Friday, August 31, 2007

a nice day...

It was not quite as hot today and we even had a little breeze. I must be feeling better, I actually had the desire and actually went shopping this morning! For me, that is really good. That hasta be a sign of feeling better as I have not even wanted to go anywhere for such a long, long time and only went when I had to!

I always loved a good sale anyways and today Belk had a super good sale and I needed some bedrooms shoes in the worst of ways. I had gotten Jerrell to glue the soles back on my old ones day before yesterday and after he brought them to me, he told me to go buy me a pair and he would pay for them, so I did! lol.. I sure hated to let go of my old ones, but I let him have the honor of tossing them in the trash can after we finished supper just a little while ago.

I did buy two pocketbooks as I had been needing a larger one and they had them reduced so low that I got two pocketbooks and my bedroom shoes and saved a total of $69 so I am a happy camper.

I honestly do not know what to think of Mrs. Bunting. Jerrell mailed her license to Raleigh on Tuesday as the DMV had pulled them due to her age and her mind. She did well on Wednesday which was her first day of not driving, but yesterday when Jerrell went down there, she had told him she went to pick up her medicine. Her mind is so bad, she had forgotten she no longer has license. Jerrell won't take her keys, but told her if she did it again, he would take the battery outta the car. I can not imagine how much longer she should even be staying by herself.

We had a good supper, what I call a good ole southern type meal. We had some black eyed peas that I cooked, not in no can :) and I had some cabbage and a cake of cornbread cooked in my freshly treated iron fryer. I treated two of them today because when things start to sticking, I can't like that so I hafta treat them. I think things fried in iron fryers are just so much better than a teflon pan. Fried okra is hard to beat cooked that way. I got all the dishes all done and thought I would come in here and rest a bit and post to my blog.

I know Grammie is having a good time bout now visiting with her now one year old grandson, Owen. He sure is a pretty little fellow and you can tell that Grammie is really proud of him. I hope she gets plenty of hugs and kisses. I will miss her blog, but she will make up for it when she gets back and hopefully will have lots of pictures of Owen. I hope to see Caroline soon, they may have a beach trip planned for next week, so if the do, next week will certainly be out. She is growing so fast and I can see changes in her every time I see her. She is my joy for sure.

Welp gotta get a few things done, I hope you all have a great evening!

God Bless!


Betty said...

As I was sitting at my laptop you came tip toeing across my mind.

I'm sorry you have been unwell and I do hope you are feeling better.

It has been such a hot, humid summer, I think that accounts for some illnesses.

Sounds as if you had a really good shopping day. I love to find good sales.....

The meal you described souns delicious...nothing better than plain old country food..

God bless....Betty

Jana said...

I think its an excellent and safe idea for Jerrell to take the battery out of Mrs. B's car!!! She is so dangerous out there on the road alone. Maybe it'd be better to just sell her car and be done with this fear of her driving? If she's not licensed, her insurance isn't in effect and anything that happens she'll get sued for.

Marci said...

Even though it will be really hard on Jerrell to take the keys, it would be better for that than to have her hurt some family or a child because she shouldn't be behind the wheel. We had to do that with my Great Aunt. It was sad, but needed to be done.

I am glad you are feeling a bit better and felt like getting out. God bless my friend.

Livey said...

Yeah what everyone else said!

Ordinary Janet said...

glad things are looking up! I haven't felt like myself with all the heat we had last month, but now that it's cooling off, I feel perkier. Except for my fall allergies, that is. I guess I'll take the allergies if it means cooler weather. Now if it would just rain...