Friday, June 19, 2009

Watching this should make us all proud...

I have for a good while been watching Eagle cams. I have caught a couple as the parents were brooding and waiting for the eggs to hatch. I have seen many hatch and there is a baby eagle of which I immediately become attached to. One nest had 3 eggs and I am especially attached to the runt. It is nature at its best. It also has it tragedies, one was lost by falling out of a not very well built nest built by new parents. The other somehow got wrapped around the mother's leg and after trying to get the chick loose, the panicky mother flew from the nest and the baby came loose. I have followed some to fledging and the cams do well to keep up with them once they leave the nest. Currently I am watching Sutton, Sidney, Norfolk Botanical Gardens and Delta.

You can see in the video how beautiful they are and why I have become, along with thousands all over the world, interested in these precious birds and the struggles they have to survive. Thanks for letting me share this with you.

God Bless!