Wednesday, July 18, 2007

a much better week...

I have had a wonderful week so far. Last week I was nauseated all week from wearing the contraption called a partial in my mouth. Finally after lunch on Saturday I said no more and removed it until I went back to the dentist on Monday. He removed one piece of the bubble gum from the roof of my mouth, trimmed down some other places and it made all the difference in the world. I think when I go back to see him Tuesday I will just flat out hug him!

Before going to the dentist on Monday, I had a morning visit from Stephanie and Caroline. We as always had a wonderful time. Caroline is talking lots more but cannot say C's too good, so my name Claudia comes out as taudia which is just fine with me. We had a real good visit and when Stephanie was putting her into her seat in the car to leave, Caroline started crying cause she didn't want to leave. I hated to see her cry, but my heart was happy to know she enjoyed being here that much and didn't want to leave.

We have made plans for me to go over and spend a day with them soon. I told Steph that I wanted to get in the pool if I can still get in that Big Mama bathing suit that I still have. I think the water would be so relaxing and make all my achy bones feel so much better, plus I can play with Caroline in the water. I am wondering if they make Big Mama wings cause I can swim, but I just cannot dog paddle so I do not plan on going to the deep end unless I am hanging onto the edge.Also I bet it has been 20 years since I have been in any water, so Jerrell wants it on video. :) Steph I am sure will be sure to oblige him. lol

I normally do not vaccuum but do mop the kitchen and the bathroom. So yesterday Roxy had an appointment at the groomers so I gotta wild hair to mop and vacuum cause Roxy does not like either one so I thought I'd take advantage of her being gone. All went well and as I usually do, I went gingerly back down to the basement to use the sink down there to empty my mop water and wash my mop out. Jerrell always shaves down there and has a hanging mirror there at the sinks. I leaned in to squeeze the mop and my head came up and hit the wooden frame with the mirror in it; out came the mirror and it hit on my right arm. It was 1/4" mirror and fortunately it had polished edges or it woulda cut my arm bad. It immediately made a knot on my head and a huge bruise on my arm, but ya know my arm hurt lots more than my head. That outta tell you sumpin right there. :) I am truly an accident waiting to happen and that is why Jerrell does not want me going to the basement in the first place. But my intentions sure were good.

Our oldest son and his wife that live in Ohio have finally found a house that they like and have bought a home.I am gonna post a picture of the front and the rear of the house. The inside is really, really pretty. I think I like the rear of the house the best. It has a nice deck and I think that will be where Moobear will be found most of the time.I know they will enjoy it and hopefully we can make a trip to Ohio in the near future.

This is the front of the house...

and....this is the rear of the house...

My son's wife is a pathologist and she has taken an MD job on staff at a hospital which is a long drive from where they presently live and she hasta live within a 30 minute drive so this will put them about half way between each of their work. She starts her new job on August 1. She has taken a month off to be at home with Cynthia and run her here and there as she is in lots of summer activities. We hope to be able to make the trip to Ohio and see their new home.

I bout run outta news so I will hush for today. Hope all you folks have a great and blessed day.

God Bless!



MooBear, Let me first say, thank you for all the very sweet things you said on my post. You are such a good kind friend.

I am glad you got your partical doing better.I am glad you did not hurt yourself too bad in the basement. I agree with Jerrell that may not be the place for you, good intentions are not.

I am glad you had a good visit with Caroline and Stephine. I know how much you enjoy seeing them.

Boy! that is some house. I am so happy for your son and his family. I like the back also. It is sooo big, don't get lost in it. I want to see you again. Have a fun trip when you go and think about me. connie your friend from Texas

Be careful in the swimming pool. Don't get too hot, or too deep.

k said...

All I can say is, yeah. What connie said!


I know that's not as fun. That's how I get all kinds of boo-boos too. TN said...

Hi Claudia, Good to know you didn't get hurt badly. I am accident prone also!!! LOL My Grandson always tells me every time I talk to him.."Granny, don't hurt yourself".
Have fun in the pool. I barely can swim, but I LOVE playing in a pool.
And WHAT A HOUSE! Man, that is georgous!!!! I can't imagine having that kind of house. I know you will enjoy going there to visit. I almost want to go with you!!!!

Jana said...

Next time, dump the bucket in the toilet and leave the mop for Jerrell to rinse, will you???!!!
If you don't fit in that bathing suit, nothing wrong with shorts and a bra - or a tanktop, don't think Caroline will mind, do you?
Nice house, but I can see a lot of housekeeping for 3 busy people, sorry I'm not there to offer to clean for them!! Bet the house has hardwoods and tons of windows!! Nice view on the hill too. Hope your head feels better soon.