Tuesday, January 23, 2007

too much, too fast...

The only reason I am posting this early is because I wrote my post last night. :) I did get to bed early and went right off to sleep and here I am. Play like it was yesterday when you read.

I will be the first to tell you that I have been pulled in every direction possible and by every means possible for the last few weeks. It is very hard being sick and having to still do the absolute necessary things in the life of a wife, mother and daughter in law. As you all know Mrs. B is getting really, really bad and with Jerrell being sick with his ear and still no relief, he has had the added stress and burden of seeing that his mom is taken care of as she -in body- is fine, but her mind is getting much worse. He has amazed me for the past three weeks to carry on with such a burden, but as of last night, he apparently had pushed himself to the limit.

We stayed up a bit later than normal last night, to see the completion of the Colts and Patriots AFC championship football game. Just as we started to bed Jerrell began having really, really bad indigestion and other than the word belching, I dunno how to describe it. I lay in the bed listening to something I had never heard before from him when I heard him get out of bed. I was already fixing to get up as I could not go to sleep anyways. We sat and he took this and that and his stomach began to hurt him so bad that he was miserable. The gas was relentless and I tried to get him to walk, hoping for what I have heard called "the walking f****", but no such luck when you really want it to happen.

For over an hour he was in such pain- and also since his heart attack started the same way, he said we needed to go to the ER. We both dressed quickly and forgetting about the possibily of some ice on the roads, I had the pedal to the metal and he did ask me to slow down and stay on my side of the road only two times. Welp, I got'em to the door and ran inside (well walked fast) and toldem what was up and that he needed a wheelchair. Disregard the fact that I could have gotten him in the wheelchair parked there at the door and had him in there til they ever got out to the car. So I hurry and park the car and rush back in and if he ain't still sitting there I ain't Mabel! Not starting off good for Moo.

Finally they take him to room #9- or so they they told me- and I find him in room #5. And beware when you see the doctor on call or duty at midnight with two legs and wearing purple pants! I just knew it was gonna be a long night. I am notorious for telling it like it is and have no qualms about whom I tell it to. So after they did their thing and gave him some oxygen, some morphine and some med for nausea and made a chest x-ray he began to ease off. I'll just choose not to tell all the exciting exchanges tween me and anyone that would listen, other than the " stare down" to breakup the hob nobbing of the doctor, nurse and the doctor's attractive lady friend. Soon it broke the doctor loose so I could run him down the hall calling him the wrong name, which he did not like and I did not care. At 2:00 for the sake of possibly being banned I chose to go home as they were going to take some more blood and another 2 hour wait for the results, I figured I best get outta there, let Jerrell rest and for sure not threaten no bodily harm to anyone. I came on home with plans of going back at 4:00. I cut the tv on and was watching it when the phone rang at 3:30 and it was Jerrell wanting to know if I was coming back. :) I headed out and got him home right at 4:00. Before I left, Dr. Purplelegs did tell us that his EKG was fine, but his blood sugar was high at 431 and he was diabetic, so we were shocked at that, but good to know it wasn't his heart although we still just had to have that second round of blood work for confirmation of that.

I literally could not hold my eyes open at 7:00 this morning so I went to bed and slept until 9:30 and when I got up Jerrell had already been to the doctor, had blood work done and his sugar took and it was still over 200. Either tomorrow or Wednesday when one of the two different bloodworks come in, he will go see whether he will need insulin shots or just the pills. Also we will be going to a diabetes class once a week at the hospital as our menu is changing as I speak. I just gotta know a whole lot more about this than I presently know.

I do have some more news for you, but will share that with you tomorrow. I appreciate you all and I ask on Jerrell's behalf for prayers from you good folks and for me to have the sense and wisdom to learn what I need to know and cook properly cause I do want Jerrell around with me and our family for many years to come. Thanks for all you mean to me. Love you all.

God Bless!


Clara....in TN said...

Claudia....Oh What a night!!!! I am so sorry Jerrell is not feeling well, and both of you had to go through that. Do you know yet whether he is diabetic? Bill and I both have diabetes. I have kept mine under control with diet, but Bill takes five pills a day for his. I know what you mean by being mad at the hospital. I have been so mad at our hospital more times than I can count. I will keep both of you in my thoughts and prayers. Take care!

Ordinary Janet said...

Oh, my! it's always something, isn't it? Hope Jerrell just has to take pills and eat better. Hope you're remembering to take care of yourself, too.

Gattina said...

OMG, Claudia, what terrible news and what an awful time you had ! You both are really bad for the moment ! I hope it will get better soon for both of you !

Grammie said...

Claudia...could you and Jerrell fit anything more on your plate???! What a night!

Thankfully one can live with diabetes after making some alterations in life style. Modern science will help keep his diabetes under control and I have no doubt that you will become the queen of good eating for your hubby! I bet that there are wonderful cookbooks out there for you to use.

Get some rest tonight and tell Jerrell that all of your blogging buddies are thinking about him and sending "feel good" vibes his way.

Take care!

Happymama said...

MooBear, we'll be keeping your husband close in prayer. And you too! I do hope he can control his sugar with pills and even diet. Lots of walking is good. Well, any exercise will help bring sugar down, but walking seems to be the most popular. :)

Love ya,

Jana said...

Changes in eating will help a ton, guess he'll have to chuck those sodey pops out though, sorry. Don't let them tell you that diet soda is better, it's NOT! Water (of course) is the best drink. Please don't let them doctors scare you and Jerrell too bad, his sugar could be high due to the steriods and antibiotics he was just taking for the ear trouble too.
Might be time to consider a bigger city medical center?? We go to Seattle for serious stuff, don't trust the horse-doctors here in the sticks. I have had many run-ins with doctors in the ER here in town when my mom was so bad, always seem to have to pry someone away from their chat at the counter. I have given some serious stares myself!
Good luck and lots of prayers for you both and Mrs. B! Oh - is there a respite program in a church that might help with her? A day of bingo with some her age might help her attitude too!?