Monday, June 18, 2007

a hot day is coming...

I am here and pretty much down to the hubs. Hope you all had a good Father's Day. We had a good day, had our youngest son, Jeff , home and got to talk with our oldest son. Jerrell had a restful day and that is really what he needs lately.

I had to post my most recent picture of Caroline, she has grown in just the last few weeks since I have seen her. This is Caroline and her little friend who found her daddies poker chips. They are going to be at the beach this week, so I expect her to be even tanner than she is now. She and Steph spend a lot of time working in the yard and also in their pool. Steph always liked to swim so I am sure that had a lot to play in them deciding to have a pool put in.

Jerrell's mom is very dizzy now. She called him at work on Friday morning early so he got off work to take her to the doctor and when they got there, they found he is closed until the 25th. She has some medicine she has taken before for this problem so she is taking that until she can get to the doctor. She has really kept us hopping for the last couple weeks. We are more and more thinking seriously our options as to what should be done and when it should be done. Whatever Jerrell decides, we do know that his mom will not agree to, so that is always in the back of our minds. Sometimes in life, we get tween a rock and a hard place and that is exactly where we are now.

I can already see it taking a toll on Jerrell and myself. He is worrying too much and I guess I am to cause the angina. I think once he makes a decision, he will feel better or at least I am hoping he will. She does not realize what worries she is causing nor would she ever want that if she remotely realized what she was doing.

It is suppose to be 94 here today, so I am pretty much prepared to stay inside in the a/c. I hope you all are getting enough rain where you are. We have finally got enough to tide us over for a while. We had a bad electrical storm the other night and Roxy is terrified of storms, unlike our other dogs, so I had to get up and stay up with her until the storm was over. Wow, what we do for our pets, but she is totally worth missing sleep over.

Have a good day folks. I will make this one short, I got some things I have to get done. Until...

God Bless!



Moobear, very cute picture. I am so sorry you all are having so many worries about Jerrel's Mom. I pray that things will be settled soon and you both will have peace and his mom will be safe. Take care and I will see you soon. connie from Texas

Marci said...

I am so sorry about Jerrell's Mom feeling so bad. It always seems like when you need a doctor, they are out or booked up. I just pray that when the time comes for Jerrell to talk to her, that her heart is ready to hear it.

Stay inside and stay cool my friend!!

Happymama said...

Love the picture of Caroline. Too cute.

I'm sorry about Jerrell's mom. I'll pray about it with you.


Barbara said...

Thanks for your best wishes. I am over it now. 94 degrees wow. We have had torrential rain, thunderstorms, hail storms. My poor garden.
Best wishes to you as you live through this hard place and prayers too of course.