Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I just came in from walking Roxy and happened to notice the car in the garage and had to just chuckle. I thought of the comment that Janet left on my last post suggesting that maybe I back my car in the garage. I cringe to think of what damage I most likely would make to the car and the garage, but Janet I appreciate the suggestion just the same. :)

My life is good, just nothing at all going on that is blog worthy. Pretty much the same, day in and day out. Our biggest attention giving is to Mrs. Bunting who is really taking a toll on Jerrell, but she just refuses to come live with us, as she does not "want to impose". It would actually be so much better for she and for us. Jerrell is running himself ragged, going down there and running her around. Also the worry of seeing his mom like she is, I can tell is really worrying and tiring him. I feel terrible for him to have to see his mom like this. We make it by- by laughing some of it off, but in reality none of it is truly funny. He is quite firm in saying he is not going to make his mother do something as long as she has mind enough to say no. I do not agree, but it is his mother and I am afraid something bad will happen before a move is made so please keep them in your prayers.

Stephanie called yesterday and she and Caroline plan to come over one day this week. It has been about two weeks since I have seen them, so I am having withdrawl. I am looking forward to my Grandma Claudia hug!

Our step granddaughter, Cynthia was playing in the yard with a friend on Sunday and according to our son, they had been playing basketball a bit rough earlier; so when they moved their play to the front yard they ran into each other and Cynthia broke her collarbone. She has her left arm in a sling and as the day went on her mom got mad at her because she cannot take her tennis lesson and cannot practice and play her piano. They now have two pianos, my goodness. They got a new one just a few years ago, but this is a Grand, whatever that is, have heard the term tho. Anyhow while I was talking on the phone with my son, he giggled and said he heard Cynthia playing her piano with one hand. I am quite sure that idea was her moms. :)

While in my blogging lull, I flat out missed posting on my youngest sons birthday on Sunday, but I had not taken an updated picture to post anyway, but I just let it slip my mind. He was home and we had a good meal and visit with him. Mrs. Bunting got him a Thank You card for his birthday which made it even more important to him and he also went by and visited her for a bit before heading back to Charlotte.

Although I have not blogged regularly, I am still reading you folks blogs. I might comment or I might not, I am a hit and miss type of person. Not that I don't always enjoy you alls post, I just enjoy reading and seeing what is going on in your lives. I enjoy all my blogging friends and I hope you all have a great day.

Thinking of a title for a post sometimes is hard for me, is it hard for ya'll?

God Bless!


Marci said...

Oh Claudia, just to hear the every day things you do is a good thing. It lets us know you are feeling well enough to be on the computer. When you miss a for a bit, I start worrying about ya!!!

Jana said...

If you back into the garage, you won't see the damage you might do to the car!!! I think Janet had a good idea!
So sorry about Mrs. B and Jerrell and what you're all going through. I thank God every day that I was not made to go through that with my parents - both died very young. I wonder if she might not go for a trial period? Keep her place in tact but ask her to come stay with you just for a while? She might find it good and decide she doesn't want to move home again. Or perhaps a trial at the local Assisted Living place? Get around people her own age, get some activities going, she might just find she's happy.
Chris's grandmother (nearing 80) has agreed to move in with Chris's parents (daughter and s.i.l.) She is fairly healthy, just lonely so far from her daughter, so we'll see how this is going to go...As for me - it'll keep me further away, because now there'll be 3 smokers in the house...


I am very sure your son had a happy birthday. Happy Belated Birthday to Him anyway from your friend connie from Texas

Jan said...

Claudia..I have been checking in to see if you've blogged, and I'm glad that you have, this time.

I was beginning to think that you might be sick, but glad to know that everything is okay.

I know what you mean about writing, and to tell you the truth, I sometimes think that the title is the easiest thing for me! LOL

Take care of yourself!