Saturday, June 02, 2007

on my mind right now...

Since I have gotten a camera, I was able to take a picture of the pin I mentioned in this previous post on my blog. Also, the locket was given to me by a neighbor in 1956. It too, is very special to me. It has a place for four pictures, which I have one of me, my brother and mama and Dad. I wish I could have had the camera then, so I just decided to rerun this post as some of my readers were not reading then.
(Repeated post from September 23, 2006)

I do like to write and let you folks know just what goes in my life and oft' times what goes in my mind which sometimes would have been wise not to have shared just now, just yet. But this is classified so I feel very content in telling you all about it. Just whether it is of interest to anyone other than me is just beside the point at this particular moment as I am back in time a bit, as I was last night bout midnight sitting in the dark on my thinking stool.

My lovely husband was sent on a mission about 30 minutes ago and I might add that he is the best finder of all things I bout ever met. Anyhow, from remembering from my thoughts last night, I hollered at him down in the basement if he would please bring up mama's suit from down there as I am forbidden to up or down the steps. Of course the room it was in is now full of wood. So I told him I thought it was in the cedar chest over there in the room with the washer and dryer. Welp sure nuf up he comes with mama's suit. Now, it is the same suit as in the picture. Soooo although it will never be worn, I am going to have it cleaned and stored.

Since the picture was made in 1951 as other pictures made the same day, same place ; one picture was made of me, my brother and my cousin in front of a car with the cartag showing as 1951, so that makes the suit 55 years old at least and in better shape than I am. Also you may note the pin worn on the suit. This was given to mama for dad's service served and death while enlisted . He had been in for 7 years and was a Staff Sgt. at the time of his death. When Congress started the Veterans Benefits in 1947 to take care of the widows and children of deceased service men, they sent mama this pin. I wear it proudly now. My brother had it for many years and gave it to me about 2 years ago. It is a gold star inlaid on a purple background with a gold leaved border. On the back is engraved. Since it is round:
At the top says:
Act of Congress
RWH (my mama's initials)

At the bottom says:
United States of America
August 1, 1947

The pin is still in the original box and though the sponge has yellowed, it is still intact. So I know mama got the pin after 1947, as dad was killed in 1943 and Congress passed on the benefits in 1947. To make a long story short I am very proud of these items of my mamas and I wish I had more things of hers. In all the pictures made prior to my birth mama wore suits and even back then wore pants suits but more classy looking than the ole polyester ones I usta wear. I think I took her style as I like the tailored look and casual vs all them jim dandy frills. No, ain't gonna happen. I am not a ruffle sort of person.

Oh and btw that picture is of me, my brother Ron and mama made in 1951 which woulda made me 7 fingernail biting years old. I do not ever remember ever biting my nails. Musta just been way back then.

well I gotta go, the smoke alarm went off, smoke everywhere and a mad hubby. I burnt the beans and we airing out the house. Have a good evening and I have no idea what we gonna have for supper now. This is really the closest to crying I been in a long, long time...

God Bless!


Anonymous said...

You go, girl!!
Picture looks GOOD...

Moobear said...

Thanks P!!! and just think my 2nd pot of pintos are just about done and they ain't burnt!
Enjoy that apple pie! Later my friend.

God Bless!

Gattina said...

You and your beans ! Always in war lol, I almost get the impression you have very often beans, as I red about them several times.
It's strange thinking of our childhood souvenirs just now at our age. I didn't think of that for many, many years and now I discover me thinking and mention very often my grandma. Not my mother. My grandma was the most important person in my life.

That Cleaning Lady said...

That's so wonderful that you have those memories of your family. I'm sorry you never knew your dad.
Sorry too that you burned the beans! Mom used to say when the smoke alarm went off, Dinner's ready!!

Moobear said...

I have not gotten used to moderated comments so I am copying and pasting thatcleaninglady's that did not post although it said it did: And btw, thanks Jana!
Getting rid of things? Moving up your doctor appointment? Something you're leaving out of your blog, Claudia?
You reminded me of a few months before my mother passed away (which will be 6 years in January), anyway, when my brother passed, he left an afghan unfinished, and I'd just never gotten the time or inspiration to finish it. A simple ripple pattern with varagated yarn in purple and red shades, very pretty. Anyway, a few months before mom was to leave us, I started "hearing" Rick tell me to get that afghan done and give it to mom-- and do it soon. I dreamed about him yammering at me to get it finished, and hurry up! So, ok, I finally picked it up and yarned in the last 5 skeins, and gave it to her for Christmas -- my last gift to her. I told her Rick had been after me to finish it, and we both cried. My dad, sweet guy that he was, walked in and found us two boobs crying over a blanket, and asked what we were crying about, and huffed out of the room! Who'd have known then that he'd be gone only a couple years later?
I wonder if you aren't feeling the need to finish things? Maybe you should give your doctor a try, and of course listen to Dr. Jana and drink water!! =-). Your friend from the Northwest.. Jana

Posted by That Cleaning Lady to Claudia's Place at 9/24/2006 12:51:21 AM

Grammie said...

I see such a strong family resemblance in that wonderful picture of your mom....What a treasure! Take care, Grammie

Teresa said...

I love old pictures. Was that one touched up? (the color was pretty vivid for back in the day) Most of the ones I have from that far back are black and white. You look very much like your mother. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Moobear said...

Thank you folks for the nice comments and most for your visit.
The picture is not touched up at all. It just so happened mama at the moment was seeing a professional photographer from PA and he made many pictures;lots of which were of just flowers. A man with a name and always wore a suit and hat. Way back then,looked sorta outta place in our little country town in the sandhills of NC.
I have a doctor's appointment to try to see what is wrong so I'll be back as soon as I am able. Again thanks to all ya'll.

God Bless!

That Cleaning Lady said...

Off the subject, I sent a post to your e-mail that shows a set of those steps that made me think of Roxy- called a Step if you get to your e-mail it'll be there for you. Not selling you a thing, just thinking maybe handy man Jerrell could use the pattern to build something for her so you don't have to keep putting her up and down off the bed!!
Take care and let us know what Dr. says, OK? I know there's a lot of us out here that care a lot!! TN said...

Hi Claudia, Here I am back from the beach and catching up on your bloggin'. I know what you mean about burning the beans. The last time I did that I had to call the fire department. My brother was visiting me at the time and he had gone somewhere that morning. When he returned to my house the fire truck was sitting in my front yard. He thought my house was on fire....maybe from a cigeratte he has left burning....but it was just the smoke and the melted pot on the stove. The fire dept set up big fans and opened all the windows and made me smell something because my lungs were hurting. I thought they were going to make me go to the hospital, but I got to feeling better after awhile. So, don't feel bad about burnin' the beans. It happens!!!
I love the picture of your Mama, you and your brother. I know you are happy to still have the suit. My Mother wasn't a classy lady. She never worked outside the home and she always wore dresses that she had made. How I would love to have one of those today. The only things I have that belonged to my Mother are several quilt tops that she made. They are precious to me.
Hope you are feeling better. Are you drinking plenty of water like Jana said?

I'm going to start taking better care of myself. I met this man at the beach. He is a friend of my son. He is 71 years young and can stand on his head right in the middle of the floor. I couldn't do THAT when I was twenty!

Happymama said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It's a great story and I found it very interesting.


That Cleaning Lady said...

Wondering how you are, it's been a few days since you mentioned a doctor appointment... so what's up? Are you or Jerrell checking your e-mail for messages? TN said...

I hope you got a good report from the Dr. Let us know.

Moobear said...

I just wrote a long comment and I did not copy and paste it and of course it did not publish. Sooo I wanted to thank all you good folks for keeping my blog alive while I have been trying to get myself not well, just better. I am not gettin a lot of cooperation from those that took some kinda oath to help fools like me.
Nada!!! Jerrell does not know how to turn on a pc and if he found it on, sat down, he would not know what to click or how to click or just go blind!
Thank all you good folks, friends for your nice comments left for me and also for the visits of friends and foes who do not comment. They are included in my thoughts and prayers and thanks to you folks as well.
To my now learned and known friends, I love ya all in your special ways and feel blessed to be amongst ya'll.Thanks so much!
I so want to be better, I know I will never be well, but my mind and my heart has a hard time splaining that to my body many days. I failed to remember when I accidently started blogging, that apt I would surely have bad days and be unable to blog. Tho I am not here, my thoughts are with all ya'll as the blogger family you have become. Me and Roxy gonna go bark a while. Love all ya'll!

God Bless!

God Bless!

Marci said...

Maybe we could say don't cry over burnt beans instead of spilled milk. I am sorry you burned them.

What neat treasures you have of your Mothers. I am glad you get to hold them and see them.


Oh, don't cry. It will be alright. If I was there I would give you a hug. I hope everything is alright with the smoke and it didn't hurt you in any way. Thanks for sharing the wonderful post. love you,good friend, connie from Texas

Betty said...

Claudia, thank you for coming by to visit and leaving a comment.. I'm glad that you also got some rain....we need it so badly and appreciate it so much...God is so good.

I enjoyed reading about your mother and the pin....Betty

Happymama said...

Well now, don't cry, MooBear. I'm sure these aren't the first beans you've ever burnt! LOL

I love the history lesson of the pin, your dad, your mom....I've really enjoyed reading about it all.