Wednesday, February 21, 2007

a rainy day here...

Things are moving along wonderful here, many changes have been made in the kitchen, my favorite place, NOT! I am learning to cook the right foods for Jerrell and we both are surviving but not always full or excited over the meals we are now becoming a bit accustomed to.

I have been a regular watcher of Court TV since the David Westerfield trial or the Scott Peterson trial and right now I am not sure which came first. Since the first day of January 2002 I have been unable to work and became a regular tv watcher and computer user. I have to admit that the last few weeks has been quite addictive with the Anna Nicole Smith saga. I have been glued to the tv watching history being made in our judicial system. Never have I or any of the commentators seen a hearing handled in the manner that this judge is doing in this very important matter.

I have been AWOL from my blog for a number of reasons lately and other than tv, I also enjoy going to the Court TV chat channel and hearing others opinions on this matter and of course general chat from what one is having for dinner to another having a colonoscopy. I have used the program, mIRC, since 1998 and have my own channel that I am still a channel operator in and have met many wonderful folks with whom I still keep in touch with today. I call it my channel because that is the only channel I ever went to at the time. The owner is actually a nice lady from Maine. I am just there to assist newbies to learn how to use mIRC and kick or ban folks that cannot behave. Some days in CTV I chat, others I just "lurk" as they call it in chat. So if any of you folks enjoy chatting, I highly recommend mIRC and also Court TV can be accessed through Java at the Court TV website.

I do make the time to read all my usual blogs and see what is happening in all you good folk's lives. I had far rather read other blogs than blog myself. I have a full day doing the things I have to do and of course doing the things I enjoy as I have just mentioned. Jerrell's mom is demanding more and more attention from us as she is nearing her 91st birthday. The Lord has truly blessed her with extra good health, but her mind is becoming more and more a concern as far as her living alone. As in everything we have put it all in the Lord's hands and we literally take a day at a time. We trust Him to use his wisdom and to let us know when and what should be done. We are neither well, but God has blessed us far more than even we can imagine.

We also have been thinking more of things that have not been done that needs being done. Two things that are of utmost importance to us at this time is to purchase cemetary plots and make a will. We have a will, although many have said it would be honored, I would feel much better to have to it prepared by a lawyer and registered legally at the courthouse. We do not want to leave the boys with dealing with something they should not have to. Now the basement clutter they will have to handle. :) Ain't quite up to that, but figure they can dispose of what they deem necessary at the time.

It is rainy here today, but it is suppose to be in the mid 60's and that I can like. I am really really ready for spring this year. We have not mustered up a good snow out of this winter, so lets just get on with the spring.

Gotta run, hope all you folks have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by.

God Bless!



I just wanted to wish you a happy day also. It is hard getting to eat a different way than you have been used to all your life. I sometimes hate cooking that way also. I am a southern cook by birth, haha but I do the best I can. Some of my kids and grandkids have told me to teach someone to cook the way I do before I die. Haha. Oh, well, it is all part of life and I, too, am very thankful for each moment God gives to my husband and myself. I look around and see people our age with so many more difficult problems. I am so thankful that God takes care of us. Connie from Texas

Moobear said...

Thank you so much Connie. I ran across your blog from Kristi's blog. She is such an inspiration to me. I know what you mean about southern cooking, as that is all I know and that we are accustomed to, but I have bypassed a few things and bake rather than fry some things. All in all things are going well.

I enjoy your site very much, You are now marked under Favorites and I appreciate you stopping by and for you comments. May you have a blessed day my friend.

God Bless!

Betty said...

Thank you so much for dropping by for a visit and the lovely comments about my friend Roselyn. She is a precious lady and I count it an honor to have her as a friend.
I enjoyed reading your blog and I'm a southern cook also.
Come again.

Pam said...

I happened upon your blog today for the first time. I read your profile and saw that you are from N.C. and known for your cooking! Honey-that can't be nothin' but GOOD!!! God bless.

Happymama said...

I'm ready for spring too! I've pulled out my short sleeves and light sweaters and I started my spring diet to get these winter pounds off. LOL UGH! Next comes the summer diet to get the spring pounds off, and so on. You get the picture. Always dieting. I think I lost over 800 pounds just last year. LOL hehe