Tuesday, January 16, 2007

here I am...

There has been so much going on in the world that I have been keeping up with, that I have gotten so involved with that I have failed to post here. For us, there is not too much going on at all. Jerrell has been sick 2 weeks today and when he called home this morning he wanted me to call the doctor for him. He went to the doctor last week and has finished up the Z-pak and a round of steriods and he is still got a stopped up ear and is still dizzy.

I called and talked with my favorite nurse and she said she would talk to the doctor and probably call him some more medicine in. We have tried everything but the "urine" thing and although he is desperate, he is not quite that desperate yet. :)

I have been keeping abreast of the news on the two boys found in Missouri, which is just a miracle in itself. I really feel good for Ben, but I am afraid Shawn is going to have a rough road to hoe. Prayers are greatly needed for these young men. Our world has gotten to be a scary place and things goes on way past my wildest imagination.

I have been needing to replace my dutch oven that I had burned beyond repair by being on this pc and not watching what I was cooking, so I saw where Belk had them on sale for half price and with a coupon, an additional 15% off. So with coupon in hand, I head out after lunch on Sunday to get me a pot. Of course the check out girl wouldn't accept my coupon as in all my years of trying to use a "home" coupon, they never ever will take them. Of course I had to ask the checker outter that out of all them coupons that not one was worth a toot on my pot? She began by telling me, see the sign that says "bonus buy", well of course they are excluded. I told her in all my years I never had been able to use one, never ever! It made me feel better just telling her. As I was telling Paulette about this, she said come to think of it, she had never been able to use a coupon in the Home Department there either, so that made me feel a bit better. Jerrell offered to give me the $1.59, but the point was not the money, just the stupid coupon. :)

Well the weather is already cooling off some today. After 70's yesterday, it will drop to the 20's tonight and we shall finally have a bit of winter this week. I am actually looking forward to it and moreso getting it over with and spring getting here. I would like very much to get at least one good snow this year, but time will tell on that.

I have noticed some of the blogs that I read have gone out of business and many others are awol like myself. I just guess everything slows down a bit after the holidays for some of us anyways. I feel like you folks had rather see no post on my blog than an ache and pain and no sleep again post so I have been letting my feelings sorta guide me, as I did not ever want a blog to become a job, but something good, but there are just some days I just don't feel like posting or I just don't have one single thing to tell you folks about.
So if there ain't nothing here, I'll be back and of course should something happen that I couldn't let you know, I would have my good friend Paulette to post and let you folks know.

I appreciate you folks that visit and also the ones that comment. BTW, Beverly I appreciate your comment and I thought about you Sunday night when my son told me that his brother in law was in New Zealand for a meeting! His wife is joining him this week so they will just have a vacation "down under" where you are. Take good care of James and yourself. You and James are in my prayers! OKies I am outta here. Take care and stay safe...

God Bless!


Happymama said...

Obvioiusly I don't watch the news enough. I read your post and had to go back hunt the story of the kidnapped boys. That's so sad, but I'm so glad they found them! I can't imagine what they had to endure. Especially the one that had been with this man for so long. It only takes a second for a child to be snatched, doesn't it?

I'm sorry your husband is still not feeling well. Still praying for him!

I know what you mean about the coupon. LOL It would have made me feel better telling the checkout girl, her supervisor, their supervisor, the other customers behind me, etc....LOL I don't like Belk anyway. I will admit that when they have a sale it's always a GOOD one. Sorry you couldn't use your coupon. You should write them! :)


Clara....in TN said...

Hi Claudia, Hope you are feeling good today. Is it snowing at your place?

Marci said...

Claudia, I have been a bit awol due to company. I am sorry that Jerrell is still sick. I will be praying for him.

Ordinary Janet said...

I think they make those coupons to get you in the store and hope that when they tell you that you can't use the coupon, you'll buy whatever it is anyway. Maddening, isn't it?