Monday, March 26, 2007

hectic round here...

I just never seize to amaze myself. Granted I ain't got the best memory in the world, but I best get my act together. I found myself waking up at 4:45 this morning with another angina attack and as you folks know, I have only had two since I started on this new medicine after my heart cath.

Now since I do not function when I first get up, I was still in a stupor when I started taking my morning meds and I noticed my angina pills were not there because I set them in a different place so I will be sure to see them to take at 2 p.m. as I am sposed to take two at 8 a.m. and 2 @ 2. Welp, then I knew why I had the attack, cause I missed my afternoon pills yesterday. It made me feel better for a second, but at the same time it was scary to know that I was so dependant on those pills to ward off those terrible angina attacks. It really, really do make me think.

Well for the good news. Our oldest son Kev and his family will be in- a week from tomorrow. They will fly into Charlotte on Tuesday around noon, get a rental car and drove the 45 miles to here. They will be here until Thursday morning and then drive down to Myrtle Beach, SC and fly out of Myrtle Beach back to Ohio on Sunday.

Of course we are looking forward to spending some time with them. It will be exactly a year since we have seen our daughter in law and grandaughter. Kev was in by himself in the fall of last year. Unless we can make some unknown quick changes, they will be staying nearby at a motel. That way it will be much easier really on them and on us. Cynthia of course wants to stay with us, which is great! Of course she will sleep with me as she usually does, but I mentioned to Kev about Roxy sleeping with me and would that be a problem with Cynthia? LOL, he said no, actually that is why she wants to stay here so she can sleep with Roxy. Now ain't that sweet? I am looking forward to it, but my cooking will have to be limited as they are aware I am not what I used to be healthwise or otherwise.

Kev also mentioned he would be bringing the camera and Cynthia could show me how to use the camera and he would show me how to get the pictures from the camera to my computer. I may even take some of them while they are here so I'll have some to post for you good folks.

Welp, we had a murder here in this little town. It is bad in more ways than one. Jerrell's mom is all in a tizzy as the murder happened in the house directly across the street from her. She lives and has lived on a dead end street since Jerrell was in the 8th grade. She and a couple more elderly folks are all that are left of the originals when they moved there. The street is narrow with sidewalks and until recent years, on any given day as many as 9 or 10 younguns would be playing or riding their bicyles up and down the street or sidewalks.

Now, mostly middle age to younger folks live in the houses. Eddie and Kristi had lived across the street for 10 years and according to the police, she was killed either Wednesday night or Thursday evening. She did not report to work either Thursday or Friday. She just recently had gotten promoted to assistant manager at one of the local chain clothing stores here in Albemarle.
News14 camera crew were filming on Sunday morning and of course police cars have been going and coming and I can see why Mrs. Bunting is all upset over it. According to the police, Kristi who was 40 years old was beaten to death with a barstool. Eddie, 36 has not been located at this time. This morning when Jerrell called home, he said a former neighbor of Mrs. Bunting who works with Jerrell said he had seen Eddie Thursday afternoon with his mother at a convenience store and that Eddie was acting odd and had blood on his shirt. Of course Donnie reported this to the police. Apparently he went to his mothers immediately and possibly now with some relatives in Louisana. Of course this would upset anyone whether you knew them or not, but I just hope Eddie will turn himself in and face his punishment. Please pray for this entire family.

Do any of you folks belong to I just be doggone if I am going to pay $2.95 to be able to email some of my old classmates. Bless Pat, a girl I know was added and the site let me take the time to email her and then wanted me to sign up for $2.95 to send it! Oh no, not gonna happen. Not me. I would be curious to know if some of you folks are members and is it worth a dime to join? I guess I could ask my brother since he is foolish enough to join most anything, but never think about it when I talk with him. Oh well...

K, I am outta here, I gotta get something started for supper to go along with my leftovers from Sunday lunch. Ain't quite as hot today here. Got to 88 yesterday and I had to break out my shorts. Not today...

God Bless!


Marci said...

I'm with you Claudia, I was not going to pay them so that I oculd send an email to someone.

I am sorry about the angina attack. Maybe you could wear one of those little timers that would beep at the times you need to take it in the afternoon. I know our cell phone will let you set a beeper for things like that.

Teresa said...

Hi Claudia, I haven't written in awhile but I have been reading your blog. I never did get my blog back up and going, and I'm not really inclined to right now. But I do enjoy reading yours and Clara in Tn. and a few others. Set a timer for your pills!!! I'm glad your son and family will be there soon. Don't overdo. Teresa

Moobear said...

Hi Marci! Thanks for coming by hon and yes I have made different arrangements with my meds. lol on the emails.
Hi Teresa! Hon I am so glad to see you! I have thought about you so much and wondered how you were doing. So glad you commented and hope you are doing well.
Thanks friends. Love you all!


Sandy said...

Oh..just great! Just what we need...another murderer in Louisiana! Sandy