Friday, June 16, 2006

Always behind

Sure I am a few days behind in posting to my blog. That is just one of my charateristics! I am at the age if I don't feel like doing something on a particular day, then I don't do it. I chose to have a blog so I could express myself day by day. Also, I have found it is good therapy for stress. I am burdened this morning. I read a blog of a person I do not know personally, nor really know her well at all, but her blog today touched my heart. She is a young lady with two precious daughters. The younger girl is having eye problems and I want to ask for prayers for this little girl. Our Lord hears our prayers and answers them according to his will. Please say a prayer for this little girl and her mom and sister. May God Bless them this day!
We went out for our usual Friday morning breakfast out. Our usual place closed down for a couple weeks because the manager was having some eye problems. Since she and I are friends, I called her and she said they hoped to open it up soon under new management. The new manager is super! But....last week my pancake was not nearly as good, nor do I like lumpy grits as I had today. My husband used to get their country ham as it is not as salty as most ham you get around here. Today his piece of ham was cut in half. The plates were smaller and servings were smaller as well. The regulars were not there. NO SMOKING sign now is on the front door. I always looked forward to the good fellowship, having my coffee and cigarette while I waited on our orders to be filled. The NO SMOKING is hurting their business, but they have their reasons and I certainly do not mind abiding by the rules. We have decided not to go back, not just because of the smoking situation, but overall meal was not as good and the cost of the meals had increased greatly.
My ex daughter- in- law, Stephanie, brought her 4 month old baby by to visit with me on Monday. Caroline is 4 months old and oh she is such a happy baby. Smiles all the time. Grandma Claudia got to hold her a while, well until my arms felt like spaghetti noodles and I said "Steph will you please take this baby, she is killing me". She weighs 15 pounds. Steph has two big dogs at home so Caroline took right to my small Roxy. Steph put her down with her little feet on her moms and Roxy is a kisser anyways and oh did she kiss little Caroline and she grinned from ear to ear. Her reaction time was so slow, she would raise her arm to pat Roxy and Roxy was already gone. She would turn her head and just could not keep Roxy in her eye sight. Roxy jumped up to kiss her and she just smiled, was not scared in the least.
That was a great day! This is my second visit with her. Steph has sent me pictures of her from the sonogram to the birth, then every 6 weeks and it is amazing to see how much they grow in such a short period of time. Stephs new husband is a very nice looking man and a great husband and father. Steph showed me pictures of her awesome home and showed me what was going to be in her back yard. YES, an inground swimming pool. Steph is a water duck. My son Jeff, her ex husband remain friends and talk weekly on the phone. He has met Steph's new husband and is going to meet Steph for lunch so he can see the baby. Jeff and Steph were married 6 years, but could not have children. She and David chose to go the IVF way and the first time they were lucky and now have Caroline. God Bless them. They are great parents.
I have clicked out for the day. Have much more happening, but will have to wait til another day.
God Bless!

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