Friday, April 06, 2007

what a fun-filled week...

Believe it or not, but I am all in one piece and yes I took this picture. Yay me!! Am I good or what? :) My younguns got in without any problems about 2 pm on Tuesday. The weather here was more than cooperative and was just down right pretty and a tad even on the hot side. The pretty weather allowed us to be outside alot and that of course makes one feel so good!

Yeppers, I had a mini course in the use of the camera and I still gotta long ways to go, but I thought I would try getting one as they were leaving yesterday morning to drive on down to Myrtle Beach. As you see -the jackets had to come out; after all they are Buntings and were headed for the beach and as a Bunting we always have been known for our bad luck so Kevin took it in stride. After being in the 80's, the temps have dropped to day time of 50's at the beach. Actually he said, it is beautiful here compared to home as it was snowing in Cleveland yesterday. A happy trio they were to be away from home, work and to have a little vacation. Does one good to get away from the grindstone once in a while.

On Wednesday our youngest son came over from Charlotte so we had the entire family, small as it is, here for supper on Wednesday night. We enjoyed just being together, reminicsing about the "good ole days" when the boys were young and I was trying really hard to embarrass Kevin with all my might. He was such a stinker when he was growing up. I just thought Silvia outta know what a rascal he really was so I did my best... :)

We made several pictures and since they had recently gotten a camera phone we was picture happy! No joke, I even have pictures from tree trunks and roots to nose nostrils and everything in between. I did find out real fast I ain't as photogenic as I once was, so I ain't never gonna be in no more pictures. Nope, not me. I am thrilled to say the least to have the camera and got it tucked away in the nice soft leather case and I will be ready now if I can find something to take a picture of. Oh and it gotta video thingy too and I do have a little video of Roxy if I can figure out how to get it on my blog. I did it once, but cannot figure out again how I did it. Oh well, who woulda thought it? I may hafta change the name of my blog to Roxy's Place cause she is about all I most likely will get pictures of, unless I run across something better and I would be hard pressed to beat her!

Welp I gotta go, but I did want you good folks to know I appreciate the comments on Mrs. Bunting's birthday and that this has truly been a good week. She had a good birthday and thankful to the good Lord she is as well as she is and we are thankful to Him for allowing us all these wonderful years with her. Take care folks and stay safe...

God Bless!



I am so glad your son and his family got there safe and all your family got to get together for some remembering of the times when they were children. That is the best of times. I mean you did good. very good picture. I know what you mean about having your picture taken. I just hate having mine taken. I always have. I don't like the camera very much except when I am using it. At least you are very slender, I have always been on the heavy side. In fact I can never weighing less than 170lbs. Someday when I get to heaven I will be perfect,though.connie from Texas

Teresa said...

Yeah!!! Everyone arrived safely, you had a good meal together, and you have your camera. And you know how to use it! The older I get the harder it seems to figure out how to work the new gadgets. Now, get some rest and have a blessed Easter.

Jana said...

So glad everyone made it safe and that you are learning to use that camera!! I'm so hoping someone got a shot of you and the two boys?? Love to see it!!
Remember the golden rule:
If its not smokin', its not broken. TN said...

Hi claudia, I'm glad you had a Happy Easter with your family.....YEAH!!!!! You have your camera and you did good with it. It's really very simple after you learn. I'm still not able to do more than two pictures at a time on my blog. I have decided it is because I'm on dial-up. You know how slow everything is there.
I love the song Learning to Lean. I'm was tagged also by Grammie. Maybe now I will have time to list my six favorite. Southern Gospel is also my favorite.
I will be writing to you soon. Love to you.