Friday, January 05, 2007

not much here...

The new Blogger has been conquered. I no longer have to sign in everytime I want to do something. A minor setting change and to be quite honest, I cannot tell one bit of a difference between the two. In fact, I do not know why they bothered to have anyone switch over to start with.

I just got home from the grocery store. Jerrell did go with me although he is home sick today. He has been sick for a few days with an ear infection. I called the doctor for him on Wednesday and the medicine was not helping, so after becoming dizzy at work this morning, he just got off, went to the doctor's office and they gave him a script for a Z pak, which just about fixes up most anything. I cannot see how just 6 pills can do so much good with infections, they hafta be real potent drugs. He is now in his recliner and watching ESPN while I am in here listening to Court TV as it has been hung on a commercial for the last couple hours. It does that from time to time. Only that channel, I think they need a tweaking.

Glad to have Gattina back from her vacation and I am looking forward to seeing her pictures when she gets them on her blog. And thank you Sandy for posting your recipe. My friend Paulette is definitely going to try it and I can't wait to see how she likes it. Paulette is a great cook and she loves cooking! We are so opposite in many ways but the best of friends. Also, she can make all kinds of desserts that are really good. She is in a cooking frenzy around the holiday season. She is my personal Martha Stewart and is my best friend, I do love her.

Storms are gathering in Georgia with lots of tornado alerts out. Here it is pouring rain and possibly thunderstorms this afternoon so it is rough on the bones today. I did want to get a post on my blog as yesterday I got my haircut and highlited and I was gone several hours and when I got back home, it was time to eat so I just did not have time to post.

I need to get off here and move to the den where Jerrell is, although he may very well be asleep again by now, but that will help him get to feeling better soon, I hope. Have a good day all of you good folks!

God Bless!


Grammie said...

Hi Claudia....sorry about Jerrell not feeling well. Lots of TLC should clear things up for him!

Also, you gave me the courage to switch to the "new" blogger". I agree with was painless as well as possibly "useless"?...not sure what the difference is yet...maybe time will tell.
Have a nice rest of the day and take care! xoxo TN said...

I hope Jerrell is feeling better. I'm not having to sign in every time now. That's much better. I just wish I could post more than one picture at a time. I don't think there is a setting for that. I know how to post more than just won't let me do it.
Hope you are doing O.k.!!!!!

Happymama said...

Hey, thanks for helping me on the sign in thing with blogger. I am so thankful!! :)


That Cleaning Lady said...

Hoping Jerrell is much better soon and that you are enjoying the warmth and cold. We're still having snow here, got a weird wind storm last night a torrential rain, never know what the weather will bring!!! If you don't like the weather, wait a minute or two, its bound to change!

The other me said...

It's so wet here too( stormy and windy to 100 mph!) the summer seems a long way away doesn't it? Hope those meds kick in and clear up poor Jerrell's ear!