Thursday, January 15, 2009

Luke and Nick

I am slow. So sorry I have not gotten some pictures up sooner. The first three pictures are made in the hospital. They were born on January 5th and came home on the 7th and both are doing well, as is Steph. The last two pictures were made at home on week 2.

I will make this short. I have an appointment soon. Hope you all are doing well and I will be back soon. Love you all.

God Bless!


Marci said...

They are absolutely adorable. I love the picture of them with Caroline. Is she sleeping?

Moobear said...

Marci I never gave it a thought until you mentioned it and I looked at her eyes and they appear to be shut. I honestly do not know, will have to ask Steph. Most likely she is pretending to be sleeping with the boys.
Thanks for your comments and also your emails. I appreciate them so much. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years with the new addition to the family. Congratulations! Bless you hon.

Claudia TN said...

They are precious!!!! They seem to be identical. They look exactly alike to me. And they both were big babies. I bet Steph is happy they are here.