Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 here I come...

I am trying to start this year off on the right foot, but I do not make any resolutions as such. I always look back and think of many things I should have done the past year or of some good things that happened, but never go to the dark days. I just won't go there. The way I see it, it is all water under the bridge and nothing can change anything, whether it is good or bad. All I can do is try to be wiser in some things and thankful in all things!

I got Jerrell off to work this morning and 5:00 came awful early for him as he had just gotten into the groove of sleeping in a bit later, although he always beat me up. Neither of us are late sleepers like we were when we were young and younger. I haven't had too much time to miss him, as I was gone for almost 3 hours to just get my eyes checked. I do not recall it taking that long before and I just never will get used to them blowing the air in my eyes. I meant to ask what kinda results they get outta that, but me and the doctor were talking about marriage and flying in airplanes, as he is a pilot. He knows my younger son as he went to him for years. My oldest does not have to wear glasses so I consider him lucky. Jeff had the Lasix surgery done a couple years ago and now has 20/20 vision years later and no dealings with contacts anymore. He started out with glasses, but quickly went to contact lens.

I dunno about ya'll, but I feel so sorry for Mrs. Ford. The poor lady at best is worn t totally out. I know it is all good intentions and means a lot to the family, but this lady must be worn slap out, as I tire just watching her and know how she must would give anything to have a chair to sit down in. I personally think someone that frail should be allowed to sit during all this entirely too long burial for her good husband. It might not be protocol, but Moo would sit down, but then I ain't got the goods of any first Lady I don't reckon.

I just find out that CNN alerts that I get in my email told me a lie and I told that eye doctor the airplane that crashed in Indonesia was found and out of 102 passengers that 12 had been found alive, according to the CNN alert - and now they are saying they have not even found the dog gone plane. I bet that doctor thinks I am a double stooge. Oh well, he ain't too far off, but is a bit embarassing to tell a bold face lie because of CNN of all folks.

I am tired of cooking and dunno what to do. I have never liked cooking like a lot of folks, but went through the motions. We do not like to eat out, cept for maybe once a week and that is more for Mrs. B than for us so don't leave me much choice. I am getting to where I don't really want much and it is very hard to cook a little. Jerrell likes something hot for supper as he has a sandwich or something cold for his lunch. I did fry him some flounder, make some homemade french fries and slaw for supper last night as that is his all time favorite meal. I passed on the peas and cabbage or collard greens. I had planned to have some collards for New Years, but since we have had them a couple times in the past few weeks and he hadn't had no fish, I figured I could make him happier with a fish supper and it worked out to be the best bet for the day. I actually enjoyed them and ate right much myself. He loves my homemade deep fried french fries, but with the steaks on Saturday I did do baked potatoes as it is so much easier and lots easier to time out for all to be done about the same time. And of course I had to burn my hand again on the edge of the frying pan and when it burnt I jerked my hand up and hit my hand on the stove hood and gotta nice knot and bruise on it. Made the burn quit hurting though, I can assure you of that. Jerrell has to laugh at all the things I manage to do, especially when I get up, get off balance and fall either in a chair or on the couch and I just sit there like I planned it all like that.. :)

Oh well, I gotta muster up something for supper. I can say I am happy to have things back to normal! I hate Jerrell had to go back to work, but goodness gracious, somebody hasta work around here. Hope all of you are having sunshine today. The rain and cloudy last couple of days was just before doing me in, but waking to the sunshine put a spark in my feelings. I love the sunshine. God is good.

God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Great blog today, Claudia.

Why don't you pick a day to make a couple of large portions of things that you and Jerrell enjoy...and then freeze them into individual meal portions? That might help a little with your cooking "blues"...

I was thinking the very same thing about Betty Ford. She did look so fragile, didn't she? All of that pomp and circumstance would tire anyone out.

Take care,

Happymama said...

I know what you mean about Mrs. Ford. I can't imagine all the traveling back and forth to here and there and the cameras and having to keep a head held high with the cameras and reporters. It's sad to put the family through such a thing......even if he was our President.


That Cleaning Lady said...

I feel for Mrs. Ford too, she shouldn't have to sit through but ONE funeral for one husband. Yes, he was president, but gosh already!!! SO much grief for the family to go through, and yes, she looks frail and tired. Someone should offer the woman a chair!!!
Sorry you burned yourhand, but you're right, nothing like a smack to make the burn stop hurting!
Have you looked into hiring a cook? Or maybe that mobile meals deal? Sure isn't home cooking, but might be easier in the longrun?
Happy New Year, oh and I switched over to Better Blogger too, so far no problems!!

Marci said...

When my Mom died we had 2 funerals as well. There was one in Florida (where she lived) and then one in Ohio (where she was buried). I would NEVER recommend 2 funerals. It really takes it out of you. I was still recovering my strength from having bacterial meningitis and I did sit down through much of both funerals.

On the meals, could you make a big bunch of whatever and then freeze it in smaller portions to bring out and heat up for the nights you don't feel like cookin'?

Clara....in TN said...

It is sunshiny today here also with 62 degrees. Where in the world is Winter? But I'm not complaining. In May...when it snows....I will be complaining! LOL
Good post today Claudia!