Saturday, February 24, 2007

joy and sadness...

Today I am totally amazed at myself, it is early and I have not even dressed for the day, yet my mind is on things I need to relay via my blog. I find many times that just small ordinary things in life often can lead you to a thought about what just might be my content for a blog one day. Since I do not get out a whole lots and do not want to dwell soley on my family, I have at times run out of things to blog about. But not the case today.

I am joyful to hear that Melissa Greer, the WBTV weather girl I prefer to call her, has arrived home with Baby Connor. They were flown back to Charlotte on Thursday on a medical jet provided by Carolina's Medical Ctr in Charlotte where Baby Connor will remain until he is able to go home. Melissa had to finish up some treatments in Iowa and is now weighing her options on possible treatments in Europe. Her cancer is not gone. Therefore, please continue with your prayers. She and Roger are just proud parents of this baby and Melissa is eagar to get back to work and to her normal life. I hope and pray that will be possible for her and her family.

One of my regular blogs that I read and such an inspiring blogger, Beverly, over at Butterflies has written a blog about her life with James, who was stricken with cancer. She and James had so much faith in God and love for each other, that each post was filled with blessings and her thankfulness and love for James. James went to be with the Lord on 02-24-07. Although James is from America, Beverly is a New Zealander and they lived happily and simply in New Zealand. May you also remember and keep Beverly in your prayers. She has been one of the most positive and loving wife that James could have ever had. Though it is sad, knowing James is no longer suffering makes it so much easier to accept. God Bless you Beverly, fellow blogger and dear friend.

Things are going so much better healthwise around here for us. Jerrell's vision and blurriness is getting better as his body is adjusting to the sugar shock he went through and leveling out which means his eyes are accepting the correct sugar level now as opposed to the sudden change in it. I have been more than blessed with those 4 little pills that I take daily for the angina. It is wonderful to get up in the morning without the dread of having an attack. I realize that in a sense it is only masking the angina, but quality of life often is better than quantity.

I am adjusting quite well to cooking and eating differently although my body is craving some of the good things I love. My good friend Paulette is coming down on Monday and we have already decided we care to pig out on pizza and do some shopping and I think that is just what the doctor ordered for me. I am really looking forward to her visit. I am also looking forward to going to see her as she just bought her a new leather sofa, chair, ottoman and another new chair for her bedroom. She decorates like a professional and I know she will have her new curtains and tablecloth, etc and it will be lovely to see when I go to her house. Also, just maybe something funny will happen. Will be a first, if not. :)

I do declare I think I must get going and get me some clothes on and meet the day head on, although a bit behind, but time is all I have right now, so I never had a need to hurry. I can like that! I hope you all have a great weekend!

God Bless!


Jana said...

Goodmorning back there! We woke up to snow today, and BOY are the robins and the finches PO'd about that!! Just getting started on the nest building, and here comes the darn snow again!
Anyway, I was thinking about a diabetic client of mine - she's always telling me about the mounds of vegetables she eats, and she has some type of protein powder that she mixes with ice and water in the blender, plus a packaged meal she buys on the internet(doctor approved of course). I'm happy to get the names of the products for you if you want them?
And you're right, those angina pills are indeed masking the symptoms, that's about all pills do, but long as you are feeling better that's the main issue. I hope you and Jerrell both are drinking more and more water as that will help you both more than any pill. God Bless us all, please!!

Happymama said...

Hey Moobear. Did you happen to read Amy's post? I don't know if you've ever gone there, but I just found out about her the other day.
She's a young Christian wife and mother that is dying and reading this post shows her sweet spirit and readiness.
Check it out. She and her family are standing in the need of prayer also.

Moobear said...

Hi Kristi! No, but I will certainly check it out. I appreciate you making me aware of this blog. Hope you and family are doing well.
And hello my friend Jana, so good to see you again. Miss your post, but know you are a busy lady right now with the painting and the new sofa, etc. You have my email addy, I would appreciate the info you are speaking about.
Thanks to you both for coming and commenting too!


Moobear, I so enjoy reading your posts. You care so much for those you know and read about. You must be a great friend. Connie from Texas TN said...

Hi Claudia, I hope Melissa and Baby Conner are doing good. Thank you for the update. I still pray for them.
I went to Butterflies blog. That touched my heart. Thank you for putting me in touch with Beverly.
I'm glad you and Jerrell are doing better. It takes time to get accustomed to not eating the sweets. I think I miss ice cream the most!

Marci said...

I am so glad that you and Jerrell are doing better. Take good care of yourselves.


Moobear, I sure hope you are well. You have been on my mind. I have missed you. Hope to hear from you soon. I am praying for you and your husband. connie from Texas