Thursday, February 01, 2007

Snow, snow, now rain...

Do not pay no attention to that weather pixie girl on my sidebar, cause it ain't no where near right and I checked and re-checked the settings. Oh well, the temp is close, but a bit low. I thought I best get a post on here and move Melissa down a bit. Bless her heart, she is in Iowa this week and according to the news, the oncologist there thinks that he has some treatment that will help her. She thanks everyone for the emails, calls and prayers. I do wish her well.

We had our first snow today. It was so pretty coming down when I got up about 7:30 this morning. Jerrell was gone to work, but worked only an hour and he got off and came home. It has piddled around all morning and now the forecast calls for possibly freezing rain and ice when the temp drops this afternoon late. I do hope there is no power outtages. Other than that, I don't really care what it does. I am quite warm in the house and no hairdo today as they are closed. I am doing what I do best..Nothing.

Although I did muster up enough energy to cook some chili beans, they are simmering now, but Jerrell cannot eat the amount he is accustomed to; we always like them on snowy days and no- no, we cannot alter our lifestle that much and not have chili beans on our one -day- yearly- snow.

I have decided that Jerrell is finally falling apart. He just keeps adding more problems on his plate. He now thinks since his ear is still stopped up and even though he has an appointment with a ENT on Monday, he is convinced that he has a bad ear and it needs removing. I do not think that desperately, but then it ain't my ear that is stopped up. It does however resemble my way of thinking on most things.

And no Roxy does not like snow! She will not put her little prissy butt down on that pretty white snow, therefore I am thinking she must be tinkling in the house so I keep a checkin for that. She did do all her business early this morning fore any snow fell so that part I ain't worried about. She cannot like snow, while I am loving it and of course Jerrell is complaining as he has never cared for it since he quit teaching school. Now wonder why??? btw, there is no schools in the city or county here today.

This new and improved Blogger has been down all morning and I gotta email this morning asking where my blog went, so I have about got this one finished up and I am curious to see if I can get it to publish. IMO this changeover was totally worthless and I certainly have seen no signs of less problems!

I guess I might outta go and spend some time with Jerrell while he is awake. He is getting like me, can't get no sleep at night, but he can sleep in his recliner and I can't! So just to let you good folks know I was still around, I thought I would post something today.
Will try to do better when these wheels quits turning.

God Bless!

5 comments: TN said...

Hi Claudia, Good to see your post today. I have been wondering how you and Jerrell are doing. I'm glad you finally got to see some snow. The storm we were supposed to get never happened. It has snowed a little off and on all day, but no accumulation. My daughter saw a first today. Knox county where she teaches made the announcement LAST NIGHT about no school today. (and it didn't snow at all). Usually Knox County goes to school no matter what kind of weather. She was happy to stay at home today but she probably will have to go back tomorrow.
The Chili beans sound good. I made some trail packs for lunch today. Know what that is?
Well, you, Jerrell and Roxy stay warm.... ejoy the fire and the chili beans. I may have to make some tomorrow.

Happymama said...

Good to see you, Moobear. The children enjoyed the snow today. I was so glad that it snowed. They've waited for two years for snow. LOL


Jana said...

Great you got some snow! I wondered where it went as it's gone from our yard, sure miss the orchard across the way with a foot of snow under the trees.
As for Jerrell, it's a MAN thing I guess. Though he is ill and needs medical assistance, it's not likely his ear that needs removal. More likely he needs a soft hand pat and an understanding cluck or two. =-).
He'll adjust to eating less, long as he's drinking a big ol' glass of water before his meal then after.
Toss ol' Roxie out in the snow, she'll get used to it by the time she's back on the porch, probably find out its fun chasing that white stuff around!!
Good luck, and I'm rooting for you!

Marci said...

Good to see your post. I am glad you are getting to enjoy a bit of snow. Poor Jerrell, life is no fun when you don't feel well.

Gattina said...

It's really funny lol ! I stop by and what do I read : You are having beans !! I teased you enough about that in the past. Men when they have something are mostly thinking that they have to look for a nice comfy coffin ! I know that too, while we are taking things in our hands, anyway nobody listens to our complaints !
I agree with Roxy, I wouldn't put my butt in the snow either. I don't like snow at all ! BloogleGlogger has quite some troubles lately, especially when you have to comment and then even in this "New" version, my sidebar dropped again to the bottom and no way to get it up again ! I already changed twice the template (but took always the same) nothing to do ! Now I have mailed my template htmls to a friend and asked her to fix it for me, because I don't see anything. But, what should we do I think other Blog companies are not better.