Tuesday, September 30, 2008

minds of their own...

When you take a three year old to the Fair and the Dad wins a stuffed animal; sure you let the little one pick out the one they want, right? Well as you can see Caroline did just that as you can see in the picture on the top. The problem was what to do with it when they got it home.
Caroline had a big ouch on her face when one of the dogs she was leading got in a hurry and pulled Caroline down. A small wound is showing a little in the other picture but will tan over and never know that little eye was swollen shut. They bounce back, so unlike us old folks do.
I know you are shocked to see that I am here, but I really have been busy. I will catch you up on some of the things I think you might be interested in. Stephanie is now a few days over 6 months to the due date. I am in the baby pool and I chose Christmas Eve as it is a feasible date since she will have a C section and Christmas Eve will also be the 41st wedding anniversary for Jerrell and I. She has found that carrying twins is much different than carrying one. She will be delighted for these two boys to be here and so will Grandma Claudia.
My friend Paulette has had two bouts of heart failure and both happened while at the beach. She now has a fine team of heart doctors down there as well as at home. This last time they put in a defibulator and having just talked to her the other day, she is feeling better and getting her strength back. Please keep Paulette in your thoughts and prayers.
Mrs. B is getting somewhat worse, but is still staying at her home. She is just not to the point of coming here to stay at this time. Jerrell is still going down there three times a day, going to the grocery store for her, picking up her meds, etc. I can see that this is taking a toll on him, physically and emotionally.
Both sons are doing great. The oldest will be going to China in a week or so for a meeting and will stay for two weeks. He has to give two different talks at the stem cell meeting . The youngest son will be attending a wedding in two weeks for a couple that he introduced. However, he is not dating anyone at this time. The girl he was dating that moved to California will be in town for the wedding, but it is impossible to have a cross country relationship.
As for me, I am doing well. I do not get out except with Jerrell's help we go to the grocery store. The buggy helps support me enough that I can walk throughout the store. The last time I went shopping which was well over 6 months ago just about did me in, so as much as I have always enjoyed shopping or just looking, I am no longer able to do that so I find that ordering online works out fine for me. I also quit going weekly to get my hair done at the salon. I do it myself which is very tiring and it certainly does not look as good. I will however go for haircuts and highlites when needed. I miss the fun and laughter we all had on Thursday afternoons!
I told Steph that I thought in my prior life that I might have been a convict because of my interest and enjoyment in live trials and how our legal system works. I am currently watching the OJ Simpson trial in Las Vegas. Closing arguments should be Thursday. Also the Phil Spector trial II is going to allow cameras in the courtroom and that comes up the latter part of October. I am very involved and interested in the Caylee Anthony case in Orlando Florida. The missing 3 year old still has not been found. I do not expect a happy ending in this case.
Thanks ALL for the comments and I do still read all the blogs of all my friends. I do not always comment, but I try to do that first thing in the morning and keep up with what is going on. Grammie, congratulations on the latest addition to the family, she is another beautiful little girl. You are truly blessed!
I have much more to tell, but will save it for another post. Hope all of you are doing well and will update again real soon.
God Bless!


Northwoods Woman said...

Awww she is still so darling! Sorry to hear you can't get around much, what about a scooter? You know they have them at the stores these days.
and see if you can find a hairdresser that will come to your house. My prayers are with you.

Oh and I would so love to have twins!


She is growing so much and getting very beautiful

Sounds like you are keeping as busy as possible at our ages. I can relate to pushing the basket just to have something to lean on while shopping.

sounds as if your two sons are doing good. I know that makes you happy.

Hope all goes well with the Mother again to be, I am sure that it will.

You take care Moobear and thanks so much for sending me your blog address. love to you and God bless and keep you healthy. connie from Texas

Marci said...

It is always so good to hear from you. Those pictures of that sweet girl are darling. I wondered how long they had to carry those stuffed animals around. =)

I had to laugh, when I read that you were in the baby pool, I thought you meant sitting in one outside. I had to read it twice to figure out what you were talking about. =)

I am sorry that you are not able to get out as much. I hope you get lots of visitors!!!

Our son got married this past weekend. I have the story and pictures on my blog.

Kristi said...

WOW! I check your blog everyday and was pleasantly surprised to see that you had updated. Although sad that you are not doing well. I'll pray for you.

Caroline is getting so BIG! And just as pretty as ever.


Grammie said...

What a treat to see your post!!! It is so wonderful to do some catching up with you, Claudia! I have missed you...

What a beauty that precious Caroline is! I can't wait to hear the good news when the twins arrive...! I hope that there will be lots of photos! I know that you all can't wait...especially Stephanie. : )

Thanks for mentioning my granddaughters in your post...It is so much fun to have little girls in the family where boys have dominated! I miss them all terribly though.

Please take care of yourself...and, let us hear from you whenever you are up to it. It really makes my day.


k said...

Oh, Claudia, it's so great to hear from you!

Caroline is unusually beautiful. Suddenly I can start to see a little bit of how she'll look grown up - a stunning woman. That stuffed animal is bigger than her and bigger than her dad, too!

Sorry to hear about your friend Paulette. But it's good how well they can take care of heart patients these days. My Walter's still here because of that.

And this business of Mrs. B is hard. Somehow I thought I'd read she was at your house now. Jerrell retired, so now he has another job. I'm sure he doesn't begrudge her. But when someone is helping us when we can't do for ourselves like before, don't we try as best we can to make it easier for them to help us out? When it's a situation like Mrs. B, the person doesn't understand that. They can make it harder instead of easier. Jerrell is very patient and I wish she could understand how lucky she is so she could thank him and appreciate him properly.

I love watching trials and such too, although I don't think this means I had any business being the Bad Guy in a previous life. Nope. Not me. heh!

Well, thanks for posting. Now I'll let you go back to sitting in your baby pool, cooling off. ;-)

Clara....in TN said...

I knew if I kept coming back I would see a post. I'm glad to find one today. Caroline is growing and so pretty. How wonderful to hear about the little twin boys. I'm sorry you are not feeling well. We are about the same. I try to keep things going and Bill sits and tells me how to keep things going. LOL I will keep checking back.. I miss ya!