Friday, February 16, 2007

no 100 for moobear...

After reading 100 things about Clara and Jana , I thought I would try and come up with 100 things about me. I got to 30 and found out just how boring I am and why further bore others and make a silly old woman outta me. So I quit, just can't do it. :)

I live a very simple life by choice, I do not like change as a rule. Of course there are exceptions in life, but as a rule if things ain't broke, I just tend to leave them alone. My Lord and my family are my life, so I cannot ask for much more than that. I enjoy family and friends. The way I see it, no one can ever have too many friends. Many are closer than others, but all loved regardless. Lots of folks like to make mountains over mole hills or differ with one another to the point of being down right ugly or hit toward it. I just do not think that is right, therefore I choose to bite my tongue more often than not. At the same time, should I offend someone and I know that I have, I must always apologize. I have even apologized at times that I was not at fault as I do not like conflict.

When we have all the blessings of life we should enjoy them, not take them likely and although my life is not filled with going here or there or having this or that, I am happy to be alive and have my wonderful husband and my sons. I take nothing for granted anymore. There were times in my life when I did, but with God's graces and wisdom, I know where my priorites are and I am comfortable knowing I am doing what is right and decent. No, I am not perfect nor are any of you. I see improvements needing to be done in my life and I work towards achieving that each day. I am blessed by having the good Lord guiding me and letting me know when I am going astray. God is good to me and has been to me since I accepted him into my life.

It is amazing the number of friends one can make via our computers. Many have been made with my blog and I choose to take a personal interest in some of them personally and find there are many that have so much in common with me. Distance only keeps us from meeting each other in some cases, but takes nothing away from the friendship.

I am personally emotionally involved in the ANS case because of the baby without a mom and all the fussing going on about this and that. The poor lady cannot even be buried in the ground because she is buried in the court system. It is a charade. I am not the least impressed with the judge in Florida who is suppose to be dealing only with seeing that the proper person gets the remains so she can be buried. I think it is a shame that she is treated any different than you or I would if we died. I personally think her mom should have her body and I think ANS would want to be buried by her son Daniel, who just died less than 6 months ago. I have been watching it as it comes on Court TV and that is usually what I watch during the day. I pray for all concerned that the best interest of the baby is first and foremost in this yet another tragedy in this family.

I have accomplished one thing today. I did make it to the grocery store this morning. Jerrell's doctor was well pleased with Jerrell's sugar readings and he was taken off one of his meds and he only has to check his sugar once a day now instead of two. I am thankful I have been able to see that I cook the things he should be eating. I may become lean and mean just like him fore long.

All you folks have a great day and thanks for putting up with me.

God Bless!


Grammie said...

I feel the same way about listing 100 things, Claudia! I really give those women credit for being able to do it.

In the meantime, you and I will just have to remain mysterious to our fellow bloggers! ha ha

: )

Marci said...

I am sure there are lots of wonderful things about you that you did not even think of. I did the 100 things as well. It was hard at first, but then I got on a roll and got them all done.

I am glad that Jerrel is able to get off the one med. Keep up the good cooking!!!

Jana said...

So Glad that Jerrell is doing better and that you're adjusting your cooking. You might find that you like it in the longrun too!
I have been thinking about that list I did, and have decided that I left a lot out that was probably way too personal for this place, but Jesus knows those things, of course. I do want to say that I have come to enjoy and appreciate the friends I've made here in Blogger land, and I do appreciate every day that Jesus gives me.