Saturday, April 07, 2007

I have been tagged...

Ok, I have been tagged by Grammie and I am going to do my best to list my favorite or most listened to songs. Thank you for the tag Laurie. I do love music, most all kinds, but gospel music is my all time favorite and most of my CD's are gospel. Nevertheless, here I go. No particular order here, but I will say #1 is #1 and the rest are just some of my favorites.

1. Learning to Lean - The Blackwood Brothers

2. Bridge Over Troubled Waters - Elvis Presley

3. After All Is Said And Done - O.C. Smith

4. Red High Heels - Kellie Pickler

5. God on The Mountain - The McKameys

6. Only You - Michael Crawford

7. Oh for a Thousand Tongues - The Nelons

Just a little -add to- here, I have to say the hymn Learning to Lean has always touched my heart and I do not think I have ever heard it sang or listened to it that it did not bring a tear to my eye. I am constantly leaning on Him and want it no other way. In fact, that is one song for sure I want sung at my funeral.

There are numerous songs that I like to hear, might not even know the name of it or the artist, but still I like the song. Many of the songs of the 60's when I was a teenager, I now see on the public broadcast station still singing the "oldies" and never knew at the time they were African American, nor would it have mattered. I am always in awe with their age now; how I cannot tell any difference in their voices from then and now. Blows my mind at times.

I am rested up some now as it does take quite a bit out of me when I get out of my routine. LOL, I sound like I am old, eh? Well I ain't too far from it! Anyhow I gotta email from Kevin this morning saying they were having a good time and he was having a hard time getting an internet connection. His laptop is wireless and he has to keep up with his work even while away, so he was at an internet cafe this morning doing some work. I pray for a safe flight home for them tomorrow.

This cool weather is gonna be with us for the next several days. That is why they call it an Easter cold snap as usually happens, one good cold front moves through right about Easter time each year. Thanks to you that stop by and a special thanks to those that choose to comment.

God Bless!


Betty said...

I like your song selections. Our choir sings 'Learning to Lean' and I like it, too. I do alot of leaning on Him and am so thankful He is able to handle all situations.....

Have a happy weekend......

liz said...

I love Learning to Lean! Such a good hymn. I also love the McKameys. I haven't heard them sing in what seems like forever. We don't have any *good* Christian stations where I live and I don't have any of their CD's. :(

Have a great day!