Sunday, March 11, 2007

chillin out...

Now this my kinda girl, just kicked back and taking it easy. This is one of the last few pictures of Caroline that I got and although it has been a few weeks, I am just now getting around to posting it. Have several more I will post later. As you folks know I have been so busy that I just ain't posted too frequent lately. I have no excuses or shall I say I will not use any at this time. Maybe later I might. I do fly by the seat of my pants and always have!

The best of them all is always old age. My neighbor Harriet and I have met in the yards and talked the last two days and the subject of age has come up both days as she is nearing 65 and I am nearing 63. She has an older sister who she said refused to age gracefully and took it so far as to not go to the doctor when at times she really should have. Her ole sis started having nose bleeds and was forced to go to a doctor. After having her blood pressure checked, found it to be extremely high and is now depressed because she has to take blood pressure medicine. We laughed as we both take it ourselves. Harriet was a bit shocked to learn I started on blood pressure meds when I was 33 and have been on them since. Seems a bit young I admit, but nevertheless that is when it was discovered.

We also talked about our lives and how she became our neighbor as she was born in California and lived most of her adult life in Oregon. Her husband drives a tractor trailor for a living and is gone for weeks at a time and as we had talked about different eating places around town, she asked me to go eat with her some as she goes out everyday to a different place and thought it would help me to get out some and also to get a chance to eat many things she and I like that Jerrell just ain't gonna eat, so I told her that sounded like a winner to me.

I have found that friends are very important to me. I have many and I am thankful for all of them. There are some folks that do not want friends and are sorta like loners. It is these folks I can't understand and feel the sorriest for. Like my new neighbor, she just ain't gonna be friendly. Now what does a person do when they run outta sugar or flour or an egg right in the middle of cooking something? All I gotta do, is dart out the door and ring a neighbor's doorbell and the same with them. I am always ready to oblige anyone if it is something I can do for them. I see tho God didn't make all folks alike, but as I told another neighbor today when she came to visit, I have done for others all my life until I got in this shape and now I can't, but folks are now doing things for me. There is lots to the meaning of brotherly love and what goes round, comes round. I believe if one does from the heart, they will be repaid 10 fold. I have been more than blessed in my life and my only regret is that I was not old enough, nor mature enough to have helped my mama more when she was sick and dying. Yet, knowing my mama, she had far rather me be outside playing than being in the kitchen learning to cook when I really didn't have sense enough.

Since I know you will be reading this at some point P, congrats on Carolina winning the ACC today. I watched part of it, til Pearlie came. I did think about you and hoped you got home safely from church in time to see all the ballgame. Again, my mind must be on friends today, as P is as good as they come.

I know I have readers from many states and I am gonna put this in here, just cause I never know who might read this and know this person. One of my desires before I die is to get in contact with a former college friend of mine. Due to sheer memory loss, I cannot for the life of me remember her married name. Her maiden name was Nancy Slaughter and she was born and raised in Lancaster, South Carolina. The last time I saw Nancy was in Myrtle Beach, SC and the last time I heard from Nancy she was at Hilton Head, SC. Nancy had always worked at resort areas and had married a school teacher when in Myrtle Beach. I have searched and searched and seem to be unable to locate her, so if anybody happens to know her, please let her know I am looking for her. It is a mere chance this will happen through this blog, but stranger things have happened I suppose.

It is hard to believe it is so late in the day. I cannot get used to the time change and frankly I wish they would leave it one way or another. So I am outta here for now, but wanted to check in with you folks.
Hope you have had a great day..Until....

God Bless!


Happymama said...

Caroline is a doll~That dress brings out her Beautiful eyes in this picture.

Have you enjoyed your digital camera??

Sorry I don't know your friend.
:( But you're right...stranger things have happened, and SOMEONE reading this post, may actually know her.


Grammie said...

What a gorgeous picture, Moo!

: ) TN said...

Hi Claudia, good to see you typing again. Caroline is so cute. I know she is a joy for you.
I don't know your friend, but I will keep my eyes and ears open.
Enjoy this sunshine now, because it's goiong to snow by the week-end....YUK!!!!!


Good to see you again,Claudia. Caroline is a beautiful little girl.She has very outstanding eyes.

Just wanted to mention that I have been on blood pressure medicine since I was twenty years old.It runs all in both sides of my family. My husband didn't have to get on it, til his late 40s. I guess it is just when they catch it. I was goint to have my first child. Well, Take care and I'll see you later. connie from Texas

Marci said...

What an adorable picture. Caroline is a doll baby!!!! Thanks for sharing her picture.

Moobear said...

Thanks all you good folks for your comments. It just warms my heart to have Caroline in my life. Her mom is and always has been very special to me and I always knew she would be a great mom, she has proven me right. LOL Marci, I am sure I will be sharing many more pictures with you folks. I can imagine how happy Grammie must be now with little Owen! He is such a precious little fellow. Wouldn't he and Caroine make a perfect little match. lol..
Thanks again and God Bless!