Thursday, August 30, 2007

just in case...

That I have any readers to see this post, I feel like I must post something as I have received many emails inquiring as to "if I am ok?". I have not been for several months, especially the summer months and rather than blog and complain, I chose to not blog. Also with real life we have been busy with Mrs. Bunting. She is no longer able to drive and of course that creates someone to have to get to her places that she feels she must go on a regular basis.

Also with the heat I have tried NOT to be out anymore than necessary. I thank the good Lord for the fact that finally my feet are no longer swollen and I can actually walk without being in pain with just bending my ankles. Of course since the medication was the culprit, when I stopped the med, then my blood pressure shot up too high. Trying different meds and going every week to get a BP check, the doctor finally got a combo of meds that as of yesterday gave me a great BP reading and I truly thank the Lord for all his mercies and blessing to me during this trying time .

I really think when the heat breaks that I will be back to a similance of my old self. I can say I already feel much, much better but have gotten behind in my household duties though light ones they are, they still must be done. Jerrell helps out so much with the mopping and the vacuuming that I honestly do not know at this point just how I would do without him.

I thank you all that have emailed me and you all know who you are and Malinda hon, I realize the year date is nearing and you and Todd will certainly be in my thoughts and my prayers. Your email today made me realize I did need to get something on this blog or delete it. My mind is not always in blog mode although my heart is still in full force, so I have no excuses except for sickness and real life has really overpowered me the last few months. I want this blog to be fun and I realize from my counter that I am losing readers, but that is not what is important to me; not the number of readers but the friends I can depend on that still come and I have nothing here. I am not trying to built up a fan base by any means. I cherish ALL the friends that I have made from this blog. I am not a writer by any means and only want to blog to help me release thoughts and events and mainly let folks know what goes on around here with my friends and family. At the same time I do not want to bore folks, so I have got to get back to the idea that I started with, sharing myself and my small life with you folks.

Stephanie did call me today and I got to talk to Caroline, she calls me Grandma Claudia, but it comes out in sound as Genda Taudie. She also told me 'Love you' and nothing can sound any sweeter than an almost 19 month old darling little girl making me smile with pride.

Please pray for us as we are facing in the near future the fact that Jerrell's mom will not be able to stay alone. She does not want to come here as she feels that to be an inconvenience, which it certainly is not, she wants to go to a nursing home, so we are just praying that she will come on up here willingly when that times comes as that is what we want and feel will be the best for her in all respects.

Thank you all for coming by and I do hope things are going to improve daily and I will be able to put something on here for you folks to read. I hope those of you who have had temperatures will soon get some relief and those in the drought areas will soon get some rain. We have had a bit and we will get some cooler temperatures next week. It wouldn't bother me a bit if it got so cool, I would hafta get outta jacket. God Bless you All and I do hope you all have a great evening.

God Bless!


Barbara said...

Just been catching up on your last 4 posts Claudia. I am sorry that you are having such health difficulties. My prayers are with you.
I also wish I could send you some of our cool (mid-60's) weather.
Your Grand daughter photos are lovely.

Jana said...

Genda Taudie, I love it!!!
When I was little my Aunt OraJean was Aunt DeDe...closest I could get, and she will always be Aunt DeDe to me.
Thanks for posting and letting those of us that still watch here that things are moving along with you and yours.
You're in my thoughts always.