Friday, August 10, 2007

many thanks...

I sure do appreciate the kind comments and the emails. I can say that I am much better today. My heart doctor took me off one of my meds that was thought to be causing the swelling and today is the first day that I can see any noticeable difference. Jerrell went with me to the grocery store as he took today off and it was the first day in a good while that I could walk without my feet hurting me so bad to bend them. I am very much encouraged in that respect, but am a bit concerned that I am now only on one blood pressure med and I have never ever just been on one since I was found to have it in 1977 at the age of 33.

I will go to the doctor next week for a blood pressure check and check on the swelling and we will go from there. I could certainly attribute it to the heat if they had not been swollen for so long. It hit 109° yesterday, but is suppose to be only in the 90's over the weekend so that will be really nice.

I do not know what the temperture is in Cleveland, Ohio this weekend, but I hope it is not hot since my son and family will be moving into their new home tomorrow. I wish there was some way that I could help with the move, but that is just not to be. However, his father in law is there to help with the move and that makes us feel better. I am just hoping that Jerrell and I both will be able to make the trip to Ohio next summer to visit them. I wish Jerrell would fly, but he won't. As for me, I love flying, however have not flown since 911 so I know there is a bit of a hassle involved as opposed to pre 911. It would be such an easy trip on us if he would just fly.

I personally have little hope for the trapped miners and just heard of another mine cave in in Indiana that took three lives. I know many thoughts and prayers have been sent up for the miners and their families.

Oh, bout forgot ... on the pictures, I first chose the first picture, but ended up telling Stephanie that I wanted the second one, the crooked grin that I love!
Stephanie said none of that one was left so she went and had me one printed out and I will also get a 5 x7 of the one of ther sitting with her feetssss sticking out from under her dress, so needless to say Moobear is thrilled beyond words, so the middle picture is the one that I actually picked first!!!

All of you folks are do dear to me and as I mentioned the comments mean so much to me. Nancy, I appreciate your comment and stopping by. You are so right about Livey and k, they such precious folks that love to do for others and I am so proud to have them as my friends right along with all my other blogging friends. I feel like all of you are family, tho it is a blogging family, we still are here for one another and stick together to encourage if neccessary and to help in any way we possibly can. Love you all! Hope you all have a great weekend!

God Bless!


Happymama said...

Glad to hear you're feeling a little better today. I'm also glad you got the pictures you wanted. I loved the one of her standing and the one with her feet sticking out of her dress. So cute!

~Kristi TN said...

You picked the picture I liked.
Glad you are feeling better.

Marci said...

I am so glad that you are feeling a bit better. I know that getting out even if it was only to the grocery was probably nice to do. May the Lord continue to touch you with His healing hands.

Jana said...

How about discussing with your doctor getting off ALL the medication? Have you considered that the blood pressure medication is what's causing your angina attacks? After all-the purpose of the blood pressure medicine is to draw all the excess fluid out of your body--causing dehydration (OH THAT WORD AGAIN!!) in your heart, and your heart is sending you danger signals that it needs water!!
Is it possible that all those pills you take are making you sick weak and dizzy?
I'm so very very glad you are taking less medication and feeling better.
As for flying, you're better off on the ground my friend. Is there anyone you know that is a pilot of a private plane that could talk Jerrell into a flight? Going private will save you the body cavity searches and having some idiot at the airport throwing out your 6.6 ounce bottle of shampoo because only 6.3 ounce bottles are allowed.
Personally, I don't fly since 9/11 either - and don't intend to. We drive when we go anywhere, it takes a lot longer, but its way safer in our opinion. Good luck!!