Thursday, January 25, 2007

Remember Melissa...

This is the weekend meterologist for our local WBTV channel 3 news station in Charlotte. She and her family desperately is in need of prayer. We first heard of Melissa's cancer in an email from her to my youngest son Jeff, who is a friend of hers. Since then we have read many articles in the Observer about her plight. Melissa has married and she and her husband, Roger, were expecting their first child when they found the tumor.

Had she not gotten pregnant the tumor would not have been found and she would only have lived from 6 to 9 months. She was diagnosed in November with an aggressive and rare cancer that effects only 12 people or so at any given time in the world. Melissa underwent chemo and they were to have taken the baby this past Monday. After doing test and scans last week, they found the tumor had grown and have delayed taking the baby another month. At 8 months chances are much better for the baby. After birth, Melissa will undergo another type of chemo, but her cancer is inoperable and has spread to her liver, intestines and other organs. I think this is one of the saddest situations that I personally have known of. I ask that you good folks put up some prayers for her as only a miracle can she survive. Melissa is 27 years old and very optimistic, as is her husband. She said the baby was kicking as if to say "Go mom, Go." Little Conner will need your prayers as well.

Thank you all for the kind comments and emails about Jerrell. His diabetes was confirmed yesterday when he went to the doctor. Thankfully he is on medication, two different diabetes meds. The hospital will call us concerning the classes we will be attending. The anxiety level has been high with Jerrell this week, but he actually felt better after he knew he had something to help him get his sugar down as it has been so high that we have known of since Sunday night when we went to the ER.

It certainly will be a lifestyle change for both of us. I will eat as he does and I am anxious to attend the classes to understand more about what he can and cannot eat as I am totally lost about this disease. His outlook is positive and we will take a day at a time and do what we have to do to make it a great day in our life. He is back to work today, the first day he has worked since last Thursday. Getting back into a routine I think will help him a great deal, keep his mind occupied with other things.

We have a beautiful sunny day here today. We had a little cold snap, but by weekend we are going back to cold temperatures. Still ain't got a good snow, but I won't give up til the fat lady sings. Which reminds me, is American Idol this year a joke or what? LOL, for those that have possibly watched it, I would like your opinion. I won't go into great detail about this, but I have to lay blame on the parents of some of these kids being allowed to make complete fools of themselves. I would have to sit my son down and just tell'em up front, "son you just ain't got it" and you stay at home and save your money.

Sorry bout the rambling, but that is just about the way the past few weeks have been. If Jerrell's ear does not open and get better when his sugar comes down, we are going to an ENT. Our oldest son sent a PDF file which says diabetes and hearing loss, hearing problems have a connection.

Ok friends that is what is on my mind. Hopefully soon things will be back to normal. Thanks and love to you all...

God Bless!

5 comments: TN said...

That is so sad about Melissa. And we think WE have worries. My goodness...that would be hard to accept. I will say a prayer for her and the baby and her whole family.
Glad Jerrell is back to work.(Wish Bill was able to go with him)It seems more and more people are being diagnosed with diabetes. Maybe it's because they check more than before. It's fairly easy to keep under control....if you will follow all the rules. You will learn quickly what and what not to cook. I have several cook books for diabetics.
Sorry you didn't get any snow!

Happymama said...

We watch WBTV and Bruce had just told me about Melissa a week ago. They had done a story on her and I missed it, but he saw it and told me about it. It's really sad and they do need a great deal of prayer.

We'll be praying for Jarrell too. I'm glad they were able to find his sugar problem and that you can move on knowing his problem and how to deal with it.


Gattina said...

If I understand well, then Jarell doesn't need daily shots. That's already a very good sign. I am sure once the pills do their effect he will feel much better. For you it has also been a rough time and that's just what you don't need at all. My hubby has also some health troubles but nothing too serious.
Our son and his "wife" is here over the weekend. So far she is behaving well and even very friendly. I think we just have to make a new start.

Jana said...

Please keep in mind too that once you and Jerrell have the diet and exercise thing under control the medication should be slowed down and eventually stopped. Don't let those MD's tell you the pills are a life sentence!!! I'm so glad that your son is able to give you information, its sure a Godsend that he's in your life!! You can find tons of recipes and cookbooks on the internet, and I'm sure there's a couple or more diabetis groups to be had on there - maybe even a blog or two to get on?? One of my clients has her diabetis basically in remission due to daily exercise and control of her diet. She misses bread and grapefruit, but seems like she eats really well, lots of vegies every day seems to be the basis of her meals.
Thinking of you all in my prayers, hoping to that Mrs. B is getting along ok. How's the puppy doing?

The other me said...

what a sad story about this young mom to be! I will certainly keep her in my heart and thoughts.
Did you see the girl on AI who said her mom didn't support her and had told her not to go? Oh she was terrible, just shows how some of them just won't listen!! I watch every week and cringe at some of them! I love it though.
I hope you get the diabetes under control and Jerrell feels better soon. Helen.