Tuesday, July 10, 2007

today at Moos...

About all I got to share with you folks is some more pictures. Nothing exciting is really going on here and for us right now, that is good.

I did get my partial yesterday and since my son had a orchestra concert to go to on Sunday night, he didn't call us til last night. Having much difficulty getting used to this being in my mouth, not only have I been nauseous, but my speech ain't too good. It feels like I got two pieces of chewed up Bazooka Bubble Gum stuck on the roof of my mouth. Kev said last night that it is good that he calls on Sunday nights since he knows now that I am drunk on Monday nights. lol... He laughed, Jerrell laughed and I got the giggles, but we still managed to talk our usual hour. I am thinking it is gonna take a long time for me to get used to this.

A neighbor of Mrs. Bunting gave us some squash which Jerrell does not like, but I love them fried, but thought I might like a casserole so all I did was google 'easy squash casserole' and the very first one that came up- I used, cause I had all the ingredients. That is the best way for me. It is just now out of the oven and I am gonna try it for my lunch today. I generally eat things for lunch that Jerrell does not like since he is at work. I love pizza so I have that often. I even like cucumber and onion sandwiches. If you soak them in vinegar for a bit, not too long, so they will still be crispy and put them on mayonaised bread, that makes a pretty good sandwich.

OK, now for some pictures:

I like this one of Caroline, cause I have no idea what she is doing :)

This is Stephanie's mom, Alice, at her 70th birthday party just a few weeks ago.

This is Caroline with her mom and Dad. David is a tall fellow. He has a 37" inseam, so he got long legs!!

I hope you all have a good day and try to stay cool as best as you can. I think it is hot in most places. Even in Ohio, it was 90 yesterday, so those that are not used to the heat seem to be getting it too.

God Bless!


Barbara said...

I think Caroline is reaching for the stars. sorry about your teeth problems. That's a bind I know.

Grammie said...

I was so glad to see that you had posted today....I have missed you!

...love the pictures!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Moo!
So your dream about the teeth not fitting was almost true!!!
Caroline is actually saying, "Hold Me, Mommy", in the picture with her arms up....
Good Luck with the teefers!

Marci said...

Great pictures!! You will get used to those teeth. Just give it awhile. You may have to relearn talking clearly though. I thought your son's comment was cute.


MooBear, Jim says just keep those teeth in your mouth, you will get use to them and want ever know they are there but if you take them out you will never wear them. That what Jim says.

I love the pictures but I have missed you. I hope except for the teeth you have not been feeling bad.

The squash sound delicious. I love squash.So does Jim. I like onion and cumcumber sandwiches also. They are one of my favorites. I am going to have to crack down on my dibetic eating, I have let it get out of control again. It is my fault because I haven't been staying on my diet since the grandkids came for a visit last month. Hope you have a good day. See you later. connie from Texas

Moobear said...

Thank you all for the comments and the visits. I think the partial might need some trimming down on one side, seems like it is too thick on one side. I go back Monday for him to see how I am doing. If full dentures are any worse than these three little teefs, then I never want no dentures. The nausea is still hanging around, but I am toughing it out. It gets worse after eating so I have really cut down on my eating this week. I got the partial so I could eat things better and bless pat it is making me not want to eat. Oh well, I'll do the best I can til Monday and hope he will keep them and taper them off a bit.

Thanks for the comments folks!

God Bless!

k said...

Those pix are just beautiful, moobear! I'm not so good at taking pix of people. I find I take lots of animals and flowers and stuff instead. I'm camera-shy myself and I think I always worry I'll upset someone, taking their photo.

You have a natural talent for it, you.