Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Melissa Greer has her baby...

Melissa, the weather girl on WBTV had her baby by C-section at the University of Iowa Hospital yesterday. According to the paper this morning, Baby Connor weighed in at 3lbs. and 3 ozs. and came into the world screaming, her dad, Roger said. I say Praise the Lord! There were many prayers for Melissa and they are still needed. She got to see the baby for a few moments with a great smile and underwent surgery which went well into the night last night. The tumor was not as large as they thought as the previous chemo had helped to shrink it some. They were to do an additional procedure later in the night after the surgery to remove the tumor. Please continue to keep Melissa, Connor, Roger and entire families in your prayers.

Jerrell and I both had doctor's appointments this week. I found out some additional info on my heart when I saw the doctor. I felt much better after seeing exactly where the blockage was and the amount of blockage. I am thankful I have a good cardiologist here in town I can count on.

Jerrell went to the ENT and we got news that was not good. The doctor said he had no infection or fluid and after doing the hearing test, he said he had no hearing at all in the left ear and 75% in the right. The reason it feels stopped up to Jerrell and has the static in it, is because he is deaf in that ear. The dizziness is also associated with it, confirmed with what they call a Tilt test. As for his blurry vision, possibly his body adjusting to the sudden change in his blood sugar.

Oh yes, we are eating different and it is no fun. We will take the classes on diabetes starting on March 8. We do know that carbohydrates play a big role in maintaining your sugar level. We will learn hopefully from the class all that we need to know. Until then as always, we are taking a day at a time and making the very best of it.

Welp my precious Caroline turned 1-year-old on the 1st of February. Steph sent me birthday pictures and a video. I will post some pictures later. LOL, Caroline did not like her birthday cake and would not eat any of it, so Steph gave her an apple and she was quite content with that. I feel a visit coming soon and as usual I can't wait!

As with most of you folks, it has been very, very cold here for the last while, but today it feels like spring outside. I was just out and shirtsleeves would be fine. I am really looking forward to spring this year. Staying in the house will give ya cabin fever and I can't like it. Roxy does not understand why she does not get the long walks, especially more walks from Jerrell. He has not felt like walking her as much since he has been sick. He does walk her often, just not as much as her little heart wants!

I thought I might outta check in with you folks. Also, if things go well I will be getting a camera. My oldest son told me Sunday night that his wife bought them a new camera on her trip to Flordia the other week so they had an extra one. Getting it to me may hafta wait til their 2007 visit. But I can wait. I am looking forward to having one so I can share some pictures with you. I hope you all have a good day wherever you are. Take care and stay safe.

God Bless!


Grammie said...

Happy Birthday to your darling Caroline!!!

Sorry about all that Jerrell is going through with his ears....

Take care,

Gattina said...

Oh my poor Jarell, that's quite a lot 75 % of hearing less ! Didn't you notice it ? I had to shout last year and now he has a hearing aid.
So you had to change your eating, no beans anymore ? lol ! Today it's snowing here for the first time and the whole country is upside down. We are not used to snow and not equipped either. So tonight at TV there probably will be a lot of accidents. I also look foreward to spring ! Our Arthur still sits home and doesn't go out, maybe in spring he will find to his old self again !
Take care !

Happymama said...

(((((MOOBEAR))))) Glad to see you! I had just watched the news this morning and saw about Melissa's baby. Bruce asked was her condition definitely terminal? Do you know?

Caroline sounds like she has great eating habits!! Harrison is like that. He'll choose a peach over a cookie. LOL



I have just found your blog from reading Happymama's blog.

I just wanted to be an encouragment to you about your new way of eating. My husband and I have just had to go to eating as diabetics. It was hard at first but is much easier now. I have always been a southern cook who likes lots of butter and such but it will get easier for you.

My husband is also deaf in one ear and not real good hearing in the other. Our kids think he needs a hearing aid but they say one want help him so I just talk loud if I have to.

I have blockage also in my heart. They started giving me cholesterol lowering drugs and it reversed some of my blockage. I was having chest pain often and I haven't had any for over two years.God has been so good to us.

I am from Texas. It has been nice talking with you and I hope things go well for you and your husband.

Moobear said...

Thank you all for your thoughts and your comments. We are making it pretty good, all things considered. Connie, it is nice to meet you, thanks for stopping by! I felt like when I read your comment that I was writing it. I am sorry that you and your husband have these health problems too. I wish you well and hope to see you again. Thanks to all!

God Bless!