Friday, July 13, 2007

here today...

I have missed blogging, but I have had a lot going on in real life and I still am really, but I am going to try to take a break from the routine and check in with you folks.

I do appreciate those that have visited and commented lately. I feel like I have let myself down for neglecting to blog as often as I wanted to when I started this blog, but the truth is, real life does require a lot of my time right now. Also given the days that I just do not feel well- leaves few days to blog.

I have had a really tough week trying to wear this partial. I stay nauseated, but after I eat, I get really sick on my tummy. I go back to the dentist on Monday and see if it can be tweaked or something. I am a right side chewer but I find it feels more natural on the left side with the one tooth. The right side has two teeth and I think my bottom teeth are hitting the top two teeth as well as the gum part so I think it needs to me a bit thinner like the left side. I am sure there is something they can do to help me.

Mrs. Bunting is neither better or is she is any worse. Jerrell has really gotten onto her because she wears what he calls her "uniform" which consist of a long sleeved white blouse (has two just alike) and her black pants ( has three pairs she says) and a wool sweater vest. YES in the hot summer. SOOOO a couple different days that he went down there, she had on a pink blouse one day without that vest and another colored blouse without that vest another day. Her sister told us that she used to know this old lady that wanted to wear the same thing every day, hence the "uniform" that Jerrell calls it might just be common for old folks with dementia.

We are blessed that she is not worse, but no plans have been made because she has in her old age gotten very stubborn, which in normal times, she was never that way. Therefore, when she is made to stop driving or made to come up here, she will be very mad and upset with Jerrell and that is the main reason he keeps putting off the inevitable. I just pray that nothing happens to cause her to hurt herself or someone else til Jerrell finally makes the decision and follows through with it.

Our neighbor, Pearlie, brought us the prettiest mess of freshly picked green beans and some corn this morning. I am really looking forward to cooking them as we love both in the summer when it is fresh out of the garden. She had even strung them and there were lots of shellies in them, which makes them even better. We have been getting a gracious plenty of tomatoes off Jerrell's vines and even a tomato sandwich taste awful good. I also love to slicem up with fresh cucumbers and onions and have them along with a meal.

I know you folks understand my lack of blogging, but I do want to blog more often so I will make a special effort to get something on here whether it is very newsworthy or not. I am just not talented enough to write anything other than something that is happening in my life at the moment. I would hate to lose the wonderful readers that I have. :)


k said...

I totally understand. I go through periods where I'm just so sick I simply can't blog, no matter how much I love to. And then sometimes I find weeks have gone by before I'm back out of bed and blogging again...

The first year was the hardest that way. I guess I got more into the habit of it over time. That helped.

I know YOU know we do understand! But I wanted to TELL you, too, okay?

Your blog is for YOU. I know you probly heard that ten million times but it's still true. It's to make you happy and feel better and think things out and post gorgeous pix of children dancing in the sand at the beach.

So don't feel responsible for making sure your readers always have something new. Sure, we want that. But your own comfort in your blogging patterns is the most important.

I guess I think of it kind of like when they say on the airplane, *Parents, put on your oxygen mask before you put your children's masks on them.* It's not selfish even if it may sound like it. It's just about being able to keep things working smoothly, because that's the best way to give your blogging back to your readers.

Moobear said...

k, thanks so much for your visit and your encouraging comment. It is nice to hear from folks that know what I am going through from their own personal experience. Although I am sorry you have the problems, life is good on those good days for sure! As I mentioned to you before on your blog, I so much enjoy your blog and Livey's too. I am glad to see all the problems have been corrected and you both are back online. Have a wonderful time and you two try to
Thanks again for commenting.I absorbed it all for the truth it is. It is so much appreciated. Have a wonderful day k!

k said...

Oh, you bet! Believe me - it's nice for ME to hear from folks going through it too. Theb I always try to remember to let them know, I'm NOT glad they're sick. It's just better to know we're not along in it.

And no one's ever minded me saying it yet. :-)