Tuesday, July 24, 2007

yesterday was wonderful...

I had mentioned to you folks that I was going to go and spend the day with Stephanie and Caroline sometime soon,so yesterday morning I felt pretty good; getting two good nights sleep in a row with me really does make a difference! So we had talked about either Monday or Wednesday since I had appointments on other days and Steph was busy all the other days too. I picked up the phone and called Steph and it was a good day for me to mosey over there and so I did!

I got to her house about 10:00 and left right around 4:00. I can truly say that was the most fun I have had in many, many years! To be around Caroline in her home, I got to see just how smart and how well behaved that precious girl is. Also, Steph and I got to do a lot of talking and looked at pictures and of course we ALL got in the pool! They have a beautiful home and I just made myself at home as I am just very comfortable with Steph and she with me. Stephanie had just had 24 folks over on Sunday, yet she was willing and able to take on Moo for the day. I will post some pictures and a video at the end of my post today.

Steph ordered pizzas for lunch and they took a long time to get there, but finally they arrived so I went into the house to get my meds as it was time for me to take them. The dork that I am- had thought of something to ask Steph when I went back out the door to the patio there at the pool and had my mind on that instead of watching where I was walking. It has a rounded little area outside the door and ONE step. Of course Moo forgot the step and there the fall began. I started my fall and went the entire length of the patio, taking out if I remember correctly one chair, one cooler, cleared out two dogs, one of Caroline's tables and landed in David's big, nice, covered grill which was up against the brick wall. I remember trying three different times to get control, but didn't do no good. Steph said if the wall had not been there I woulda ended up in the neighbor's yard. Yep, I hurt, I had a knot on each shin, which Steph put ice on and already some visible bruises, just not as bad as today. I am flat out surprised that I did not break a bone.

Both the dogs were there, so me being on the concrete laying there, they thought I wanted to play, so they were licking me and I was trying to get my wits, Steph was in a panic and precious little Caroline was crying. That was the very worst part, that it scared her. Before leaving I went back out to gather up my stuff and bless Pat if I didn't stump my foot on that step up and fell up the same step I had fallen down. I didn't have far to go and just flopped right into the brick wall. That one I admit did jerk my back and my back is still sore today, but overall for all I have to hurt I came out pretty good!

These are just random pictures so I won't need to tell ya what each one is. :)

I will have to explain this video a bit. Stephanie loves to read Grammie's Blog because of little Owen and she likes to keep up with Owen and see how he is growing and she enjoys Grammie's blog as well, so therefore this video is kinda for Grammie. :) Also Steph knows that this will be in my blog. By the way, there is a float under that whale. I bout never figured out how to maneuver that float and bout flipped a couple times when I first got my big self on it. You will need to have your volume up a bit to hear it all. At least I had too.. lol

I hope you all have a great day!

God Bless!


Grammie said...

Well, I am honored to have made it to your video. : ) Thanks for the "hi"! You look extremely relaxed in that pool....and I can tell from the pictures that you had a wonderful day---with the exception of that fall. I am so grateful that you weren't hurt more seriously.

That Caroline is such a cutie!

Take care of those cuts and bruises...xoxo Grammie

Clara....in TN said...

Oh Claudia, I'm glad you aren't hurt bad from the fall. We do have to watch our step, don't we. I stumble about every other day...LOL
Glad you enjoyed your day with Steph and Caroline. Sounds like fun to me.

k said...


Wow. That was quite ag spill there, especially the first one.

I have to say, I love how the dogs took it. In the middle of something like that, the animals can really help calm a person down. I hoped they made you feel better when it happened.

I love your pix! What an adorable little girl!

k said...

And you know what else? Getting enough sleep can make such a difference in one's ability to function. And to keep on a good level in one's heart too.

Besides that? Visiting and having fun is a very healing thing to do. Now I see why you understand how great it is for us up here this summer.

When you said it was the most fun you'd had in so long, that's what I thought of - what a healing thing that can be.

I sure hope you can get more visits in. They're worth the tumbles, aren't they?

Ordinary Janet said...

oh, that sounds like a nasty fall you had, so glad you didn't break any bones!