Tuesday, June 26, 2007

sweet Caroline...

The younguns spend the week at the beach and I wanted to post some pictures. Above of course is Steph and Caroline. They had a real good time and when they got home Steph bought Caroline a little kitchen set with the sink, stove, mircowave, etc. and she said Caroline was beside herself, she was so excited. When Steph called her down from the playroom, she tried to bring it with her, but it was too heavy :) I would have given anything to have seen that child's eyes when she got it . :)
Caroline is taking a little break under the unbrella. She is so tanned but Steph keeps enough whatever you call it on her to keep her from blistering! She looks like she is too pooped to poop!
Moobear loves her little outfit too.

This is a picture of the 'kool dudes' in their sunglasses. "Like father, like daughter". Not exactly like the saying goes tho. Can you tell he is just a bit proud of his little daughter here? I can!

This is the happy, precious little girl that she always is. She loves everything and everyone. Her love shines right here. I wish I could squeeze her this very minute!!! Hey Caroline, Grandma Claudia loves you and talk mommy into coming to the hood this week ! That's my girl!

This is proud dad, David, with his precious one, Caroline. I imagine David is explaining just what the ocean is in great detail in story form and Caroline is absorbing every word dada is saying, as they both look into the beyond. They are inserting teaching in everyday life with explaining things as they happen or objects that attract Caroline's attention. Wonderful parents they are!

This looks like Caroline is beaming in on something with her something, that Moobear has no idea what it is, but intends to ask when I see them, which, (cross my fingers) might be this week. Stephanie likes to come to come to the "hood" as she calls it as often as she can as her mom and dad live here. Although her mom and dad and sisters were all at the beach for her mom's 70th birthday last week, Steph still likes to drive over and check on them often. Happy Birthday Alice! God Bless you and may you have many, many more!
Along with happiness sometimes there too is sadness. Jerrell's mom had a really bad day yesterday. I got a call from the doctor's office where she goes and they said she had made numerous calls to the pharmacy that she gets her medicine; telling them she was dizzy and needed to see the doctor. After so many calls the pharmacy became concerned and called her doctor and then a nurse called me telling me to get in touch with Jerrell at work and have him come ASAP to the doctor's office. The doctor's office had called her after the pharmacy called then and told her to come up there, but in no uncertain terms, she was NOT to drive. As I was on the phone with the nurse, she walked in and yes, she had driven to the office. A little later, they called to see if Jerrell was coming. I told them he has enroute and that it takes him almost 30 minutes to get there.
In the meantime, my nerves were shot, as I had offered to go up there and they already had her sister enroute, I called my neighbor, Pearlie, just to have someone to talk to. Later she called me back and said we needed to go down there because someone would have to drive Mrs. Bunting's car back home, so off we go to the doctor's office.
The doctor tried his best to convince Mrs. Bunting to go ahead to Jerrells and stay and she flat out told him NO, she was staying at home. He told her that not all old folks had people that loved them enough to want to care for them and should she fall and break a hip that she would go to a nursing home. After repeated tries she was determined to stay at home, so the doctor put her on two weeks probabtion, under the conditions that she not drive for two weeks and also told her that the dizziness went with the age.. I think not, but what do I know. After two weeks he told her that Jerrell will then have to decide what is to be done. She said firmly that she would do her very best to do everything right for the next two weeks, she promised. LOL, like she can make her mind get better. It is truly sad, but honest to goodness it can be funny at times. Please all my praying readers, we ALL need prayers at this time. I just pray nothing happens to her or someone else until some finality occurs with this sad situation.
Ok, enough of you good folks time. May you have a good and a blessed day!
God Bless!

PS Please lemme know, do you all have problems with paragraphs? I have them there and once I publish, the suckers are gone. Any suggestions if you all have the same problem. No need to ask Blogger for help. Been there, done that.


Marci said...

THat Caroline is absolutely precious. She has the sweetest face.

I a sorry about Jerrell's Mom. That is so hard to know what to do. I will be praying, Claudia.

On the paragraphs.... I hit enter at least twice to leave a nice space between them. Once does not seem to be enough.

Anonymous said...

I've had that happen to me about the paragraphs. Sorry, don't know what to tell ya. Right now I'm having trouble posting comments. I had to sign out and am using the Anonymous to leave comments.

Sorry to hear of Jerrell's mom. I know it's been hard on Jerrell watching his mother decline.

And that thing in Caroline's hand, I believe, is a sand shovel. Let me know if I'm correct! ;)


Clara....in TN said...

How sweet the pictures!!!! Caroline is a live baby doll. She seemed to be right at home on the beach!

Sorry about Jerrell's Mother. Bill's Mother is getting worse everydat. Now she won't eat and it's hard to awaken her. She sleeps all the time and is getting so quiet when she IS awake.

Betty said...

What a precious little granddaughter....the bluest eyes....Hope your mother in law is doing better....

Thanks for visiting with me and commenting so sweetly on our home...Betty


Your granddaughter just keeps getting more beautiful. I know she brings you and your husband so much happiness and joy.

Sorry to hear about your husband's Mom. I hope things get better soon. I hope you all have a very happy fourth of July. connie from Texas

Ordinary Janet said...

I hope you work it out with Jerrell's mother, that sounds like a bad situation.

That is possibly the most precious little girl I've ever seen! (don't let my nieces know I said that.)