few breaks, my ribs gets to hurtin. After I finished reading ALL of Sistah's blog, I kept hunting for some more, but remembered she had just recently started back. I also remember her mentioning having had a site back in '96. Although it was a couple years fore my owning a computer, I just couldn't help but get mad thinking about what ALL I missed and felt totally left out. Ain't her fault, just one of my many misfortunes in life.

So if you folks want to meet the nicest sistah in the world, btw, I never had one, you will find her at her blog up yonder in one of them paragraphs. I assure you that you will enjoy it- as she tells it like it is -and no holes barred. :)
I live my life the way sistah tells about it, reckon that is why it struck my fancy so much.

There are many more blogs I read daily and some I have linked here. I assure you as soon as time permits Sassy Sistah will have her link listed here too! The world needs love and it certainly needs laughter. We have enough serious things going on all around us, even in our small towns and probably on our very own streets, so folks needs an outlet and I just personally happen to be a happy person and nothing I enjoy better than good ole fun and laffs.

I love to read about others lives and how they handle their every day life to life happenings. Some may share their pets with us, some recipes and some like me, just a little BS that no one really gives a flip about anyways.

So as one pro blogger told me when I first started blogging. "After you get through telling the true things that happen in your life, then you hafta start lying and stealing something to write about". A little of that is true.....but I won't raised to steal and lie, but I always seemed to be surrounded by lots of love and BS.

So until.....

God Bless!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Almost a Day late and the dog days of summer...

Guess we all have these days, when there just seems to be more to do than we can get done or really want to do in the first place. This has been one of those days for me. Not that I haven't enjoyed it, that is the problem, I get to enjoying too many things and for that I get only a few enjoyable things done and no time left for the rest. Blogging is one of those things I enjoy, but not something I feel I can't do without for a day.

Since we finally got some much needed rain and right much thunder and lightening, I had to shut down the computer just as I started my blog. Instead I just went to the bar and sat down and gingerly read the local SNAP and got the latest local news and sports updates. It gave me time to rest as I have been on the go all afternoon. As usual I had a great time going to get my hair done. We always have something going on to keep the old and young a laffin' for a while. Today was no exception. For the first time in my 62 years of living in this wonderful world, I got my eyebrows waxed, plucked, dyed, the whole nine yards and I don't know who enjoyed the fun more, me or my precious 22 year old hairdresser! It turned out well. Now I look like other women--only as far as manicured eyebrows go. The BEST part was Alicia telling me that she sold those gawd awful Rainbow sandals of mine that I left two weeks ago at the suggestion of Terri, the owner of the shop. I didn't get what I paid for them, but I got a whole lot more than I would have with them sitting in my closet. I was happy, I just hate I forgot to leave the half used box of bandaids for the poor lady that bought them, but since I was told she was a nurse, shorelly if she gets blisters she will have access to bandaids at home or at work. More power to her, I wish her well. I quickly learned from this experience, that just because a friend says that they are the best wearing sandal she has ever had on her foot, shore don't mean that they will be the best wearing sandal on my feet!
Today the temperature hit 99 on our thermometer but according to the picture of the temp on the big billboard type thermometer at Home Savings, it hit 101 here today. Ain't a whole lot of difference when it is that hot. I am hoping this thunder boomer we just had will cool us off some. It dropped 9 degrees in just a short period of time. Hopefully the rain will continue all night, as the gardens and lawns are so dry and parched, it will take a whole of rain in order for it to soak in good.

I shall leave you knowing that we are not alone. They walk among us!

I couldn't find my luggage at the airport baggage area. So I went to the lost luggage office and told the woman there that my bags never showed up.
She smiled and told me not to worry because she was a trained professional and I was in good hands. "Now," she asked me, "has your plane arrived

They Walk Among Us!


While working at a Pizza Parlor I observed a man ordering a small pizza to go. He appeared to be alone and the cook asked him if he would like it cut into 4 pieces or 6.
He thought about it for some time before responding. "Just cut it into 4 pieces; I don't think I'm hungry enough to eat 6 pieces.

"Yep, They Walk Among Us too.

Until tomorrow.....

God Bless!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Being married to an only child...and a little about Doc...

Way back in 1967 when we married, we were just not the norm. Hubby was an only child, the son of a two great parents. Hence, I had a mother and father- in- law, on the other hand, he had only me, no in-laws and only my brother that he rarely saw up until a few years ago when he divorced and remarried and as I had often wanted my brother back, I did get him back and happy days are here again. He and I had to be very close growing up in order to survive. We now are bonded by love for each other and the family love of his wonderful wife.

Hubby did have it easy in comparison to me. In that he didn't have to bother with those not so nice stories we all have heard of mother- in- laws! Mine was different, a loving, always dressed to the tee lady and was and still is the spiritual bond that kept the family on track. Impressions were instilled in my two sons --from their mamaw and from being taken to church, never being drug, but went willingly and when they got older, they still chose to go to church and still do today as adults.

My mother-in-law recently turned 90 years old. Things are not exactly as they once were nor her actions as they should be--due to age and possibly her light stroke 3 years ago. She and I have always been totally different in many ways, but now she and I are too much alike, it is scary. She, like me, does nothing except go to the doctor, get her hair done, go to the grocery store and pick up her meds. Most 90 year olds don't drive, but so far so good with her driving, although she is the only person that I know of that bumped a curb and she had to cough up over $500 for that little curb crash. After being the church secretary for 41 years and being on the church board that long too, the church honored her on her retirement last year in a beautiful service and lunch for her with all her family there that could come. Hubby had talked to the preacher and the church board as mamaw was not able to handle her own $, my hubby was doing it; so surely she needed not to be handling and depositing the church monies. Heavens forbid!
Other than being a whole lot forgetful, she does well. See- I forget too. Again the only difference tween her and me now is 28 years!

We do find neglect in small things that never would have been twenty years ago, sorta like the dust I shared with you earlier. Sad when I go down there and actually see dust in her neat, flower filled house. The stove is no longer used. Her freezor is full and she keeps buying things. Yes, her son needs to clean it out. Cause I ain't! She did not retire until she was 70 and then volunteered at the nursing home and she delivered the prune juice there for many years until she finally gave that up.

Poor hubby calls patient #1 in the morning to make sure she knows what day it is cause she is bad to want to go a day early for her hair fixing and prayer meeting. He makes sure she knows what she has to do for the day. He then calls patient #2 and I tell him my aches and most days tell him if I am going to one or two of my four places that I have to go to weekly. Mamaw likes the grocery store real good. She goes every day. She likes the deli chicken and eats chicken bout ever day, but so far I ain't seen no chicken feathers on top of the dust when I go on a rare visit down there with hubby.

God blessed my doctor with ALL of my mother-in-laws folks so he knows the apple don't fall far from the tree. He took mamaw's license when she had her stroke and it made her madder than a setting hen. Doc told Hubby on one of his visits that he was going to let her start back driving but the wise son that he is, told Doc not right yet so Doc obliged. She would really have been mad if she had known Hubby had his two cents worth in that decision! I am just thinking why I am calling him so politely Doc here ,when in reality I always call him Ding Dong, cept to his face. He is also my hubby's doctor and Ding Dong toldem one day when hubby had an appointment with him, "Tween your mother and your wife", I don't see how in the h*** you stand it." Now now, that ain't patient confidentiality.

Mamaw can come up with some real good funnies in her demented stage of her life. Although concerned as we are for her, we just have to laugh as a whole lot of her utters now are so dang funny. We also know that her spinning and grinning days are nearing a close. She has already been told the next curb that jumps out in front of her, so goes her freedom of driving. The also possibilty of her coming to live permanently with us is fast approaching and the thought elevates my "anxiety" to a record breaker. We, lol, ( I ) kept her for three weeks when she had her stroke. At the time I didn't know she didn't like the tv on all the time nor did she know that she was getting on my nerve really, really bad. Little DID I know until a year or so later that I GOT on her nerve too! Who woulda thought it? So after three weeks and my nerve shot, hubby says I will take her home and stay with her a while. hehe...... After three weeks of going down there after he ate supper and relaxed some here after he got off work, then went down to her house, he came home saying of all things, that she got on his nerves too. Wooohoooo, what's new?

Today was the best one of many of mamaw's expressions and comments she says at the most unlikely and not always the best place to say. Hubby had called patient #1 as usual this morning and as always as he is hanging up, he told her to stay in out of the heat today and to take it easy........ mamaw says, "well when it is this hot and you are 90 years old and horney, there ain't much more you can do."
Moobear giggles.....I am just sure she meant
ornary, as you folks know the H is silent in some words. That word used ain't ever been in her vocabulary but I guess when I get 90 they may slip in through my cracks too.

Until a cooler day.......

God Bless!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dogs just don't know it is HOT-------

My dog is spoiled! I let her tell me what to do. I really thought taking her on her usual morning walk around 10 this morning would last her until her usual 2 or 2:30 walk. BUT....not today. As you folks know, dogs do talk. They have a sound or bark meaning different things and after time you learn to tell which ends up. She started on me a little before noon and I sorta tried ignoring her and just about that time my hubby called again from work to check on me as I was not up to snuff when he called early this morning. Assuring him I was still kicking, I also told him I had shortened Roxy's first walk this morning. Although I think I am in good shape for the shape I'm in.....
According to news, today is suppose to be our hottest day so far this year. With this in mind and my feelings in there too, I decided both would be short walks today. After hanging up with hubby, Roxy again started and sure nuf she was wanting to go walk, so out the door we went, met with just hot mug, no air at all. We made it back ok and it reminded me that those oxygen folks still have not gotten in touch with me. My doctor wanted my oxygen level checked since I am long overdue for oxygen because I refused it two years ago. As long as I can go with just the inhaler, so I will go.

Roxy knows mama's walks are shorter than dads. Dad takes her on trails in the woods and across the "big road" and mama just ain't up to that kinda walking. She often times comes home after a walk with dad with little balls in her fur. They are a chore to get them out and I have offered my dislike of letting her go into bushes with her dad- to her dad,- to no avail. We seriously debated on getting another dog when we lost Scooter last year. With my health and needing to take them out in the cold of winter at all times of the day and night, we were hesitant. Without Scooter I was home alone during the day and it was oh so lonesome- so when I found Roxy on the internet, I was in Charlotte the next morning. I bought her, brought her home and neither of us have looked back or regretted the fast decision. She was real dumb when we first got her. I was worried, but as she grew and we bonded, almost overnight she became the smartest little whipper snapper. She is now quite normal. Real smart IMO, cause I said the next dog , if I ever got one ;I would conquer it vs it conquering me.... ha ha ha------ nutin new, I am always wrong!

Roxy and I are alot alike. We are both used to routines. So at least she and I are on the same page. I know many of you folks are cat folks and that is wonderful too. My friend in Belgium loves her cats. You need to check her site out. It is linked on my site but I will link it here and let you folks check out and compare dog lovers to cat lovers. My friend and I are the same age and have lots in common. Visit my friend at MY CATS AND FUNNY STORIES , she would be delighted to have you and she is such a nice lady and friend. I wouldn't turn my hand for the difference in the lovers of cats and dogs. I just cannot have both!


God Bless!