Wednesday, June 13, 2007

roxy has lost five lbs...

It has been so hard but we have stuck with the diet for Roxy for over three weeks, so I decided I would weigh her this morning as the curosity was just about to kill the cat? So I put my big self onto the scales, noted the weight (with a gasp) and then went over and picked up Roxy and I held her on the scales and I was just plain delighted! We have noticed her having more energy and doing more running around through the house like she used to. We still would like for her to lose maybe two more pounds which she will probably do real soon. It has been so hard on us and her, but overall we think it will be best for her and we are quite surprised that we are indeed sticking to it as hard as it gets at times.
I do wonder what goes through her little mind when she is so accustomed to her little bowl of rice and stewbeef or her pintos like she used to have and no longer has anything. I do not dwell on it while we are eating or I will cry and there is no need for me and Roxy crying cause she will sorta whine at us begging for some of the good stuff. So my advice to anyone is to never start something that is so hard and hurtful to stop. She does not go hungry, usually either in the early morning or late evening, she will attack her dog food bowls and have a chow down and eats it like it is good anyways. She will not eat the dog food when it is first set out. We use dry food, but she wants it to harden so it crunches, which I find strange cause it is kinda crunchy to begin with, but she won't touch it til it set out and dries out some.
We had a good day after all with Jerrell's mom yesterday. Jerrell went down there after supper to check on her and she did not mention the refrigerator. We are just hoping she will forget about it and hope she does not jump onto something else.
Last night was quiet around here, our cable went out around 3:30 which meant we had no television or computer to use. At first it upset me, but then after a while I got to thinking it was a good thing. I did things that I would never have done with the tv and computer in service. So what times I was not literally twindling my thumbs, I cleaned out my computer table drawer and organized some cds and did some general pc house cleaning. I also piddled around the house and saw some things that needed attention that I had totally missed and neglected before. Jerrell and I also had time to talk, which is a good thing, we have so little time for that anymore or maybe I should say we do not take the time. I didn't realize he shaved every night in the basement. There is a double sink and mirror down there as it was used as a living area by the prior owners many years ago now. I thought he shaved in the bathroom some, so after he told me he shaved in the basement all the time; see I learned something I didn't know.
I also found that I can do some reading which I rarely do, but only small things, nothing in depth and I did a little of that. Right after the second call from a neighbor asking if our cable had come back on, right around 9 p.m. the cable was back on. That is usually about my shutdown time, so I came and checked my email and shut it down for the night, so maybe it was a good thing indeed.
I am thinking about doing one of those Did You Know post like Connie did on her blog. You list 9 things about yourself and one of them is false. The trick is to try and guess which of the nine things is the FALSE one. I found it to be so much fun that I really don't think she would mind if I borrowed her idea. :) Of course I picked the wrong one, lol, but it sure was fun seeing which one all the other folks picked.
Ok, I am through, I have run outta noise so I will hush for now. Have a wonderful blessed day.
God Bless!
PS--I cannot like Blogger NOT letting me do my paragraphs, when they are plainly there! OK, I vented. Bye


Marci said...

I am glad that Roxy is feeling more spry these days. It is for her good!!!

Also glad you had a good visit with Jerrell's Mom. It is hard to see those we love get older and things start to change.

Ordinary Janet said...

Glad Roxy has lost weight! I know it's hard, I vowed that the next dog I get will NOT be allowed to beg at the table. It's so hard to say no and deal with pleading eyes or a chin in my lap.

Your outage is why I don't want cable-provided broadband. It's hard enough losing one, but you're right, an outage forces you to do things you ordinarily wouldn't do.