Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Roxy gotta haircut...

I have gotten myself all behind in so many things and my blog in particular. Other than not feeling too good for the past week or so, I still have had things to do whether I felt like it or not. As you can see here, Roxy got a much needed haircut on Monday. She has been on her diet a little over two weeks and we can already see a difference.

Not only us, but Roxy seems to be more energetic and she will now jump on or off things that she would or could not do before. It is so hard, but we are determined and Roxy seems to be adjusting well to it. She has learned that there is no need in begging, although she will sit and stare you down; she just don't grunt like she first did.

I was suppose to have gone to the dentist today to get my permanent crown put on, but after calling yesterday morning to remind me, they called me later in the afternoon and said it had not come in. That was just fine with me as I do not feel like going today anyways. After that I will have the impression made for a partial. I am a bit leary of having one, because I have heard that some folks just gag and just cannot wear them. Mark said he would make the mouth part very little and fit right behind my front teeth so I should be able to handle that with no problem.

Also I am allergic to stainless steel so he is going to have to talk with the lab to see about using titanium or a type of plastic. Really does not matter to me. It is all just such a hassle, but a necessary one!

I found the best recipe for pimento cheese that I wanted to try, so early this morning I went to the grocery store to get some of the ingredients that I did not have and made a big bowl of it this morning. I also made some homemade chili so we could have some chili dogs for supper. Jerrell had rather have them if the chili is homemade than to have a hotdog. The standing at the cabinet and stove just tires me out, but the chili is simmering now, so I can cruise the rest of the evening.

We finally got some much needed rain here over the weekend and it has really helped folks gardens around here. Our tomato plants have taken off and we have some blooms now, so they are looking just great right now. A neighbor of Jerrell's mom gave us some fresh cucumbes and they sure are good. He has plenty of okra, corn, you name it and he said he would make sure we had our share. We really do appreciate that. They are so good to look after Mrs. Bunting and many evenings they take her a good warm supper as her neighbor is a born cook and cooks everyday anyways.

Our oldest son and his wife are looking for a house closer to her new job, so he sent some links today. I will post the link when they finally do buy one. I know the one I want, but they don't listen to Moo when it comes to picking out houses.. :) errr to be honest, they do not listen to Moo period. :P

Ok, I am still behind so I will make this one short. I hope all of you have a good day and are enjoying this beautiful weather. Good day all my friends!

God Bless!


Grammie said...

You are so lucky to have gotten some much-needed rain there!

We are still under serious drought conditions here in Birmingham and would welcome any precipitation at all!!

Take care of yourself...

The Sisters said...

Hi,We found your blog off of thimblethoughts.Your dog Roxie is so adorable!! Is she a shitzu?? We have a Shitzu (Harley).We actually just got her a couple of months ago and we have fell in love with her. have a nice day!!


Happymama said...

Love the picture of Roxy. I sort of had to giggle (sorry) when you said she didn't grunt anymore. Poor thing. I'm dieting I know how she feels. LOL


Marci said...

I am sorry that you are not feeling good. I pray that the Lord just plants a great big bunch of joy in your heart today!!!

I never heard of anyone who was allergic to stainless steel. Do you have to cook with something different?

Moobear said...

Hi Grammie, I am sorry you are in a drought. We had been, but finally did get some rain. Hopefully soon you will get some.So many areas are just like you and I really feel as the gardens, lawns, etc will suffer.

Hi Sisters,
Thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting. No, Roxy is a Yorkiepoo and she is 2 1/2 yrs. old. She is of course spoiled rotten. We are real good at doing that! I will visit you as soon as I finish here. Please come by any time!

LOL ~Kristi, I can see you giggling now, cause every time I think of you I think of this happy, bubbly and giggly girl cause so many things are funny to you. You are just about hard to beat, I do love you and always enjoy your comments hon.

Thanks so much for the prayers my dear friend Marci.I am always in need of prayers and appreciate you remembering me.
The stainless is only with skin contact. Like a watch, I would have to put nail polish on the back of it. Fortunately my brother gave me his late wifes watch to me when she died and it has a 14k gold back on it. Also the old timey garter belts before the plasic ones, I would break out in the 4 spots where the hooks would touch on my leg. No, cooking utensils do not bother me.

Thank you all for the comments. May God Bless you all...

Three Sisters Blog said...

Roxie is so cute! TN said...

Hi Claudia, I've been kinda slow as of late, but trying to catch up. roxy looks so cute. She looks a little sad....maybe because of being on a diet. I know how she feels.
We got some rain also, but my yard isn't completely green again. My garden is small this year. I have a few tomato plants and a cucumber patch and I have a patch of sage growing for Bill to watch. That's it and I sure do miss my big garden, but it's just to much for me.
Take care of yourself. I think of you often!


Roxy looks so cute. She is a lot better than me, I still grunt when I want food. lol. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling too well. I hope that improves soon. Hope this chili is good. Have a good day, Moobear. connie from Texas