Thursday, April 19, 2007

a great few days...

Amidst the tragedy at VT this week, I have had the students and family of the victims and the gunnman in my thoughts and prayers. It is sad that we have so much hate and turmoil in and around us.

Life goes on for all of us and maybe it was good that I have been busy and did not have the time to dwell on these things as I normally would have. I was pleasantly surprised on Tuesday when the phone rang and it was Stephanie calling me and telling me she wanted to take me out for lunch for my birthday. I was delighted to say the least. She said she had her mom and Caroline with her and would be here shortly.

I had to hustle a bit to get somewhat ready and within just a few minutes they were here! During their long visit, her mom and I were talking about Caroline and me being a grandma too. Stephanie has and always will seem more like a daughter to me than a former daughter-in-law.

We were sitting in Pizza Hut and Caroline does not have a shy bone in her body. She would wave to anyone that came by her and Stephanie spent a lot of time talking to some folks she knew and lots of strangers that would come to our table to see and talk to Caroline. Caroline has the most precious smile, showing all of her little "toffies". She is a very happy and very, very outgoing little girl. I do not think there will ever be a problem with shyness. I would be quite surprised if she ever shyed away from anyone!

I am picture posting illiterate!!! I just cannot seem to put on more than one picture without them being scattered all about. Now I see I cannot space and write between them. Any free help please??? When I read a blog and they have their pictures just as neat and straight in a row, I truly am impressed and wonder what in the world am I doing wrong.

Since my batteries were low, even the charged up rechargeable ones, I had to get Steph to take a few pictures before they died. I will try to post some, but have no idea if I will get it done or not.
I also bought some new rechargeable batteries for the camera when I was out phone shopping!

We had three telephones in our home. One landline and two cordless ones and one answering machine. They ALL had died. I was always fearful of not getting through a conversation for fear of the phone dying in mid conversation. So yesterday I went and bought new phones and one with a built in answering machine (less wires to deal with). Did you folks ever realize just how many wires it takes for three phone???? Well I didn't either until I had to crawl under this table and this desk and that table to untangle and dig out all the wires. I threw two phones and the answering machine away. I no longer wanted to deal with them and certainly saw no need in keeping them.

I have already found that I am not a good picture taker. I am used to the old kind where you look through the viewfinder and click away. Although you can do it this way, it is more cool to just snap away. So all mine are either off center, too light or totally worthless. I now see why it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. I will now proceed to post a few.
Good luck to me!! Have a great day folks!

God Bless!


Happymama said...

I'm glad you have a wonderful relationship with Stephanie. And I know I say this everytime you post a picture of Caroline, but I adore her eyes. I just can't get them. LOL


Marci said...

Claudia, if you are talking about the pictures in the post before this, go in to your edit part and after the three dots that come after enjoy, try hitting enter once or twice. That resets you to the next row. Then after that next picture hit enter again. It is because you have text on the same line as a picture. Hope this makes sense to you.

That Caroline is adorable. I love her eyes.

Grammie said...

Caroline's eyes are breathtaking! She is like a ray of sunshine that comes through each photo...
Your photos are nice and straight, Claudia. As far as adding some info inbetween, once you put the picture on the blog, you should be able to type whatever you want to right alongside of the picture.
I get my pictures on the blog through Picasa...where do you download your pix to? You can email me if you want and maybe I can be of some help?


I am so glad you enjoyed your birthday and I am glad you got to see Caroline and Stephine. Caroline is sure growing. connie from Texas

Ordinary Janet said...

Happy belated Birthday!