Tuesday, April 17, 2007

a day to enjoy...

After leaving our house week before last, our son, Kevin and his family left to go on to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to see the beaches that neither Silvia or Cynthia had never seen before. They had pretty weather here as they visited with us. It was in the high 80's and was just down right hot, but the temperatures at the beach were much cooler, but still warm enough for Cynthia to get in the water. The picture on the top were taken on Thursday and the bottom one is what they returned home to on the following Sunday. Quite a difference, but such a beautiful site as I love snow. I love to see it fall, I love to be outside in it and also like to ride in it if the roads are not slippery. I was so happy to get these pictures in my email and I also got some new pictures of Caroline too. I cannot think of how much I enjoy getting pictures of my grandchildren. I will post some of Caroline later.

It just does not take much to make me happy. Friends remembering me today on my birthday with ecards and also snail mail cards. To those folks I saw thank you. I also got an email from Jeff, our youngest son this morning. He needed to remind me that I am 63 years old today as I was dead set on being 64 until a couple weeks back when he corrected me. I have no idea what I was thinking, but most likely I was doing as usual, not trying to think at all. I have already been blessed on and before my birthday. I have gone to sleep and slept the night through for three nights in a row. What more of a birthday present could I possibly want. Yesterday morning I was reading the paper thinking what a wonderful difference it makes to get a good night's sleep. I felt so good. I also found out that angina does not always have to be for a reason as feeling as good as I did yesterday morning as I was taking my meds the pain started started first in my left arm, then to my chest and I quickly got my nitro and put it under my tongue. Within 5 minutes the severe pain had stopped and I as usual was left weak and pretty much was for the rest of the day. As I was letting the nitro dissolve, I just asked the Lord to help me through it and as always he did. I am learning to accept them as now being a part of my life as nothing can be done that hasn't already been done. I am just thankful it is not every day.

My best friend Paulette had asked me to come over to her house this week, but I told her I was just not up to it. I hated to not go, as she and I always have so much fun together. Also my check engine light was on and would not go off on my SUV, but I learned something that may help some of you folks. First, I do not like cars that talk to you! But I am used to the beep and my message center saying "low fuel" as I never get gas until that happens and at times I wait for the final warning which means "now or never". I was riding along and the low fuel warning was given and then later the check engine light came on, so I mentioned this to my beautician friends and one of them told me that her Four Runner would do that and usually the gas lid is not on properly and if I get gas and make sure the gas lid is on right and disconnect the battery that the check engine light would go off. I was telling Jerrell about it and he got the manual out and it said only to put gas in tank and after a few starts and stops the light would go off, but in my case it did not go off. So yesterday he said he might as pull my car outta the garage and undo the battery not really believing it would work. After doing that, yep the light went out. Who woulda thought it? And why in the world would a car have such a kink in it to start with. However, I am so glad to get rid of that check engine light. It has a screen and a system check where you can check all the things that could be a problem and all things had checked out OK, so with it coming on right after the low fuel light, I have to believe it is a kink in the computer system on the car.

I plan on spending my birthday today as I do all other days. I have a trial with closing arguments today on tv, then the jury will get it. On the computer I have a live trial of Mary Winkler the pastor's wife in TN that I am keeping up with at the same time. I can multi task some things, as long as I can sit and do it. :) I am saddened to hear of the shootings at Virginia Tech. This is America's worst event like this and I pray for all those involved. So much going on right now in the news and none of it is good. Nothing shocks me anymore, but it certainly does upset me. All I can do is pray for the folks in all these terrible situations.

So far I am having a good day, it is already 10:30 and here I sit, still in my jammies and robe. Roxy is still asleep. My mother in law just called and she is dressed and raring to go, so I guess if at 91 she is dressed, surely this ole 63 year should get up from here and dress. So I am outta here for today. I hope you folks all have a wonderful day...

God Bless!


Grammie said...

Well, Claudia, I had no idea that today was your special day! (Yours is one day before my oldest son's birthday...so, next year I will remember!) : )

I hope that the sun is shining for you today and that you have a wonderfully, happy birthday.



Claudia, Happy, Happy birthday to you. I hope it has been a very good day. I wish you many, many more.

I will have to get my husband to do our check engine light like you husband did. Our is always on. Thanks.

Isn't it amazing the difference in the weather from one place to anothe and from one time to another. God is so powerfull and so great.

Take care of yourself, my friend, connie from Texas

Gattina said...

Happy birthday to you Claudia ! I must have smelled it that's why I pop in today ! I wish you all the best and the most important : good health ! I will have my 64th birthday in July so you are just a little younger than me. Glad to see that you had such a good time with your son and family !

Moobear said...

Thank you so much grammie, connie and gattina. I could not have had a better birthday. It was very busy as was yesterday. I plan to post about it when I get the time.
Connie: I do hope your husband has tried that with your vehicle, because apparently it clears the computer or something, although I did not have to reset clock or radio or anything.
Grammie: I just read your birthday blog on Adam and I hope he had a good birthday and you have a fine son!
Gattina, long time no see. I miss seeing you around, but those days of "this or that" has taken you to a different writing avenue. I miss the good ole days where you shared your daily activities to us. I miss the chuckles I always got from your site. Have a great day Gattina.
Thanks to all and above all, thanks for stopping by.

God Bless!

Barbara said...

Happy Belated Birthday wishes, Claudia. Just stopped by after finding your note in my Thursday 13. Thanks for coming by. I didn't have an email address, so I wrote to you here.

You and I are sort of close in age. I was 64 in December, but I don't feel that age.

I've been looking over your blog and it's nice. Learned some about you and your family, as well.

Clara....in TN said...

Dear Claudia, sorry I'm a day late in wishing you a "Happy Birthday". I didn't get on the computer yesterday. We had company from California. Bill's first cousin came by to visit and last night he talked us into going to Bristol Mall for a Bluegrass singing. We really enjoyed it.
You are doing good with your camera. At least you can get more that ONE picture in a post. Are you on dial-up? I beleive that's the reason I can just do one at a time. My computer is fairly slow...
Anyway, Hope your birthday was wonderful and hope you have many, many more. Thanks for being my friend.