Wednesday, January 10, 2007


OK, I admit it, I am jealous of Clara . She got snow!!! and....I didn't!!! Too warm here, but you know I walked to the mail box which is just across the street about 4:00 yesterday afternoon and it started sleeting and the sun was out, tho partly cloudy. It sleeted for about 5 minutes, then stopped. Didn't rain a drop all day. I thought that was so weird. To be honest, this whole winter has been outta kilter for most all folks. Guess it hasta do with that global warming I hear folks talking about.

Jerrell ain't no better and usually when he takes predisone it begins to work by the next day and this is day 3 and his ear is still got the vacuum cleaner sound in it and he still has dizzy spells. They washed his ear out at the doctor's office on Monday, so we just don't know what to think. Thank goodness he did hear his alarm clock this morning, cause yesterday morning I had to get him up at 5:00 and I had left my thinking stool at 12:30 and I was not kicking high at all-- all day yesterday. Actually I felt the worst I have in a long time. Thank the good Lord I did get a full good night of sleep last night. I felt so bad yesterday I hardly got out of my recliner and my computer musta thought something was terrrible wrong, but that is just the way it is some days. I am thankful for them all, good or bad, but just didn't feel like blogging at all.

I seem to forget at times I am sick on a good day. I have a computer friend who called the other night again as she is moving to North Carolina from Virginia with her daughter, husband and grandchildren. She is going to be coming on down as they are setting up Hospice to come in and help as they are doing now in Virginia. She wanted me to go down and stay 4 days and nights with her every couple weeks if possible as she cannot be alone. I was caught up in the excitement of her moving, although it is a 3 hour drive from me and for me that would mean at least a 4 hour drive, counting getting lost and tinkle stops. Welp she and I Mapquested the info and got all cited about it. After I hung up, I knew I needed to talk to Jerrell about this, but then I sat there thinking that there is no way I am physically able to do that. I have never been a person to strike out on my own, always a follower, never a leader. I cannot drive 2 hours to see my brother. Neither of us can sleep at home and certainly not away from home. I studied it that night on my stool( I was up til 12:30) knowing my heart and mind wanted to do something that I am just not capable physically of doing, so I have not mentioned it to Jerrell as I just ain't up to no lecture on "have you lost your mind?" :) However, I do have to email my friend and let her know, as she cannot come down til school is out unless she has someone to help her out. Her son in law is a chemist with a company located there and will work 12 hour shifts and be off 3 and on 4(or vice versa) so he could not be there all the time. I get so aggitated when I do things like that and more aggitated that I cannot do the things that I used to do and really, really still want to be do!

Paulette is heading out for the beach again tomorrow. She too, has now turned into a beach bum. Most all my good friends are beach bums. Am I hanging out with the wrong crowd or what? :) Spose to be in the 70's there according to the 5 - day forecast so I do hope the weather is pretty and she enjoys herself. I am glad she was able to retire early and get to do all the things she does. She likes to go on these home tours and flower looking trips that just don't trick my trigger, but I am glad Paulette enjoys pretty much anything and I just couldn't ask for a better and more fun friend. I love her.

I haven't made my blog rounds like I should, so got that to do yet today, so will mosey on for now. Hope all you friends out there have a wonderful and blessed day.

God Bless!


Gattina said...

I see on your weather pixie you have sunshine and almost the same temperature as we have, but with rain ! How can you miss snow ??? Did you see some of my Egyptian pictures ? I have so nice souvenirs !

Happymama said...

I'm a little disappointed in the weather here. I wish it would snap slap cold and do something!
I hope Jerrell gets better soon. I'll add him to my prayer list.

~Kristi TN said...

Is Jerrell any better? Sounds like he might need to go BACK to his Doctor. Bill has his pacemaker implanted next Tuesday (16th). We have to be at the hospital at 6:00 that morning. OUCH!!!! I will be glad when that is over.
Is your friend going to move to NC if she can't find someone to stay with her? I hope everything works out for her.
Stay warm and I will talk later!

Gattina said...

Are you still not feeling better ? You sound so depressed to me.

Jana said...

Hoping Jerrell is feeling better finally. THose darn steriods are so hard on a body!! As for weather, we're in the 20's and burrrrr it's cold outside. This deepfreeze is supposed to last through the week. In my opinion, it's going to last till June when it finally turns to summer!!
Take care and hoping Jerrell is mending fast, and has gone back to that darn doctor by now. Dizziness is not necessarily an inner ear problem...could be a whole host of things that a quick ear clean-out won't show, thankful they did some blood work too.

Gattina said...

What is happening to you ? are you not well ?

Moobear said...

Hey ya'll,

Jerrell still ain't no better. His ear is gurgling some today so hopefully it will pop open. I have been around sick so much it has just made me sick. :P~
Also been hanging out at my chat channel that I been going to since 1998 and have neglected my duties. What can I say? Bad, Bad. I thank you for the comments and just wanted you all to know I am still kicking and when something worth telling happens, I will let ya know. Hope you all have a great day!

butterflies said...

Glad to hear youre ok.Hope Jerrell gets to feeling better soon..its horrible to have noises in the ear..poor thing!
You take care now