Wednesday, April 25, 2007

just been too busy for me...

Since this blog was started under the premise that I would write about my day and the events happening that day; the truth is- in almost now a year of blogging, less and less is happening in my life that I can truly consider blog worthy. The things I want to tell right now I have to wait. Therefore, I have to deal with the hand I have been dealt on the day that I blog.

I have been busy this week. I went to the doctor on Monday as I had to move mine and Jerrell's appointments to April instead of May because come May 1 our insurance will be changing and it will not cover the bloodwork that our current insurance does. I got a good report back on mine today. Jerrell will be going this afternoon. I could write an entire post just on health insurance, but that is just not proper and I am not up to typing for a couple hours on my feelings and dealings with insurance companies!

My doctor did put me on a different fluid pill that is really pulling alot of fluid off of me. Also gave me something to help me get to sleep. He also chose to take me off the angina med that the heart doctor gave me and put me on a nitro patch. I put it on yesterday morning at 7 a.m. and removed it at 10 p.m as directed by my doctor. By 10:30 I had my first angina attack and had three more last night with the last being at 7:00 this morning. Needless to say, I will go back to the medicine and will not use another patch. Although I did feel better and have more energy as my heart was getting more blood and oxygen than I did taking the pills, but once removed, it was bad from then until I got the pills back into my system. I was a bit leary when he told me, but since he's the doctor and I'm the patient, surely he knows more about it than I do. NOT. this. time.

I read many blogs and I have one blog that I truly enjoy. Linda has been battling with her elderly dog as to have her put down or not, as at her age she was in lots of pain, but Linda backed out and medicated the dog enough to keep her getting around and pain free. Finally she firmly decided to have her dog put down yesterday and I have worried and thought about Linda ever since. I have been there, done that and it is something I can never do again. I told her about the Rainbow Bridge and gave her the website to go read and she would feel better about it. Also there is a Memory Wall site that I added my last two dogs names to. The neat thing is that the page never ends, it is continuous and has such pretty music and every time I go there and run my cursor over my pet's name, I always shed some tears and feel the joy that those two special dogs gave to our lives. I pray that Linda will hang in there and understand there are many folks thinking and praying for her.

I have slap run out of trials that was at least interesting. This Phil Spector trial just does not get my interest. My husband asked me today if I was ready to practice law yet as I watch trials so much. lol... I told him I hadda take the test first, but I am confident that I could pass. I was pleased with the Mary Winkler verdict and hope she gets the least amount of time possible. As for the Melanie McGuire case, I honestly think she commited the crime, but I saw too much reasonable doubt for me to have cast a guilty verdict. I find it amazing that 12 people can agree on much of anything, much less something as serious as a life sentence or freedom. I hope to be called to serve jury duty once before I leave this earth. Many do all they can to get out of it and I keep hoping I will be called. I dearly love learning the laws and seeing lawyers in action. Quite educational or a waste of time? To each his own, eh?

I have not seen the first thing worthy of getting my camera out for. I was a bit late to get the pictures of our azealas made before the cold snap and the frost killed them. Brown ones are not too pretty. I am sure I will run across something soon as those things normally just happen, not something you plan.

Since Jerrell got off work early today, I cooked dinner and we ate well, so tonight we will have a sandwich or a "make do". Then tonight I can't wait to see who gets voted off on American Idol. They are down to only 6 remaining and in my opinion Malinda Doolittle has a fabulous voice and whether she wins or not, she definitely will be making money doing what she does well. At this time, she is my favorite pick. How about you folks that watch it, who is your choice? I would love to know!...

God Bless!


Grammie said...

Hello Claudia.

I was sorry to hear that the patch did not stop you from having your angina attacks. I am sure that was frustrating for you. I'm glad that you are stabilized again and back on your meds.

As far as American Idol...I have to say that I have fallen in love with Jordin for the last several weeks now. I agree that Melinda is wonderful...but I think that Jordin is absolutely incredible (and 17!!).

I really do feel that the whole group that is left now will all have a chance at great careers. They are pretty awesome...and so different from each other.

Well, we will just have to wait and see what happens tonight!

Please take care,

Marci said...

Claudia, I hope that Jerrell's test come back as good as yours did.

I am so sorry that the patch did not work for you. Is it not something that could be left on all the time?

May the Lord just bless your socks off today in some special way!!!

Teresa said...

Wonderful news about your blood work. Let's hope Jerrell's is as good. My favorite on American Idol is Malinda. She is consistantly good. I'm sure she has a bright future even if she doesn't win. No more singing backup for her!

Happymama said...

When a lot of fluid comes off, do you find that you have a muscle cramps in your legs or arms/hands?

And WHAT? is a "made do?" LOL


Ordinary Janet said...

I've been wondering about Roxy, what's the latest on her?

Moobear said...

Hey Ya'll

Grammie I didn't like the way they did Jordin the other night. Poor thing thought she was out, then told her she was safe. But they will cut 2 next week.

Welpers ~Kristi, it was a typo til I corrected it. It should have said have a "make do" which means around our home, you make do the best way you can. lol :) We tend to have lots of them lately.

Janet, all us Buntings have had doctor's appointments this week and I just have not had a day that I felt up to taking Roxy to the vet. It is not as large as it was when I took her before, but nevertheless, it needs to come off. I feel sure it is just a benign cyst or I would have already had it taken care of Thank you for your concern my friend.

Thank you both Marci and Teresa with your concern and thoughts with our test. My results came back real good, have not heard from Jerrell's yet. Thanks for thinking about us.

Jana said...

Well - you know I'm always thinking of you - and hope someday you'll come to realize that MD's NEVER NEVER have our best interests at heart. NO MATTER what, they're concern is their income. a LOT of that income comes from pharmacy kickbacks, and MOST doctors will tell a patient to "TRY THIS" drug and we'll see how you react simply because they get a kickback for prescribing it. Most of those drugs are in test stage and the pharmacy companies want some trials -- remember PhenPhen? How many more were sent out there to do more harm than good? Don't trust that your doctor knows what's best for you my friend, he doesn't. I have many many examples from clients: One is taking the same medication prescribed by the same doctor - two different strengths. I brought this to her attention, she tells me the doctor knows what he's doing.... pooey.
I'm glad you went back to the pills. I'd be VERY Learly of those diuretics also - those pull out so much fluid they can do a lot of harm, cause arthritis and headaches and all types of fun stuff.
Meanwhile, you are near to my heart and in my prayers - you and Jerrell both, and I hope your blood is the right shade and you get good reports, both of you.
Sorry Roxy's noggin lump has returned...
Sorry too that you lost your dear friend, but we know she's with Jesus and is happy and waiting to see you again one day. =-)
Stop by and see my new ugly couch!!