Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I Miss Her

It has been over a week since I spent the day with Caroline and having spent pretty much the entire day with her, I am now beginning to miss her so much.

Stephanie is now into golf and biking. She got a new mountain bike for her birthday and she and her husband ride vigorously, even competition style :).
It brings back many memories of playing tennis and basketball with her and how competitively she was then and it has not waned.

I have had some repercussions from the fall, it has just taken a while to hit I guess. I always land on my right side as that is the side with the numb leg and always land on my right hip which is already a mass of fractures, so I am assuming I just created more fractures, hence the increase in pain.

I do have a doctor's appointment today, but I want more than anything for him to do something about my left foot swelling so big. It really hurts to bend, touch or walk. If I know my doctor, he will only double my fluid pill. I do not think that will make it better as the one pill is not doing very much.

I will post some pictures below made this past weekend. Caroline loves to go to the park while they bike and also to the golf course. No doubt she will be athletic as her mom and dad.

This is my girls on the golf course!

This is Caroline with her dad and her Pop Pop.

I am running late, but I did want to get something on my blog. May you all have a great day!

God Bless!


Barbara said...

Claudia I am so sorry to see that you had a fall. My prayers go out to you for no lasting damage. Caroline is sweet so no wonder you miss her. Love and b lessings. I have not forgotten the tag, will get to it eventually.

Jana said...

Hi Claudia, I hope you will Google the name of that darn diuretic you are taking, probably you will find that a side-effect of it is dehydration - which is characterized by the swelling in your feet. Another side effect of diuretics is dizziness - which is also caused by dehydration, which is caused by diuretics. Will you talk to him about getting OFF those water pills? There are alternatives that are easier on your poor kidneys which work so hard taking those water pills that some people end up on dialysis from them.
I hope you feel lots better very soon, and thanks so much for sharing Caroline, she has the looks of a movie star already!!!
I haven't forgotten the tag, but I'm having trouble coming up with 8 things to say about myself that are minimally close to the great things you had to say!

Marci said...

Claudia, I am sorry that you fell. I hope there are no more fractures. I am glad you got to spend the day with sweet little Caroline. I think it is great that she gets to go to the golf course with her parents. =) I think it is even better that they share her and pictures of her with you!!!

k said...

What beautiful pix! Of course those people are all so gorgeous, it helps. hee hee! But looks aren't everything. That photographer is way good with the camera.

This visiting business does you a world of good, doesn't it.

My fabulous grandmother Helen was a very fine golfer. Grandad too. But she got a hole-in-one and he never did, and he stayed a little mad about that, forevermore! ;-)

Your pain doc is WRONG about the fentanyl patches being *too strong.* HORSE HOCKEY!!! The 25mg dose sounds equivalent to the pain pills you already take. They actually calculate that. IF they know what they're doing, anyway.

Anyone with the terrible bone and leg problems you have NEEDS adequate pain treatment. Untreated pain leads to health complications like high blood pressure. Did you know that?

OOO this gets me going SO bad!

He's just being a WUSS. The FDA has made a lot of innocent docs scared of being arrested for treating pain patients.

I don't know how you're set up with your docs but if he isn't a pain doc by practice, I hope you'll consider getting one. They know what to do, how to treat pain properly and safely and legally.

This is NOT good for your health!!! It's not just terribly unkind to let any of God's children suffer for no reason - including yourself - it's also bad medicine!

OOO I want to give that guy an earful! Or at LEAST just punch him in the nose.


Okay. End of pain meds rant.


Do you elevate your feet a lot? Sometimes it's amazing how well that helps. I sleep with a huge stack of pillows under my feet and when I get back home, Livey gave me advice on how to get a hospital type bed that does that.

When I use my computers I elevate then, too. With the laptop I just stay in bed or put the pillows on the couch. At home, when I'm on the desktop, I have a high stool with a pillow on top that I put my feet up on.

If you elevate them every minute you can - above your hips at least, but better yet, above your heart - you may be surprised at how much it helps. Often you can see your feet *shrink* under your eyes.

That happened last week at Snowshoe Baseball. Livey set my scooter handlebars the right distance and I put my folded picnic blanket on top and put my swollen feet up. These very nice two neighbor ladies sitting next to Livey noticed how my feet were suddenly getting so much smaller.

Of course if you already do? Okay. I be quiet now! ;-)


Moobear, I am so sorry you feel. I guess I had missed your talking about It. I sure hope the Doctor can give you some relief. I hope by the time you read this you are feeling better.

I am glad you got to spend some time with your two girls. I know they love you and you them. Have a good weekend and feel better soon. connie from Texas