Friday, March 16, 2007

a first for me..... and Caroline!

Today has been a wonderful day with a little panic thrown in too! I got an email from Stephanie this morning and she said that Caroline was walking really good now and most important is that she loves basketball. Yay!! She takes that after her mom and I could not be more delighted. Steph says when the little 10 year old neighbor is outside playing basketball, that Caroline wants to get out and play with her. The pictures here are new and shows Caroline all dressed up. Actually her first birthday, just a bit late in getting the pictures. In the picture to the right she is *winking* so her mom says, not acting "spastic". :) I was thrilled to get them and of course wanted to share them with you folks.

I have been so busy today and had to get out in the heavy rains that we are having here. Also the temperature is much much cooler. I did wait until the rain let up a bit and went to the grocery store. I wanted to hurry in and out as I had something else I was in a hurry to do. Since it was raining I had my umbrella up and rather than unlock the rear door on my SUV I used the key thingy locker and all of a sudden the horn on my SUV started blowing. Now to be downright honest here, this is the second car that I have owned that had the burglary device or whatever you call it on it and my last car, my BMW, which I miss so much, had an alarm on it, but all the 6 years that I had it, not once did the alarm go off. So when I got this SUV it had one too and I had often wondered what am I suppose to do if it should go off and pondered it a few minutes and never thought of it again.

Welp as I clicked to unlock the rear door the horn started blowing and my personal inside alarm in my brain panicked plus the closer I got to it, the more people were looking. My first reaction was to blow the horn thinking that might stop it; shucks the horn wouldn't blow or to be precise, I am not sure where to hit to make the horn blow. Anyways I saw a man sitting in his car, pointing his key thingy towards my car, so I walked towards him and asked him if he knew how I could stop my horn from blowing. About that time the man beside him joined in and they asked me for my keys and said all you gotta do is push this panic button. He clicked it and my horn stopped, but my inner panic button was still going and I was even more embarassed. They both explained that apparently I had hit it by mistake. I have had this vehicle for 3 years and this was the first time this has happend to me, so the moral of this story is that I learned today just how handy that little thing could be if a bugger got after me in my car or as I am getting in it. Goodness, I hope I never have to use it for that reason. I was worn slap out when I got home. Up to my eyeballs with nerves and embarassment!! I am like the saying "country comes to town" I guess.

I got my collards paraboiled and good Lord willing I am going to have some collards and cornbread for supper. Standing and washing and looking the collards was bout more than my back wanted to take today, it always hurts worse when the weather is wet.

I got bunches and bunches of things to do yet so I best be out of here for today. I hope you folks are having better weather than we are here, but do like me and try to enjoy it, make the best of it and thank the good Lord for giving it to us.

God Bless!


Happymama said...

Beautiful pictures of Caroline. She's a doll.

I hope you had a great weekend. Ours was wonderful and B.U.S.Y! LOL I'm physically and spiritually exhausted but plan on sleeping in tomorrow morn. At least I hope to. :)


Marci said...

What a great picture of Caroline. She is a darling.

I have never had a car with one of those alarms. They make me jump clean out of my skin though when one goes off near me. I am glad you know how to use it now.