Monday, January 08, 2007

good Monday...

I feel sorta like my friend Gattina might say, I feel like a crump on the floor that just needs to be picked up and thrown into the trash :) I am glad she is back from her vacation and back to blogging some.
Kristi thanks for mentioning my blog in yours. Kristi is one that is always thinking of others and is such a sweet friend to me. She has also started a new blog called My Prayer Journal and it really touched my heart to go there and see my name on the prayer list. Thank you hon.

Welp I gotta sick husband home again today. The Z-pak that he started on Friday has not helped him any at all. In fact, today he was more swimmy headed than he had been. I did not get up until 8:30 and he had already been to the doctor's office, but the doctor had a complete physical to do first thing this morning so Jerrell had to go back later in the morning and be worked in. Since he had a 3 month checkup coming up anyways, they went ahead and did bloodwork, gave him a pneumonia shot, washed his ear out and the doctor put him on some predisone for his ear. This is what Jerrell was thinking he would give him on Friday, as that usually works on about anything.

At least the sun is shining today although the air is a bit cool outside. It is amazing how much better on my back and hips when the sun is shining and when it is raining. Now for some folks, it may not make a bit of difference, but it truly does for me.

I am glad most all of you have by now switched over to the new Blogger although the consensous seems to be: "Why?" It just is not worth the 5 minutes it took and certainly not worth the worry a few of us might have had about the changeover. I am quite disappointed and to me it was a big let down. In this case, the grass certainly was not greener on the other side. :)

I am happy to report that other than Jerrell, my family is all well. Jeff was home yesterday and I talked with Kevin last night and they are all doing real good. I am already looking forward to seeing them in 2007. So I have much to be thankful for already this year!

Welp I need to go and entertain Jerrell. Hope all you good folks have a wonderful day!

God Bless!


Grammie said...

Feel better Jerrell!!!!!!!

And, thanks for the beautiful emails, Claudia.

: )

Marci said...

I am sorry that Jerrell is still not feeling well. Take good care of him and YOU too!!!

I too finally switched over, and I am still having to sign in all the time. I am not impressed with the new one either. Every blog I have tried to get on this morning that has not switched over was not available. Hmmmmmmm

May the Lord richly bless your week!!

Happymama said...

Moobear, I'm glad I've been an encouragement to you. I hope that everyone who gets to know me will feel the same.

Love ya,
~Kristi TN said...

I Hope Jerrell will soon be on the mend. It's no fun having a sick husband. This is the 14th year mine has been sick.