Saturday, March 03, 2007

a week later...

and here I am. It has been a very hectic week and for one reason or another I never had the time to post or if I had the time, I just didn't feel quite up to it. Monday was a good day. My best friend Paulette came and we of course went out to eat and also did some shopping. Or maybe I should say, I struck out and she did some shopping. We musta been in a rare serious mood as nothing happened that we got a good laugh over. I think serious talks sometimes are needed and appropriate.

After Paulette left I quickly fixed Jerrell some supper as we had to be at the funeral by 6:00. We lost a very dear friend a week ago today. I do not normally go to visitations or funerals on the advice of my doctor, but I wanted to go, so I did! Although we were there early, there was already a long line that had formed. After being on my feet right much shopping, it didn't take standing long in the line for my back to start hurting really bad. I leaned against the wall as best I could and sat down in a chair each time we neared one, rested and caught up with Jerrell in the line. David was blessed with a wonderful wife and a daughter and a son. I am a hugging person and I thought so much of his son, Mike, that when I got to him the mother in me put my arms around him. Having two sons and knowing Mike personally made him extra special. I actually had never met David's daughter, but she was a very nice young lady. David will be greatly missed in our community, but he will be remembered as being a good man and only good things will be said about him. God Bless his family.

There is a slight possibility that our oldest son will be home on our granddaughter's spring break. If not then, they will definitely be home for Christmas. Either way is fine with us. We just miss them, but understand how busy they are and the distance it is to travel. My son told me he has the camera and all the necessary things that I will need and will bring it when they come home, show me how to use it, etc. All I know is it is a Canon and he said it was easy to use. He was going to mail it, but I told him not to that I had rather he wait so he could show me how to use it. My mind ain't as young as it used to be.
So be forewarned for when I get the camera to be picture crazy til the new wears off.

On Wednesday after getting an email from Paulette telling me about a good sale on at Belk, I actually shocked myself and got in my car-truck, btw what do you spose to call a SUV? Anyhow, I was badly needing some dress pants. Not that I don't have any, just that I have gained weight and cannot get in many of them. So I venture out which is another back breaker and find me some dress pants and a couple tops. Spent little money actually, but got three nice items. Clothes as well as most everything is marked up out of sight. When you get a pair of $58 pants for $14 that tells you something for sure!

As we are literally eating hardly anything anymore, Jerrell is losing weight and really does not need too. I am eating the same as he is, but the weight is coming off me much slower. Of course he works and gets exercise and I cannot literally do exercises and most likely wouldn't if I could, although I do try to walk Roxy on a couple long walks everyday, cept when it rains! I can tell I am loosing some inches and a few pounds , but not enough to write home about just yet. My goal is get back to where I was before I hit a glutton stage and my weight shot up.

OK, ya'll know I am still here and a kicking so I will get back to enjoying this beautiful day. The last time I looked it was 65 degrees and that is my kinda weather. Have a great weekend all you good folks!

God Bless!


Happymama said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I know how tiresome the line can be for receiving friends.

Jerrell may be losing weight because he's eating healthier. He probably won't take off too much more before he levels out. And men always lose faster than women...they have more muscle mass. We on the other hand.....well.....have more "baby mass." LOL hehe


Gattina said...

How wonderful that you will get a camera ! I have a Canon too (Canon Powershot A 530) and it's very true it's so easy to use all of them. You just have to push the bottom and that's it. Everything is automatic ! There is no risk by doing anything wrong, so if you want it earlier let him send it ! (I couldn't wait, lol)

Jana said...

Glad you're back! So nice to hear from you and glad you went out with Paulette. Did you get a subway sandwich?? Sorry about your friend, and I agree about funerals and visitations, I don't go. Jesus said let the dead bury their own...which says to me that if we believe in Jesus we live forever with Him. The body dies but the person goes to Jesus, what a wonderful place to be, I'm sorry you and your community will miss your friend, but know he's happy and in Jesus' arms, happy and safe.


I am so sorry about the loss of your friend but I am glad you were able to go to the funeral. We will be looking forward to the pictures when ever you start "clicking" away. I am glad you all are doing good on your dibetic diets. It gets really hard sometimes, we are such a food offering family. we all like food and the ladies all like to prepare food. It is another think I have to lean on the Lord for support . Been nice visiting with you here, Moobear. connie from Texas