Monday, July 02, 2007

for the record... :)

Many of you good folks have been reading my blog for as long as I have been blogging. That is not the case for some of my newer readers. Just for the sake of keeping the record straight, lol, as much as I love Caroline and Stephanie, they are neither any blood kin to me. Many of you good folks nice comments led me to post this to my blog. :) Thank you for them too!

I might add though that Stephanie is like a daughter to me in so many ways. I love her dearly!
I consider her the daughter that I never had. She and my youngest son Jeff, were married for over 6 years, so Stephanie is a former daughter in law. Stephanie has since remarried and she and her husband, David, had Caroline. God blessed me with having a good relationship with Stephanie during her marriage to my son and has remained the same since the divorce. Therefore, Stephanie remained in my life even before Caroline came along. Once Caroline was on the way, Stephanie began with sending me pictures of the ultra sounds via email and since Caroline's birth, she has wanted Caroline to be a part of my life and Jerrells as well and nothing could or does make me any happier.

To many that may sound odd, but fortunately there are no hard feelings in anyway on either sides of the families. Sure that is unusual to some, but it is the way it is and I think it is the right way, the way the Lord would have it be. Neither her husband nor my son have any problems with Moobear; therefore all is well.

Speaking of Moobear I finally found out last night just when and how my two sons and now many others call me Moo, Moobear and Moobearski. I had the pleasure of going to Chicago back in 1985 for the Thanksgiving season to visit with a head honcho out of the home office for the company that I worked for which was located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ann, the lady sent down here to teach me on the computer happened to live in the Chicago area and we hit it off the entire week that she was here, we had a ball and continued to keep in touch after she went back, so she invited me up for Thanksgiving to visit with she and another employee in a district office in Portage, Indiana.

Both my sons at that time were still at home and both were real big Chicago Bears fans and after returning home I had a car accident which later involved my first back surgery. I was not able to walk well and I kinda shuffled along. Kevin told me last night that Moo to him meant Mama, but actually it was Jeff my youngest that began saying when I walked that I was doing the Moobear shuffle as the Chicago Bears had done some sorta shuffle the year before when they won the Super Bowl in 1984. So for the past 21 years I have been called either Moobear or Moo, but actually I had forgotten how I had obtained the name until I asked Kevin last night when he called. lol, I was glad to know myself cause after all these years I had flat forgotten. I never get an email from either son that does not start with Hello Moo. Nor do they call me mama or mother when home, always MOO.

As a matter of fact Kevin had ordered a Sharper Image deskclock for Mrs. Bunting which has the date and the DAY on it, thinking it might help her keep up with what day it is, as she never knows. All she will have to do is place it on her table beside her recliner where she always sits, glance over and see what day it is. When the UPS info was forwarded to me yesterday Kevin had it sent to me by UPS. Along with my correct name and address, there was also a place for receivers name and UPS had Moo in blue typed in there. I sorta chuckled as I thought it was cute, but to Kevin I am Moo so he had no second thoughts as to who was to receive it. :)

Therefore folks,I have let you in on some news that you might already know or did not know at all. I am just thankful that Moobear is here and thankful that Stephanie and David care enough about me to share Caroline and all her love with me. I also hope to be Kev and Jeff's MOO for a few more years, the good Lord willing!

I hope you all have a safe and Happy 4th. Stay safe, have fun and love one another!

God Bless!


Marci said...

They may not be blood kin, but they are kin all the same. I am so glad that she shares that sweet little one with you.

By the way, I did not know if you knew this or not, but Clara's Mother-In-Law died. The viewing is tonight and the funeral is on Thursday.

Moobear said...

Marcia, hon I am so sad to hear this news as I did not know it. I have not heard from Clara as often as usual, so guess she has been busy. I so much appreciate you letting me know as I love Clara so much, she is such a dear friend.
She, Bill and the family will be in my prayers. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know.

Yes hon, you are right, they are kin and very special part of my life. Have a great evening..

Moobear said...

Sorry Marci, I got so nervous, I mistook you for Marcia. Nevertheless hon, I appreciate you letting me know. Take care Marci. Love ya!

Jana said...

I recall you telling that story, it's great to hear it again. I'm so happy you have a relationship with your son's ex, and super glad that son doesn't have any problems with it.
Is that son married again?
Hope you have a quiet 4th, without too many calls from Mrs. B., and so thoughtful of sonny-boy to send her a clock with the day on it, hope it helps to ease her mind a bit. How's Jerrell feeling? How's that new tooth?


I think you are a wonderful Moobear. I am glad you are my friend. connie from Texas