Monday, January 28, 2008

a nice day...

Stephanie took Caroline to the mountains to ice skate last Monday. I have missed posting Halloween and Christmas pictures. I am bad...

A comment from a dear friend and fellow blogger Marci led me to begin this blog. Thanks Marci! I do not know how far I will go or what I am going to say, but I know I have missed you all. Our home seems to be filled with burdens and our plates are full right at this time . I will also admit that I am in a real low point in my life that only time and faith that God will take this burden from us and give us grace to accept what results come about. However, I do still have the light of my life, Caroline, to bring me joy and make my heart flutter when she hugs me and tells me she loves me. She will be having a birthday February 1 and will be two years old! Oh, I must also congratulate Grammie as she is expecting another grandchild. She is to me the perfect grandmother and I wish the family the best with the upcoming new addition.

Jerrell has only 3 more days to work, then he will be officially retired. He is going to have to renew his old hobby of woodworking or he is going to be terribly bored. I have tried to get him interested in the computer and he absolutely has no desire to touch one. And you all know there is hardly anything to watch on tv anymore. Keep getting more channels added and still nothing. Which reminds me, our television bit the dust and the days of going out and buying a tv, bringing it home, plugging it up, turning it on, is over! Since we had a 35" picture tube tv, we did at least want something a little bigger. We liked our Mitsubishi so good that after looking at many, many other ones, we settled on a widescreen LCD Mitsubishi. What a lesson did I learn. We upgraded with our cable company to get the digital receiver and within less than two weeks, we had a service tech out here 7 times. I have watched them reboot and refresh that I am now qualified to be a cable tech! I do not call now, I just reboot and I even know how to do it two different ways :) We have for the past two weeks been able to enjoy watching it after what we hope is that all the kinks are removed. The main cable line into the tv was small as it was the cable line put in many years ago. The knitwit tech, instead of cutting the tv cable line, he cut my computer cable line and tore out our telephone lines, so he had two cables to replace and we had no phone service. Jerrell did run the phone line until he found where BIGFOOT must have caught his foot and pulled the wires out, so Jerrell fixed that without a service call having to be made for the phone and without Time Warner getting a bill for it!

Mrs. Bunting is still staying at her house at this time. She fairs ok so far, but calls us several times a day. If we bring her up here, she may stay an hour and she is ready to go home. She complains about having nothing to do, but will not agree to come on up here and live with us and believe me, we have some kind of action all the time. No time to be bored around here. Jerrell brought her up here Saturday night to eat fish with us and just as soon as she finished eating, she asked Jerrell to take her home. I realize there is no place like home and she will stay home just as long as she can. As her condition mentally is getting worse, it proabably will not be long until she will have to come.

Time for me to get some supper started. Hope you all are doing well. Take good care.

God Bless!


Marci said...

Oh Claudia, I am sorry that you are at a low point. They do come though whether we want them or not. I will pray for you my friend. I will pray that the Lord gives you a special blessing and fills your heart with hope and joy. You are a very special lady and God is not finished with you yet!!!! =)

Moobear said...

Marci, I cannot think of anyone I had rather hear this from than you, nor can I think of anything I need or rather have at this time. I believe in the power of prayer!
I know the Lord will surely bless you for all that you have done and meant to me. Thank you for your kind comments. Love you friend.
Take good care..

Grammie said...

Before leaving town tomorrow I decided to go through all of my favorite blogs one more time...I was so thrilled to see your post...but, so sad that you are at a low point.

Though the miles separate us, the written word has brought me so close to you...and I care very much for you and your family.

Please take care of yourself through this low point on the roller coaster of life...I am praying that you will be "heading up" very soon.

Please take care my friend,
Grammie TN said...

I am so happy this morning to see a post from you. I have missed you. So sorry you feel down. I think we all have days like that....I know I do, but keep looking upward. Heaven is our only escape from all the things going on in this world. Sometimes....I can't wait!!! Love You, Clara

Jana said...

Nothing like the hug and smile of a child to lighten the heart, no matter what faces us!!
What does Mrs. B do at home? Maybe you could bring some things she enjoys doing into your house so she feels like she has something to do there? Is there a spare room that could be set up for her? With things she enjoys and maybe a TV she can watch her favorite shows on? Once the transition starts, it won't take long to get her to agree to move in.
Sorry you're feeling low Claudia, having faith makes some of those burdens a bit lighter, remember Jesus doesn't put burdens in front of us - he goes through them with us. He feels our pain and sorrow. I thought of you today when I saw a robin on the fence, SPring is coming and soon all our hearts will be a little lighter. Take care, and I was really happy to see your post. My Fay will be turning 3 in June, she's growing up so fast and such a happy baby. I wish at times that her parents would iron out their problems, but only time and maturity will do those things. Hello to Jerrell, hoping he's keeping busy, and hello to Roxy too!!!


Oh, dear Moobear, I was so glad to see your post but am very sorry that you are at a low point. I wish I was there to give you a big ole hug and tell you just what you mean and have meant to me. Your sweet spirit has lifted me up many times. I am so glad that you felt like doing a post. You are such a bright and warm light. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

I am so glad that Caroline is still able to give you hugs and tell you how much she loves you. I am even more glad that you are there to love her back, She needs you so much in her young life. There are so many things you can teach her.

I hope as the days go by they get brighter for you and I have not stoped in praying for you. You will always be a very special friend to me and I love you very much. connie from Texas