Friday, June 22, 2007

guess what....

As behind as I am I made it here today and have very little to report on. Jerrell's mom is continually getting a little better. She is not as dizzy or as nauseous as she had been, but still complains of being weak. We know that is true as she has not been out of the house all week and has not been to her hairdresser for three weeks, which is just unheard of with her.

She says she does not want to burden us and prefers to go to a rest home, so that is all still up in the air and certainly between she and Jerrell. I would rather she be here, but her wishes surpass mine as they should.

We had a chatter in our chatroom to have her little 12 year old daughter to go missing yesterday. We all were certainly concerend and many of us prayed and had her name put on prayer chains. The police had been with her most all of the night and about an hour or so ago, she came into the chat and her daughter was found and was unharmed. I took a sigh of relief. We just hear so many bad stories that when one turns out good, we are truly thankful and blessed.

I am just in awe with the 24/7 space shuttle live footage and I have enjoyed watching them hook up with the International Space Station and exchange a crew member to return her to Planet Earth. If any of you folks want to watch the landing which was postponed yesterday due to rain and heavy cloud coverage in Florida, it is on go again for Florida today with an alternate landing at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Of course this is all subject to change. I pray the Space Shuttle landing will be a safe one, as we all remember the Columbia in 2003 on re-entry. Let's all pray for a safe landing for our astronauts . It is due to land at 3:18 Central Time and 2:18 Eastern Time. They are saying now it is raining there and will come back to the astronauts with a decision on whether to land at Kennedy Space Center or not.

Although I have not weighed Roxy recently, I can still tell that she has lost even more weight. I can stand and hold her now and not feel like my back is breaking. She is actually getting used to us eating and her not. She also seems to like her dog food a lots better than she used to. :)

I hope you all have a good weekend and I hope for those that are in need of rain, that you soon will get some.

God Bless!


Jana said...

I'm thankful things are settling down a bit with Jerrells mom, I know they'll come to a decent conclusion that will be OK with everyone. It's really a lot to ask of Jerrell for his mom to move in there, and she knows that. What a decent person she is!!!
How's your tooth? You haven't mentioned that in a while? Maybe the hairdresser would be willing to go to her house? When my mom was having so much trouble with the smell of things in the beauty shop the lady was willing to come do mom's hair at her house - wash and set and just a couple extra dollars for gas!!!
Roxy will be fine - dog food becomes a delicacy when that's all the dog is eating! It's guaranteed not to hurt her, and if you can lift her up easier, then GREAT!!!
I'd be happy to do your windows for you - if I were closer. I'll do inside windows, don't do ladders!!
Take care, and stop by if you want to read a bit of comuppance I got!!

Gattina said...

I scrolled a little through your blog to see if everything is well and apparently yes, since you had your son there and your MIL is feeling better. We have very bad weather it's cold and I even had to put the heating on ! Imagine in summer ! The astronautes came down safely, it's always a suspens to watch ! We have a new little kitten since 10 days called Rosie, she is so cute ! I have pictures of her on my cat blog. I could take pictures every second !

Marci said...

I am glad that Jerrell's mom is feeling better. I am also glad to hear that the little girl was found alive and unharmed. THere are too many horror stories these days.